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Top Double Chins Quotes

Double Chins Quotes By Loretta Chase

If you want respect, you must take your medicine like a brave aristocrat," he said. "Think of the French nobles who walked to the guillotine, double chins aloft. — Loretta Chase

Double Chins Quotes By Gloria Steinem

Because I have work to care about, it is possible that I may be less difficult to get along with than other women when the double chins start to form. — Gloria Steinem

Double Chins Quotes By Mark Twain

Had double chins all the way down to his stomach. — Mark Twain

Double Chins Quotes By Marie Dressler

I'll have my double chins in privacy. — Marie Dressler

Double Chins Quotes By John Meade Falkner

For Nature, if she once endows man or woman with romance, gives them so rich a store of it as shall last them, life through, unto the end. In sickness or health, in poverty or riches, through middle age and old age, through loss of hair and loss of teeth, under wrinkled face and gouty limbs, under crow's-feet and double chins, under all the least romantic and most sordid malaisances of life, romance endures to the end. Its price is altogether above rubies; it can never be taken away from those that have it, and those that have it not, can never acquire it for money, nor by the most utter toil - no, nor ever arrive at the very faintest comprehension of it. — John Meade Falkner

Double Chins Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

(One character on another
Don't you know that I passionately dote on every chin on his face? — Dorothy L. Sayers

Double Chins Quotes By C.S. Lewis

Provided that any of those neighbours sing out of tune or have boots that squeak, or double chins, or odd clothes, the patient will quite easily believe that their religion must therefore be somehow ridiculous. — C.S. Lewis