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Fascia Quotes & Sayings

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Top Fascia Quotes

Fascia Quotes By Stephen Bayley

Watteau is no less an artist for having painted a fascia board while Sainsbury's is no less effective a business for producing advertisements which entertain and educate instead of condescending and exploiting. — Stephen Bayley

Fascia Quotes By Matthew Barney

I'm less interested in skin than in fascia
connective tissue. — Matthew Barney

Fascia Quotes By Saranna DeWylde

Fight it, put on your show little Luna. Because if the witch lets you go, I'll eat your kidneys like conversation hearts," War snarled and bit down hard on his victim's shoulder, tearing the skin and fascia. — Saranna DeWylde

Fascia Quotes By Christopher McDougall

Absolutely, says Steve Maxwell. And with the little device in his pocket, he can prove it. Steve is a former world champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and now a strength-and-conditioning coach who specializes in recovering lost innovations. "The old-timers knew what was up with fascia long before we even had a word for it," he explains. "You'll always be safe if you go back to the mighty men of old, the guys before the 1950s. Look at the old gyms, with their Indian clubs and medicine balls. What's that all about if not balance, range of motion, being fluid, using elastic recoil? — Christopher McDougall

Fascia Quotes By Robert Harris

He slipped his arms into the scarlet woollen cassock and fastened the thirty-three buttons that ran from his neck to his ankles - one button for each year of Christ's life. Around his waist he tied the red watered-silk sash of the cincture, or fascia, designed to remind him of his vow of chastity, and checked to make sure its tasselled end hung to a point midway up his left calf. Then he pulled over his head the thin white linen rochet - the symbol, along with the mozzetta, of his judicial authority. The bottom two-thirds and the cuffs were of white lace with a floral pattern. He tied the tapes in a bow at his neck and tugged the rochet down so that it extended to just below his knees. Finally he put on his mozzetta, an elbow-length nine-buttoned scarlet cape. — Robert Harris

Fascia Quotes By Chloe Thurlow

Naked I felt as if my soul was exposed, my thoughts could be read. In the mask I felt protected. I eased the elastic strap over my head, adjusted the fascia to my cheekbones and glanced again at the mirror. The acid in my tummy had gone. Masked I am me. Masked I can do anything. — Chloe Thurlow