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Top Ex Leftovers Quotes

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Dylan Cruise

Leaders attract followers, while followers attract leftovers. Become a leader worth joining by becoming a person of — Dylan Cruise

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Rachel Sklar

New York apartments are notoriously small, and my cute little studio is no exception - space is at a premium, which is one of the reasons that I only have a mini-fridge. Great for leftovers, cheese, and chilling Diet Coke. — Rachel Sklar

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Yotam Ottolenghi

A quick shallow fry is a great way to transform leftovers, and no more so than in the case of risotto. — Yotam Ottolenghi

Ex Leftovers Quotes By M.A. George

I can finish that off and get you something better," he offered.
"You'd eat my leftovers? ... " I felt like such a prima donna. "You're a king."
"I'm a ... hungry ... king," he shrugged, as he unassumingly glanced to the side. "I'm not picky. — M.A. George

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Michael Shuman

There's a tendency for those unfamiliar with cooperatives to look down on them as the leftovers of the mainstream economy, implying that if these ideologically driven people simply reorganized themselves into "normal" private companies, they would be more efficient and productive. In fact, just the opposite is true: Cooperatives often enter into economic activities that private businesses will not take on. The most fertile period of cooperative growth was during the Great Depression. Rural electric cooperatives spread across the American plains when it became clear that other investor-owned and municipally owned utilities were uninterested in wiring up sparsely populated regions. Credit unions, as we'll soon explore, have seen an upsurge during the recent financial crisis. — Michael Shuman

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Anton Chekhov

In my opinion it is harmful to place important things in the hands of philanthropy, which in Russia is marked by a chance character. Nor should important matters depend on leftovers, which are never there. I would prefer that the government treasury take care of it. — Anton Chekhov

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Theodor Adorno

Advancing bourgeois society liquidates memory, time, recollection as irrational leftovers of the past. — Theodor Adorno

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Richard Matheson

He stood there for a moment looking around the silent room, shaking his head slowly. All these books, he thought, the residue of a planet's intellect, the scrapings of futile minds, the leftovers, the potpourri of artifacts that had no power to save men from perishing. — Richard Matheson

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

He never looked better, nor had he been loved more, not had the breeding of his animals been wilder. There was a slaughtering of so many cows, pigs and chickens for the endless parties that the ground in the courtyard turned black and muddy with so much blood. It was an eternal execution of bones and innards, a mud pit of leftovers, and they had to keep exploding dynamite bombs all the time so that the buzzards would not pluck out the guests' eyes. — Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Tristram Stuart

I simply believe food is too good to throw away - and Christmas leftovers can be a gastronomic opportunity for the well-skilled kitchen forager. With a little imagination, there are a million ways to use up leftovers rather than bin them. — Tristram Stuart

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Sarah Noffke

Over here you'll see San Fran is also host to a wide variety of exotic animals. Many find our streets to be like a modern rain forest," she says, indicating a flock of flea-ridden pigeons pecking leftovers off a bum sleeping on the curb. — Sarah Noffke

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Howard Zinn

One percent of the nation owns a third of the wealth. The rest of the wealth is distributed in such a way as to turn those in the 99 percent against one another: small property owners against the propertyless, black against white, native-born against foreign-born, intellectuals and professionals against the uneducated and the unskilled. These groups have resented one another and warred against one another with such vehemence and violence as to obscure their common position as sharers of leftovers in a very wealthy country. — Howard Zinn

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Colleen Hoover

Listen, Tate. I want your mess. I want your clothes on my bedroom floor. I want your toothbrush in my bathroom. I want your shoes in my closet. I want your mediocre leftovers in my fridge. — Colleen Hoover

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Kate Fleetwood

But nothing beats a Woody Allen film on a Sunday night, with a glass of wine and some leftovers. — Kate Fleetwood

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Caesar Kalinowski

Jesus is not a King who can be followed in your spare time. God is not interested in our leftovers. — Caesar Kalinowski

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Paula H. Deen

Bein' rich is having leftovers. Good leftovers make yo' tongue fly outta yo' mouth and smack yo' brains out. — Paula H. Deen

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Eric Samuel Timm

Guess what, Jesus loves to walk with us. He loves to be with us all the time - not just in the scheduled time or in the leftovers. The only change He wants is our hearts.
Let's change by rearranging the change. — Eric Samuel Timm

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Jerry Bridges

All of us have a natural drift toward a performance-based relationship with God. We know we're saved by grace through faith - not by works (Ephesians 2:8-9), but we somehow get the idea that we earn blessings by our works. After throwing overboard our works as a means to salvation, we want to drag them back on board as a means of maintaining favor with God. Instead of seeing our own righteousness as table scraps to be dumped, we see it as leftovers to be used later to earn answers to prayer.
We need to remind ourselves every day that God's blessings and answers to prayer come to us not on the basis of our works, but on the basis of the infinite merit of Jesus Christ. — Jerry Bridges

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Margaret Atwood

When I'm by myself I revert to the times when I would forget about eating, stay up all night working, go until I felt an odd sensation I'd identify after some thought as hunger. Then I'd go through the refrigerator like a vacuum cleaner, sucking in whatever there was. Leftovers. — Margaret Atwood

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Wesley Stace

Even at such a tender age, I knew that life is lived in leftovers, account ledgers, and timetables rather than in the Platonic sphere of perfect theory. I couldn't float sylphlike around Love Hall in the flowing robes of indeterminacy for the rest of my life, however much I wished there to be no change. I had to accept my responsibilities and, at least in the eyes of the world and at least for the time being, nail my colors to a mast. Unless I wished to appear a strange wonder for the rest of time, caked in circus makeup covering the truth inches beneath, the mast would be male. — Wesley Stace

Ex Leftovers Quotes By A.W. Tozer

Too often, we give God only the tired remnants of our time. If Jesus Christ had given us only the remnant of His time, we would all be on our way to that darkness that knows no morning. Christ gave us not the tattered leftovers of His time; He gave us all the time He had. But some of us give Him only the leftovers of our money and of our talents and never give our time fully to the Lord Jesus Christ who gave us all. Because He gave us all, we have what we have; and He calls us "as He is, so are we in this world." (1 John 4:17) — A.W. Tozer

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Ann Voskamp

We're not giving what we're called to give, unless that giving affects how we live - affects what we put on our plate and where we make our home and hang our hat and what kind of threads we've got to have on our back. Surplus Giving is the leftover you can afford to give; Sacrificial Giving is the love gift that changes how you live - because the love of Christ has changed you. God doesn't want your leftovers. God wants your love overtures, your first-overs, because He is your first love. — Ann Voskamp

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

Certainly no one on-site asked for my opinion, but I have always felt there should be no leftovers. It's untidy, and it shows a lack of a real workmanlike spirit. — Jeff Lindsay

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Cornelia Funke

One day God felt he ought to give his workshop a spring-clean ... . It was amazing what ragged bits and pieces came out from under his workbench as he swept. Beginnings of creatures, bits that looked useful but had seemed wrong, ideas that he'd mislaid and forgotten ... . There was even a tiny lump of sun. He scratched his head. What could be done with all this rubbish? Ted Hughes, "Leftovers," from The Dreamfighter — Cornelia Funke

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Malcolm X

There were always more Negroes in the field than there was Negroes in the house. The Negro in the field caught hell. He ate leftovers. In the house they ate high up on the hog. The Negro in the field didn't get nothing but what was left of the insides of the hog. They call 'em "chitt'lin'" nowadays. In those days they called them what they were: guts. That's what you were
a gut-eater. And some of you all still gut-eaters. — Malcolm X

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Doppelgangers:coming for your soul and your leftovers, — Sarah Rees Brennan

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Lorilyn Roberts

You must be committed to your children first. Otherwise, they will receive the leftovers. — Lorilyn Roberts

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Anna McPartlin

She remained silent. There was nothing left to say. He'd said it all the night before. He had to end it. He could never leave his wife. And, in fact, she had known this. Although she loved him - and truly she did - he wasn't hers. He belonged to his wife. She'd earned him. It didn't matter that he was her first love or that she was his passion. It didn't matter that they had loved one another for more than half their lives. It didn't matter that he had married his wife on the rebound. It didn't matter that he didn't love the woman. It didn't even matter that they had turned into some soap-opera cliche. He was married to someone else and that meant that she was leftovers and destined to remain on the periphery in the shadow of another woman's marriage. But no more. She was well and truly sick of it. — Anna McPartlin

Ex Leftovers Quotes By George Carlin

Leftovers make you feel good twice. First, when you put it away, you feel thrifty and intelligent: 'I'm saving food!' Then a month later when blue hair is growing out of the ham, and you throw it away, you feel really intelligent: 'I'm saving my life!' — George Carlin

Ex Leftovers Quotes By Ronald Bruce St. John

In Libya, you are made aware the whole time of the abandonment of things, the material leftovers of receding cultures — Ronald Bruce St. John