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Top Expectations Fulfilled Quotes

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Mason Cooley

When my expectations are exactly fulfilled, I feel that something uncanny has happened. — Mason Cooley

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Joyce Meyer

You can become so manipulated and controlled by what you think other people expect you to do that you literally live under the tyranny of other people's expectations. And what I call the shoulds and the oughts. I believe that hundreds of thousands of people miss their God-ordained destiny and they never really feel satisfied, content and fulfilled, because they're so busy trying to keep everybody else satisfied with them that they don't ever get around to doing what they really want to do. — Joyce Meyer

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Dean Koontz

The more you expect from life, the more your expectations will be fulfilled. By laughing, you do not use up your laughter, but increase your store of it. The more you love, the more you will be loved. The more you give, the more you will receive. Life proves that truth every hour, every day. And life continues to surprise. — Dean Koontz

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Thomas Malthus

Population trends have always provoked doom-fraught oracles, because their popular interpreters suppose that every new series will be infinitely sustained; yet, beyond the short term, expectations based on them are never fulfilled. — Thomas Malthus

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Jessalyn Hutto

For many of us, the effects of this fallen world seem like distant theological concepts that carry little weight in everyday life. As a result, we live with expectations befitting a pre-fall Eden, rather than a sin-broken Earth. We expect to live healthy, fulfilled lives. We expect to have marriages in which we perfectly understand and communicate with our spouses. We expect to become pregnant easily, carry our babies full-term, and deliver them in perfect health. Our hearts yearn for the creation to function as God intended it to, and thus we don't naturally expect pain, discord, or death. Yet, this is exactly the inescapable inheritance we've received from our first parents. — Jessalyn Hutto

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

Embrace the possibility of a fulfilled dream. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

In most parts of the world, people go to sleep without fearing that in the middle of the night a neighbouring tribe might surround their village and slaughter everyone. Well-off British subjects travel daily from Nottingham to London through Sherwood Forest without fear that a gang of merry green-clad brigands will ambush them and take their money to give to the poor (or, more likely, murder them and take the money for themselves). Students brook no canings from their teachers, children need not fear that they will be sold into slavery when their parents can't pay their bills, and women know that the law forbids their husbands from beating them and forcing them to stay at home. Increasingly, around the world, these expectations are fulfilled. — Yuval Noah Harari

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Angelica Hopes

A favor is a friendly, gracious, kind, generous or obliging act that is freely granted. It is offered and not solicited.
A promise is a declaration assuring that one will or will not do something. It is a vow to commit oneself by a promise to do or give. It is a pledge: to make a declaration assuring that something will or will not be done.
When you assume and mistook favor for a promise, then misunderstanding comes in.
Learn to distinguish clearly between a favor and a promise to avoid false expectations, blind hopes and deep disappointments.
Never demand on favours given.
Never impose on mistaken promises.
Never put under pressure the people who have given you favor.
Have a humble and grateful heart for both favors and promises fulfilled. — Angelica Hopes

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Grigoris Deoudis

Freedom is to stand naked at the moment, having no expectations, nothing to lose or to gain. The empty then is fulfilled, just to be emptied again at the next moment. The Absolute Freedom is, to become every path, at any given moment. — Grigoris Deoudis

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Ken Keyes Jr.

The love and peace of higher consciousness flow from just being - and enjoying it all. Anything you do will not be enough unless you feel fulfilled in just being. Usually we are not happy when we find doing whatever it is that we think we have to do. Doing creates expectations that your world and the people around you may or may not fit. The things we do disappear in time. We must learn to appreciate just being alive in the nowness of whatever situation we are in. — Ken Keyes Jr.

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Lloyd Cutler

I think the President himself is a remarkably intelligent, decent, ethical man. I think he did very well, but I think the job builds up over expectations which all candidates contribute to including this President that simply cannot be fulfilled. — Lloyd Cutler

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Judith Rodin

Expectations have a way of being fulfilled. — Judith Rodin

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Rajneesh

The real thing is that you are suffering from your expectations. When they are not fulfilled - and they are never going to be fulfilled - frustration arises, failure arises, and you feel neglected, as if existence does not care for you. Drop expectations for the future. Remain open, remain available to whatsoever happens, but don't plan ahead. Don't make any psychological, fixed ideas about the future - that things should be like this - and much more suffering will disappear. — Rajneesh

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Rajneesh

It is good that life never fulfils your dreams - it always goes on disposing, in a way. It gives you a thousand and one opportunities to be frustrated so that you can understand that expectations are not good and dreams are futile and desires are never fulfilled. Then you drop desiring, you drop dreaming, you drop proposing. Suddenly you are back home and the treasure is there. — Rajneesh

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Eva Heller

Our relationship had been intended as an interlude. And it had become an interlude. My expectations had been fulfilled. Anyone who expected anything more would have been wallowing in illusions. — Eva Heller

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Mindy Kaling

I feel lucky because I was a nerd, which I talk about in the book, but I had academic success, so through that, because that's what my parents put a great deal of value on, I had a great childhood because I sort of fulfilled the expectations of being good at school. — Mindy Kaling

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Clara Bensen

In addition to being statistically unlikely, perfectly fulfilled expectations are boring. We assume that we, in our infinite wisdom, are capable of imagining the best, most optimal outcomes for ourselves. But as it turns out, unfettered reality and unexpected detours are often the very things that force us to come into our own. — Clara Bensen

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary

But that's the paradox of expectations; they are infamous for generally never being fulfilled — Kudrat Dutta Chaudhary

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Rajneesh

Mind's requirements and expectations cannot be fulfilled. Existence has no obligation to fulfill mind's requirements and demands. You have to accept existence as it is. — Rajneesh

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By H.W.L. Poonja

If you don't know, then it's all right. There need not be any expectations. If there are no expectations, then you are free. If you expect, then you are in bondage. Choose whatever you want. Expectations are never fulfilled. — H.W.L. Poonja

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

Maybe it isn't so important whether people's expectations are fulfilled and whether they enjoy pleasant feelings. The main question is whether people know the truth about themselves. What evidence do we have that people today understand this truth any better than ancient foragers or medieval peasants? — Yuval Noah Harari

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Edward Hirsch

One of the deep fundamentals of poetry is the recurrence of sounds, syllables, words, phrases, lines, and stanzas. Repetition can be one of the most intoxicating features of poetry. It creates expectations, which can be fulfilled or frustrated. It can create a sense of boredom and complacency, but it can also incite enchantment and inspire bliss. — Edward Hirsch

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Ibrahim Babangida

To meet the expectations of the majority of our people, and to open up new vistas of economic opportunity so that the aspirations of Nigerians can stand a fair chance of being fulfilled in a lifetime, there must be a truly committed leadership in a democratic Nigeria. — Ibrahim Babangida

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Rajneesh

A man who lives with intentions is bound to feel frustration. A man who lives with expectations is bound to feel frustrated because existence has no obligation to you. But if you live without intentions, without expectations, then miraculously you find that everything that you ever dreamed of is being fulfilled. The moon is reflected in the lake - the lake never asked it, the moon never intended it. Existence goes on spontaneously. Don't bring your desire, your ambition and your expectation; they are the disturbing points. They create a chaos in your mind. — Rajneesh

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By MyAnna Buring

My dad is the type of person that says yes to life, and to the adventures it throws at you. Because of that, he never forced me into a particular career, or had wild expectations for me; his concern was simply that I was fulfilled and happy. — MyAnna Buring

Expectations Fulfilled Quotes By Susan Jeffers

We all create expectations of what we would like to happen after a decision is made. The picture in our mind's eye might have served a valuable function in helping to make a decision. But once the decision is made, let the picture go. Since you can't control the future, the picture can create unhappiness if it's not fulfilled. Disappointment may make you miss the good that can come out of every situation in which you find yourself. — Susan Jeffers