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Everything Goes Right Quotes By Thomas De Witt Talmage

A lawyer is sometimes required to search titles, and the client who thinks he has good right to an estate, puts the papers in his hands, and the attorney goes into the public records and finds everything right for three or four years back; but after a time he comes to a break in the title. So he finds that the man who supposed he owned it owns not an acre of the ground which belongs to someone else. I trace the title of this world from century to century until I find the whole right vested in God. Now to whom did he give it? To his own children. All are yours. — Thomas De Witt Talmage

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Steph Campbell

If this ever goes anywhere, it will be because it's right: right time, right intentions, right everything. — Steph Campbell

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Simon Sinek

We don't learn much when everything goes right. We learn the most when things go wrong. — Simon Sinek

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Deyth Banger

Now you are laughing aren't you?? You just came from holiday (AS for me I don't really give a shit from holiday, from walk with friends or whatever..)
You are thinking about the one fat guy and you think that you are perfect.
- If you are perfect you won't be here transcend people don't have what to achieve they know and they will continue to know everything, it's useless!
You have health problems, am I right?
You have some buds on places which nobody wants to talk, you think that you are a bigger as a personality - but you smoke (Don't you?? You try to stop it, but again the cigarettes say "Smoke one you will be better, smoke another one you will go to heaven..." - this goes to endless does it??
You drink Alcohol - don't ya?
I don't have words take a look at yourself you drink for what??? For confidence... oh my god you are fuck fagot aren't you??
You smoke, but why I know that chimneys smoke, but you?? Are you chimney, it's a joke! :D :D — Deyth Banger

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Suzanne Somers

Our bodies are finely tuned machines, and if our hormone mixtures aren't 'just right', everything goes into disrepair. — Suzanne Somers

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Ann Aguirre

It's easy to do right when everything goes right. But let everything go wrong, and see how difficult it becomes. — Ann Aguirre

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Laurel Nakadate

There's such an energy created when the world is turned upside down, and when things are good again it's nice to take note. Then it goes away. Change. Change means friction. Friction happens where things aren't quite right, when everything is separating, when nothing is the same. Later you piece it back together. — Laurel Nakadate

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Ross Lovegrove

I'm involved in everything from highly progressive lighting systems to airline interiors. In the field of transportation I can go from the micro to the macro: architecture, transportation, industrial product design, right across the board. It's Russian dollism, because they all interrelate: one goes into the other. — Ross Lovegrove

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Gabriel Mann

Nolan has the strangest affect on people. You know, I think there's something very sad and little boy about him, but at the same time the way he goes about everything is so awkward and obnoxious. He can never say the right thing, you know? And I think if he just didn't try so hard and calmed down, people might actually like him a bit more! — Gabriel Mann

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Charlie Kaufman

Everything is more complicated than you think. You only see a tenth of what is true. There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make; you can destroy your life every time you choose. But maybe you won't know for twenty years. And you'll never ever trace it to its source. And you only get one chance to play it out. Just try and figure out your own divorce. And they say there is no fate, but there is: it's what you create. Even though the world goes on for eons and eons, you are here for a fraction of a fraction of a second. Most of your time is spent being dead or not yet born. But while alive, you wait in vain, wasting years, for a phone call or a letter or a look from someone or something to make it all right. And it never comes or it seems to but doesn't really. And so you spend your time in vague regret or vaguer hope for something good to come along. Something to make you feel connected, to make you feel whole, to make you feel loved. — Charlie Kaufman

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Simon Sinek

We learn most not from all of the things that go right. We learn most when everything goes wrong. — Simon Sinek

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Guy Adams

Then he jumped..
I owe him so much. I needed him. I still do.
But he's gone.
He told me once that I shouldn't make people into heroes. He said that heroes didn't exist and that even if they did he wouldn't be one of them.
which goes to show. he wasn't right about everything.. — Guy Adams

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Jennifer M. Brown

When the author is not traveling, he works at an L-shaped desk, which affords a view north through a large sunny window. He writes everything on an electric typewriter because "it has to be a book from the first day," he explains. He has no daily routine because of all the traveling he does, but follows a very disciplined writing process. He writes each page six times, then places it in a three-ring binder with a DePauw University cover ("a talisman," he calls this memento from his alma mater). When he feels that he has gotten a page just right, he takes out another 20 words. "After a year, I've come to the end. Then I'll take this first chapter, and without rereading it, I'll throw it away and write the chapter that goes at the beginning. Because the first chapter is the last chapter in disguise." He always hands in a completed manuscript, and his editor is his first reader. — Jennifer M. Brown

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Jonathan Carroll

If it was as logical as that, I wouldn't continue to feel as bad as I do. I know what you're saying, and you're absolutely right in a way. But logic and rationality only go so far. Then you know what happens? Ha! Then your heart adds its two cents and everything reasonable goes right-out-the-window. — Jonathan Carroll

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Chad Knaus

You get a team that goes out there and they find a little bit of something that advantage is going to seem larger then it is if the rules were not as tight because it's harder for other people to find whatever that advantage may be. I'm not saying points leader Tony Stewart has a huge advantage. What they've got is that they are hitting everything exactly right. When they have everything working just right, that's how it shows to be dominant. — Chad Knaus

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Sally Hawkins

When an audience is affected in a way that I've seen with some people, it's so inspiring to me an actor. You know that you're on the right track and you're doing work that can affect people. When that goes hand-in-hand with important issues that we're still living with, and we will be for a long time, sadly, it's so confirming of everything. — Sally Hawkins

Everything Goes Right Quotes By B. J. Palmer

Healing is a process afforded you by your Creator and is above and beyond the control of man. Your Chiropractor does everything possible to help Innate heal-but he cannot heal nor can anyone else produce healing for you. When the right adjustment is made, Innate goes to work. You feel the results when dis-ease turns to ease. — B. J. Palmer

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Michael J. Fox

Life is good, and there's no reason to think it won't be
right up until the moment when everything explodes into a fireball of tiny, unrecognizable fragments, or it all goes skidding sideways, through the guardrail, over the embankment, and down the mountain. This will happen (and probably more than once). — Michael J. Fox

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Peter F. Drucker

The people who get nothing done often work a great deal harder. In the first place, they underestimate the time for any one task. They always expect that everything will go right. Yet, as every executive knows, nothing ever goes right. The unexpected always happens - the unexpected is indeed the only thing one can confidently expect. — Peter F. Drucker

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Donald Norman

It is relatively easy to design for the perfect cases, when everything goes right, or when all the information required is available in proper format. — Donald Norman

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Leila Sales

Sometimes you just have those days where everything goes wrong. But sometimes, and totally unexpectedly, something can go right. — Leila Sales

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Martin Heidegger

We name time when we say: every thing has its time. This means: everything which actually is, every being comes and goes at the right time and remains for a time during the time allotted to it. Every thing has its time. — Martin Heidegger

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Charlie Cochet

Sometimes you find that one person, and you just know. And even if you don't love them right away, you know you will. It's just a matter of time. Because no one you've ever known has come close to making you feel the way they do. It keeps you up at night and drives you fucking crazy, but you pray to God the feeling never goes away no matter how much it's killing you." Sloane stared at him. "Wow." "Shut up," Ash mumbled, looking embarrassed. Like he hadn't realized what he'd said until then. "I've never heard you talk like this." He thought he knew everything there was to know about his best friend. Apparently he was wrong. Ash shrugged. "Yeah, well, almost dying makes you think." "About Cael?" Sloane asked quietly. Ash let out a weary sigh, his gaze falling to his hands. "Like I don't think about him every other day." "What are you going to do about him?" "I don't know. I really thought he'd give me some time, but he's going out for drinks with Seb this Friday." "And? — Charlie Cochet

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Steven Gould

I'd thought about this for a long time. "That bank loses that much money in bad loans every
month. They make that much money in interest every day. They're a big bank. The money I
took was small change to them. No depositor was hurt."
She shook her head. "I still can't approve of it. I don't think it's right."
I felt my face go remote, still. I crossed my arms and felt cold.
She spread her hands. "It doesn't change the fact that I still love you. I've missed you terribly.
I've missed your phone calls, and I've missed your body in bed next to me. I don't know what
to do about this. My loving you goes way beyond my disapproval of your theft."
I uncrossed my arms and reached across the table for her. She leaned forward and we kissed
until the candle burned a hole in my shirt. Then we laughed and I held an ice cube to the
burn and the food came and everything was all right. — Steven Gould

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

We can be enthused by - yes, that's right, enthused - by the noblest of ideals, but only on condition that we don't have to expend any effort, that we don't have to make any sacrifices, and above all on condition that the ideals can be achieved free, gratis, that we needn't pay anything. Paying is something we really resent; on the other hand, receiving, that's really up our street, and that goes for everything. Let's have every kind of blessing (nothing less will do, it must be every kind) and, whatever happens, let no one tell us what to do on any score, and then we too shall prove that we can be all sweetness and light. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Ripley Patton

I think of myth and magic as the hieroglyphics of the human psyche. They are a special language that circumvents conscious thought and goes straight to the subconscious.
Non-fiction uses the medium of information. It tells us what we need to know.
Science fiction primarily uses the medium of physics and mathematics. It tells us how things work, or could work.
Horror taps into the darker imagery of the psychology, telling us what we should fear.
Fantasy, magic and myth, however, tap into the spiritual potential of the human life. Their medium is symbolism, truth made manifest in word pictures, and they tell us what things mean on a deep, internal level. I have always been a meaning-maker. I have always been someone who strives to make sense of everything and perhaps that is where my life as a storyteller first began. Life doesn't always make sense, but story must. And so I write stories, and the world comes right again. — Ripley Patton

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Bill Nye

People confuse the word cynicism with the word skepticism. One is "you're not gonna pay attention to anything, think everything's screwed up, nothing's ever gonna work out right", that's cynicism. But skepticism is, "you're presented with evidence and you do your best to draw conclusions based on that". So, as the saying goes, Bill Nye, do you believe in ghosts? No. However, I would love to see one. Bring it on. I'm open minded to the idea, but the more I look into it in a skeptical frame of thinking, the less likely it seems. — Bill Nye

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Seth Godin

Most of your competition spend their days looking forward to those rare moments when everything goes right. Imagine how much leverage you have if you spend your time maximizing those common moments when it doesn't. — Seth Godin

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Simon Sinek

If everything goes right, we get a good experience. If everything goes wrong, we get a good story. — Simon Sinek

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Katie Delahanty

The only reason someone would be calling this early the morning after the Grammys is to tell me I did something wrong."

The phone goes silent.

"Well, I'm going to have to disagree with that," I tell him. "In my estimation, you definitely did everything right last night. — Katie Delahanty

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Joan Didion

Right there is the usefulness of migraine, there in that imposed yoga, the concentration on the pain. For when the pain recedes, ten or twelve hours later, everything goes with it, all the hidden resentments, all the vain anxieties. The migraine has acted as a circuit breaker, and the fuses have emerged intact. There is a pleasant convalescent euphoria. — Joan Didion

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Nate Robinson

It was just weird. Once you get the ball and you get in a situation, it's like haywire, everything goes crazy, and everybody's running around. You don't know who to pass it to or what to do. So Coach said just slow down and just make the right play. I tried to get the best look I could at the basket. — Nate Robinson

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Jun Mochizuki

If all the people break, and all the world breaks, and everyone and everything goes mad, then I can be normal, just like everyone else, right? — Jun Mochizuki

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Robert Aickman

My dilemma is that of the civil servant. If a civil servant takes an initiative and things go right with it, he cannot, in the nature of his employment, look for much in the way of reward; whereas if his initiative goes wrong, he can expect all kinds of trouble, everything from reprimand to blocked promotion, and a permanent black mark against his name in the files. It is accepted, therefore, that the way to advance in the civil service, or in any field where civil service conditions prevail, is never take an initiative and never to support anyone else's. It is inevitable that this should be so. — Robert Aickman

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

The main barrier standing between ourselves and a local-food culture is not price, but attitude. The most difficult requirements are patience and a bit of restraint
virtues that are hardly the property of the wealthy. These virtues seem to find precious little shelter, in fact, in any modern quarter of this nation founded by Puritans. Furthermore, we apply them selectively: browbeating our teenagers with the message that they should wait for sex, for example. Only if they wait to experience intercourse under the ideal circumstances (the story goes), will they know its true value. "Blah blah blah," hears the teenager: words issuing from a mouth that can't even wait for the right time to eat a tomatoes, but instead consumes tasteless ones all winter to satisfy a craving for everything NOW. — Barbara Kingsolver

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Lilah Pace

What's it like, being in love?"
For a few moments James tried to find the right words. "Like that moment in THE WIZARD OF OZ when Dorothy opens the door and see Oz for the first time. Everything goes from black and white to Technicolor. And you're leaving everything that's familiar. Instead the world is both scarier and more beautiful than ever before. — Lilah Pace

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Richard Branson

Fun is at the core of the way I like to do business and it has been key to everything I've done from the outset. More than any other element, fun is the secret of Virgin's success. I am aware that the ideas of business as being fun and creative goes right against the grain of convention, and it's certainly not how the they teach it at some of those business schools, where business means hard grind and lots of 'discounted cash flows' and net' present values'. — Richard Branson

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Alexander Calder

When everything goes right a mobile is a piece of poetry that dances with the joy of life and surprise! — Alexander Calder

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

We are the world. The world is you and me, the world is not separate from you and me. We have created this world - the world of violence, the world of wars, the world of religious divisions, sex, anxieties, the utter lack of communication with each other, with no sense of compassion, consideration for another. Wherever one goes in any country throughout the world, human beings, that is, you and another, suffer; we are anxious, we are uncertain, we don't know what is going to happen. Everything has become uncertain. Right through the world as human beings we are in sorrow, fear, anxiety, violence, uncertain of everything, insecure. There is a common relationship between us all. We are the world essentially, basically, fundamentally. The world is you, and you are the world. Realizing that fundamentally, deeply, not romantically, not intellectually but actually, then we see that our problem is a global problem. It is not my problem or your particular problem, it is a human problem. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Kumar Sangakkara

Retiring from cricket is not about form. I feel that the time is now and it's right. I've tried to give everything I have when I've played the game, the game goes on. You can't hold onto it and people shouldn't be too sentimental. I think a lot better players and greater players have gone, and the game has gone on and there are new players who take the mantle, and in my case it won't be any different. — Kumar Sangakkara

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Alan Lightman

The Diagnosis had ten drafts of very significant changing, where I went through the whole book, wholesale and changed everything. Then the last year or so it was making small changes. I would do something and let it sit for three months ... just brood about and decide I needed to slightly change something here or there. Or one character wasn't quite right. But I think everybody goes through this. — Alan Lightman

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Courtney Summers

I get caught up in outcomes. I convince myself they're truths. No one will notice how wrong you are if everything you do ends up right. The rest becomes incidental. So incidental that, after a while, you forget. Maybe you are perfect. Good. It must be true. Who can argue with results? You're not so wrong after all. So you buy into it and you go crazy maintaining it. Except it creeps up on you sometimes, that you're not right. Imperfect. Bad. So you snap your fingers and it goes away.
Until something you can't ignore happens and you see it all over yourself.
And there's only one thing left to do. — Courtney Summers

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Robert Black

Every gambler needs to hit that one morning, day or night when everything goes right. And you will talk about that run until you die. If you are a gambler and have not hit that run at least once in your life, keep going, it will appear just as sure as mathematics and probability. And you may think that mathematics and probability are boring, not a beautiful thing, lifeless, but when you hit that run it will be as magical and beautiful and empowering as anything you have ever experienced in your life. — Robert Black

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Corey Haim

I think maybe ten years from now, I'm hopefully going to be, in like, Tahiti or something. Kicking back like in my huge mansion, if everything goes right, it's all up to me. — Corey Haim

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Will Schwalbe

The idea is that if you practice the Naikan part of Constructive Living, life becomes a series of small miracles, and you may start to notice everything that goes right in a typical life and not the few things that go wrong. — Will Schwalbe

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Lemar

I'm a great believer in everything at the right time. Go on a crazy spree if it's the right time to do it but choose your moment carefully and beware of impulse buying. — Lemar

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Neil Leckman

Overheard vampire conversation.
"Is that Ophelia?"
"She doesn't look well"
"Ever since she drank from that hemophiliac everything just goes right through her. — Neil Leckman

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Screw caution," Tori said. "I'm outta here." We looked at her. "Well, I am. As long as someone comes with me." We kept looking at her. She sighed. "Fine, but when everything goes to hell, just remember, I get to blame you guys, because I wanted to leave right away. — Kelley Armstrong

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Sarah Stodola

The way Smith sees it, this kind of approach denotes a certain category of writer: the Micro Manager. Authors fall into one of two primary camps, she explained in her 2009 book of essays, Changing My Mind.691 Macro Planners work out the structure of their novels and then write within that structure. Micro Managers, on the other hand, don't rely on an overarching configuration (don't even conceive of one), but rather home in on each sentence, one by one, and each sentence, as they come to it, becomes the only thing that exists. If there is a spectrum starting with Macro Planners on one end and Micro Managers on the other, Smith would be somewhere to the right of the page. Smith's writing is entirely incremental and cumulative. The grand plan is that there is no grand plan; working things out ahead of time ruins everything, "feels disastrous."She prefers the writing of a novel as a process of discovery. "The thinking goes on on the page," not beforehand. — Sarah Stodola

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Patricia Gaffney

Isabel never despaired, even though I think she knew everything that was going to happen, right from the beginning. There was a Walt Whitman poem she liked, especially the part that went - 'All goes onward and outward,/Nothing collapses/And to die is different from/What anyone supposes/And Luckier.' She tried to believe that, and it gave her some comfort, I know. She was very brave. Always. She hid her anguish and sadness, although I know she felt them. Because she wasn't losing only one person she loved - as we have. She was losing all of them. — Patricia Gaffney

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Hermann Hesse

As every one of us knows, there are some festivals and games in which everything goes right, and every element lifts up, animates, and exalts every other, just as there are theatrical and musical performances which without any clearly discernible cause seem to ascend miraculously to glorious climaxes and intensely felt experiences, whereas others, just as well prepared, remain no more than decent tries. — Hermann Hesse

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Lionel

If everything goes right then I can get going. — Lionel

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Howard Schultz

For more than three decades, coffee has captured my imagination because it is a beverage about individuals as well as community. A Rwandan farmer. Eighty roast masters at six Starbucks plants on two continents. Thousands of baristas in 54 countries. Like a symphony, coffee's power rests in the hands of a few individuals who orchestrate its appeal. So much can go wrong during the journey from soil to cup that when everything goes right, it is nothing short of brilliant! After all, coffee doesn't lie. It can't. Every sip is proof of the artistry
technical as well as human
that went into its creation. — Howard Schultz

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

Resentment is the emotion that goes with complaining and the mental labeling of people and adds even more energy to the ego. Resentment means to feel bitter, indignant, aggrieved, or offended. You resent other people's greed, their dishonesty, their lack of integrity, what they are doing, what they did in the past, what they said, what they failed to do, what they should or shouldn't have done. The ego loves it. Instead of overlooking unconsciousness in others, you make it into their identity. Who is doing that? The unconsciousness in you, the ego. Sometimes the "fault" that you perceive in another isn't even there. It is a total misinterpretation, a projection by a mind conditioned to see enemies and to make itself right or superior. At other times, the fault may be there, but by focusing on it, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else, you amplify it. And what you react to in another, you strengthen in yourself. — Eckhart Tolle

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Sloan Johnson

There's not always one right answer. The only thing I can tell you is everything that goes on back there is consensual. ~Dylan — Sloan Johnson

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Assegid Habtewold

Your true conviction is tested not when everything goes your way but rather when things go wrong... — Assegid Habtewold

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Sybille Bedford

One does odd things. You see, when one's young one doesn't feel part of it yet, the human condition; one does things because they are not "for good"; one thinks everything is a rehearsal - to be repeated ad lib, to be put right when the curtain goes up in earnest. One day you know that the curtain was up all the time. That was the performance. — Sybille Bedford

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Frank Delaney

What are you like inside? Don't you have feelings where you love everyone, and at the same time you hate everyone? Or - don't you have times when everything goes the way you want, but nothing feels good or right? That's what I mean," he'd say, "about my black horse and my white horse. — Frank Delaney

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Catherine Bybee

It's when that fear goes away that you know you've found the right person to risk everything for. — Catherine Bybee

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Kasey Van Norman

Have you been infected with the toxin of denial? Here are the top five signs to help you find out: If you think you are above certain things happening to you, you are in denial. Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall. PROVERBS 16:18 If you think you have the power to plan your own future, you are in denial. We can make our own plans, but the LORD gives the right answer. PROVERBS 16:1 If you think you are the only one who can get it right, you are in denial. People may be pure in their own eyes, but the LORD examines their motives. PROVERBS 16:2 If you think you are never wrong and it's always someone else's fault, you are in denial. Pride ends in humiliation, while humility brings honor. PROVERBS 29:23 If you have a rebuttal to anyone and everything, you are in denial. Too much talk leads to sin. — Kasey Van Norman

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Stephen King

Everything that goes around comes around, they say, and although I've never been able to figure out who the mysteriously wise sages known as "they" might be, they're certainly right when it comes to time-travel. — Stephen King

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Leah Busque

Some people revel in getting their hands dirty. These are the people that make startups grow wildly. People with hustle also tend to be much more agile - they're the water that goes around the rock. These are the people you want around when everything goes wrong. They're also the people you want beside you when everything goes right. — Leah Busque

Everything Goes Right Quotes By David Levithan

It was, I thought, a simple equation:
You find the right person.
You do the right things.
And from that, everything goes right. — David Levithan

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

Never joined the wrong boat. When the destination is right, and the direction is wronged, everything goes wrongly! — Israelmore Ayivor

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Don DeLillo

Now this girl was about twenty-one years old. A sweet little coed. Spends a night with a married man. Goes home the next day and tells her mama and daddy. Don't ask me why. Maybe just to rub their faces in it. They decide she needs a lesson. Whole family drives out into the desert, right out to that spot we just passed. All three of them plus the girl's pet dog. Papa tells the girl to dig a shallow grave. Mama gets down on her hands and knees and holds the dog by the collar. When the girl is all through digging, papa gives her a .22 caliber revolver and tells her to shoot the dog. A real touching family scene. Make a good calendar for some religious group to give away. The girl puts the weapon to her temple and kills herself. Now isn't that a heartwarming story? Restores my faith in just about everything. — Don DeLillo

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Mario Puzo

Tom, don't let anybody kid you. It's all personal, every bit of business. Every piece of shit every man has to eat every day of his life is personal. They call it business. OK. But it's personal as hell. You know where I learned that from? The Don. My old man. The Godfather. If a bolt of lightning hit a friend of his the old man would take it personal. He took my going into the Marines personal. That's what makes him great. The Great Don. He takes everything personal Like God. He knows every feather that falls from the tail of a sparrow or however the hell it goes? Right? And you know something? Accidents don't happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult. — Mario Puzo

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Bess Streeter Aldrich

I've tried to keep pleasant," Mabel went on. "You don't know how I've tried. I have that verse pinned up on my dresser, about
The man worth while is the man who can smile,
When everything goes dead wrong."
"Take it down," Mother said cheerfully. "If there's a verse in the world that has been worked overtime, it's that one. I can't think of anything more inane than to smile when everything goes dead wrong, unless it is to cry when everything is passably right. That verse always seemed to me to be a surface sort of affair. Take it down and substitute 'I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.' That goes to the heart of things
when you feel that strength, then the dead-wrong things begin to miraculously right themselves. — Bess Streeter Aldrich

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Gary Speed

When everything is going wrong, it seems like nothing goes right — Gary Speed

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Carolyn Lee Adams

When he unleashes on her everything falls together. Like a crick in the neck snapped into place, the boy's brain pops and is put right. It is a beautiful undoing, a beautiful becoming. He doesn't stop to think about it when the punches follow her down to the ground. He doesn't stop to notice when she goes still or when the pool of blood under her head pillows out into a great, liquid heart. He doesn't stop until he's pulled off her and he doesn't start to think again until that night, when he's back at home. For hours and hours his brain stays beautifully popped into place. — Carolyn Lee Adams

Everything Goes Right Quotes By J.K. Rowling

He's a funny man, Dumbledore. I think he sort of wanted to give me a chance. I think he knows more or less everything that goes on here, you know. I reckon he had a pretty good idea we were going to try, and instead of stopping us, he just taught us enough to help. I don't think it was an accident he let me find out how the Mirror worked. It's almost like he thought I had the right to face Voldemort if I could ... — J.K. Rowling

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Natalie Cole

It's the same girl-who-has-everything story. You know, the one where she's insecure and scared and unhappy and has marriage problems and doesn't know how to handle stardom and screws up right and left and gets in with the wrong people and goes down the drain. — Natalie Cole

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Orison Swett Marden

Anybody can work when everything goes smoothly, when there is nothing to trouble him; but a man must be made of the right kind of stuff who can rise above the things which harass and handicap the weak, and do his work in spite of them. Indeed, this is the test of greatness. — Orison Swett Marden

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Harbhajan Singh

There are days where you do everything right and nothing goes in your favour. — Harbhajan Singh

Everything Goes Right Quotes By Derek Donais

What you must remember is that the magic itself is neither good nor bad, no more so than this ship might be used for right or wrong. It might be used by a fisherman to feed a village, for example. Or, the same vessel might be sailed by pirates to murder and pillage ... the lumber, rope, nails, cotton, and everything that goes into it-is created by the True One. Humans decide how it is to be put together and how it is used. — Derek Donais