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Top Finding A Second Love Quotes

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Lindsay Detwiler

They were growing closer and closer every day, and Charlotte was finding something magical at Wildflower, something she never thought she would find again - love. — Lindsay Detwiler

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Katy Regnery

And I'll tell you something else. I'm not worried that you'll find someone else, because there isn't anyone else on the face of the earth who could ever love you as much as I do. It's impossible because no man has ever loved a woman as much as I love you. And I'm not worried about me finding someone else, because you brought me back from the dead and gave me a second chance at life. — Katy Regnery

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Lana Del Rey

I believe in free love and that's just how I feel. It's just my experience of being with different kinds of men and being born without a preference for a certain type of person. For me, that is my story in finding love in lots of different people, and that's been the second biggest influence in my music. — Lana Del Rey

Finding A Second Love Quotes By David W. Earle

Since children from dysfunctional families are so good at judging others, they also judge themselves finding themselves unacceptable when compared to others, always assuming they are second best, not enough. This is a painful realization so often they hide behind righteous arrogance. — David W. Earle

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Cath Crowley

How can I explain to her that I just can't come home? It's too soon, it's too late; I do want to be with Helen every second of the day but at the same time I don't want to be with her at all. I want to have back what I felt at the beginning. I could no more leave her then than leave my arms or legs.
How do you find the beginning, though? There are no roads or signs. You start to doubt it even exists. The hardest thing isn't deciding that I want to go back to when Helen and Gracie and I were us. The most difficult thing is finding the map to get there. — Cath Crowley

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Mary W. Tileston

No sinful word, nor deed of wrong, Nor thoughts that idly rove; But simple truth be on our tongue, And in our hearts be love. ST. AMBROSE. Let us all resolve,--First, to attain the grace of SILENCE; Second, to deem all FAULT-FINDING that does no good a SIN, and to resolve, when we are happy ourselves, not to poison the atmosphere for our neighbors by calling on them to remark every painful and disagreeable feature of their daily life; Third, to practise the grace and virtue of PRAISE. HARRIET B. STOWE. — Mary W. Tileston

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Autumn Doughton

Poetry and song lyrics might want us to believe that finding love is like uncovering buried treasure, but now I know the truth. There's no joy or celebration in love. There are no happy endings. There is simply me and her and a crushing pain. What's left after that? An entire life of mute should-haves and second-bests. — Autumn Doughton

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Courtney Giardina

Hearts will break and people will hurt you, darling." Her mother said. "But when you let those people control your outlook on the life, you only allow them to have a greater hold on your happiness. Once you accept the fact that every day is a new day to begin again, life becomes a much easier path to walk. — Courtney Giardina

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Peter Kreeft

There are also two Christianities in the world today. There is (1) the Christianity of the New Testament, and there is (2) the Christianity of accommodation to modernism, egalitarianism, niceness, naturalism, pop psychology, secular humanism, relativism, subjectivism, individualism, "Enlightenment" rationalism or postmodern irrationalism. New converts to the first Christianity are constantly amazed and scandalized by finding many of their clergy to be in love with the second and in fear of the first. — Peter Kreeft

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Pepper Winters

For finding redemption in love. For finding a second chance in hope. — Pepper Winters

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Mavis Leno

Finding love is a two-part process. The first part is to find the right person. The second part is to be the right person. — Mavis Leno

Finding A Second Love Quotes By Marcel Proust

But the second kind seek out the women who love women, who can procure a young man for them and add to the pleasure which they get from finding themselves with him; much more, they can, in the same way, find the same pleasure with them as with a man. [ ... ] For in the relationships they have with them, they play the role of another woman for the women who love women, and the woman offers them at the same time more or less what they find in a man, so that the jealous friend suffers from feeling that the man he loves is inseparable from the woman who is for him almost a man, at the same time as he feels him almost escaping from him, because, for these women, he is something he does not know, a sort of woman. — Marcel Proust