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Top Pestering Quotes

Pestering Quotes By Henrik Ibsen

Oh, life would be all right if we didn't have to put up with these damned creditors who keep pestering us with the demands of their ideals. — Henrik Ibsen

Pestering Quotes By Margaret Atwood

His drawings were not originals then, only copies. He must have been doing them as a sort of retirement hobby, he was an incurable amateur and enthusiast; if he'd become hooked (on these rock paintings) he would have combed the area for them, collecting them with his camera, pestering experts by letter whenever he found one; an old man's delusion of usefulness. — Margaret Atwood

Pestering Quotes By Lauren Dane

Does this mean you're going to marry me then?"
"I've only been pestering you to marry me since the day we met, Daniel. What clued you in that I'd be interested other than that? — Lauren Dane

Pestering Quotes By Bryce Courtenay

It is better just to get on with the business of living and minding your own business and maybe, if God likes the way you do things, he may just let you flower for a day or a night. But don't go pestering and begging and telling him all your stupid little sins, that way you will spoil his day. — Bryce Courtenay

Pestering Quotes By Sawyer Bennett

First, I'm not pestering you. I'm trying to make it clear that I want to fuck you into oblivion. Second, there is no other woman that I'm interested in. Clear enough for you? — Sawyer Bennett

Pestering Quotes By Ted Williams

I hope somebody hits .400 soon. Then people can start pestering that guy with questions about the last guy to hit .400. — Ted Williams

Pestering Quotes By Harlan Coben

It was scary," she said. "Win was scary." "He also saved your life." "Yes." "It's what Win does. He's good at it - the best I've ever seen. Everything with him is black and white. He has no moral ambiguities. If you cross the line, there is no reprieve, no mercy, no chance to talk your way out of it. You're dead. Period. Those men came to harm you. Win wasn't interested in rehabilitating them. They made their choice. The moment they entered your apartment they were doomed." "It sounds like the theory of massive retaliation," she said. "You kill one of ours, we kill ten of yours." "Colder," Myron said. "Win's not interested in teaching a lesson. He sees it as extermination. They're no more than pestering fleas to him. — Harlan Coben

Pestering Quotes By Steve Backley

The way forward is to stop pestering yourself for answers and let it, the creative part of your mind, come up with the solution when the time is right. — Steve Backley

Pestering Quotes By Brian Francis

They're horrible little creatures. All snot and smelly feet and pestering questions."
"Then why did you go into teaching?"
"It was either that or sit at home with Mother all day. I picked the lesser of two evils. — Brian Francis

Pestering Quotes By Chris Elliott

Somehow, by just continually pestering the general public by appearing on television, they accepted me and wanted more. — Chris Elliott

Pestering Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

It was on the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest of holy days, that a fly flew under the door of the synagogue and began to pester the hanging congregants. It flew from face to face, buzzing, landing on long noses, going in and out of hairy ears. AND IF THIS IS A
TEST, the Venerable Rabbi enlightened, trying to keep his congregation
But how pestering that fly was, tickling some of the most ticklish places. AND AS GOD ASKED ABRAHAM TO SHOW ISAAC THE KNIFE'S POINT, SO IS HE ASKING US NOT TO SCRATCH OUR ASSES! AND IF WE MUST, BY ALL MEANS WITH THE LEFT HAND! — Jonathan Safran Foer

Pestering Quotes By Stendhal

Leave me with my life of the imagination. Your petty pestering, your details of real life, which all upset me to some degree, would drag me down from heaven. Each person dies as best he may; my wish is not to think of death except in my own way. — Stendhal

Pestering Quotes By Harper Lee

Jem was twelve. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody. His appetite was appalling, and he told me so many times to stop pestering him I consulted Atticus: "Reckon he's got tapeworm" Atticus said no, Jem was growing. I must be patient with him and disturb him as little as possible. — Harper Lee

Pestering Quotes By Lorenz Hart

How we love sequestering, where no pests are pestering. — Lorenz Hart

Pestering Quotes By Lavie Tidhar

The fat man looked amused. "What on earth for?" he said. "I never have any contact with writers. If I do, they just keep pestering me about getting paid. — Lavie Tidhar

Pestering Quotes By Gregory Maguire

How easily Neverland is corrupted into the deserted island of Lord of the Flies. How quickly Tinkerbell regresses to being one of the flies pestering the gouged eye sockets of the pig that the lost boys butcher. — Gregory Maguire

Pestering Quotes By Ayn Rand

What I mean is, what makes people unhappy is not too little choice, but too much," said Mitchell Layton. "having to decide, always to decide, torn every which way all of the time. Now in a society of pattern, a man could feel safe. Nobody would come to him all the time pestering him to do something. Nobody would have to do anything. What I mean is, of course, except working for the common good. — Ayn Rand

Pestering Quotes By Julie Kagawa

You could've just told them to go away. I'd seen that cold, don't-bother-me-or-I'll-kill-you glare. No one in their right mind would continue pestering the Ice prince once that chilling gaze was turned on them. — Julie Kagawa

Pestering Quotes By Deborah Ann Woll

Even just pestering people with questions, and being nosey and pushy and getting her way, are things I think many young women grow up struggling with, to assert themselves. — Deborah Ann Woll

Pestering Quotes By Erik Larson

Ferris, himself fed up with construction delays and Burnham's pestering, had told Gronau to turn the wheel or tear it off the tower. — Erik Larson

Pestering Quotes By Epictetus

Why are you pestering me, pal? My own evils are enough for me. — Epictetus

Pestering Quotes By Jilly Gagnon

Rachel, you need to look at this one."

"I don't need to do anything."

"Okay, let me rephrase. I would like you to look at this one, then we can go back to the movie."

"Yeah, well I'd like - "

"And if you disagree, I'll keep pestering you until you do, and you'll have to fight me for the remote, and we both know my crane style beats your tiger style."

"I'm scrappy."

"I'm serious."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the phone out of her hand. — Jilly Gagnon

Pestering Quotes By Courtney Vail

Oh, really? Do you wake up heaving from bloody dreams that
promise destruction like some crazy street guy forecasting the
Apocalypse? Did you slam a door in your dad's face hours before he died?
Does everyone, cops included, think you're a pestering loon 'cause
'accident' doesn't sit right with you, nor the many other freakouts, like
the car that keeps showing up on your street, with someone sitting in it,
doing like, nothing? No? Oh no? Didn't think so. Life sucks for everyone.
Jump or deal with it. — Courtney Vail

Pestering Quotes By Wade Kelly

Jimmy rolled his eyes. 'What problems do you have? You have the perfect family. Your dad is perfect. Your brother and sister aren't pestering you all the time. And your mom never screams at you for anything.'
'That's only because she doesn't know anything. 'He lifted an eyebrow and tilted his head toward his friend. 'It's all in how you play your cards, young Padawan. — Wade Kelly

Pestering Quotes By Jonathan Franzen

Everything he'd done with regard to her in the last three years had been calculated to foreclose the intensely personal sort of talks they'd had when he was younger: to get her to shut up, to train her to contain herself, to make her stop pestering him with her overfull heart and her uncensored self. And now that the training was complete and she was obediently trivial with him, he felt bereft of her and wanted to undo it. — Jonathan Franzen

Pestering Quotes By Mary Roach

I spend a lot of my time on the phone, pestering people. 'What's new in your lab? Can I come visit your lab? When can I come visit your lab?' I'm basically a professional pesterer. — Mary Roach

Pestering Quotes By Beverly Cleary

Ramona was originally an accidental character I added to the Henry Huggins books because I noticed that none of the characters had siblings. I added Ramona as Beazus' pestering little sister. — Beverly Cleary

Pestering Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

This was not because he was cowardly and abject, quite the contrary; but for some time past he had been in an overstrained irritable condition, verging on hypochondria. He had become so completely absorbed in himself, and isolated from his fellows that he dreaded meeting, not only his landlady, but anyone at all. He was crushed by poverty, but the anxieties of his position had of late ceased to weigh upon him. He had given up attending to matters of practical importance; he had lost all desire to do so. Nothing that any landlady could do had a real terror for him. But to be stopped on the stairs, to be forced to listen to her trivial, irrelevant gossip, to pestering demands for payment, threats and complaints, and to rack his brains for excuses, to prevaricate, to lie - no, rather than that, he would creep down the stairs like a cat and slip out unseen. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Pestering Quotes By Charles Baxter

What's agitating about solitude is the inner voice telling you that you should be mated to somebody, that solitude is a mistake. The inner voice doesn't care about who you find. It just keeps pestering you, tormenting you
if you happen to be me
with homecoming queens first, then girls next door, and finally anybody who might be pleased to see you now and then at the dinner table and in bed on occasion. You look up from reading the newspaper and realize that no one loves you, and no one burns for you. — Charles Baxter

Pestering Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

'I shall vomit,' said Hugh, 'if you persist in pestering me with all that odious rot.' — Vladimir Nabokov