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Relishing Quotes By Wataru Watari

Under their discretion, lies, secrets, crimes and even failure are nothing but the spice of one's youth. And in their corrupt ways, they discover something peculiar about failure. They conclude that while their own failures are generally a part of relishing in youth, others' failures should be shot down as just failures and nothing more. — Wataru Watari

Relishing Quotes By Bailey White

Her blood-curdling snoring, with its gargling and squawking and its terrifying pauses is like the sound the devil might make if he were alternately relishing and strangling on a pound of human flesh. — Bailey White

Relishing Quotes By Andrew The Apostle

If we strive for goals, relishing in the pleasure of circumstance, nothing is enjoyable, and life becomes purposeless. — Andrew The Apostle

Relishing Quotes By Brent Olson

Of course, fall isn't just about preparing for winter. It's also about sitting on the patio in a worn wool sweater and warming your hands over the swirl of steam rising from a coffee cup. It's about walking across a darkened yard and seeing a flight of geese cross the face of a full moon. It's about settling in, relishing sights and sensations of a world slowing down. — Brent Olson

Relishing Quotes By Abraham Joshua Heschel

Instead of indulging in jealousy, greed, in relishing themselves, there are men who keep their hearts alert to the stillness in which time rolls on and leaves us behind ... those who are open to the wonder will not miss it. Faith is found in solicitude for faith, in an inner care for the wonder that is everywhere. — Abraham Joshua Heschel

Relishing Quotes By Toni Morrison

Amanuensis. That was the word she chose, and since it was straight out of the nineteenth century, her mother approved, relishing the blank stares she received when she told her lady guests what position her daughter had acquired with the State Poet Laureate. — Toni Morrison

Relishing Quotes By Karen Marie Moning

He sucked in a harsh breath and was silent a long while, relishing her words. "Ah, Gwen, my lovely wee Gwen, I thought I might ne'er hear such words." He lifted her hair away from her face and kissed her temple tenderly. "I love you. I adore you. I will cherish you all the days of my life," he vowed. "I knew even back in your century that you were the one for me, the one I'd longed for all my life. — Karen Marie Moning

Relishing Quotes By Kelly Monroe Kullberg

Everything from quarks to quasars, butterflies to brain cells, was created so that you and I might delight in the display of divine glory. We alone can glorify God by rejoicing in the beauty His creative handiwork and relishing the splendor of His-revelation in the Person and redemptive work of Jesus Christ. — Kelly Monroe Kullberg

Relishing Quotes By A.L. Jackson

Maybe my steps were slow. Maybe it was because I was relishing each one, like each represented an obstacle we'd had to climb, the trials we'd had to overcome. Maybe each one was a triumph, each a celebration.
Even though each step was measured, in reality, I was running toward him.
Running toward my forever.
Because I realized I didn't have one without Christian.
He was my all. — A.L. Jackson

Relishing Quotes By Neil Gaiman

And then he was silent; and from far above they heard the sounds of crows flying, cawing angrily. "Crows. Family Corvidae. Collective noun," intoned Mr. Croup, relishing the sound of the word. "a murder. — Neil Gaiman

Relishing Quotes By Gaelen Foley

"What?" She batted him with her pillow.
"Hoyden! Are you drunk?"
"I don't think so. I'm not sure. They never gave us wine at Yardley. I feel happy."
"Happy?" He grabbed a corner of the pillow as she whacked him again with it. "Stop it!"
"You're too serious, Winterley!" She reached for another pillow. "I will beat you until you smile!"
He ducked out of his chair with a rakish grin as she swung at him, then tackled her flat on the soft bed, both of them laughing.
"You are ... impossible," he chided with a gentle sigh as he braced his elbows on either side of her head. He traced her cheekbones with the pads of his thumbs.
"Difficult, but not impossible." She wrapped her arms around him, relishing the weight of him atop her, the smoothness of his bare chest against her bodice. "It all depends on who's trying."
"That sounded distinctly like an invitation," he murmured. — Gaelen Foley

Relishing Quotes By Kate Millett

Lady," we always call each other, partly a joke, partly in earnest, using still the old word, in its full flavor a kind of exorcism against "saleslady," "old lady," "ladylike." Relishing the anachronism, even the formality a type of aphrodisiac, a contrast to our delight in the horny, the vulgar, the vernacular which we cultivate just as ardently. — Kate Millett

Relishing Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Being given it so easily seemed to devalue the years she had spent relishing her brief moments of solitude. — Brandon Sanderson

Relishing Quotes By Julia Quinn

Hyacinth," he said.
She looked at him expectantly.
"Hyacinth," he said again, this time with a bit more certitude. He smiled, letting his eyes melt into hers. "Hyacinth."
"We know her name," came his grandmother's voice.
Gareth ignored her and pushed a table aside so that he could drop to one knee. "Hyacinth," he said, relishing her gasp as he took her hand in his, "would you do me the very great honor of becoming my wife?"
Her eyes widened, the misted, and her lips, which he'd been kissing so deliciously mere hours earlier, began to quiver. "I ... I ... "
It was unlike her to be so without words, and he was enjoying it, especially the show of emotion on her face.
"I ... I ... "
"Yes!" his grandmother finally yelled. "Yes! She'll marry you!"
"She can speak for herself," he said.
"No," Lady D said, "she can't. Quite obviously. — Julia Quinn

Relishing Quotes By Jodi Ellen Malpas

I'm relishing in the fact that for once, I'm leading Jesse. This has absolutely never happened and it doesn't for long. I'm scooped up and carried the rest of the way ... — Jodi Ellen Malpas

Relishing Quotes By Russell Anthony Gibbs

If you hate yourself, you will hate others. If you love yourself, you will love others. If you are hard on yourself, you will be hard on others. If you are compassionate with yourself, you will be compassionate with others. Love, respect, unconditionally accept, and encourage yourself to the greatest of your abilities. Either love who you are and where you are - relishing this moment - or love where you are going and who you will become, delighting in your path. Allow nothing to interfere with your sacred relationship with yourself and strive to maintain an unshakeable sense of self-confidence. — Russell Anthony Gibbs

Relishing Quotes By Amy Shojai

September Day sloshed another half cup of coffee into the giant #1-Bitch mug, and glared out the frosty breakfast nook windows. North Texas didn't get snow. That's why she'd moved back home - well, one of several reasons. She shivered, relishing the warmth of the beverage, and toasted the storm with a curse. "Damn false advertising." Her cat Macy meowed agreement. The blizzard drove icy wind through cracks in the antique windows and made the just-in-case candles on the dark countertop sputter. She pulled the fuzzy bathrobe closer around her neck. Normally the kitchen's stained glass spilled peacock-bright color into the kitchen. — Amy Shojai

Relishing Quotes By Denise Hunter

What the heck. He'd gone this far, might as well go for broke. He slid his fingers along the curve of her cheek, relishing the softness of her skin.

"I haven't felt so happy in... I can't even remember — Denise Hunter

Relishing Quotes By Horace Walpole

The whole [Scotch] nation hitherto has been void of wit and humour, and even incapable of relishing it. — Horace Walpole

Relishing Quotes By Alexis De Tocqueville

It is odd to watch with what feverish ardour Americans pursue prosperity, ever tormented by the shadowy suspicion that they might not have chosen the shortest route to get it. They cleave to the things of this world as if assured they will never die, and yet rush to snatch any that comes within their reach, as if they expected to stop living before relishing them. Death steps in, in the end, and stops them, before they have grown tired of this futile pursuit of that complete felicity which always escapes them. — Alexis De Tocqueville

Relishing Quotes By Ignatius Of Loyola

For it is not knowing much, but realising and relishing things interiorly, that contents and satisfies the soul. — Ignatius Of Loyola

Relishing Quotes By V.E Schwab

A wiry crewman named Kobis sat at the end of a couch, reading a book in the low light, clearly relishing the closest thing he ever found to peace and quiet — V.E Schwab

Relishing Quotes By Toni Morrison

Visited the library often to read or reread books he had ignored or misunderstood while at university. The Name of the Rose, for one, and Remembering Slavery, a collection that so moved him he composed some mediocre, sentimental music to commemorate the narratives. He read Twain, enjoying the cruelty of his humor. He read Walter Benjamin, impressed by the beauty of the translation, he read Frederick Douglass's autobiography again, relishing for the first time the eloquence that both hid and displayed his hatred. He read Herman Melville, and let Pip break his heart, reminding him of Adam alone, abandoned, swallowed by waves of casual evil. Six — Toni Morrison

Relishing Quotes By Aprille Legacy

She smoothed down my hair and kissed my cheek. I suddenly felt like I was five years old again. I closed my eyes, relishing the feeling. I'd been feeling too old lately. — Aprille Legacy

Relishing Quotes By Olivia Wilde

Enjoy the pregnancy, not racing ahead and relishing the moment. I think people see pregnancy as something to get over with, but every stage of becoming a mother is really special. — Olivia Wilde

Relishing Quotes By Christopher Hitchens

Martin had a period of relishing the Boston thug-writer George V. Higgins, author of The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Higgins's characters had an infectious way of saying 'inna' and 'onna,' so Martin would say, for example, 'I think this lunch should be onna Hitch' or 'I heard he wasn't that useful inna sack.' Simple pleasures you may say, but linguistic sinew is acquired in this fashion and he would not dump a trope until he had chewed all the flesh and pulp of it and was left only with pith and pips. Thus there arrived a day when Park Lane played host to a fancy new American hotel with the no less fancy name of 'The Inn on The Park' and he suggested a high-priced cocktail there for no better reason than that he could instruct the cab driver to 'park inna Inn onna Park.' This near-palindrome (as I now think of it) gave us much innocent pleasure. — Christopher Hitchens

Relishing Quotes By Poppet

His touch is incredible, it holds my insides, my heart, my mind, shimmering hot heat into cold places, thawing my spirit ... and it rejoices. I'm immediately obsessed, consumed with need to stay in this balmy light, soaking in his touch, relishing the euphoria it brings to my discarded spirituality. — Poppet

Relishing Quotes By Chloe Govan

Raw, alive and honest to the point of disgusting it's listener, Placebo set out to inspire mystery and confusion. Admitting to relishing groups who could make their audience vomit with the sheer intensity of their musical vibrations, Brian clearly knew how to make an impact. Discussing sonic overload with unsettling enthusiasm, he claimed "Some frequencies can make you physically ill or make your bowels loose. The Swans used to do it. By the end of gigs people would vomit because the frequencies were so nasty. — Chloe Govan

Relishing Quotes By Kim Harrison

My coffee was steaming, and I hunched over it while I watched the demon. His long fingers were interlaced about the white soup-bowl mug as if relishing its warmth, and though I couldn't tell for sure because of the sunglasses, I think his eyes closed as he took the first sip. A look of bliss so deep it couldn't have been faked slipped over him, easing his features and turning him into a vision of relaxed pleasure. — Kim Harrison

Relishing Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Children, you must understand, are monsters. They are ravenous, ravening, they lope over the countryside with slavering mouths, seeking love to devour. Even when they find it, even if they roll about in it and gorge themselves, still it will never be enough. Their hunger for it is greater than any heart to satisfy. You mustn't think poorly of them - we are all monsters that way, it is only that when we are grown, we learn more subtle ways to snatch it up, and secretly slurp our fingers clean in dark corners, relishing even the last dregs. All children know is a sort of clumsy pouncing after love. They often miss, but that is how they learn. — Catherynne M Valente

Relishing Quotes By Niccolo Machiavelli

From want of foresight men make changes which relishing well at first do not betray their hidden venom, as I have already observed respecting hectic fever. Nevertheless, the ruler is not truly wise who cannot discern evils before they develop themselves, and this is a faculty given to few. — Niccolo Machiavelli

Relishing Quotes By Oliver Goldsmith

Taste is the power of relishing or rejecting whatever is offered for the entertainment of the imagination. — Oliver Goldsmith

Relishing Quotes By Fiona Paul

Falco's eyes widened in fake shock. "Well, then perhaps I should ask for a tour of the house." He grinned, clearly relishing Cass's embarrassment. "Can we start with your bedroom? — Fiona Paul

Relishing Quotes By Lindsay J. Pryor

Feeling his smile against her neck,she couldn't contain her smirk.
She slid her hand up his forearm,relishing in the tension,the strength, 'You noticed,'
'Of course I noticed.And you know I cant let you go until I've done something about it.'
'Aren't you supposed to avoid sex before a battle.'
'I'm a lycan, darling,' he said against her ear before kissing it.'Not a lightweight. — Lindsay J. Pryor

Relishing Quotes By Preeti Shenoy

Ninety eight percent of the time, my husband is sweet. Really sweet. Not the sticky-sweet like cheap candy-chocolates that adhere stubbornly to every crevice in your mouth, but genuine sweet like a Godiva chocolate whose taste lingers long after you have finished relishing it. — Preeti Shenoy

Relishing Quotes By Colson Whitehead

People spare a minute or two relishing other people's setbacks before their own inadequacies distract them again. This is his umpteenth pint but he has a hollow leg or some sort of emptiness in himself and doesn't feel the least bit tipsy. What they take for her air of mystery is merely a side effect of her medication. — Colson Whitehead

Relishing Quotes By Munia Khan

You cannot taste a song
but you can feel the tune relishing your heart
where strings of music belong. — Munia Khan

Relishing Quotes By Michael Palin

It's not an easy option. The essence of travel is letting go of habit and prejudice and relishing the unfamiliar. Food you've never eaten before, a language you've never spoken before, religion that mystifies, customs that confuse, politics that perplex, all question everyday assumptions about how you live your life. — Michael Palin

Relishing Quotes By Max Lucado

Gratitude. More aware of what you have than what you don't. Recognizing the treasure in the simple - a child's hug, fertile soil, a golden sunset. Relishing in the comfort of the common. — Max Lucado

Relishing Quotes By Thomas Sherlock

There is not such a mighty difference as some men imagine between the poor and the rich; in pomp, show, and opinion, there is a great deal, but little as to the pleasures and satisfactions of life. They enjoy the same earth and air and heavens; hunger and thirst make the poor man's meat and drink as pleasant and relishing as all the varieties which cover the rich man's table; and the labor of a poor man is more healthful, and many times more pleasant, too, than the ease and softness of the rich. — Thomas Sherlock

Relishing Quotes By Gemma Malley

Usually she loved to learn new words, treating them as exciting possessions that she could employ as she chose-in her journal, in her conversation-relishing the newness and beauty of each one. — Gemma Malley

Relishing Quotes By Marie Rutkoski

Sudden distrust slicked down Arin's spine.
Roshar raised his hand to quiet the roaring crowd, and Arin was reminded of Cheat relishing his role as an auctioneer. A stone rose in his throat. Kestrel's hand tightened on his, but Arin no longer felt wholly there. — Marie Rutkoski

Relishing Quotes By Ella Eyre

I wake up every morning, and life is different. I've got a gig or a shoot. Flying here, flying there. Meeting wicked people. Going to amazing places. I'm relishing it. — Ella Eyre

Relishing Quotes By Brandon Sanderson

Wayne popped one in his mouth - candied bacon wrapped around a walnut. "How is it?" Wax asked. "Tastes like cotton candy," Wayne said, relishing the flavor, "made of baby. — Brandon Sanderson

Relishing Quotes By Claudia Gray

Bath," I said, relishing the short A of my new accent. "Baaaath. Privacy. Aluminum. Laboratory. Tomato. Schhhhhedule."
The giggles come over me, and I stop right there, hand against my chest, trying to catch my breath. I know I'm laughing mostly because I refuse to give in and start crying. The grief for my father has nowhere to go and is twisting every other mood I have into knots. And ... tomahhhhto. That's hilarious. — Claudia Gray

Relishing Quotes By Elizabeth Lesser

Recognition of the harm that patriarchy has caused to people and the planet does not mean that men are wrong and women are right; rather it is a call for new organizational forms and for relishing gender differences within a context of equality. — Elizabeth Lesser

Relishing Quotes By Rachel Reiland

You survived by seizing every tiny drop of love you could find anywhere, and milking it, relishing it, for all it was worth. And as you grew up, you sought love, anywhere you could find it, whether it was a teacher or a coach or a friend or a friend's parents. You sought those tiny droplets of love, basking in them when you found them. They sustained you. For all these years, you've lived under the illusion that somehow, you made it because you were tough enough to overpower the abuse, the hatred, the hard knocks of life. But really you made it because love is so powerful that tiny little doses of it are enough to overcome the pain of the worst things life can dish out. Toughness was a faulty coping mechanism you devised to get by. But, in reality, it has been your ability to never give up, to keep seeking love, and your resourcefulness to make that love last long enough to sustain you. That is what has gotten you by. — Rachel Reiland

Relishing Quotes By Lisa Kessler

She didn't warn you about me?"
"Should she have?"
Erica finished her drink, relishing the burn in her belly and the flush of heat in her cheeks as she nodded "Definitely."
His gaze smoldered. "It's a good thing danger is my calling, then. — Lisa Kessler

Relishing Quotes By M. Scott Peck

The only real security in life lies in relishing life's insecurity. — M. Scott Peck

Relishing Quotes By Rin Chupeco

There is a thrill in relishing the suffering of strangers, and they hide their interest with worried faces. — Rin Chupeco

Relishing Quotes By Liane Moriarty

There were breakfasts when Nick was away for work. She ate her toast in bed when he was away, relishing the romantic pain of missing him, as if he were a sailor or soldier. It was like enjoying feeling hungry when you knew you'd be having a huge dinner. — Liane Moriarty

Relishing Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Watching the crackling fire, relishing the trusting weight of her head on his shoulder, Cam stroked her hair as it streamed over his arm. She slept heavily, while the fire pitched shadows from her long lashes across her cheeks. Cam looked over her with a lover's vigilance, absorbing every detail, the feathery edge of her hairline, the neat slope of her nose, the small ears. He wanted to nibble at her ears, play with her, but he would do nothing to disturb her sleep.
He pulled a quilt higher over her snowy shoulder, stroked back a curl that had looped over her ear. Everything had changed, he thought. And there was no turning back. — Lisa Kleypas

Relishing Quotes By Lynn Povich

I quickly realized that I enjoyed editing more than writing. I felt more suited to it and it fit my nurturing personality. I had lots of ideas and a strong sense of structure, and I enjoyed working with talented writers, relishing the give-and-take in making their work better. — Lynn Povich

Relishing Quotes By Terry Pratchett

He sat down on the turf, relishing the breeze through the gorse bushes and sucking in pure fresh air. Whatever you thought about goblins, their cave had the kind of atmosphere about which people say, I should wait two minutes before going in there, if I was you. — Terry Pratchett

Relishing Quotes By Katherine McIntyre

Are you telling me Kara Orris is afraid of rain?" Hunter's grin twisted into a smirk as his eyes lit up, relishing his new discovery with absolute delight. "Why, that's adorable! — Katherine McIntyre

Relishing Quotes By Lisa Kessler

She wet her lips. "And she didn't warn you about me?"

"Should she have?"

Erica finished her drink, relishing the burn in her belly and the flush of heat in her cheeks as she nodded. "Definitely."

His gaze smoldered. "It's a good thing danger is my calling, then."

"Good to know," she said with a sly smile. — Lisa Kessler