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Top Extension Service Quotes

Extension Service Quotes By Joshua Becker

Minimalism in the service of others is a logical extension of the same ethos of selflessness. — Joshua Becker

Extension Service Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

Under certain conditions, index numbers may do very useful service as an aid to investigation into the history and statistics of prices; for the extension of the theory of the nature and value of money they are unfortunately not very important. — Ludwig Von Mises

Extension Service Quotes By Robert Genn

The studio is an extension of the sandbox and the kindergarten playroom. It has a dynamic unlike any office or factory. It's a room at the service of a dreamer on her way to becoming a master. — Robert Genn

Extension Service Quotes By Clementa C. Pinckney

I see everything I do as an extension of the ministry. It's all about service. — Clementa C. Pinckney

Extension Service Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

Two seemingly antagonistic forces, equally deleterious in their actions and ultimately combining to produce their results, are at present ruling over our educational institutions, although these were based originally upon very different principles. These forces are: a striving to achieve the greatest possible extension of education on the one hand, and a tendency to minimize and to weaken it on the other. The first-named would fain spread learning among the greatest possible number of people; the second would compel education to renounce its highest and most independent claims in order to subordinate itself to the service of the State. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Extension Service Quotes By Christine Pelosi

Having seen my mom in community volunteer work my whole life and in Congress for 25 years, it is true as she often says that she sees her service as an extension of her role as a mother and a grandmother. — Christine Pelosi