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Top Fun Snow Quotes

Fun Snow Quotes By Erin Hunter

Tallkit backed away as their dark brown pelts scuffed the snow. It must be fun to have a littermate to play fight with. If only Finchkit hadn't died. — Erin Hunter

Fun Snow Quotes By Julia Mancuso

It's cool when people ask me about my gold medal and they say it will last forever. I will try to promote skiing and show everyone it's not just about competition. It's about having fun with your friends in the snow. I want to bring people with less opportunities to the snow, try to use my gold medal to support programs to bring more people to the snow. — Julia Mancuso

Fun Snow Quotes By Ally Carter

It'd be fun, you know. Just once. To wake up Christmas morning with snow on the ground and stockings full of presents that no one had to steal and a house that's really home." She reclaimed the teapot and slowly slipped back into the con. "That would be nice. Maybe, someday, we'll steal that." On — Ally Carter

Fun Snow Quotes By Adam Savage

Growing up in New York, I was sort of shocked when I realized that my children are Californians. They are 14 years old, and I explain to them frequently that they will never realize the glory of a snow day. You wake up and the world says, 'Oops, it's too much fun to go to school, you've got to stay home and deal with the snow!' — Adam Savage

Fun Snow Quotes By Brian Regan

I like to go on stage with a variety, with some stuff that's been around for a handful of years, some stuff from the last year, some stuff is from last week, and some stuff is brand spanking new. Those are the moments that excite me - when I'm coming up to a brand new bit. The more virgin the snow, the more fun it is to run on. — Brian Regan

Fun Snow Quotes By Dolores LaChapelle

Powder snow skiing is not fun. It is life, fully lived, life lived in a blaze of reality. What we experience in powder is the original human self, which lies deeply inside each of us, still undamaged in spite of what our present culture tries to do to us. Once experienced, this kind of living is recognized as the only way to live - fully aware of the earth and the sky and the gods and you, the mortal, playing among them. — Dolores LaChapelle

Fun Snow Quotes By Janette Rallison

One of us will just have to stay at the cottage to keep an eye on her.' [ ... ]
Let's see if Widow Hazel wouldn't take her in during the day, maybe teach her something useful -'
No, remember when she learned how to knit? Now we're stuck wearing these dreadful hats.'
Not so loud! She'll hear you.'
In a lower voice one of the dwarfs said, 'H.A.T.S.'
Apparently Snow White didn't know how to knit or to spell. — Janette Rallison

Fun Snow Quotes By Dolores LaChapelle

Powder snow skiing is not fun. It's life, fully lived - life lived in a blaze of reality. — Dolores LaChapelle

Fun Snow Quotes By Neil Hilborn

Imagine if fire extinguishers were full
of snow. Imagine the fun we could have. — Neil Hilborn

Fun Snow Quotes By Robin Glasser

I wrote this HAIKU cuz today NYC definitely looks like a wonderland. ENJOY
what is winter but
a pastry chef gone crazy
frosting all in sight
Robin Glasser
have fun in the snow — Robin Glasser

Fun Snow Quotes By John Eldredge

When winter fails to provide an adequate snow base, my boys bring their sleds in the house and ride them down the stairs. Just the other day, my wife found them with a rope out their second-story bedroom window, preparing to rappel down the side of the house. The recipe for fun is pretty simple raising boys: Add to any activity an element of danger, stir in a little exploration, add a dash of destruction, and you've got yourself a winner. — John Eldredge

Fun Snow Quotes By Kyra Zagorsky

There were a couple of times that we did end up moving the set [of Helix] outside to shoot some of the outside scenes, just because we needed a bit more space, and that ended up being a little bit more helpful and easier to breathe, when you're dealing with some of the fake snow stuff. It was a lot of fun, and it looks amazing. — Kyra Zagorsky

Fun Snow Quotes By John Krasinski

It's funny: I've always had the analogy of a snow globe, that Hollywood is a snow globe. No, it's true. If you shake it up, you can look at it and really enjoy it. But don't ever go in. Don't ever buy into it and be like, 'I deserve all of this!' because it can go away at any time, so just have a lot of fun. — John Krasinski

Fun Snow Quotes By Shaun White

I know my family and I would always go up to the mountains just for fun. We always skied. Then, all of a sudden, my brother started snow boarding. Older brother thing, I had to do what he was doing. So I started snow boarding. — Shaun White

Fun Snow Quotes By Sarah Pekkanen

What sadist had invented the concept of skiing? Kira wondered. Who was the first person to decide it would be fun to rocket shakily down an icy mountain on two pieces of metal with wind attacking your face and snow spraying into your eyes and people whipping all around, waving spiky poles like gladiators closing in for a kill? She was shocked lawyers hadn't shut down the sport yet; the potential for catastrophe was rampant. — Sarah Pekkanen

Fun Snow Quotes By Lisa Genova

I offered to pass along information about NEHSA to Heidi so she can let her patients know about it. I don't have any scientific or clinical data to back this up, but I think snow-boarding is the most effective rehabilitative tool I've experienced. It forces me to focus on my abilities and not my disability, to overcome huge obstacles, both physical and psychological, to stay up on that board and get down the mountain in one piece. And each time I get down the mountain in one piece, I gain a real confidence and sense of independence I haven't felt anywhere else since the accident, a sense of true well-being that stays with me well beyond the weekend. And whether snowboarding with NEHSA has a measurable and lasting therapeutic effect for people like me or not, it's a lot more fun than drawing cats and picking red balls up off a tray — Lisa Genova

Fun Snow Quotes By Kris Kidd

Mac, Phase: everyone here is of the we-don't-use-real-names-here mentality, so most of the time I feel like a really pilled up Snow White rolling around in the hood with seven drug-dealing dwarves - which, I don't know ... these things are never really as fun as they sound like they'd be. — Kris Kidd

Fun Snow Quotes By Brian Regan

I try my jokes onstage. The only way to really find out if something is going to work is to try it on stage, and I try to be careful and bookend something new with a strong bit before and a strong bit afterwards. But it's fun to run on virgin snow. I like that feeling onstage of creating new footprints and not knowing what's going to happen. — Brian Regan

Fun Snow Quotes By Zoe Cruz

I don't give sick days if you're playing in the snow." He's being funny, or trying to be funny. I can never tell which. — Zoe Cruz

Fun Snow Quotes By Truman Capote

Snow-quiet, sleep-silent, only the fun-fire faraway songsinging of children; and the room was blue with cold, colder than the cold of fairytales: lie down my heart among the igloo flowers of snow. — Truman Capote

Fun Snow Quotes By David Ketchum

My boss at Christmas was a lot of fun: "I want you to look in your pay envelopes and you'll know that I keep the Christmas spirit around here. Because in each and every envelope you'll find ... snow." — David Ketchum

Fun Snow Quotes By Beth Garrod

The majority of boys think the highest form of creativity is weeing a pattern into snow. — Beth Garrod

Fun Snow Quotes By Robert Burns

Burns, has spent years exploring the many avenues for adventure and fun in San Diego. The fact that you can experience the desert, snow, mountains and ocean in the course of a day has always been amazing to me. If you are really motivated, you can snow ski, surf, take a mountain hike, and race dune buggies all in one weekend, .. I grew up here and want to showcase San Diego to the world. I love San Diego. — Robert Burns

Fun Snow Quotes By Susanne Alexander-Heaton

Whether it be in the sun, the rain, or the snow,

You should always have fun, wherever you go.

Think of all the amusing things you can do,

To bring much laughter and happiness too. — Susanne Alexander-Heaton