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Experiments With Truth Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

I speak without exaggeration when I say that I have constructed 3,000 different theories in connection with the electric light, each one of them reasonable and apparently likely to be true. Yet only in two cases did my experiments prove the truth of my theory. My chief difficulty was in constructing the carbon filament ... Every quarter of the globe was ransacked by my agents, and all sorts of the queerest materials used, until finally the shred of bamboo, now utilized by us, was settled upon. — Thomas A. Edison

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Eric Kandel

Biology is a way of approaching the truth about the mind. In biology most people don't tackle problems at the level of complexity that psychoanalysis does. But psychoanalysis has a degree of uncertainty about it. A psychoanalyst may have some deep insights, but cannot, at the moment, run experiments to establish whether it's really the truth. — Eric Kandel

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I simply want to tell the story of my experiments with truth ... as my life consists of nothing but those experiments. — Mahatma Gandhi

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Derek Barton

The observations and experiments of science are so wonderful that the truth that they establish can surely be accepted as another manifestation of God. God shows himself by allowing man to establish truth. — Derek Barton

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

How far is truth susceptible of embodiment? That is the question, that is the experiment. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Tarun J. Tejpal

His copy was full of lofty echoes: Greek Tragedy; Damocle's sword; manna from heaven; the myth of Sisyphus; the last of the Mohicans; hydra-headed and Circe-voiced; experiments with truth; discovery of India; biblical resonance; the lessons of Vedanta; the centre does not hold; the road not taken; the mimic men; for whom the bell tolls; a hundred visions and revisions; the power and the glory; the heart of the matter; the heart of darkness; the agony and the ecstasy; sands of time; riddle of the Sphinx; test of tantalus; murmurs of mortality; Falstaffian figure; Dickensian darkness; ... — Tarun J. Tejpal

Experiments With Truth Quotes By H.G.Wells

Heresies are experiments in man's unsatisfied search for truth. — H.G.Wells

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Gracia Hunter

Have you ever met a person who experiments with tools just for fun? Screw off small panels, just to see how it was assembled? If you have met any such person, take him very seriously. He may not seem serious to you. You may deem him childish or immature but the truth is, the real wisdom can only be possessed by the people who are not afraid to experiment. These people hold the essence
of life. — Gracia Hunter

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could. — Mahatma Gandhi

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Ravi Zacharias

The laughter in response to my question unmasked the double standard our deconstructionists espouse. And that is precisely the double standard of atheism! It is possible to dress up and romanticize our bizarre experiments in social restructuring while disavowing truth or absolutes. But one dares not play such deadly games with the foundations of good thinking. — Ravi Zacharias

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Antoine Lavoisier

About eight days ago I discovered that sulfur in burning, far from losing weight, on the contrary, gains it; it is the same with phosphorus; this increase of weight arises from a prodigious quantity of air that is fixed during combustion and combines with the vapors. This discovery, which I have established by experiments, that I regard as decisive, has led me to think that what is observed in the combustion of sulfur and phosphorus may well take place in the case of all substances that gain in weight by combustion and calcination; and I am persuaded that the increase in weight of metallic calyxes is due to the same cause ... This discovery seems to me one of the most interesting that has been made since Stahl and since it is difficult not to disclose something inadvertently in conversation with friends that could lead to the truth I have thought it necessary to make the present deposit to the Secretary of the Academy to await the time I make my experiments public. — Antoine Lavoisier

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Phillip E. Johnson

Most importantly, I agree that the truth of these matters should be determined by interpretation of scientific evidence - experiments, fossil studies and the like. — Phillip E. Johnson

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Henry Jacob Bigelow

Every discoverer of a new truth, or inventor of the method which evolves it, makes a dozen, perhaps fifty, useless combinations, experiments, or trials for one successful one. In the realm of electricity or of mechanics there is no objection to this. But when such rejected failures involve a torture of animals, sometimes fearful in its character, there is a distinct objection to it. — Henry Jacob Bigelow

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Carl Sagan

It may be that there are kernels of truth in a few of these doctrines, but their widespread acceptance
betokens a lack of intellectual rigor, an absence of skepticism, a need to replace experiments by desires. — Carl Sagan

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

I simply want to tell the story of my numerous experiments with Truth, and as my life consists of nothing but those experiments; it is true that the story will take the shape of an autobiography. — Mahatma Gandhi

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

I was reading about animals a while back and there was this motherfucking scientist in France back in the thirties or forties or whenever the motherfuck it was and he was trying to get apes to draw these pictures, to make art pictures like the kinds of pictures in serious motherfucking paintings that you see in museums and shit. So the scientist keeps showing the apes these paintings and giving them charcoal pencils to draw with and then one day one of the apes finally draws something but it's not the art pictures that it draws. What it draws is the bars of its own motherfucking cage. Its own motherfucking cage! Man, that's the truth, ain't it? — Cheryl Strayed

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Nhat Hanh

Our own lives are the instruments with which we experiment with truth. — Nhat Hanh

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Brad Holland

The truth is, we haven't really figured out yet how artists are going to thrive in modern mass societies. We're all experiments. — Brad Holland

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Friedrich Nietzsche

A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions
as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all. — Friedrich Nietzsche

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Nikola Tesla

But I hope that it will also be demonstrated soon that in my experiments in the West I was not merely beholding a vision, but had caught sight of a great and profound truth. — Nikola Tesla

Experiments With Truth Quotes By John Tyndall

[Louis Rendu] collects observations, makes experiments, and tries to obtain numerical results; always taking care, however, so to state his premises and qualify his conclusions that nobody shall be led to ascribe to his numbers a greater accuracy than they merit. It is impossible to read his work, and not feel that he was a man of essentially truthful mind and that science missed an ornament when he was appropriated by the Church. — John Tyndall

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Huston Smith

When the scientific method came into being, it gave us a new window on the truth; namely, a method by laboratory-controlled experiments to winnow true hypotheses from false ones. — Huston Smith

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Patricia Churchland

If you want to understand the nature of something, to find out the truth, that is one thing. If you want to play semantics, make up wild thought 'experiments', that is another thing. I am not so interested in the latter, though I do appreciate that it can be fun, however unproductive. — Patricia Churchland

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Walter Lippmann

A country survives its legislation. That truth should not comfort the conservative nor depress the radical. For it means that public policy can enlarge its scope and increase its audacity, can try big experiments without trembling too much over the result. This nation could enter upon the most radical experiments and could afford to fail in them. — Walter Lippmann

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Maria Montessori

He who experiments must, while doing so, divest himself of every preconception. It is clear then that if we wish to make use of a method of experimental psychology, the first thing necessary is to renounce all former creeds and to proceed by means of the method in the search for truth. — Maria Montessori

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Leviak B. Kelly

Through the imagination and the human sense of creativity, the book will examine not only raw clinical data but philosophical perspectives as well. As within many moral fables, animals will be used, at times, to convey a a fundamental truth of human nature. More simply stated, animals that elicit human empathetic responses, will be examined in a religious context.
So, starting with cats, dogs and ultimately other primates, as moral experiments of imagination, we can perhaps understand differing cognitive processes that could have shaped our religious purview. It might be even stated that they should shape our opinion, especially in a reevaluation of the spiritual present and coming future. When this happens, it will help humanity create a unique pristine outlook on its religious traditions. — Leviak B. Kelly

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Vernon Coleman

Many vivisectors still claim that what they do helps save human lives. They are Iying. The truth is that animal experiments kill people, and animal researchers are responsible for the deaths of thousands of men, women and children every year. — Vernon Coleman

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Claude Bernard

Men who believe too firmly in their theories, do not believe enough in the theories of others. So ... these despisers of their fellows ... make experiments only to destroy a theory, instead of to seek the truth. — Claude Bernard

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Zygmunt Miloszewski

The scientific truth is forged in the fire of experiments, — Zygmunt Miloszewski

Experiments With Truth Quotes By James Clerk Maxwell

But when we face the great questions about gravitation Does it require time? Is it polar to the 'outside of the universe' or to anything? Has it any reference to electricity? or does it stand on the very foundation of matter-mass or inertia? then we feel the need of tests, whether they be comets or nebulae or laboratory experiments or bold questions as to the truth of received opinions. — James Clerk Maxwell

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Writing it is itself one of the experiments with truth. One — Mahatma Gandhi

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Steven Chu

I've always been inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, who articulated his Dream of an America where people are judged not by skin color but "by the content of their character." In the scientific world, people are judged by the content of their ideas. Advances are made with new insights, but the final arbitrator of any point of view are experiments that seek the unbiased truth, not information cherry picked to support a particular point of view. — Steven Chu

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Tim Hunt

'Eureka' moments are very, very rare in my experience. It normally takes several weeks of experiments to tease out the truth, even when you have a really pretty good idea of what is going on. — Tim Hunt

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Richard Wiseman

Napping is often seen as a form of laziness. Nothing could be further from the truth. Hundreds of experiments have demonstrated the enormous benefits associated with even the shortest of sleeps, and so it is vital that you make napping part of your daily routine. — Richard Wiseman

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Thomas A. Edison

I never once made a discovery ... I speak without exaggeration that I have constructed three thousand different theories in connection with the electric light ... Yet in only two cases did my experiments prove the truth of my theory. — Thomas A. Edison

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Thomas Sprat

They have never affirm'd any thing, concerning the Cause, till the Trial was past: whereas, to do it before, is a most venomous thing in the making of Sciences; for whoever has fix'd on his Cause, before he experimented; can hardly avoid fitting his Experiment to his Observations, to his own Cause, which he had before imagin'd; rather than the Cause to the Truth of the Experiment itself. Referring to experiments of the Aristotelian mode, whereby a preconceived truth would be illustrated merely to convince people of the validity of the original thought. — Thomas Sprat

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Foong May Yeong

Well, as it turns out, even in scientific research where there is supposed to be objectivity in the way experiments are carried out, interpreted and reported, it is still run by scientists who might have their own preferred ideas and biases (scientists are after all humans). As such, articles are selected for publication not necessarily because the work represents an objective truth. Rather, articles are published because they have crossed the sometimes arbitrary threshold for novelty and technical requirements as accepted in the respective fields. — Foong May Yeong

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Jonah Lehrer

[It's] troubling because it reminds us how difficult it is to prove anything. We like to pretend that our experiments define the truth for us. But that's often not the case. Just because an idea is true doesn't mean it can be proved. And just because an idea can be proved doesn't mean it's true. When the experiments are done, we still have to choose what to believe. — Jonah Lehrer

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Robin S. Sharma

Mahatma Gandhi's autobiography entitled The Story of My Experiments with Truth. — Robin S. Sharma

Experiments With Truth Quotes By Robert Lanza

Name the colors, blind the eye" is an old Zen saying, illustrating that the intellect's habitual ways of branding and labeling creates a terrible experiential loss by displacing the vibrant, living reality with a steady stream of labels. It is the same way with space, which is solely the conceptual mind's way of clearing its throat, of pausing between identified symbols. At any rate, the subjective truth of this is now supported by actual experiments (as we saw in the quantum theory chapters) that strongly suggest distance (space) has no reality whatsoever for entangled particles, no matter how great their apparent separation. — Robert Lanza