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Fijian Quotes & Sayings

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Fijian Quotes By James Calvert

The worst deformities, the foulest stains, disfiguring and blackening all the rest, are the very parts of Fijian nature which, while the most strongly characteristic, are such that may only be hurriedly mentioned, dimly hinted at, or passed by altogether in silence. — James Calvert

Fijian Quotes By Herbert Spencer

The cruelty of a Fijian god, who, represented as devouring the souls of the dead, may be supposed to inflict torture during the process, is small compared with the cruelty of a God who condemns men to tortures which are eternal. — Herbert Spencer

Fijian Quotes By Frank Bainimarama

Not everyone voted for me, but the fact that we have so far approximately 32 seats in the 50 seat parliament demonstrates the enthusiasm and the faith and the trust the Fijian people have had for both the track record of my government and FijiFirst manifesto. — Frank Bainimarama

Fijian Quotes By Cary McNeal

If random violence doesn't get you, cancer will. If cancer doesn't, global warming will. If global warming doesn't, bullet ants will. Or botflies. Or lightning. Or tsunamis. Or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Or Fijian headhunters. Or just normal everyday activities like drinking water, eating an orange, breathing the air, or having sex with a goat. Yes, — Cary McNeal