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Excel Data In Quotes By Aaron Koblin

There's something that happens with the collection of a large amount of data when it's dumped into an Excel spreadsheet or put into a pie chart. You run the risk of completely missing what it's about. — Aaron Koblin

Excel Data In Quotes By Thomas Pyzdek

Stated simply, an Excel spreadsheet, or more likely a proliferation of these spreadsheets, is ill-suited for the longer-term data management and analysis required by Six Sigma teams. — Thomas Pyzdek

Excel Data In Quotes By Ian Lamont

If Auto Fill is the Japanese throwing star of spreadsheets, then making charts surely is the equivalent of Japanese calligraphy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, it's possible to turn your raw data into visual presentations that will impress all who come near. — Ian Lamont

Excel Data In Quotes By Annette J. Dunlea

Duties were allocated and their meeting was adjourned until after the second honey trap by Ava. Angelina and Felicity would stay at base HQ and download data and run the company and thoroughly go through all accounts retrieved from the husband's computers. It would be put into separate files for each husband, heavily encrypted and stored on a remote hard drive and a back up made daily on the company server. All figures would be inputted into excel spreadsheets and final figures would determine of each mans financial worth — Annette J. Dunlea

Excel Data In Quotes By Peter Thiel

Men and machines are good at different things. People form plans and make decisions in complicated situations. We are less good at making sense of enormous amounts of data. Computers are exactly the opposite: they excel at efficient data processing but struggle to make basic judgments that would be simple for any human. — Peter Thiel

Excel Data In Quotes By Ian Lamont

Excel suffers from an image problem. Most people assume that spreadsheet programs such as Excel are intended for accountants, analysts, financiers, scientists, mathematicians, and other geeky types. Creating a spreadsheet, sorting data, using functions, and making charts seems daunting, and best left to the nerds. — Ian Lamont