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Top Feeling Blessed By God Quotes

Feeling Blessed By God Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

And even now I experience that blessed feeling. To love one's neighbors, to love one's enemies. Always to love
to love God in all His Manifestations. To love one's friends is human love, but to love one's enemies is divine. — Leo Tolstoy

Feeling Blessed By God Quotes By Peggy Noonan

I always got the feeling with John Paul that if he could have narrowed down the people he met and blessed those he loved the most, they would not be cardinals, princes, or congressman, but nuns from obscure convents and Down syndrome children, especially the latter. Because they have suffered, and because in some serious and amazing way the love of God seems more immediately available to them. Everyone else gets themselves tied up in ambition and ideas and bustle, all the great distractions, but the modest and unwell are so often unusually open to this message: God loves us, his love is all around us, he made us to love him and be happy — Peggy Noonan

Feeling Blessed By God Quotes By Denis Johnson

I'm sure we were all feeling blessed on this ferryboat among the humps of very green
in the sunlight almost coolly burning, like phosphorus
islands, and the water of inlets winking in the sincere light of day, under a sky as blue and brainless as the love of God, despite the smell, the slight, dreamy suffocation, of some kind of petroleum-based compound used to seal the deck's seams. — Denis Johnson

Feeling Blessed By God Quotes By Kenneth E. Hagin

When God moves, everybody will be blessed. If something is of the flesh, everybody will have a sick feeling. And if something is of the devil, it seems like the hair will stand up on your neck. That's a simple way everyone can judge, whether they've got any spiritual discernment or not. — Kenneth E. Hagin