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Top Family Supporting Each Other Quotes

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Mark Sanchez

As the member of a firefighter family myself, supporting the widowed families of rescue workers is an important, personal cause of mine. — Mark Sanchez

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Deb Caletti

Family was even a bigger word than I imagined, wide and without limitations, if you allowed it, defying easy definition. You had family that was supposed to be family and wasn't, family that wasn't family but was, halves becoming whole, wholes splitting into two; it was possible to lack whole, honest love and connection from family in lead roles, yet to be filled to abundance by the unexpected supporting players. — Deb Caletti

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Zayn Malik

It's nice to look out and see your family supporting you. — Zayn Malik

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Paulina Porizkova

I have worked every day since the age of fifteen, supporting not only myself, but also helping a sizable family when needed. — Paulina Porizkova

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Bell Hooks

Most black people are anti-racist (even those who have internalized racial self-hatred) and will not argue that whites are better, superior, and should rule over us. Yet most black people are not anti-sexist (even those whose life circumstance may make it impossible for them to rigidly conform to sexist roles) and will argue the natural superiority of men, supporting their right to dominance in the family and in the world outside the home. — Bell Hooks

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Jennifer Weiner

It was easy to make good choices when you had a web of people supporting you, not to mention money as a safety net when everyone else in your family did the right thing, went to the right college, held down a job. — Jennifer Weiner

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By William Graham Sumner

The Forgotten Man ... delving away in patient industry, supporting his family, paying his taxes, casting his vote, supporting the church and the school ... but he is the only one for whom there is no provision in the great scramble and the big divide. Such is the Forgotten Man. He works, he votes, generally he prays-but his chief business in life is to pay ... Who and where is the Forgotten Man in this case, who will have to pay for it all? — William Graham Sumner

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Angela Thirkell

The Knox family were all there, as neither George's Catholicism nor his Presbyterianism prevented him from supporting the vicar, who was a great friend. — Angela Thirkell

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Jess Glynne

I keep my head straight by having the right people around me, from my friends and family to my management and my team. They all keep me in my place. If I didn't have them supporting all the work that I do, I wouldn't be in such a solid place. — Jess Glynne

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Buzz Aldrin

A family needs to work as a team, supporting each other's individual aims and aspirations. — Buzz Aldrin

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Kevin Durant

Last but not least, My family. My brother Tony, I love you. Thank you for beating me up when I was a kid. I always wanted to follow in your footsteps. I pray for you every night. You've taught me to feel confident in myself, Believe in myself; That I can do it, When I didn't think I could do it. It's been an up and down road for all of us, But you were always been there supporting from afar. Texting me Bible verses every single day. Telling me you love me every single day. And that builds me up. And I thank you so much. I love you. I'm just glad you're a part of this journey with us. — Kevin Durant

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Charles Murray

A man who is holding down a menial job and thereby supporting a wife and children is doing something authentically important with his life. He should take deep satisfaction from that, and be praised by his community for doing so. If that same man lives under a system that says the children of the woman he sleeps with will be taken care of whether or not he contributes, then that status goes away. I am not describing a theoretical outcome, but American neighborhoods where, once working at a menial job to provide for his family made a man proud and gave him status in his community, and where now it doesn't. Taking the trouble out of life strips people in major ways which human beings look back on their lives and say, 'I made a difference. — Charles Murray

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Iain Duncan Smith

Getting a family into work, supporting strong relationships, getting parents off drugs and out of debt - all this can do more for a child's well-being than any amount of money in out-of-work benefits. — Iain Duncan Smith

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Penny Reid

Blame is a thief. It robs us blind while it wastes our time, time we could be spending as a family, making memories, supporting each other. — Penny Reid

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Tom Barrett

As mayor of Milwaukee, I've had many developers come and many businesses come and have asked for financial assistance from the city, and my questions have always been: how many jobs are we talking about and are these family-supporting jobs. — Tom Barrett

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Sherri Saum

A family is a group of people who are committed to loving and supporting one another. It's just that simple. — Sherri Saum

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Tom Ford

Choose your team carefully. So much of your success is due to the people who you surround yourself with. Your friends, your family, and the people that you work with
they all play an important role in inspiring you and supporting you and giving you stability. These are the people in your life who will be honest with you. — Tom Ford

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Liz Garbus

You know, and the fact that Nina Simone had to start playing in clubs and sing because her parents had moved north to support her music education. You know, so she had to sing. She had to make a living 'cause she was supporting her family. So poverty and race put her in this place which, you know, created enormous success, but it's not what her psyche was all about. — Liz Garbus

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Kenneth Keniston

Despite the long-term reduction in familial roles and functions, we believe that parents are still the world's greatest experts about the needs of their own children. Virtually any private or public program that supports parents, effectively supports children. This principle of supporting family vitality seems to us preferable to any policy that would have the state provide children directly with what it thinks they need. — Kenneth Keniston

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Milton Friedman

As these remarks indicate, the Social Security program involves a transfer from the young to the old. To some extent such a transfer has occurred throughout history - the young supporting their parents, or other relatives, in old age. Indeed, in many poor countries with high infant death rates, like India, the desire to assure oneself of progeny who can provide support in old age is a major reason for high birth rates and large families. The difference between Social Security and earlier arrangements is that Social Security is compulsory and impersonal - earlier arrangements were voluntary and personal. Moral responsibility is an individual matter, not a social matter. Children helped their parents out of love or duty. They now contribute to the support of someone else's parents out of compulsion and fear. The earlier transfers strengthened the bonds of the family; the compulsory transfers weaken them. — Milton Friedman

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Timothy Olyphant

I didn't inherit any great success and the problems that came with it, and yet I was able to keep working and supporting myself and later a family. I'm crazy fortunate. — Timothy Olyphant

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Pope Francis

Every economic ... acti on must set about providing each inhabitant of the planet with the minimum wherewithal to live in dignity and freedom, with the possibility of supporting a family, educating children, praising God and developing one's own human potential. — Pope Francis

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Ron Lizzi

A single voice cannot make a choir. A single tree cannot make a forest. — Ron Lizzi

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Don Herron

Too many people, once they reach a comfortable position in life, forget the important role writers like Hammett - who dropped out of high school in his first year to work supporting his family - or Howard - struggling to break into the pulps with absolutely no professional advice and little encouragement - play in literature, just as they tend to ignore the role the working man and woman play in society. — Don Herron

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Lorii Myers

The code-of-ethics playlist:
o Treat your colleagues, family, and friends with respect, dignity, fairness, and courtesy.
o Pride yourself in the diversity of your experience and know that you have a lot to offer.
o Commit to creating and supporting a world that is free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
o Have balance in your life and help others to do the same.
o Invest in yourself, achieve ongoing enhancement of your skills, and continually upgrade your abilities.
o Be approachable, listen carefully, and look people directly in the eyes when speaking.
o Be involved, know what is expected from you, and let others know what is expected from them.
o Recognize and acknowledge achievement.
o Celebrate, relive, and communicate your successes on an ongoing basis. — Lorii Myers

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Guy De Rothschild

On the whole, my family had always adopted a reserved attitude toward Zionism; my great-uncle Edmond had acted on his own in generously supporting Jewish Palestine, for reasons more humanitarian and religious than political. But the devastation caused by the war and the extermination of six million Jews radically changed all of our former attitudes. The idea of a Jewish homeland acquired an intense emotional appeal; I myself became an ardent Zionist.. — Guy De Rothschild

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Shannyn Sossamon

Supporting a family and financial necessity aside, what I want is to read it and just have that feeling in your chest that you know you need to do it and you understand how you could get there, even if it scares you. — Shannyn Sossamon

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By H. Kirk Rainer

I acknowledge that a wife does (and should) exercise a degree of control in the family and home; but what I present is not a constructive form aimed at supporting a healthy relationship, but a destructive form that - whether intended or not - destroys a relationship through the invocation of fear and flight rather than love and commitment. I also propose that this method or "device" (as I have called it) was learned in part from a very young age from her parents. — H. Kirk Rainer

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Celine Dion

I started at 5 years old in the kitchen table with my family supporting me. I know where I'm from and I know exactly where I'm going. — Celine Dion

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Paul Cellucci

We would be there for Canada, part of our family. That is why so many in the United States are disappointed and upset that Canada is not fully supporting us now. — Paul Cellucci

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Tony Parsons

My principal motivation is supporting my family, which is not a bad reason for getting up in the morning. That's always been my motivation - to take care of the people who rely on me. — Tony Parsons

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Joan Cusack

You know, I think I'm more of a micro-person, so to me, the context and the framework of trying to do what you love and feel passionate about, in supporting your family in that way, is the most important thing to me. — Joan Cusack

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Michael Uslan

I think it's one thing if you are turning out dozens or even a hundred stories a year, you've got to have a great supporting cast behind you. Superman had a family that developed, and it's only natural that Batman has a family of sorts that developed. I think it's a great way to keep the comics interesting and varied, to appeal to different segments of an audience, to bring new perspectives to it. — Michael Uslan

Family Supporting Each Other Quotes By Van Jones

My definition of a green-collar job is this: a family-supporting, career-track job that directly contributes to preserving or enhancing environmental quality. — Van Jones