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Top Filthy Houses Quotes

Filthy Houses Quotes By John Kenneth Galbraith

Things that come from the private sector are in abundant supply; things that depend on the public sector are widely a problem. We're a world, as I said in The Affluent Society, of filthy streets and clean houses, poor schools and expensive television. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Filthy Houses Quotes By Conchitina Cruz

Rain is the subject of prayer, the kind gesture of saints. Dear City, explain your irreverence: in you, rain is a visitor with nowhere to go. Where is the ground that knows only the love of water? What are the passageways to your heart? Pity the water that stays and rises on the streets, pity the water that floods into houses, so dark and filthy and heavy with rats and dead leaves and plastic. How ashamed water is to be what you have made it. What have you done to its beauty, its graceful body in pictures of oceans, its clear face in a glass? — Conchitina Cruz

Filthy Houses Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Humankind devotes much of its collective energy to managing personal and institutional anxiety and dealing with unsuccessful efforts of its civilians to cope with the tides of shifting social and economic conditions. Every city corridor houses downtrodden citizens whom have given up on life, the dopers, smoke hounds, crack heads, and unrepentant drunkards whom spend their days pushing shopping carts and their nights sleeping in gutters. In marked contrast to these filthy and wretched souls whom inhabit the skid row of every city's streets, all animals display an admirable state of hygiene and a zest for life. Except for poor critters sentenced to live confined in a zoo and domestic animals held captives in deplorable harvesting pens, all animals live a carefree existence that is preferable to living off stress sandwiches of modern humankind. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Filthy Houses Quotes By Elder Ephraim

However, it is not long before the miserable and filthy desire of sin and the world reappear, enticing us with many appealing things, and attracting us like a powerful magnet. We also have the other passionate world within us, the old man[13] who has his own desires. These internal desires merge with the external ones and, together, they pressure the soul into submission. And every submission results in a corresponding sin, which is added to man's criminal record. Later, when the time comes for man to die physically, he takes this record with him and proceeds with it through the toll-houses. — Elder Ephraim

Filthy Houses Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

The real slums are another matter. The bad parts of Tondo are as bad as any place I've seen, ancient, filthy houses swarmed with the poor and stinking of sewage and trash. But there are worse parts - squatter areas where people live under cardboard, in shipping crates, behind tacked-up newspapers. Dad would march you straight to the basement with a hairbrush in his hand if he caught you keeping your hamster cage like this. — P. J. O'Rourke