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Top Expand Your Business Quotes

Expand Your Business Quotes By Carolyne Aarsen

I'm like a shark," Janie said. "I need to keep moving or die, which means I need to expand-" she stopped there. Her own father's business was successful mainly because he kept expanding, kept moving onward and upward. The only difference was Dan Westerveld didn't have a spouse who gambled away all available equity in the house and business.

But Janie kept that information to herself. Neither her sister nor her parents knew how dire her financial situation was.

"What do you mean? And you're kind of struggling as it is."

"And that's why I need to expand. I'm just trying to make sure I can sustain my current lifestyle, which is hardly extravagant."

"I'll say. I can't believe that beater of a car of yours is still running."

"Regular maintenance helps." And prayer, Janie thought. Something she spent a lot of time on these days. — Carolyne Aarsen

Expand Your Business Quotes By Farshad Asl

As an entrepreneur you own your business, you expand your brand, you increase your impact, you live with no excuses, and you enjoy your intentional growth daily. — Farshad Asl

Expand Your Business Quotes By Jamie Dimon

Companies that grow for the sake of growth or that expand into areas outside their core business strategy often stumble. On the other hand, companies that build scale for the benefit of their customers and shareholders more often succeed over time. — Jamie Dimon

Expand Your Business Quotes By Evgeny Morozov

If China's expansion into Africa and Russia's into Latin America and the former Soviet Union are any indication, Silicon Valley's ability to expand globally will be severely limited, if only because Beijing and Moscow have no qualms about blending politics and business. — Evgeny Morozov

Expand Your Business Quotes By Lorraine Heath

She indicated that she fantasized about men. Now I'm left to wonder if women would pay to have their fantasies realized. Perhaps we should expand our business to include offerings for ladies. — Lorraine Heath

Expand Your Business Quotes By Laurence Graff

When there's an opportunity, some people pass it by. I've been lucky enough to recognise opportunities and every day, in my business, there's an opportunity somewhere - to buy, expand, design. — Laurence Graff

Expand Your Business Quotes By Brian Basilico

The average business page gets between 100 and 250 likes. This may not sound like a lot, but even at that level, if some posts go viral, your reach may expand to thousands. What matters most is that you get in the game. — Brian Basilico

Expand Your Business Quotes By George Jung

In fact, I was welcomed. There were movie stars and rock stars. I became a pot star. I glorified in that. And of course as time wore on the business began to expand and grow. It went from more or less a college fun thing to a serious business. As the money grew, the power grew. — George Jung

Expand Your Business Quotes By James Altucher

You'll have to hire people to expand your business. But it's a good discipline to really question if you need each and every hire. — James Altucher

Expand Your Business Quotes By Brian Tracy

People don't trust conglomerates; they trust individuals. Network marketing brings trust and the quality of the relationship to the center of the business. And it enables you to expand indefinitely, simply by expanding the number of relationships. — Brian Tracy

Expand Your Business Quotes By Christine Gregoire

It's been said that government doesn't create jobs, business does. For the most part, this is true. But government creates the environment in which businesses can excel and expand. — Christine Gregoire

Expand Your Business Quotes By Myles Munroe

Fill. The third phase of dominion is to "fill" or "replenish" the earth. Bearing fruit, refining our gift, and mastering the use of our resources create demand and lead naturally to wider "distribution." To "fill the earth" means to expand our gift, our influence, our resources, just as a growing business would by continually improving its product, opening new outlets, and hiring more employees. Another way to look at it is to think once again of an apple tree. A single apple seed grows into an apple tree, which then produces apples, each of which contains seeds for producing more trees. Planting those seeds soon turns a single apple tree into a whole orchard. This expansion to "fill the earth" is a joint effort between the Lord and us. Our part is to be faithful with the resources He has given. He is the one who brings the expansion. The more faithful we are with our stewardship, the more resources God will entrust to us. That is a biblical principle. — Myles Munroe

Expand Your Business Quotes By Ed Rendell

I'm interested in giving business an opportunity by improving the tax environment to invest and grow with Pennsylvania, to expand and put more money in capital investment and creating jobs. — Ed Rendell

Expand Your Business Quotes By Jen Lancaster

I bet if I spent less time with the television and more time pursuing activities that enhance my life and expand my knowledge, I won't freeze up in business or social situations. — Jen Lancaster

Expand Your Business Quotes By Bob Chiarelli

We want to build the most entrepreneurial postsecondary system in North America. That's why we're pleased that academic institutions, like Algonquin College, University of Ottawa and Carlton University are working to make that happen through the Campus-Linked Accelerator program. They are helping nurture our business visionaries and igniting their entrepreneurial spirit, helping them to succeed and to expand our economy. — Bob Chiarelli

Expand Your Business Quotes By Bob McDonnell

I am all for using business - public and private - to expand healthcare coverage. — Bob McDonnell

Expand Your Business Quotes By Nancy Pelosi

There are the fundamental core values of the Democratic Party, which is to work to grow the economy, to create jobs, to encourage small business, to encourage ownership, to expand access to quality health care, to enhance opportunity by making higher education more affordable to American's young people, to have our children live in safe neighborhoods, drug-free, crime-free, and a safe and clean environment, first and foremost to provide for the national defense, to protect and defend the American people, and to have accountability for our budget and for our spending. — Nancy Pelosi

Expand Your Business Quotes By Valerie Jarrett

I moderated a panel focusing just on women and the specific challenges that women entrepreneurs face. And we found that around the world, the challenges are the same, whether it is gaining access to capital, risk-taking, or the ability to expand beyond a small business and grow. — Valerie Jarrett

Expand Your Business Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

The fact that you have started a small business doesn't mean you should be thinking small. Think BIG! Start Small! Expand your territories! — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Expand Your Business Quotes By Don Richardson

Over the past six years [since implementing RIMS] we have added very few additional full-time jobs, but we have brought in $120 million of new business ... These efficiencies have really given us the ability to take advantage of new opportunities and expand our business. — Don Richardson

Expand Your Business Quotes By Herbert Hoover

I am firmly opposed to the government entering into any business the major purpose of which is competition with our citizens ... for the Federal Government deliberately to go out to build up and expand ... a power and manufacturing business is to break down the initiative and enterprise of the American people; it is the destruction of equality of opportunity amongst our people, it is the negation of the ideals upon which our civilization has been based. — Herbert Hoover

Expand Your Business Quotes By Bryan Stevenson

Between 1990 and 2005, a new prison opened in the United States every ten days. Prison growth and the resulting "prison-industrial complex" - the business interests that capitalize on prison construction - made imprisonment so profitable that millions of dollars were spent lobbying state legislators to keep expanding the use of incarceration to respond to just about any problem. Incarceration became the answer to everything - health care problems like drug addiction, poverty that had led someone to write a bad check, child behavioral disorders, managing the mentally disabled poor, even immigration issues generated responses from legislators that involved sending people to prison. Never before had so much lobbying money been spent to expand America's prison population, block sentencing reforms, create new crime categories, and sustain the fear and anger that fuel mass incarceration than during the last twenty-five years in the United States. — Bryan Stevenson

Expand Your Business Quotes By John F. Kennedy

A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget ... As the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues. Prosperity is the real way to balance our budget. By lowering tax rates, by increasing jobs and income, we can expand tax revenues and finally bring our budget into balance. — John F. Kennedy

Expand Your Business Quotes By Chogyam Trungpa

Sense of humor seems to come from all-pervading joy, joy which has room to expand into a completely open situation because it is not involved with the battle between "this" and "that." Joy develops into the panoramic situation of seeing or feeling the whole ground, the open ground. This open situation has no hint of limitation, of imposed solemnity. And if you do try to treat life as a "serious business," if you try to impose solemnity upon life as though everything is a big deal, then it is funny. Why such a big deal? — Chogyam Trungpa

Expand Your Business Quotes By Bob Goodlatte

If businesses don't know from state to state what the requirements are for taxes, they have to waste a lot of money on accountants and lawyers before deciding to expand their business into the state next door. — Bob Goodlatte

Expand Your Business Quotes By Michael Delaware

Is the competition really some mythical beast? No, not really. Knowing how to play your group of salespeople as a team, to overcome the group objective of winning the customers support, is the objective. The opposing team in proper viewpoint is not just the similar competing business to yours. Nor is it the competing franchises of your home office.
No, in order to really be effective in the market place as a surviving business, you must go beyond that philosophy. You must be willing to expand your viewpoint to fully understand who the competition truly is.
Your true competition is simply this: Anywhere that your customer would spend his or her dollars as opposed to spending them at your company or place of business. — Michael Delaware

Expand Your Business Quotes By Alan Moore

Madness was all very well if you were Alma and in a profession where insanity was a desirable accessory, a kind of psycho-bling. You couldn't get away with it down Martin's Yard, though. In the reconditioning business there was no real concept of delightful eccentricity. You'd find yourself as the recipient of a pharmaceutical lobotomy provided on the National Health, as a result of which your waistband would expand as your abilities to think, talk and respond to stimuli contracted. This — Alan Moore

Expand Your Business Quotes By Derek Sivers

Never forget that absolutely everything you do is for your customers. Make every decision - even decisions about whether to expand the business, raise money, or promote someone - according to what's best for your customers. — Derek Sivers

Expand Your Business Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

The [liberals] consider profits as objectionable. The very existence of profits is in their eyes a proof that wage rates could be raised without harm to anybody. They speak of profit without dealing with loss. Profit and loss are the instruments by means of which the consumers keep a tight rein on all business activities. A profitable enterprise tends to expand; an unprofitable one tends to shrink. The elimination of profit renders production rigid and abolishes the consumer's control. — Ludwig Von Mises

Expand Your Business Quotes By Jimmy Carter

I began to expand my personal service in the church, and to search more diligently for a closer relationship with God among my different business, professional and political interests. — Jimmy Carter

Expand Your Business Quotes By Howard W. French

American diplomats had been slow to understand the scope of the change being driven by Chinese migration to Africa. The phenomenon had been flagged in State Department cables as early as 2005, with diplomats identifying the budding, large-scale movement of people from China to Africa as part of a campaign to expand Beijing's political influence and simultaneously advance China's business interests and overall clout. These early, classified warnings also spoke of the spread, via emigration, of Chinese organized crime, particularly in smuggling and human trafficking. For the most part, however, it seemed that American diplomats were still in search of the right voice, the right message. All too often, Washington struck a paternalistic tone that came across as: Listen up children, you must be careful about these tricky Chinese. — Howard W. French

Expand Your Business Quotes By Abha Maryada Banerjee

One can bootstrap in business, one must never bootstrap life..! — Abha Maryada Banerjee

Expand Your Business Quotes By Ted McMeekin

I am very pleased to see this project moving ahead. The Hamilton Airport serves as an international gateway to south-western Ontario. This new facility will allow the airport to expand its air cargo business and help strengthen the local economy. This is another example of Ontario's commitment to public infrastructure that contributes to long-term growth for the region. — Ted McMeekin

Expand Your Business Quotes By Jan Brewer

Arizona is now recognized as a premier place in which to locate, expand and grow a business. — Jan Brewer

Expand Your Business Quotes By Vince Cable

We need a new British business bank with a clean balance sheet and an ability to expand lending rapidly to the manufacturers, exporters and high-growth companies that power our economy. Today I can announce we will have one. — Vince Cable

Expand Your Business Quotes By R. R. Reno

A recent book by University of Chicago professor of philosophy and law Brian Leiter outlines what I believe will become the theoretical consensus that does away with religious liberty in spirit if not in letter. "There is no principled reason," he writes, "for legal or constitutional regimes to single out religion for protection." . . . Evoking the principle of fairness, Leiter argues that everybody's conscience should be accorded the same legal protections. Thus he proposes to replace religious liberty with a plenary "liberty of conscience."

Leiter's argument is libertarian. He wants to get the government out of the business of deciding whose conscience is worth protecting. This mentality seems to expand freedom, but that's an illusion. In practice it will lead to diminished freedom, as is always the case with any thoroughgoing libertarianism. — R. R. Reno

Expand Your Business Quotes By J. Richard Clarke

Continue to invest in your personal development. Expand your occupational horizons by constant study ... look to your present job as a stepping-stone along your career path. Take time to think. The dimensions of most jobs are constrained only by the mind of the uncreative worker. I like what one business man counseled: If at first you do succeed, try something harder!!! — J. Richard Clarke