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Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Lily James

I think I'm up for not trying to play a literary heroine. I think I'd rather just do someone that has just been created in a script, rather than in a book that everyone knows and loves. The difficulty with it and the reason these characters are so loved is that every woman and man that reads it understands it in a different way. They're so relatable, but different aspects will be drawn from different people. — Lily James

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Courtney Giardina

Every woman has a line in their relationship. It may be imaginary, but it's there. Every woman's line is different. Some actions may weigh heavier on one person than another, but in the end it's all the same. Cross that line and the consequences can be life changing and devastating. It's the type of line that once you cross it, you can never go back. — Courtney Giardina

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Hilary Mantel

It's not easy to diagnose because depending where the endometrial deposits are, the symptoms can be quite different. It's an unrecognized problem among teenage girls, and it's something that every young woman who has painful menstruation should be aware of ... it's a condition that is curable if it's caught early. If not, if it's allowed to run on, it can cause infertility, and it can really mess up your life.
[Author Hilary Mantel on being asked about being a writer with endometriosis, Nov 2012 NPR interview] — Hilary Mantel

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Rasmenia Massoud

I envy you, your youth. Every woman is still a dream, a thing that can't exist. Even when you touch her, a creature too beautiful to be real or to cause real pain. It's different for old men. We have more old wounds from these dreams. — Rasmenia Massoud

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

Every woman is just a different kind of problem. — Chuck Palahniuk

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Mahatma Gandhi

Let every young man and woman be warned by my example, and understand that good handwriting is a necessary part of education. I am now of the opinion that children should first be taught the art of drawing before learning how to write. Let the child learn his letters by observation as he does different objects, such as flowers, birds, etc., and let him learn handwriting only after he has learnt to draw objects. He will then write a beautifully formed hand. — Mahatma Gandhi

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Elizabeth Cady Stanton

There is no such thing as a sphere for sex. Every man has a different sphere, in which he may or may not shine, and it is the same with every woman, and the same woman may have a different sphere at different times. — Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By John Howard Griffin

Newspapers play up as sensational every attempt by a Negro to rape a white woman. Yet this white rape of Negro women is apparently a different matter. But it is rape nonetheless, and practiced on a scale that dwarfs the Negro's defaults. The — John Howard Griffin

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Mark Manson

I see every rejection simply as some form of incompatibility. Whether she thinks I'm a total creep, or she's crazy about me but we live on different continents, or she's in a horrible mood when I ask her out, or she thinks I'm cute but has different values and interests than me - whatever the reason, if a woman ever rejects me, it's because she's not compatible with me. It may be a permanent incompatibility. It may be a temporary incompatibility. But the point is that if she liked me enough, she'd be willing to work at making it happen with me. And if she doesn't, then that just means it's wrong person - or right person, wrong time. And that's fine. — Mark Manson

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Jessica Gadziala

Every woman is a hallway full of locked doors under different names: past, future, hopes, fears, lust, and love. Some men come with keys. Some men come with lick picks. Byron St. James comes with a chainsaw. — Jessica Gadziala

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Robert M. Sapolsky

A behavior has occurred that is good, bad, or ambiguous. How have cultural factors stretching back to the origins of humans contributed to that behavior? And rustling cattle on a moonless night; or setting aside tending your cassava garden to raid your Amazonian neighbours; or building fortifications; or butchering every man, woman, and child in a village is irrelevant to that question. That's because all these study subjects are pastoralists, agriculturalists, or horticulturalists, lifestyles that emerged only in the last ten thousand to fourteen thousand years, after the domestication of plants and animals. In the context of hominin history stretching back hundreds of thousands of years, being a camel herder or farmer is nearly as newfangled as being a lobbyist advocating for legal rights for robots. For most of history, humans have been hunter-gatherers, a whole different kettle of fish. — Robert M. Sapolsky

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Chasey Lain

A guy should find out what the woman likes. Every woman is different, so you can't just assume what works on one will work on another. — Chasey Lain

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Claudia Gray

Surgery has warped the faces of every woman over thirty; they don't look younger, just not quite human in a way society has decided to pretend not to see. Half of the people are talking more to the holograms from their rings or badges than they are to the people around them. What conversation I can hear is mostly gossip: who's shagging who, who's making money, who's losing it, who's not invited to the next party like this. Maybe the technology is different, but the shallowness of the scene is probably universal. So this is the life my father escaped when he chose to go into science, to leave Great Britain and join Mom in California. He was even smarter than I knew. — Claudia Gray

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Virginia Woolf

For here again, we come to a dilemma. Different though the sexes are, they intermix. In every human being a vacillation from one sex to the other takes place, and often it is only the clothes that keep the male or female likeness, while underneath the sex is the very opposite of what it is above.
For it was this mixture in her of man and woman, one being uppermost and then the other, that often gave her conduct an unexpected turn. The curious of her own sex would argue how, for example, if Orlando was a woman, did she never take more than ten minutes to dress? And were not her clothes chosen rather at random, and sometimes worn rather shabby? And then they would say, still, she has none of the formality of a man, or a man's love of power. — Virginia Woolf

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Mihir S. Sharma

At some point, economists must study the Business Family Wedding Gift Economy. It is an extraordinary, closed bubble. What happens is this: a woman marries into a conservative Indian business family. She may well be energetic and bright, but there's no place for her at work, nor can she work elsewhere. So, instead, she's urged to 'take up something'. Scented candles, usually. Sometimes kurta design. Or necklaces, or faux-Rajasthani coffee tables. She then becomes a 'success', because every other woman in the family buys her candles as wedding presents, at hideously inflated prices. In return, she buys their kurtas as wedding presents. Eventually, everyone is buying everyone else's hideous creations at hideously high prices, and nobody can ever tell anyone else their stuff sucks, and that nobody really likes the smell of lavender anyway. The most amazing thing is, this is not a very different economy from the one their husbands are in. — Mihir S. Sharma

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Sarah MacLean

What was it about this woman? This plain, unassuming woman whom he had never before noticed? 'There is nothing about her that is plain or unassuming now.'
And he hated himself for describing her as such.
No... Lady Calpurnia Hartwell was coming into her own in a spectacular way- entirely new and thoroughly different from every woman he had known before her. And it was her heady combination of innocent curiosity and feminine will that had lured him into behaving the way he did.
He wanted her. Viscerally. In a way he'd never wanted any woman before her. — Sarah MacLean

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Nelly Furtado

I just think motherhood made me better, I think it rejuvenates you as a person, mind, body and spirit, and I think every woman is different. — Nelly Furtado

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Malina Suliman

The burqa is a way of controlling the woman, but in the name of respect. Every culture or religion gives a different name for the burqa. It is honor, or culture, or religion. Really, it just controls the woman and keeps her inside. — Malina Suliman

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Habeeb Akande

Every woman is different in her own special way. — Habeeb Akande

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Charles Bukowski

Every woman is different. Basically they seem to be a combination of the best and the worst - both magic and terrible. I'm glad that they exist, however. — Charles Bukowski

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By John Jeremiah Sullivan

While I paid, they exchanged some pieties on how everyone has his or her own beliefs, et cetera. Then the woman said, "It's just like, ten people see a car accident, every single one is gonna tell the police something different" (a vivid way, I thought, of localizing the story about the blind men feeling an elephant).
"Tell me which one of 'em gets out to help," the man said, "that's the one whose religion I'll listen to. — John Jeremiah Sullivan

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Theodora Goss

I think there is a certain age, for women, when you become fearless. It may be a different age for every woman, I don't know. It's not that you stop fearing things: I'm still afraid of heights, for example. Or rather, of falling - heights aren't the problem. But you stop fearing life itself. It's when you become fearless in that way that you decide to live.
Perhaps it's when you come to the realization that the point of life isn't to be rich, or secure, or even to be loved - to be any of the things that people usually think is the point. The point of life is to live as deeply as possible, to experience fully. And that can be done in so many ways."
(From her blog post "Fearless Women") — Theodora Goss

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Lisa Ferland

But every woman is different. Some women need more monitoring, others need very little. Sometimes medical intervention helps a pregnancy, and sometimes it leads to problems. Some women feel more comfortable surrounded by medical facilities; others feel more comfortable in the familiarity of their homes. Our job is to place you in the most ideal situation to allow you to give birth, so that you and your baby are healthy. — Lisa Ferland

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Carolyn Brown

So what's your secret?" Jed asked. "There's two secrets, son. One is to love your woman, not with your whole heart but with your soul. If you got an inklin' that you aren't finished chasin' skirts, then you ain't ready to settle down anyway. The other is to respect your woman." Everett poured coffee from the thermos into his cup. "That's different from loving her. That means you don't belittle her, not in front of other people or in private. Your job is to not only make her feel like she's gorgeous but to know in your heart that she really is and to drop down on your knees every once in a while and thank God that he put her in your life. You do those things and you'll be just fine. If you don't, somebody else will and you'll lose the best thing that ever happened to you." "Good — Carolyn Brown

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Mary Woronov

All of this is not just a battle plan, it's a vacation too. For instance: you don't like the life you are living? Escape into another world by taking a lover. Men can't do this. When they take on a woman she becomes part of their life, but a woman gets to change lives with every man she sleeps with. In fact men are like magic flying carpets; you can visit different lands, become rich or poor without working, become religious by marrying a priest, become a cowboy by having an affair in Texas, join the political game by blowing the President, and tomorrow get high with a pop star. Society is a wonderful thing if you're a woman, you really can go anywhere so long as a man's first priority is to get laid, and that will never change. — Mary Woronov

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Naomi Alderman

Nothing special has happened today; no one can say she was more provoked than usual. It is only that every day one grows a little, every day something is different, so that in the heaping up of days suddenly a thing that was impossible has become possible. This is how a girl becomes a grown woman. Step by step until it is done. — Naomi Alderman

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Chris Abani

Your anatomy is a mystery that nobody bothers explaining to us. Even when we think we have mastered one woman's body, every body is different. — Chris Abani

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Tereska Torres

In every woman, Claude had told Mickey, there is a need rarely satisfied by men, a need for simply caressing, and she had described how one of her women friends loved to cares the 'neutral parts' of her body for hours at a time. The neutral parts were the shoulders, the arms, the throat, the back, the parts that men seemd to forget. The insatiable desire for tenderness was felt most strongly in these neutral parts, wich were so rarely caressed. Men made love each in his fashion, more or less expertly, according to Claude, and they were especially fond of those things in women that were different from their own bodies. — Tereska Torres

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A great fire at night always has a thrilling and exhilarating effect. This is what explains the attraction of fireworks. But in that case the artistic regularity with which the fire is presented and the complete lack of danger give an impression of lightness and playfulness like the effect of a glass of champaign. A real conflagration is a very different matter. Then the horror and a certain sense of personal danger, together with the exhilarating effect at night, produce on the spectator (though of course not in the householder whose goods are being burnt) a certain concussion of the brain and, as it were, a challenge to those destructive instincts which, alas, lie hidden in every heart, even that of the mildest and most domestic little clerk ... .This sinister sensation is almost always fascinating ... of course, the very man who enjoys the spectacle will rush into the fire himself to save a child or an old woman ... — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Queen Latifah

Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer. — Queen Latifah

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Sherri Shepherd

I have hair that I audition with, my sitcom hair which is a curly wig. I have my long chic hair that I wear to my son's school so they know I'm not playing around. I always tell people that my husband gets a different woman every night when I come home from 'The View.' Hair makes you feel a certain way, like putting a power suit on. — Sherri Shepherd

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Primo Levi

But many, many stories were told; from what could be gathered, all fifty of the mine's inhabitants had reacted on each other, two by two, as in combinatorial analysis, that is to say, everyone with all the others, and especially every man with all the women, old maids or married, and every woman with all the men. All I had to do was to select two names at random, better if different sex, and ask a third person, "What happened with those two?" and lo and behold, a splendid story was unfolded for me, since everyone knew the story of everyone else. — Primo Levi

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By Carly Fiorina

A woman's experience is different from a man's in virtually every respect, including how she is treated by the media. — Carly Fiorina

Every Woman Is Different Quotes By C. L. Ferguson

God gave a choice to Adam and Eve to eat the fruit which caused death and pain to all mankind. How is that different than allowing a choice regarding abortion? A person may make the choice to end one life but god allowed a choice that impacts every man, woman and child that has ever been and ever will be. If we strive to follow the image of god how can we outlaw choices and deny the same rights, freedoms and choices that god allowed? We shouldn't determine the choices of others. — C. L. Ferguson