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Freaking Out Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

She rolled her eyes. "Then what happened?"
Rubbing his temples, he glanced at the door. "Bethany and I were making out and something happened that never happened before."
Dee leaned back. A look of supreme disgust clouded her pretty face. "Uh, yuck if this is about any kind of premat-"
"Oh my God, shut and listen, okay?" He dragged a hand through his hair. "we were making out, and I lost my hold on my human form. I lit up like a freaking Christmas tree. — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Freaking Out Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Amazingly, Jackal staggered to his feet, holding his stomach with one hand, the stake still clenched in the other. "You're a freaking insane 'person', you know that?" he snarled at Sarren, who calmly picked up a pipe and advanced on him. "So the whole time you were sitting on that research, you decided, 'hey, instead of curing Rabidism, I'm just going to make a superplague and wipe everything out! That'll show them!'" He sneered, curling his lips back in a painful grimance. "But you'll have to pardon me for not jumping on your little DESTROY THE WORLD train. I happen to like this world, thanks. — Julie Kagawa

Freaking Out Quotes By Amy Andrews

She couldn't lookaway from the feral lust on his face - the cording of his neck muscles, the tight clamp of his jaw, the baring of his teeth. It fed the heat building in her thighs and buttocks and belly. It
stoked the fever raging out of control between her legs.
She'd never been so freaking turned on in her life. — Amy Andrews

Freaking Out Quotes By Kola Boof

I love cooking for men and making love with them'not just reproductive lovemaking but I like sex for the sake of freaking out with men. — Kola Boof

Freaking Out Quotes By Michael J. Fox

They did something once that slurred my speech, and I thought, "Oh, man, you're messing with my brain. It's freaking me out." — Michael J. Fox

Freaking Out Quotes By Brigid Kemmerer

Nick was waiting for him.
Gabriel hesitated. He wished those text messages had come with some kind of sign, whether Nick was pissed or exasperated or just completely done with him. Hell, a freaking emoticon would have been helpful.
His own room sat pitch-dark at the opposite end of the hallway. A black hole. Gabriel eased around the creaky spot in the floor and slid past his twin's room. Once in his own, he flung his duffel bag onto the ground and shut the door, closing the dark around himself. He sighed and kicked his shoes into the well of blackness under the bed. Maybe Nick hadn't heard him. Maybe he thought he was still out in the car.
"You are so predictable."
Gabriel swore and fumbled for the light switch.
Nick was straddling his desk chair backward, his arms folded on the backrest.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" Gabriel snapped. "Why are you sitting here in the dark?"
His twin shrugged. Because I knew you'd walk right past my room. — Brigid Kemmerer

Freaking Out Quotes By Jennifer Rardin

Is your butt buzzing?
Cole, you have the worst timing! I jerked upright, tring to pull my phone out of my pocket and managing instead to bang my elbow against the wall.
Ow! Oh, shit that hurts! You know, the guy who decided it should be a funny bone was just a freaking masochist. Or is it a sadist? I always get those mixed up. — Jennifer Rardin

Freaking Out Quotes By Dana Marie Bell

Emma?" "Hmm?" "You took everything I told you really well." "I've never understood the woe-is-me thing. I mean, the hottest guy in town just told me he wants me badly enough to bite me and make me like him, and now he wants to drag me home and ravish me. I'm going to, what, run screaming into the night? Oh, no! I'm a Puma now! My life is over! Sob!" Emma rolled her eyes. "I mean, don't get me wrong, it's freaking me out a bit, and it's probably going to cost me a fortune in bikini waxing, but it's not the end of my world." Max nearly ran off the road. "You get a bikini wax?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" "Hell yes. — Dana Marie Bell

Freaking Out Quotes By Jennifer Bernard

Suddenly energized, she jumped to her feet and bounced up and down on the couch. Clean clothes went flying off the pile. Maybe she should feel bad because she'd just seen what a huge flaw she'd uncovered in herself. But she didn't.

She felt free and alive. Up to now, she hadn't really been living. Not fully and completely. That had to change. Immediately.

"What are you doing? I'm hearing weird sounds."

"I'm pulling a Tom Cruise. And I;m also waving a bra around. HUnter, this is amazing? YOu've changed everything. We should have talked like this long ago."

"You're freaking me out, sis. Do I need to call someone? — Jennifer Bernard

Freaking Out Quotes By Lizzy Caplan

I never get recognized for 'Mean Girls.' I can be walking around with Daniel Franzese, who's in the movie and a friend of mine, and people will come up to him and start freaking out and have no idea who I am. — Lizzy Caplan

Freaking Out Quotes By Courtney Cole

If it were me, I'd be flying off the handle and freaking out. But he's not. He's as calm as can be. We're like yin and yang. Perfect opposites. — Courtney Cole

Freaking Out Quotes By Natalie Carlisle

I didn't freak out. I immediately reached around my back, pulling the gun out of my waistband leveling it at the man's face. Well, maybe that was me freaking out. Who knows? — Natalie Carlisle

Freaking Out Quotes By Christine Zolendz

I wake up with you as the last thought in my dreams. I dream about your lips, the smell of your skin and hair, and the freaking fire that burms inside of me to be inside you. I want to bury myself inside you and never climb out, my sweet death. Grace, I'm fucking in love with you. - Shane — Christine Zolendz

Freaking Out Quotes By Amy Matayo

Almost as if I have shoved her into a cocoon of my own making, where wings are held tight and breath is taken within the confines of minimal space. And now that we're out . . . Olivia has become a butterfly with a wingspan so wide and beautiful it fills this entire room. And once again, I've become a freaking poet. — Amy Matayo

Freaking Out Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

The sound of the universe is also spectacular around here. In the evenings there is a cricket orchestra with frogs providing the bass line. In the dead of the night dogs howl about how misunderstood they are. Before dawn the roosters for miles around announce how freaking cool it is to be roosters. Every morning around sunrise there is a tropical bird song competition, and it is always a ten way tie for the championship. When the sun comes out the butterflies get to work. The whole house is covered with vines; I feel like any day it will disappear into the foliage complete and I will disappear with it and become a jungle flower myself. The rent is less than what I use to pay in New York City for taxi fare every month. The word paradise, by the way, which comes to us from the Persian, means literally a walled garden. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Freaking Out Quotes By Robert Duff

The last time you were freaking the hell out due to anxiety and you were in the presence of someone else who told you, "Breathe. Just breathe," you probably felt like punching them in the face, right? That's because you suck at breathing. Let me teach you how to suck less. The — Robert Duff

Freaking Out Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

So neither massive head injuries, nor finding out you're a member of this family thirty freaking minutes ago-and therefore have very little experience handling weapons-gets you out of patrol?" I asked as I met Finley and Izzy by the backdoor.
After Aislinn had made her announcement, Mom had tried to argue on my behalf, saying that A) I was still processing the whole "being a Brannick" thing, and B) I had gone through a lot, so maybe I could use a nap. Or a snack.
Aislinn's answer was to give me ten minutes to take a shower, some of Finley's clothes, and a flask full of that Pine-Sol-tasting liquid. — Rachel Hawkins

Freaking Out Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

I am freaking out! I am freaking outJerry Seinfeld

Freaking Out Quotes By Sarah Dessen

I mean, to me, freaking out is different. More of a running away, not telling anyone what's wrong, slowly simmering until you burst kind of thing. — Sarah Dessen

Freaking Out Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

It's kind of beautiful, this scary world. I still want to go out of it as soon as possible, but when I look around and stop thinking about how insane it all is and just see it without freaking out, it's really beautiful. — Jennifer Donnelly

Freaking Out Quotes By Colin Mochrie

Onstage I do all the stuff I'd never do in real life, like lashing out at people who make me mad or freaking out in a long bank lineup. Performing allows me to fulfill all the sicko fantasies I've ever had. — Colin Mochrie

Freaking Out Quotes By Jaye Wells

Wait," he said, pulling me to a stop when I tried to march off toward my destiny. "Is there something you want to tell me?"
I looked at him, trying to think of anything I'd done recently that I needed to admit to. When nothing came to mind other than the usual, I shook my head. "Not really. Why?"
He reached out and touched my leather jacket. "Is that a bullet hole?"
Freaking great. — Jaye Wells

Freaking Out Quotes By Christopher Titus

Lady, if you laugh and you don't make a noise, you're a shaker, and it's freaking me out. — Christopher Titus

Freaking Out Quotes By Darynda Jones

He took a long draw then asked, "What'd I do?"
"You knew about the guy threatening my dad?"
He paused, shifted in his chair, so freaking busted, it wasn't funny. "They told you?"
"Why, no, Swopes, they didn't. Instead, they waited until the guy knocked the fuck out of my dad and readied him for spaceflight with duct tape then tried to kill me with a butcher's knife. — Darynda Jones

Freaking Out Quotes By Kayla Jo

Ugh!" Willow threw her hands in the air "Out of all the freaking warlocks in the world, I got stuck with the know-it-all who thinks he's Mother Tesresa! — Kayla Jo

Freaking Out Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I didn't mean to scare you. I'm not suicidal if that's what's freaking you out. I'm not fucked up in the head. I'm not deranged. I'm not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. I'm just a brother who loved his sister more than life itself, so I get a little intense when I think about her. — Colleen Hoover

Freaking Out Quotes By Ram Dass

The question we need to ask ourselves is whether there is any place we can stand in ourselves where we can look at all that's happening around us without freaking out, where we can be quiet enough to hear our predicament, and where we can begin to find ways of acting that are at least not contributing to further destabilization. — Ram Dass

Freaking Out Quotes By Dan Alatorre

Kids are flat-out freaking hilarious if you are paying attention. Not just my kid, but every kid. — Dan Alatorre

Freaking Out Quotes By Frank Zappa

On a personal level, Freaking Out is a process whereby an individual casts off outmoded and restricting standards of thinking, dress, and social etiquette in order to express creatively his relationship to his immediate environment and the social structure as a whole. — Frank Zappa

Freaking Out Quotes By Ryan Field

Just when I think you've hit bottom you continue to amaze me," Kyle said. "Or, does this get worse? Nothing would surprise me after this. Are you sleeping with a married man whose wife is dying of cancer?"
Elroy didn't think he'd done anything wrong. "I know nothing about his wife, or his husband for that matter. I don't ask and I'm not out to break up his home. Lighten up, man. Everybody does it. It's not like I'm going to freaking marry this dude. I'm only having a little fun with him. You wanna come with me? We'll have a three-way. You should see the way this guy moves. It will blow your mind."
With that remark Kyle shoved his hands into his pockets and walked faster. "No, thank you. That's not something I'm interested in doing. Meeting nice, decent people is the only thing that blows my mind. I just hope you're using condoms, you goddman asshole. — Ryan Field

Freaking Out Quotes By James Corden

Who puts strawberries in a salad? Seriously, is this a thing now? Is it a thing I don't know about? Is it an American thing? It can be. It's freaking me out. — James Corden

Freaking Out Quotes By Eric Drooker

Poster art was always my way of being involved in the conversation. So it wasn't just a one-way conversation with the police yelling at us or freaking us out. Street posters allowed you to have the last word. — Eric Drooker

Freaking Out Quotes By Carrie Ann Ryan

Finally, sweet finally, he was inside her to the hilt.
"I need a second," he ground out, his body pulsing.
"You're really freaking big, Quinn," she panted. "Move. Please, for the love of the goddess, move."
He grinned before kissing her. "You say such sweet things. — Carrie Ann Ryan

Freaking Out Quotes By Jim Butcher

Aaaaaaaagh! I screamed, emerging from the wards and onto Murphy's front lawn, chock-full of new insight as to why ghosts are always moaning or wailing when they come popping out of somebody's wall or floor. Not much mystery there - it freaking hurts. — Jim Butcher

Freaking Out Quotes By Anonymous

Nancy carried a cardboard boxes loaded with books toward the moving van that Saturday morning. Our eyes met and we shared a smile. "You didn't have as much stuff when you moved in," she pointed out wryly. "How many boxes of books is this? Seriously. It's like you're living in a freaking library." I shrugged. "You know me. I have a bit of a book fetish." "I wouldn't mind the books if you'd join us in the 21st century and get an e-reader already. Then when you move a thousand books from place to place, I don't risk throwing my back out. — Anonymous

Freaking Out Quotes By Tavis Smiley

[In a blogosphere] everybody has an opinion now, but I don't really freaking care about - all opinions ain't created equal, because everybody can go out there and express themselves and hide behind some character we don't know who you really are, a bunch of cowards. — Tavis Smiley

Freaking Out Quotes By Veronica Roth

We walk toward the training room, Shauna updating Zeke on her week at the fence
Two days ago the idiot I was on patrol with started freaking out, swearing he saw something out there ... Turns out it was a plastic bag. — Veronica Roth

Freaking Out Quotes By Rachel Caine

Shane looked down at the staked vamp at his feet. 'Claire?'
'You staked a vampire with a number two pencil.'
'I didn't actually check the number.'
'Have I told you lately how freaking awesome you are?'
She tried to smile, but her heart was fluttering in her chest now, and not in a good way. 'Compliments later. We really need to get out of here and get to the car. Any ideas?'
'Find another pencil and I'll pin this one down, too,' Michael said.
'You know how weird that sounds, right?' Shane said. 'Right, never mind. Number two pencil, coming up. Why do I feel like we're taking a test? — Rachel Caine

Freaking Out Quotes By Alex Gaskarth

Everytime we've had a misstep, rather than freaking out and not being able to recover, we've always looked to what's the next thing to do. — Alex Gaskarth

Freaking Out Quotes By James Patterson

I'm a freaking princess when it comes to other people's feelings. Yo dogbreath, get your paws of the everglades. -Max — James Patterson

Freaking Out Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

You? You can't believe this? I'm the one who has to go to Artemis to save your ass. She was freaking out over Zarek, now how the hell do I explain to her that Mr. Cool-Calm-and-Collected was doing his impression of Spider Man in a bar loaded with tourists and ended up as the main feature on Tokyo news as what's wrong with American culture? Question. How many rules did you break in less than a minute? (Acheron) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Freaking Out Quotes By J.A. Huss

Because if there's one thing in life I can count on, it's that eventually, no matter how freaking nice that rug is under your feet, someone always pulls it out from under you eventually. — J.A. Huss

Freaking Out Quotes By David Shapiro

She says Ariel is going to interview me after she's done and he's going to ask me how many golf balls can fit into a stretch limo, and the right answer is to make reasonable estimates on the spot, maybe say, "It's probably like 100 golf balls high by 60 golf balls wide by 1,000 golf balls long," and to look like I'm thinking really hard, and then just do the math in my head and give him the answer. I ask, "Out of curiosity, what would a wrong answer be?" She says, "Freaking out about the question. — David Shapiro

Freaking Out Quotes By Richelle Mead

I sent a quick text to Adrian: I have a hickey! You can't ever kiss me again. I honestly hadn't expected him to be awake this early, so I was surprised to get a response: Okay. I won't kiss you on your neck again.
So typical of him. No! You can't ever kiss me ANYWHERE. You said you were going to keep your distance.
I'm trying, he wrote back. But you won't keep your distance from me.
I didn't dignify that with a response. — Richelle Mead

Freaking Out Quotes By Esme Raji Codell

But certain people just think it's their job to freak out. As long as they're freaking out, they feel busy, like they must be doing work. Getting upset is force, but no motion. Unless we are moving the children forward, we aren't doing work. — Esme Raji Codell

Freaking Out Quotes By Brandy Nacole

Whoa ... don't go freaking out on me yet, he says with a smile, a smile I'm starting to have a real like and hate relationship with. — Brandy Nacole

Freaking Out Quotes By Natalie Herzer

Ben went on, "Shifters mate for life, but did you know that we have a rather high rate of divorce considering. Do you know why?"
I shook my head.
"Because they think they don't have to work for it. They fuck around and one day they find their mate and they think everything will work out because fate tells so. But that's a load of crap. You love and you work for it, no matter-freaking-what, that's how you find and hold onto your mate. — Natalie Herzer

Freaking Out Quotes By Seth Godin

Forty years ago, Richard Branson, who ultimately founded Virgin Air, found himself in a similar situation in an airport in the Caribbean. They had just canceled his flight, the only flight that day. Instead of freaking out about how essential the flight was, how badly his day was ruined, how his entire career was now in jeopardy, the young Branson walked across the airport to the charter desk and inquired about the cost of chartering a flight out of Puerto Rico. Then he borrowed a portable blackboard and wrote, "Seats to Virgin Islands, $39." He went back to his gate, sold enough seats to his fellow passengers to completely cover his costs, and made it home on time. Not to mention planting the seeds for the airline he'd start decades later. Sounds like the kind of person you'd like to hire — Seth Godin

Freaking Out Quotes By David Wong

I remember now. Calling you. It's hard, everything's running together. I called and called and called. Like a shotgun, firing in every direction hoping to hit somethin'. I bet I called you twenty times." "Twice. You called me twice. John, answer my question." "Really? You kept getting weird on me. You know what I think? I think you'll be getting calls from me for the next eight or nine years. All from tonight. I couldn't help it, couldn't get oriented. Kept slipping out of the time . . . you've got a voice mail message three years from now that's freaking hilarious. — David Wong

Freaking Out Quotes By John Curran

I personally think that's incredibly therapeutic to just be alone in your own thoughts and not be freaking out. — John Curran

Freaking Out Quotes By Jenny B. Jones

My own forecast? How about stressful with a hundred percent chance of freaking out. — Jenny B. Jones

Freaking Out Quotes By Kaylea Cross

Her body didn't give a damn that he was all wrong for her, it wanted him anyway. Badly. Either oblivious of or not wanting to encourage the attraction between them, Wade looked down at his mug as though he wasn't comfortable holding her gaze at such close range, and took a sip. As he swallowed, one side of his mouth curved up and he let out an appreciative groan that seemed to reverberate right through her, heating her blood. Startled, she drank in the almost dreamy expression on his angular face and imagined that same look right after he'd enjoyed an intensely satisfying orgasm. Erin couldn't be positive, but if his reaction to a simple cup of coffee made him groan like that, she was pretty sure it had been a while since he'd had one of those, too. And man, the idea of being the one to end his dry spell was way too freaking hot for her own good. — Kaylea Cross

Freaking Out Quotes By Jessica Szohr

When you're working on a lake and it's dark and cold out and you can't see what's underwater, it is freaking scary! — Jessica Szohr

Freaking Out Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

At first I wasn't all that tempted by him, but then he killed the spider. Which was a huge point in his favor."
"Absolutely. I love men who kill bugs."
"And then when I was freaking out and couldn't breathe, he was so ... gentle." Zoe sighed and colored, remembering. "He was holding me, and talking to me in that voice ... you know, sort of low and rough around the edges ... "
"All the Nolans sound like that," Justine said reflectively. "Like they've got a mild case of bronchitis. Totally hot. — Lisa Kleypas

Freaking Out Quotes By J.R. Kendall

She stopped to think. "Twice. It happened so quick. Rob was just trying to warn Dean, but he accidentally hit him." "What did you do?" "Well, Dean fell down and started bleeding all over the stairs. I started freaking out. Rob was freaking out. We didn't know what to do." She clammed up all — J.R. Kendall

Freaking Out Quotes By Amy A. Bartol

Security ... " he trails off, picking up my black bikini top that was flung over the lamp. I pluck what's left of the top out of his hand and hide it behind my back with one hand while the other hand grasps Russell by the bicep. "Thanks, Russ," I say, trying to lead him back to the door, but Brownie is right, he is really freaking strong and I can't move him an inch now. — Amy A. Bartol

Freaking Out Quotes By Albert Borris

You okay?"
Just waiting for the water to boil. Burning shower. One of the only things that helps when I'm totally freaking out."
I'm not sure how to respond. "So," I whisper, "you want anything?"
Yeah," She replies, sarcastic "I want to be bulimic, but the vomit grosses me out. — Albert Borris

Freaking Out Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

Kenji snorts."That's because you're not fragile," Kenji says. "If anything, everyone needs to protect themselves from you. You're like a freaking beast," he says. Then adds, "I mean, you know - like, a cute beast. A little beast that tears shit up and breaks the earth and sucks the life out of people. — Tahereh Mafi

Freaking Out Quotes By Cyndi Goodgame

It will just upset you."
No my freaking way! He didn't just tell me I'm weak to him, did he?
"Yes, Ian. Thanks for reminding me I am just a dang girl in your eyes." A string of not ladylike curse words went across the marquee of my brain.
"Be reasonable," he snipped out at me.
Oh.No.He.Didn't. "Reasonable caught a train to Canada. Meet her peeved counterpart who wants to snap boy parts off and sterilize them to spare the future generations of learning that equal doesn't mean jack squat." - Grace — Cyndi Goodgame

Freaking Out Quotes By James Patterson

A Poem
By Max
White is the color of little bunnies with pink noses.
White is the color of fluffy clouds fluffing their way across the sky.
White is the color of angel's wings and Angel's wings.
White is the color of brand-new ankle socks fresh out of the bag.
White is the color of crisp sheets in schmancy hotels.
White is the color of every last freaking, gol-danged thing you see for endless miles and miles if you happen to be in Antarctica trying to save the world, which now you aren't so sure you can do because you feel like if you see any more whiteness-Wonder Bread, someone's underwear, teeth-you will completely and totally lose your ever-lovin' mind and wind up pushing a grocery cart full of empty cans around New York City, muttering to yourself.
That was my first poem ever.
Okay, so it's not Shakespeare, but I liked it. — James Patterson

Freaking Out Quotes By Becky Albertalli

But I'm tired of coming out. All I ever do is come out. I try not to change, but I keep changing, in all these tiny ways. I get a girlfriend. I have a beer. And every freaking time, I have to reintroduce myself to the universe all over again. — Becky Albertalli

Freaking Out Quotes By Wendy Owens

I don't know who you are; you could be an axe murderer for all I know. How am I supposed to trust you and follow you? For that matter, follow you where?" Gabe inquired.
"Search yourself, what do your instincts tell you?" Uri asked.
"That you're a crazy nut job and freaking me out!" Gabe snapped back. — Wendy Owens

Freaking Out Quotes By Sarah Hepola

One of my favorite ways to have sex was right before a blackout, when I was still there but I'd gone feral, and I could let all those low and dirty words spill out of my mouth. Do this. Do that. But now I wasn't sure if I liked sex that way because it felt good or because guys dug it when I got wild. That's what I wanted more than my own pleasure. To make myself irresistible. To blow his freaking mind. — Sarah Hepola

Freaking Out Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Come on," he said.
"Let's get back to Alec before he decides Isabelle and Simon are having sex off in the caves and starts freaking out. — Cassandra Clare

Freaking Out Quotes By Liane Moriarty

Your daughters will leave this school as confident, resilient young women." Ms. Byrne was off, delivering the private school party line. Resilience. What crap. No kid was going to go to school in a place that looked like freaking Buckingham Palace and come out of it resilient. She should be honest: "Your daughter will leave this school with a grand sense of entitlement that will serve her well in life; she'll find it especially useful on Sydney roads. — Liane Moriarty

Freaking Out Quotes By Aubrey Plaza

I have a way of dealing with situations where I come off awkward, or people think I'm purposely trying to make things uncomfortable. But normally I'm talking really slowly or there's a lot of silence because there's just nothing going on. I'm just totally freaking out, but from the outside perspective it looks like I'm in control. — Aubrey Plaza

Freaking Out Quotes By Kim Harrison

Past him was Trent, a tired look on his face. Holding my borrowed shawl close, I watched Jonathan as I slid out. "Why, thank you, Jon," I said brightly, "you freaking bastard."

Trent ducked his head, hiding a smile. — Kim Harrison

Freaking Out Quotes By Lennon Parham

A lot of television shows, when you see births, the baby is coming out, and the wife is freaking, 'You did this to me!' but she is still super beautiful. There's none of the realism that we just went through. — Lennon Parham

Freaking Out Quotes By Felicia Day

And Kim could sense that I was freaking out. Because I said, looking freaked out, The idea of doing that freaks me out. — Felicia Day

Freaking Out Quotes By A.G. Howard

Now that you've gone looking for him, he won't be breaking his word. Not technically. You're fair game."
I lace my fingers through hers, trying to ground her. "You're freaking me out. Who are you talking about?"
"He'll come for you. He'll step through your dreams. Or the looking glass ... stay away from the glass, Allie! Do you understand?"
"Mirrors?" I ask, incredulous. "You want me to stay away from mirrors?"
She scrambles to her feet, and I struggle to balance on my crutch. "Broken glass severs more than skin. It will sever your identity. — A.G. Howard

Freaking Out Quotes By Jamie Freveletti

But I will admit, that most of my life has been with the thought of the reaper pacing behind me. I know he's there. He's not freaking me out or anything, but he's reminding me to grab at life with joy. I get a lot of joy from my writing.

And I hope the other writers are too, because it's a great thing to create a world of your own making. We'll beat back the reaper just a little while longer and enjoy the ride in the meantime. — Jamie Freveletti

Freaking Out Quotes By Jay Crownover

Look I have somewhere I have to be and I don't particularly love that I have to go, but you freaking out and making a scene is not going to do anything other than piss me off. I hope you had a good time last night and you can leave your number but we both know the chances of me calling you are slim to none. If you don't want to be treated like crap maybe you should stop going home with drunken dudes you don't know. Trust me we're really only after one thing and the next morning all we really want is for you to go quietly away. I have a headache and I feel like I'm going to hurl, plus I have to spend the next hour in a car with someone that will be silently loathing me and joyously plotting my death so really can we just save the histrionics and get a move on it? — Jay Crownover

Freaking Out Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Why must every relationship I have be so damned impossible? (Ravyn)
Hey now, defeatist talk from a catman like you? I'm the one who should be freaking out here. I mean, damn, you could give me fleas or something. (Susan) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Freaking Out Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Simon Lewis, are you forgetting that you were a mundane when I started dating you? A rather scrawny mundane with terrible fashion sense, I should point out. And then you were a vampire, and I still dated you. Then you were a mundane again, but this time with freaking amnesia. And still, inexplicably, I fell in love with you all over again. What could possibly make you think I have any standards left when it comes to you?"
"Uh, thank you, I think?"
"'Thank you' is the correct response. And also 'I love you, too, Isabelle — Cassandra Clare

Freaking Out Quotes By Miranda Cosgrove

I like James Franco. I think he's really cute. I remember a while ago there was a rumor going around that he was getting married and all my friends and I were freaking out. Yeah, I think he's cute! — Miranda Cosgrove

Freaking Out Quotes By Stacia Kane

It were ... she'd fell asleep, and she'd fell asleep on him. Like she trusted him that much she could just sleep, she were that comfortable. She weren't freaking out touching him or blushing or looking all embarrassed or rushing to get away, though he knew she might when she woke up. But for that moment she were just sleeping there, next to him. Like she was his. — Stacia Kane

Freaking Out Quotes By Alanea Alder

Get your fang boner under control. Your freaking out my person — Alanea Alder

Freaking Out Quotes By Juliette Binoche

I'm very patient and always willing to try things but I have some resistance as well because I have my own vision. I have resistance sometimes because I see a director who's freaking out and wants to have control and they sometimes anticipate about what I'm going to be doing or not. — Juliette Binoche

Freaking Out Quotes By J.R. Ward

When order in study was finally reestablished, Wrath looked downright nasty. "Next one of you mouthy assholes makes me pound my desk again, I'm throwing you the fuck out." On that note, he reached down, picked up the cowering ninety-pounds retriever, and settled George in his lap. "You're freaking out my dog and it's pissing me off. — J.R. Ward

Freaking Out Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

I was going to throw myself a freaking party when I got home. Like an eat-fudge-icing-straight-out-of-the-freaking-can kind of party. Hardcore. Knuckles — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Freaking Out Quotes By Kate Braestrup

Ah. I smiled. I'm not really here to keep you from freaking out. I'm here to be with you while you freak out, or grieve or laugh or suffer or sing. It is a ministry of presence. It is showing up with a loving heart. — Kate Braestrup

Freaking Out Quotes By A Meredith Walters

Hey, Mays," Jordan yelled from behind me. I grudgingly turned back around, my back straight and my face blank.
Jordan cocked his head to the side, his eyes burning into mine. "Jaz may be pretty, but you're fucking gorgeous," he called out loud enough for me to hear over the thumping base of the band. He grinned at me and the freaking winked. I hated and loved it when he did that. — A Meredith Walters

Freaking Out Quotes By Jessica Florence

I literally melted. Seriously, how was I going to not go for this guy?
"May I?" he asked. Somehow I went from puddle on the floor to freaking out school girl. My insides were fluttering like a butterfly garden. — Jessica Florence

Freaking Out Quotes By Cate Tiernan

I can't help who I am," I pointed out. "i mean, do you think I should just hide?" I tapped one finger against my chin. "Gee, if only there was some place, some safe place, like in the middle of freaking nowhere, where I could surround myself with strong immortals and maybe learn how to protect myself and ... oh, wait!" I looked at Solis, my eyes wide with excitement. "Oh my God
that sounds like here! It sounds like I'm already actually doing exactly what you thing I should be doing! Awesome! — Cate Tiernan

Freaking Out Quotes By Eugene Chadbourne

Sometimes you have trouble because someone 'likes' your music so much. They follow you around for hours singing little bits of the songs, or just freaking out. — Eugene Chadbourne

Freaking Out Quotes By Olivia DeJonge

Being flown to the U.S. to meet Sofia Coppola is really exciting. I was freaking out. I'm a little nervous, as I don't want to muck it up I want to do my best. — Olivia DeJonge

Freaking Out Quotes By Reece Thompson

I love 'Skins'. I was a huge fan of the British series. I love how everyone is freaking out about it. — Reece Thompson

Freaking Out Quotes By Shaun White

Games have always a big part of my life. I was that kid freaking out over his new Nintendo. — Shaun White

Freaking Out Quotes By Darynda Jones

You either fainted or you wanted a much closer look at the cracks in the tile. Either way, you hit hard."
He nodded. "Maybe you shouldn't have been trying to make out with him," he suggested.
How did he know that? "I was kissing him good-bye."
He snorted and exchanged glances with the nurse. "That's not what it looked like to me."
Probably not. But what happened? Could Reyes Farrow take control over me even from a freaking coma? I was doomed. — Darynda Jones

Freaking Out Quotes By Tina Fey

Brendan suddenly 'came out' to me. In my experience, the hardest thing about having someone 'come out' to you is the 'pretending to be surprised' part. You want him to feel like what he's telling you is Big. It's like, if somebody tells you they're pregnant, you don't say, 'I did notice you've been eating like a hog lately.' Your gay friend has obviously made a big decision to say the words out loud. You don't want him to realize that everybody's known this since he was ten and he wanted to be Bert Lahr for Halloween. Not the Cowardly Lion, but Bert Lahr. 'Oh, my gosh, no waaaay?' You stall, trying to think of something more substantial to say. 'Is everyone, like, freaking out? What a ... wow. — Tina Fey

Freaking Out Quotes By Maria Dahvana Headley

Vertigo, that's where I am. Pi wants to take over, but I don't let it. Looping wants to occur, but I remain sentient, and I don't do any of the various forms of out-freaking I want to do. — Maria Dahvana Headley

Freaking Out Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

Welcome to the Mafia, blood in, well isn't that just shitty part, there is no freaking out. — Rachel Van Dyken

Freaking Out Quotes By Becky Albertalli

I don't know how people do this. How Blue did this. Two words. Two freaking words, and I'm not the same Simon anymore. — Becky Albertalli

Freaking Out Quotes By Francesca Battistelli

The more you walk in relationship with the Lord, the more you learn to trust him. I'm learning not to focus so much on the issues I think are so big right now-our bus has broken down, or someone said something that frustrated me. I'm learning to slowly let things roll off my back, to say, 'Hey, God knew about this before it happened and He's got a way out or a plan better than mine.' I've learned to stop freaking out and just trust that God knows what he's doing. He's not going to leave me in a bad place because He never has before. — Francesca Battistelli

Freaking Out Quotes By A.S. King

EVERYONE deserves to be happy. But no one gets there by freaking out or sulking or running. So. Here's a tissue. Clean yourself up and start back at the beginning. — A.S. King

Freaking Out Quotes By Tahereh Mafi

Adam: I am being cool. I'm a freaking saint. I don't know anyone else who would be as generous as I am right now. You were lying to me the whole time we were together. You were cheating on me.
Juliette: No, I wasn't.
Adam: This kind of shit doesn't just happen overnight. You don't just fall out of love with someone like that. — Tahereh Mafi

Freaking Out Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

Robert Thurman, professor of Buddhist studies at Columbia University, often uses an amusing and powerful image to describe what living compassionately, with lovingkindness, could look like: 'Imagine you're on the New York City subway,' he begins, 'and these extraterrestrials come and zap the subway car so that all of you in it are going to be together...forever.' What do we do? If someone is hungry, we feed them. If someone is freaking out, we try to calm them down. We might not like everybody, or approve of them - but we're going to be together forever, so we need to get along, take care of one another, and acknowledge that our lives are linked. Isn't living on planet Earth like being in that subway car? We're all together forever; our lives are linked. — Sharon Salzberg

Freaking Out Quotes By Ethan Hawke

And you and I know you're the best thing that ever happened to me, and, yes, that's an expression, something people say, that has no meaning, but what I mean is there isn't anybody in the whole world who has loved me the way you have, not my mother, not my old man, not my friends.
There's nothing preventing me and you from loving each other and being some kinda world-class shining beacon of love except how bad do we want it and what are we willing to do for it?
Now, I know I did you wrong, and I was freaking out and being stupid and I was mean to you. You know sometimes I get all fucking confused and I can't see outside of my own asshole. I'm unhappy. Why am I unhappy? It's gotta be somebody's fault, right? It couldn't just be that I'm a self-centered fuck spinning around inside my own dank cloud of concerns.
There isn't anything I can think of that I really want or that the best part of me wants, that loving you won't start doing. I love you. — Ethan Hawke

Freaking Out Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Because I have a teeny, tiny amount of werewolf blood in me I have to go to what essentially amounts to a mating dance and let other unmated wolves sniff me?"
Sally snorted with laughter. "Sorry, got a visual."
"Nice." Jacque high fived her.
Jen glared at her two best friends. "If you two are done with your little moment could we please focus on this upcoming disaster?"
"Sorry, Jen. Don't mind us. By all means, continue freaking out."
Loftis, Quinn (2012-02-04). Just One Drop, Book 3 in the Grey Wolves Series (p. 53). Kindle Edition. — Quinn Loftis

Freaking Out Quotes By Libba Bray

Miss New Mexico stared, dumbfounded. "Stand out? Stand out? I have a freaking tray stuck in my forehead!" She broke into fresh sobs.
Taylor clapped for attention. "Miss New Mexico, let's not get all down in the bummer basement where the creepy things live. There are people in heathen China who don't even have airline trays. We have a lot to be grateful for. — Libba Bray