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Exterior Quotes By Boris Kodjoe

Some of the best actors in the world are very exterior actors, Anthony Hopkins being one of them. He knows exactly how to turn his face to get a certain expression. He knows exactly what to do with eyes, and with his voice. It's very exterior. — Boris Kodjoe

Exterior Quotes By Nyrae Dawn

Buried deep-deep under that teenage boy exterior, you, Sebastian Hawkins, are a sweetheart. — Nyrae Dawn

Exterior Quotes By Addison Killebrew

When you look through a window you gasp at the beautiful tree in the backyard or the magical sunrise coming over the horizon, No one looks at a window and is taken away by the complexity of the transparency of millions of atoms joined together to form, from our perception of a crystal clear yet structural opening to the exterior, the same is with life, if you spend your whole life being a medium to enable others then you will be nothing but a sheet of glass, overused, underappreciated, and fragile to opportunity — Addison Killebrew

Exterior Quotes By Romain Gary

They thought I suffered from lack of exterior, when I suffered from excess of interior — Romain Gary

Exterior Quotes By K.M. Shea

He wriggled his fingers in a come-closer gesture. Cinderella minced over to him. "What," she started, "do you want - put me down!" He'd picked her up by her waist. "What are you doing?" she hissed as Colonel Friedrich climbed the crate. "Helping you break the law. Can you reach the ledge?" Held higher, the ledge was shoulder-height. "Yes," Cinderella said, scrambling to grasp the ledge. She set her feet against the exterior wall and tried to climb in. She shrieked when he pushed against her backside - boosting her up. He'd actually touched her posterior! "Sir! This is highly improper!" Colonel Friedrich chuckled. Cinderella purposely booted him in the neck before she squirmed through the window, falling inside. — K.M. Shea

Exterior Quotes By Jesus Zamora Bonilla

I prefer for 'my world' to have the highest certification of being a faithful representation of the exterior world. — Jesus Zamora Bonilla

Exterior Quotes By Alexandre Dumas

[L]earn how to distinguish the king from royalty; the king is but a man; royalty is the gift of God. Whenever you hesitate as to whom you ought to serve, abandon the exterior, the material for the invisible principle, for the invisible principle is everything. — Alexandre Dumas

Exterior Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

You are without needs. There is nothing that you need in order to be perfectly happy. You only think that there is. Your deepest, most perfect happiness will be found within, and once you find it, nothing exterior to your Self can match it, nor can anything destroy it. — Neale Donald Walsch

Exterior Quotes By Antonio Banderas

You can change a person in their exterior aspects, but the soul remains, it still is there, and especially if that person has been changed involuntarily. — Antonio Banderas

Exterior Quotes By Ignatius Bryanchaninov

'Truly, truly, I tell you, if you ask anything of the Father in My Name, He will give it to you. Till now you have asked nothing in My Name; ask and you will receive, that your joy may be full' (Jn. 16:23). What a wonderful gift! It is a guarantee of unending, infinite blessings! It came from the lips of the unlimited God, clothed in limited humanity and called by the human name of Savior. The name by its exterior form is limited, but it represents an unlimited object, God, from Whom it borrows infinite, divine value or worth, the power and properties of God. — Ignatius Bryanchaninov

Exterior Quotes By Dennis Lehane

Vanity is a weakness. I know this. It's a shallow dependence on the exterior self, on how one looks instead of what one is. — Dennis Lehane

Exterior Quotes By Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

I believe that there is much less difference between the author and his works than is currently supposed; it is usually in the physical appearance of the writer,
his manners, his mien, his exterior,
that he falls short of the ideal a reasonable man forms of him
rarely in his mind. — Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

Exterior Quotes By Ray Davies

Underneath that rude exterior, you've got a heart of gold. — Ray Davies

Exterior Quotes By James Madison

To what expedient then shall we finally resort, for maintaining in practice the necessary partition of power among the several departments, as laid down in the constitution? The only answer that can be given is, that as all these exterior provisions are found to be inadequate, the defect must be supplied, by so contriving the interior structure of the government, as that its several constituent parts may, by their mutual relations, be the means of keeping each other in their proper places. — James Madison

Exterior Quotes By Murray Kempton

Men very seldom change, try though we will, beneath the shifts of exterior doctrine, our hearts so often remain what they were. — Murray Kempton

Exterior Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

She had come out of her first illness alive with new hopes, expecting so much, yet deprived of any subsistence except Dick, bringing up children she could only pretend gently to love, guided orphans. The people she liked, rebels mostly, disturbed her and were bad for her--she sought in them the vitality that had made them independent or creative or rugged, sought in vain--for their secrets were buried deep in childhood struggles they had forgotten. They were more interested in Nicole's exterior harmony and charm, the other face of her illness. She led a lonely life owning Dick who did not want to be owned. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Exterior Quotes By Mark Twain

She remained both girl and woman to the last day of her life. Under a grave and gentle exterior burned inextinguishable fires of sympathy, energy, devotion, enthusiasm, and absolutely limitless affection. — Mark Twain

Exterior Quotes By Edgar Allan Poe

To look at a star by glances - to view it in a side-long way, by turning toward it the exterior portions of the retina (more susceptible of feeble impressions of light than the interior), is to behold the star distinctly - is to have the best appreciation of its lustre - a lustre which grows dim just in proportion as we turn our vision fully upon it. — Edgar Allan Poe

Exterior Quotes By Jenessa Terraccino

Virtue is a step toward cultivating authentic beauty, for the love and grace that is within a woman is what truly shines through to make her radiant. Grace illuminates the exterior. — Jenessa Terraccino

Exterior Quotes By John C. Calhoun

In its exterior relations - abroad - this government is the sole and exclusive representative of the united majesty, sovereignty, and power of the States, constituting this great and glorious Union. To the rest of the world, we are one. Neither State nor State government is known beyond our borders. Within, it is different. — John C. Calhoun

Exterior Quotes By Kristin Cashore

She knew her nature. She would recognize it if she came face-to-face with it. It would be a blue-eyed green-eyed monster, wolflike and snarling. A vicious beast that struck out at friends in uncontrollable anger, a killer that offered itself as a vessel of the king's fury.
But then it was a strange monster, for beneath its exterior it was frightened and sickened by its own violence. It chastised itself for its savagery. And sometimes it had no heart for violence and rebelled against it utterly.
A monster that refused, sometimes, to behave like a monster. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster , did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?
Perhaps she wouldn't recognize her own nature after all. — Kristin Cashore

Exterior Quotes By Victor Hugo

Any one who had listened to Courfeyrac in 1828 would have thought he heard Tholomyes in 1817. Only, Courfeyrac was an honourable fellow. Beneath the apparent similarities of the exterior mind, the difference between him and Tholomyes was very great. The latent man which existed in the two was totally different in the first from what it was in the second. There was in Tholomyes a district attorney, and in Courfeyrac a paladin. — Victor Hugo

Exterior Quotes By Dean Koontz

Regardless of how rough we may appear on the exterior, each of us had a human heart. — Dean Koontz

Exterior Quotes By Judith Butler

Gender is an identity tenuously constituted in time, instituted in an exterior space through a stylized repetition of acts. — Judith Butler

Exterior Quotes By Nicole Castro

I could only nod as emotions rolled in like a destructive storm. This was it. It was over. My incredible time with this beautiful talented man was up. I had to clench my teeth and swallow hard to mask the loss that threatened to overcome my calm exterior. I was holding on for dear life then he said two words with pure tranquility. — Nicole Castro

Exterior Quotes By Elizabeth Rudnick

Don't those girls know that beneath this goofy exterior is someone honost and generally awesome in every way? I'm a winner dammit — Elizabeth Rudnick

Exterior Quotes By Stephen Gardiner

The exterior cannot do without the interior since it is from this, as from life, that it derives much of its inspiration and character. — Stephen Gardiner

Exterior Quotes By Arsenius The Great

Strive with all your might to bring your interior activity into accord with God, and you will overcome exterior passions. — Arsenius The Great

Exterior Quotes By Nicole Williams

I knew if there was ever a girl who could love me, warts and all, it would be the girl who went to the pound and adopted the ugliest, meanest piece of crap she could find." My heart swelled, my smile following. "All because she believed that under every rough exterior was a soul begging to be loved and accepted. — Nicole Williams

Exterior Quotes By Nancy Leigh DeMoss

God looks at the heart, and we shouldn't judge by appearance ... but we still live on the earth, and everyone here looks at the exterior, because only God sees the interior. — Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Exterior Quotes By John O'Donohue

If we become addicted to the external, our interiority will haunt us. We will become hungry with a hunger no image, person, or deed can still. To be wholesome, we must remain truthful to our vulnerable complexity. In order to keep our balance, we need to hold the interior and exterior, visible and invisible, known and unknown, temporal and eternal, ancient and new, together. No one else can undertake this task for you. You are the one and only threshold of an inner world. This wholesomeness is holiness. To be holy is to be natural, to befriend the worlds that come to balance in you. — John O'Donohue

Exterior Quotes By P.G. Wodehouse

If you are a millionaire beset by blackmailers or anyone else to whose comfort the best legal advice is essential, and have decided to put your affairs in the hands of the ablest and discreetest firm in London, you proceed through a dark and grimy entry and up a dark and grimy flight of stairs; and, having felt your way along a dark and grimy passage, you come at length to a dark and grimy door. There is plenty of dirt in other parts of Ridgeway's Inn, but nowhere is it so plentiful, so rich in alluvial deposits, as on the exterior of the offices of Marlowe, Thorpe, Prescott, Winslow and Appleby. As you tap on the topmost of the geological strata concealing the ground-glass of the door, a sense of relief and security floods your being. For in London grubbiness is the gauge of a lawyer's respectability. — P.G. Wodehouse

Exterior Quotes By Steve Martin

I guessed that one day the restrictions I imposed on myself would end. But first, it seemed that my range of possible activities would have to iris down to zero before I could turn myself around. Then, when I was static and immobile, I could weigh and measure every exterior force and, slowly and incrementally, once again allow the outside in. And that would be my life. — Steve Martin

Exterior Quotes By Johann Kaspar Lavater

What knowledge is there of which man is capable that is not founded on the exterior,
the relation that exists between visible and invisible, the perceptible and the imperceptible? — Johann Kaspar Lavater

Exterior Quotes By Greta Gerwig

I live in New York, and I love New York as well, but I think Los Angeles is a place where if you have the right person with you, there are all these little worlds that you would never guess by just looking at the exterior of what the city is. — Greta Gerwig

Exterior Quotes By Dave Barry

You cannot paint the exterior of your house. You have to take the paint chip down to show the paint-chip Nazis. — Dave Barry

Exterior Quotes By Kathryn Jean Lopez

As more Americans meet Mitt Romney, I think they'll see beyond the handsome exterior and see not just a good salesman, but a thoughtful (and, yes, conservative) leader. — Kathryn Jean Lopez

Exterior Quotes By Dolores Wilson

The only major thing I'd done all day was lay out a plan of action to find the key that Pete Fortney used to let himself into my home. I'd decided to start at the front porch and look in every conceivable place, working my way clock-wise around the exterior, ground level, and eaves of the house. I'd devote fifteen minutes every evening until I found it. For my own peace of mind, I had to find that key. — Dolores Wilson

Exterior Quotes By Mary McAuliffe

What about justice," he asked, "and charity, and resignation, and courage, and everything which makes the human soul to live!" Religion, he continued, "is a spirit, a movement of the heart. You make of it a power, a society, an exterior force, something which struggles with other powers and other societies. To love God and one's fellow man, is it necessary to have so much materiality?"42 — Mary McAuliffe

Exterior Quotes By Seth

Desire is action. In the inner world, your desires bring about their own fulfillment, effortlessly. That inner world, and the exterior one, intersect and interweave. They only appear separate. In the physical world, time may have to elapse, or whatever. Conditions may have to change, or whatever, but the desire will bring about the proper results. The feeling of effortlessness is what is important. — Seth

Exterior Quotes By Constantin Brancusi

They are imbeciles who call my work abstract. That which they call abstract is the most realistic, because what is real is not the exterior but the idea, the essence of things. — Constantin Brancusi

Exterior Quotes By Melanie Benjamin

she knew the effort it took to keep one's exterior self together, upright, when everything inside was in pieces, broken beyond repair. One touch, one warm, compassionate hand, could shatter that hard-won perfect exterior. And then it would take years and years to restore it. So — Melanie Benjamin

Exterior Quotes By Tom McDonough

Because of this false idea, they devised an aesthetic belief in making the exterior of an object a reflection of the practical functions of the interior and of the constructive idea. Yet these analyses of utility and necessity that, according to their beliefs, should be the basis for the construction of any object created by humanity become immediately absurd once we analyze all the object being manufactured today. A fork or a bed cannot come to be considered necessary for humanity's life and health, and yet retain a relative value.
They are 'learned necessities.' Modern human beings are suffocating under necessities like televisions, refrigerators, etc. And in the process making it impossible to live their real lives. Obviously we are not against modern technology, but we are against any notion of the absolute necessity of objects, to the point even of doubting their real utility.'
Asger Jorn — Tom McDonough

Exterior Quotes By Juliet Marillier

Though it was dark, I could see how his eyes came alive with enthusiasm and the way he used his hands to illustrate with surprising grace. There were hidden depths beneath that impassive exterior. A sweet kernel shielded by a tough shell; dancing fire concealed in stone. — Juliet Marillier

Exterior Quotes By Peter Ackroyd

It's only recently that we've discovered that the artist's inner self is somehow more important than the public world. I'm happier to create exterior pieces for the world rather than to express something I deeply feel or wish to say. — Peter Ackroyd

Exterior Quotes By Kristin Cashore

But then, it was a strange monster, for beneath its exterior it was frightened and sickened by its own violence. It chastised itself for its savagery. And sometimes it had no heart for violence and rebelled against it utterly. A — Kristin Cashore

Exterior Quotes By Christopher Fowler

Tremble had a secret. Underneath his dreary exterior, he was quite interesting. When his penchant for investigating the area's past was indulged, a light shown in his eyes and he became almost passionate, which is why his wife kept a stack of local history books on her bedside table. — Christopher Fowler

Exterior Quotes By Mao Zedong

Generally speaking, the main principles are as follows: (1) the use of initiative, flexibility and planning in conducting offensives within the defensive, battles of quick decision within protracted war, and exterior-line operations within interior-line operations; (2) co-ordination with regular warfare; (3) establishment of base areas; (4) the strategic defensive and the strategic offensive; (5) the development of guerrilla warfare into mobile warfare; and (6) correct relationship of command. — Mao Zedong

Exterior Quotes By Blaise Pascal

The exterior must be joined to the interior to obtain anything from God, that is to say, we must kneel, pray with the lips, and soon, in order that proud man, who would not submit himself to God, may be now subject to the creature. — Blaise Pascal

Exterior Quotes By Alessandra Torre

I suspect, more than voyeurism, that it has something to do with control. Control is a food that Nathan seems to feed on, devouring it with a vulgarity that clashes with his smooth exterior. — Alessandra Torre

Exterior Quotes By Osho

Atisha says: Awareness inside, compassion on the outside. Compassion is the outer side of awareness, the exterior of awareness. Awareness is your interiority, subjectivity. Compassion is relating with others, sharing with others. — Osho

Exterior Quotes By Betty Jean Craige

... by treating nature as exterior and inferior to humans we saw no harm to ourselves in polluting the soil, the plants, the air and the water. We did not notice the effect of our pollution on whatever walked over it, ran across it, climbed up it, flew through it, or swam in it.

Now we notice that harming other constituents of our planetary system brings harm to ourselves. — Betty Jean Craige

Exterior Quotes By Karen Mahoney

Donna wasn't fooled by his lazy movements and sleep eyes - this guy was sharp, underneath the laid-back exterior. — Karen Mahoney

Exterior Quotes By Sylvia Day

From the moment I first saw him - saw through his stunning and impossibly gorgeous exterior to the dark and dangerous man inside - I'd felt the pull that came from finding the other half of myself. I needed him like I needed my heart to beat, and he'd put himself in great jeopardy, risking everything - for me. — Sylvia Day

Exterior Quotes By Joyce Carol Oates

Its somewhat austere and even forbidding limestone exterior, — Joyce Carol Oates

Exterior Quotes By Barry Lopez

The interior landscape responds to the character and subtlety of the exterior landscape; the shape of the individual mind is affected by the land as it is by genes. — Barry Lopez

Exterior Quotes By Rene Guenon

The human individual is, at one and the same time, much more and much less than is ordinarily supposed in the West; he is greater by reason of his possibilities of indefinite extension beyond the corporeal modality, in short, of all that refers to what we have been studying; but he is also much less since, far from constituting a complete and sufficient being in himself, he is only an exterior manifestation, a fleeting appearance clothing the true being, which in no way affects the essence of the latter in its immutability — Rene Guenon

Exterior Quotes By Sara Sheridan

Google maps are one thing but there's no substitute for pounding the beat and I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to break into the back of the houses on Belgrave Place. Once I even for followed by a suspicious householder - I'd been hanging around staring at the exterior of his flat for too long. — Sara Sheridan

Exterior Quotes By Henry Ossawa Tanner

Many of the artists who have represented Negro life have seen only the comic, ludicrous side of it, and have lacked sympathy with and appreciation for the warm big heart that dwells within such a rough exterior. — Henry Ossawa Tanner

Exterior Quotes By Gaston Bachelard

The psychology of the alchemist is that of reveries trying to constitute themselves in experiments on the exterior world. A double vocabulary must be established between reverie and experiment. The exaltation of the names of substances is the preamble to experiments on the "exalted" substances. — Gaston Bachelard

Exterior Quotes By Gloria Estefan

A woman's exterior beauty is a reflection of her internal peace and happiness. — Gloria Estefan

Exterior Quotes By Oskar Kokoschka

I used to be too subjective, and I was always tempted to find my inner self in the exterior and dissipate my imagination on other people and on life. — Oskar Kokoschka

Exterior Quotes By Guy De Maupassant

We are, on earth, two distinct races. Those who have need of others, whom others amuse, engage soothe, whom solitude harasses, pains, stupefies, like the movement of a terrible glacier or the traversing of the desert; and those, on the contrary, whom others weary, tire, bore, silently torture, whom isolation calms and bathes in the repose of independency, and plunges into the humors of their own thoughts. In fine, there is here a normal, physical phenomenon. Some are constituted to live a life outside of themselves, others, to live a life within themselves. As for me, my exterior associations are abruptly and painfully short-lived, and, as they reach their limits, I experience in my whole body and in my whole intelligence an intolerable uneasiness. — Guy De Maupassant

Exterior Quotes By Vincent De Paul

Our Lord humbles in order to raise up, and allows the suffering of interior and exterior afflictions in order to bring about peace. He often desires some things more than we do, but wants us to merit the grace of accomplishing them by several practices of virtue and to beg for this with many prayers. — Vincent De Paul

Exterior Quotes By Helene Cixous

I will talk about truth again, without which (without the word truth, without the mystery truth) there would be no writing. It is what writing wants. But it "(the truth)" is totally down below and a long way off. And all the people I love and whom I have mentioned are beings who are bent on directing their writing toward this truth-over-there, with unbelievable labor; they are fighting against the elements and principally agains the innumerable immediate exterior and interior enemies. — Helene Cixous

Exterior Quotes By Vitruvius

From the exterior face of the wall towers must be projected, from which an approaching enemy may be annoyed by weapons, from the embrasures of those towers, right and left. — Vitruvius

Exterior Quotes By Peter Sloterdijk

Via the mediation of the Enlightenment, this movement had changed from a hobby among a tiny literate elite and their secretaries, an ostentatious amusement among princely and mercantile art patrons and their masterly suppliers (who established a first 'art system'), into a national, a European, indeed a planetary matter. In order to spread from the few to the many, the renaissance had to discard its humanistic exterior and reveal itself as the return of ancient mass culture. The true renaissance question, reformulated in the terminology of practical philosophy - namely, whether other forms of life are possible and permissible for us alongside and after Christianity, especially ones whose patterns are derived from Greek and Roman (perhaps even Egyptian or Indian) antiquity - was no longer a secret discourse or an academic exercise in the nineteenth century, but rather an epochal passion, an inescapable pro nobis. — Peter Sloterdijk

Exterior Quotes By Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

The senses are the organs by which man places himself in connexion with exterior objects. — Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Exterior Quotes By Laura Esquivel

As a very young girl, I understood that the interior activities of the home are as significant as the exterior activities of society. — Laura Esquivel

Exterior Quotes By T.J. Klune

Had I known then what I know now, I would have clung to him. I would have looked him in the eyes to see that spark of mischief, that undying intelligence that belied his gruff exterior. If I'd known the inevitable, I would have said everything I felt in my heart and soul. I would have told him thank you for being my father. I would have said that if I'm ever going to be a good man, it's going to be because of the way he'd raised me ...
... I would have told him I loved him.
But I didn't. I didn't because I didn't know. I didn't even say goodnight. Or goodbye. — T.J. Klune

Exterior Quotes By Ken Wilber

This regard, a hotly disputed topic is whether the spiritual/transpersonal stages themselves can be conceived as higher levels of cognitive development. The answer, I have suggested, depends on what you mean by "cognitive." If you mean what most Western psychologists mean - which is a mental conceptual knowledge of exterior objects - then no, higher or spiritual stages are not mental cognition, because they are often supramental, transconceptual, and nonexterior. If by "cognitive" you mean "consciousness in general," including superconscious states, then much of higher spiritual experience is indeed cognitive. — Ken Wilber

Exterior Quotes By Mark Twain

There's no such thing as an uninteresting life, such a thing is an impossibility. Beneath the dullest exterior, there is a drama, a comedy, a tragedy. — Mark Twain

Exterior Quotes By Mikhail Bakhtin

In order to understand, it is immensely important for the person who understands to be located outside the object of his or her creative understanding - in time, in space, in culture. For one cannot even really see one's own exterior and comprehend it as a whole, and no mirrors or photographs can help; our real exterior can be seen and understood only by other people, because they are located outside us in space, and because they are others. — Mikhail Bakhtin

Exterior Quotes By Moust Camara

In addition to the exterior packaging, don't forget the items that go inside of the package, such as hang tags, free stickers, posters, postcards and other freebies. You can get stickers printed for a low cost at 123stickers. For postcards and any other printing, we recommend NextDayFlyers. You can also make hang tags yourself by printing them as business card and punching ⅛" holes into them (then attach them to your products using a tagging gun). Use your creativity to come up with additional affordable packaging ideas. — Moust Camara

Exterior Quotes By Thomas Hardy

There was a change in Boldwood's exterior from its former impassibleness; and his face showed that he was now living outside his defences for the first time, and with a fearful sense of exposure. It is the usual experience of strong natures when they love. — Thomas Hardy

Exterior Quotes By E.A. Copen

The link between nudity and sexuality is a modern invention. If there are no mysteries, there are no secrets, no shame when the time comes for him to Change. Our exterior bodies are borrowed treasures. — E.A. Copen

Exterior Quotes By Samuel Foote

One who preserves all the exterior decencies of ignorance. — Samuel Foote

Exterior Quotes By Gustave Le Bon

Were it possible to induce the masses to adopt atheism, this belief would exhibit all the intolerant ardor of a religious sentiment, and in its exterior forms would soon become a cult. — Gustave Le Bon

Exterior Quotes By Matthew Gregory Lewis

He had long observed with disapprobation and contempt the superstition which governed Madrid's inhabitants. His good sense had pointed out to him the artifices of the monks, and the gross absurdity of their miracles, wonders, and suppositious relics. He blushed to see his countrymen, the dupes of deceptions, so ridiculous, and only wished for an opportunity to free them from their monkish fetters. That opportunity, so long desired in vain, was at length presented to him. He resolved not to let it slip, but to set before the people, in glaring colours, how enormous were the abuses but too frequently practised in monasteries, and how unjustly public esteem was bestowed indiscriminately upon all who wore a religious habit. He longed for the moment destined to unmask the hypocrites, and convince his countrymen, that a sanctified exterior does not always hide a virtuous heart. — Matthew Gregory Lewis

Exterior Quotes By Emmanuel Levinas

To approach the Other in conversation is to welcome his expression, in which at each instant he overflows the idea a thought would carry away from it. It is therefore to receive from the Other beyond the capacity of the I, which means exactly: to have the idea of infinity. But this also means: to be taught. The relation with the Other, or Conversation, is a non-allergic relation, an ethical relation; but inasmuch as it is welcomed this conversation is a teaching. Teaching is not reducible to maieutics; it comes from the exterior and brings me more than I contain. In its non-violent transitivity the very epiphany of the face is produced. — Emmanuel Levinas

Exterior Quotes By Charlotte Bronte

It was not perhaps my business to observe the mystery of his bearing, or search out its origin or aim; but, placed as I was, I could hardly help it. He laid himself open to my observation, according to my presence in the room just that degree of notice and consequence a person of my exterior habitually expects: that is to say, about what is given to unobtrusive articles of furniture, chairs of ordinary joiner's work, and carpets of no striking pattern. — Charlotte Bronte

Exterior Quotes By Jeffrey Lewis

I sell a complete package ... a life style that's in harmony with and exemplified by the exterior and interior living space. I'm obsessive about the way I live and work, so when it comes to renovating, I believe in finding the true integrity of a house, then breathing life back into it in a way that connects with a certain type of buyer. — Jeffrey Lewis

Exterior Quotes By Marilyn Suttle

Optimists move through life with a happy exterior. What happens on the inside shows up on the outside. — Marilyn Suttle

Exterior Quotes By Christian D. Larson

Our destiny is not mapped out for us by some exterior power; we map it out for ourselves. What we think and do in the present determines what shall happen to us in the future. — Christian D. Larson

Exterior Quotes By Thomas Aquinas

There is, therefore, a more perfect intellectual life in the angels. In them the intellect does not proceed to self-knowledge from anything exterior, but knows itself through itself ... — Thomas Aquinas

Exterior Quotes By Marla Gibbs

Nothing is out of our realm, because it has nothing to do with color. As black people, we're not different from anyone else, other than the exterior. — Marla Gibbs

Exterior Quotes By Charlotte Rampling

If you want to paint the inner life, you paint it from the exterior. From the exterior, you breathe the inner life into your painting. — Charlotte Rampling

Exterior Quotes By Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon

Only those works which are well-written will pass to posterity: the amount of knowledge, the uniqueness of the facts, even the novelty of the discoveries are no guarantees of immortality ... These things are exterior to a man but style is the man himself. — Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte De Buffon

Exterior Quotes By Sri Aurobindo

Our actual enemy is not any force exterior to ourselves, but our own crying weaknesses, our cowardice, our selfishness, our hypocrisy, our purblind sentimentalism. — Sri Aurobindo

Exterior Quotes By Morgan Rhodes

Princess," King Gaius said, standing as she took a seat. "You look beautiful today." "Thank you, your grace." Why did men always find it necessary to comment on whether or not a woman's exterior pleased them? She knew she was beautiful. No need to constantly restate it, as if doing so would earn one points in a game. The — Morgan Rhodes

Exterior Quotes By Carol Oates

She looked like a grown-up, a calm, controlled grown-up, and she was glad for that one mercy. No one would be able to judge from her exterior that she was falling apart on the inside or that she didn't feel mature at all. — Carol Oates

Exterior Quotes By Paul Of The Cross

Make great account of your precious trials, both interior and exterior; it is thus that the garden of Jesus is adorned with flowers, that is, with acts of virtue. — Paul Of The Cross

Exterior Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

Despite our battered exterior and in spite of the festering scars and rank filth that overlays it, there is underneath it all the pristine likeness of God Himself. And we would be wise to cast an eye not on the marred exterior, but to be fixed on the glorious interior. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Exterior Quotes By Hrithik Roshan

Life was tough for me. When I was a kid, nobody played with me because they thought I looked ugly with my extra thumb. It pained me. So once I thought of getting it surgically removed. But I didn't. Slowly, I realized that the exterior is not the criterion for love and success. — Hrithik Roshan

Exterior Quotes By John Milton

And what is faith, love, virtue unassay'd alone, without exterior help sustained? — John Milton

Exterior Quotes By Lisa Shearin

Tam considers me a challenge. I consider Tam a work in progress. I also think there's a gentleman lurking under that calculating exterior. Tam thinks 'gentleman' is a dirty word. I talk dirty to Tam every chance I get. — Lisa Shearin

Exterior Quotes By Chris Sanders

You know, the technology was at the right place for us to build this world. The most difficult thing about doing The Croods was no doubt the building of the world. Every single thing in this film is organic. Organic things are tough. Very very labour intensive. And we have no man-made structures. You could argue that everything in this film is really an exterior. Even the interiors of the cave are exteriors. So building this world was the biggest thing of all, and the technology was there to do it. — Chris Sanders

Exterior Quotes By Seth Godin

The way the world works now, the way the rules of engagement operate, you can't claim to make sense out of the exterior without booking voyages into the interior. Think about it: How can you understand 'it' if you haven't made any effort to understand 'you'? Because what you're really doing is establishing a living, electrical, vital, energetic connection between it and you. You're creating both of them, simultaneously. A lot like quantum physics. — Seth Godin

Exterior Quotes By Madi Diaz

I could never ever say enough about Matt Amato. He has an indescribable presence; this warm, loving, serene calm with intense interest and excitement bubbling beneath his exterior. — Madi Diaz

Exterior Quotes By Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

There are ancient and modern poems which breathe, in their entirety and in every detail, the divine breath of irony. In such poemsthere lives a real transcendental buffoonery. Their interior is permeated by the mood which surveys everything and rises infinitely above everything limited, even above the poet's own art, virtue, and genius; and their exterior form by the histrionic style of an ordinary good Italian buffo. — Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel