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Top Famous Attitude Quotes

Famous Attitude Quotes By Tae Yun Kim

Maintain a forgiving attitude! — Tae Yun Kim

Famous Attitude Quotes By Michelle Madow

His being famous didn't give him a right to use her and treat her like dirt. — Michelle Madow

Famous Attitude Quotes By Olarewaju Oladipo

The young will not always be young, the famous will not always be relevant, the outspoken will not always have a voice. Make the most of now. — Olarewaju Oladipo

Famous Attitude Quotes By Richard Branson

The Virgin brand is not a product like Coca-Cola or Famous Grouse whisky; it's an attitude and a way of life to many. That attitude is about giving customers a better time and better value in a fun way that embraces life and seeks to give the customers something new. — Richard Branson

Famous Attitude Quotes By Tae Yun Kim

Maintain an attitude of anticipating success! — Tae Yun Kim

Famous Attitude Quotes By Eli Wiesel

Anguish. German soldiers--with their steel helmets and their death's-head emblem. Still, our first impression of the Germans were rather reassuring. The officers were billeted in private homes, even in Jewish homes. Their attitude toward their hosts was distant but polite. They never demanded the impossible, made no offensive remarks, and sometimes even smiled at the lady of the house. A German officer lodged in the Kahns' house across the street from us. We were told he was a charming man, calm, likable, and polite. Three days after he moved in, he brought Mrs. Kahn a box of chocolates. The optimists were jubilant: "Well? What did we tell you? You wouldn't believe us. There they are, your Germans. What do you say now? Where is their famous cruelty?

The Germans were already in our town, the Fascists were already in power, the verdict was already out--and the Jews of Sighet were still smiling. — Eli Wiesel

Famous Attitude Quotes By Kristin James

A famous author is a promoter who never quit. — Kristin James

Famous Attitude Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

In Christianity and the body of Christ there is no room for celebrities, the message of the cross doesn't centre around anyone. It is Christ & Him alone. God can do without any of our church celebrities. We've got to let God stand out in all we do. Our celebrities have included pastors, worship leaders, singers, instrumentalist, the rich in the church, etc. Let's get back on track. God will use our social influence not to make us famous and pompou.s — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Famous Attitude Quotes By Robert Pattinson

I get a lot more abuse in England. That's just a general English attitude. I did the same thing to famous people. It's just your instinct. — Robert Pattinson

Famous Attitude Quotes By Tristan MacManus

It can be easy to buy into anything. I would lose focus if I went with that attitude of wanting to be famous. — Tristan MacManus

Famous Attitude Quotes By Billy Graham

I have often said that loneliness is the predominant attitude in our culture. A person can be lonely in the midst of a party; he can be lonely in a crowd. Loneliness may be experienced by the rich and famous or the poor and unknown. — Billy Graham

Famous Attitude Quotes By Peter Carey

Theophilus Hopkins was a moderately famous man. You can look him up in the 1860 Britannica. There are three full columns about his corals and his corallines, his anemones and starfish. It does not have anything very useful about the man. It does not tell you what he was like. You can read it three times over and never guess that he had any particular attitude to Christmas pudding. — Peter Carey

Famous Attitude Quotes By Adriana Lima

You don't have to have an attitude if you're famous. — Adriana Lima

Famous Attitude Quotes By Tae Yun Kim

Realize that "I Can't" usually means "I won't"! — Tae Yun Kim

Famous Attitude Quotes By Lindsey Davis

We marched him to the turfy shack where he lived with his parents and while the youth sulked Petronius Longus put the whole moral issue in succinct terms to them: Ollia's father was a legionary veteran who had served in Egypt and Syria for over twenty years until he left with double pay, three medals, and a diploma that made Ollia legitimate; he now ran a boxers' training school where he was famous for his high-minded attitude and his fighters were notorious for their loyalty to him ... The old fisherman was a toothless, hapless, faithless cove you would not trust too near you with a filleting knife, but whether from fear or simple cunning he co-operated eagerly. The lad agreed to marry the girl and since Silvia would never abandon Ollia here, we decided that the fisherboy had to come back with us to Rome. His relations looked impressed by this result. We accepted it as the best we could achieve. — Lindsey Davis

Famous Attitude Quotes By Tae Yun Kim

Maintain a receptive attitude! — Tae Yun Kim

Famous Attitude Quotes By William Shakespeare

We have already shown by references to the contemporary drama that the plea of custom is not sufficient to explain Shakespeare's attitude to the lower classes, but if we widen our survey to the entire field of English letters in his day, we shall see that he was running counter to all the best traditions of our literature. From the time of Piers Plowman down, the peasant had stood high with the great writers of poetry and prose alike. Chaucer's famous circle of story-tellers at the Tabard Inn in Southwark was eminently democratic. — William Shakespeare

Famous Attitude Quotes By Amy Tan

All this talk of oblivion, of wanting nothing and becoming nobody, seems rather contradictory from a Buddhist sense. The Buddha did all this himself and he became so much a nobody that he became famous, the biggest nobody of them all. And he will never disappear, because fame has made him immortal. But I do admire him for his attitude and discipline. He was a good Indian son. — Amy Tan

Famous Attitude Quotes By Jon Kabat-Zinn

These qualities are beautifully encapsulated in the famous statement of Victor Frankl, himself a survivor of Auschwitz (and a neurologist and psychologist): "Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way." MBSR, — Jon Kabat-Zinn

Famous Attitude Quotes By Genesis

Some say their world's will end with fire, some say with ice. From what I've tasted with desire I hold with those who favor fire. My world may not be ending, even though it feels like it. I do know this however, what doesn't kill you only mke you stronger. — Genesis

Famous Attitude Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I think that fame removes true happiness. Because when you are famous, people know you for who they think you are and when you are happy, it's because people have met you and see you for who you really are. Of course, if you are not a great person, it's better to be famous. But if you have greatness, it's better to not be famous. — C. JoyBell C.

Famous Attitude Quotes By Rufus Wainwright

If I had had more of a strategic attitude towards how to reveal my sexuality, and if I'd even played with it a little more, I could have sold a lot more albums and been a lot more famous. — Rufus Wainwright

Famous Attitude Quotes By Snoop Dogg

Nobody ever got their ass out of the ghetto by letting someone else step ahead of them in line. And no-one ever got rich and famous by laying back and hoping someone would notice who they are and what they do. — Snoop Dogg