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Top Fear In Dracula Quotes

Fear In Dracula Quotes By Charlaine Harris

Eric followed Vlad Tepes's stubby finger, identifying me as the future Happy Meal. Then he stared at Dracula, looking up from his kneeling position. I couldn't read his face at all, and I felt a stirring of fear. What would Charlie Brown have done if the Great Pumpkin wanted to eat the little red-haired girl? — Charlaine Harris

Fear In Dracula Quotes By J.R. Ward

Wrath: look at how their folklore portrays our species. There's Dracula for Christ's sake, an evil bloodsucker who preys on the defenseless. There's piss-poor B movies and porn. And don't get me started on the whole Halloween thing. Plastic fangs. Black capes. The only thing the idiots got right are that we drink blood and that we can't go out in daylight. The rest is bullshit, fabricated to alienate us and stimulate fear in the masses. Or just as offensive, the fiction used to create some kind of mystique for bored humans who think the dark side is a fun place to visit. — J.R. Ward

Fear In Dracula Quotes By Karen Essex

The world we learned as children to fear
the milieu of goblins, ghosts, spirits, and magic - when it is the tangible world that is rife with unimaginable horrors. The truth is, we must fear monsters less and be warier of our own kind.
-from Dracula In Love — Karen Essex

Fear In Dracula Quotes By Bram Stoker

God will act in His own way and time. Do not fear, and do not rejoice as yet; for what we wish for at the moment may be our undoings. - Van Helsing, Dracula — Bram Stoker

Fear In Dracula Quotes By Victor LaValle

Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' was a story about the fear of immigration; the bad old bloodsucker swooping in from Eastern Europe and also preying upon 'our' vulnerable women. — Victor LaValle