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Top Exposing Secrets Quotes

Exposing Secrets Quotes By Amber E. Box

Writing comes from deep within, seeping out of the soul onto the white of paper. It carries with it the lifeblood of the artist, exposing their secrets to the world. — Amber E. Box

Exposing Secrets Quotes By Laura Poitras

We're definitely in an era where the government wants to keep more secrets and it wants to come after anyone who's exposing those secrets and in many cases exposing government illegality. They're coming after the journalists and they're coming after the whistleblowers. It's not a good sign if the government is expending much energy trying to find out who journalists are talking to. — Laura Poitras

Exposing Secrets Quotes By James S.A. Corey

This kind of thing requires secrecy to function, so exposing all the secrets hurts them in the end. It's the only way this really, permanently stops. — James S.A. Corey

Exposing Secrets Quotes By Stefan Zweig

Adultery is in most cases a theft in the dark. At such moments almost every woman betrays her husband's innermost secrets; becomes a Delilah who discloses to a stranger, discloses to her lover, the mysteries of her husband's strength or weakness. What seems to me treason is, not that women give themselves, but that a woman is prone, when she does so, to justify herself to herself by uncovering her husband's nakedness, exposing it to the inquisitive and scornful gaze of a stranger. — Stefan Zweig

Exposing Secrets Quotes By Jose Bernardo

Art does not imitate life. Art is much more powerful than that. Art brings life back. And it does it by exposing the secrets we all carry inside. — Jose Bernardo