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Foster Care System Quotes By Cris Beam

If you have the choice of being abused by your mother or abused by a stranger, you'd choose your mother. It's abuse either way." This came from Arelis Rosario-Keane, a twenty-two-year-old college student and a veteran of the foster care system, referring to the likelihood of getting mistreated in care. — Cris Beam

Foster Care System Quotes By Michele Bachmann

Many children in the foster care system are often in the midst of a family challenge. — Michele Bachmann

Foster Care System Quotes By Noorilhuda

She had to save herself from every last one of them. All of them, the people at the orphanage, the foster care system, the middle school, they were all outsiders and strangers and a possible threat.....The counselor couldn't prove otherwise. — Noorilhuda

Foster Care System Quotes By Rhea Perlman

The most important element of the foster care system is getting kids out of foster care and into a permanent placement so they don't have to spend their entire childhoods in courtrooms, wondering if they will ever have a place to call home. — Rhea Perlman

Foster Care System Quotes By Jeanne Woodford

As I presided over Massie's execution, I thought about the abuse and neglect he endured as a child in the foster care system. We failed to keep him safe, and our failure contributed to who he was as an adult. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to kill him, what if we spent that money on other foster children so that we stop producing men like Massie in the first place? — Jeanne Woodford

Foster Care System Quotes By Ellen Marie Wiseman

Sure, she was going to turn eighteen in less than a year. She'd been in the system long enough to know that eighteenth birthdays weren't marked by celebrations. When the checks stopped coming, she'd be on her own. "Aging out" of foster care meant becoming homeless. She'd heard stories of kids ending up in jail and hospital emergency rooms, selling drugs, living on welfare and food stamps. How desperate did a person have to become before they broke the law to survive? For now, things were good, and she didn't want to mess that up. — Ellen Marie Wiseman

Foster Care System Quotes By Renee Carlino

They projected an illusion of warmth with their home-cooking and hand-stitched quilts, yet underneath the facade was an institutional rigidity, as if they were running an orphanage where children would be fed and cared for but never loved. Love was such a key ingredient in molding humans, yet it was inaccessible to kids inside of the system. — Renee Carlino

Foster Care System Quotes By Shane Claiborne

If every Christian family brought in a child who needed a family we would put the foster care system out of business. — Shane Claiborne

Foster Care System Quotes By Katie McGarry

I came to this house for safety. They came because the foster care system ran out of homes. We stayed because we were stray pieces of other puzzles, tired of never fitting. — Katie McGarry