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Top Ever Changing Technology Quotes

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Bram Cohen

Despite my emphasis on technology, I do not view laws as inherently evil. My goals are political ones, even if my techniques are not. The only way to fundamentally succeed is by changing existing laws. If I rejected all help from the political arena I would inevitably fail. — Bram Cohen

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Natasha Bedingfield

The music technology scene is changing so fast it's hard to keep up. — Natasha Bedingfield

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Herman Kahn

A total nuclear freeze is counterproductive - especially now, when technology is rapidly changing and the Soviets have some important strategic advantages. — Herman Kahn

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jonathan Sacks

Which European leader today would not relish the wonder-working powers of a Moses? Budget deficit? Unpopular cuts? How about just a little miracle, an overnight increase in gold reserves, a new oil field, or the next world-changing communications technology? Surely that's not too much to ask. — Jonathan Sacks

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Spin-off technologies are changing the culture. Even if you don't become an engineer you could be a poet, a journalist, a lawyer, but you will be thinking innovation and your actions within society, who you vote for, what you value, all become a participant in an innovation economy. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Bernard Kelvin Clive

The world is fast changing and until you learn to adapt and adjust to stand out from the masses, you will fade into oblivion — Bernard Kelvin Clive

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Richard E. Pattis

When teaching a rapidly changing technology, perspective is more important than content. — Richard E. Pattis

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Steve Case

Because I do think - not just in building AOL - but just the world in which we live is a very confusing, rapidly changing world where technology has accelerated. — Steve Case

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Dean Kamen

Invention and entrepreneurship isn't about pure technology. Most people take whatever they see in front of them and relate it to something they understand. For at least ten years after Ford started building cars, people called them horseless carriages. It wasn't obvious to call it a car. They used to call the radio 'the wireless.' Innovation is much more about changing people and their perceptions and their attitudes and their willingness to accept change than it is about physics and engineering. — Dean Kamen

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jose Antonio Vargas

Independent of politics, the changing narrative on immigration is directly correlated to the fact that we have new technologies that are allowing people to talk to each other and tell their own stories and organize themselves. — Jose Antonio Vargas

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Anthony Principi

Our nation needs the BRAC process. No institution can remain successful if it does not adapt to its constantly changing environment. Our armed forces must adapt to changing global threats, evolving technology and new strategies and structures. — Anthony Principi

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Louis Rosenfeld

And yet, unlearn we must, for technology relentlessly transforms the playing field, changing not just the answers but the questions as well. — Louis Rosenfeld

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By William Gibson

It seemed that it was changing subtly, cooking itself down under the pressure of time, silent invisible flakes settling to form a mulch, a crystalline essence of discarded technology, flowering secretly in the Sprawl's waste places. — William Gibson

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jaron Lanier

The attribution of intelligence to machines, crowds of fragments, or other nerd deities obscures more than it illuminates. When people are told that a computer is intelligent, they become prone to changing themselves in order to make the computer appear to work better, instead of demanding that the computer be changed to become more useful. — Jaron Lanier

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Daniel H. Wilson

We humans have a love-hate relationship with our technology. We love each new advance and we hate how fast our world is changing ... The robots really embody that love-hate relationship we have with technology. — Daniel H. Wilson

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Lynda Resnick

Some of the most innocuous inventions have proven earth-shattering, with reverberations felt around the planet. The Internet is the poster child for disruptive technology, but even such inventions as Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPod have rocked their respective industries by changing how we entertain ourselves. — Lynda Resnick

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Mitt Romney

Consulting offered me an opportunity to see a lot of different businesses in different regions of the world, to see how textiles were being affected by foreign competition, how technology was changing. — Mitt Romney

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Amanda Crew

I have mixed feelings about how fast things are changing as a result of technology. There's no denying that through technology there are amazing things being created that help people with diseases or help people's dreams come true. But there's also this obsession. Social media is the most dangerous of them all. — Amanda Crew

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Bill Gates

The two areas that are changing ... are information technology and medical technology. Those are the things that the world will be very different 20 years from now than it is today. — Bill Gates

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Tony Blair

We need to develop the new green industrial revolution that develops the new technologies that can confront and overcome the challenge of climate change; and that above all can show us not that we can avoid changing our behaviour but we can change it in a way that is environmentally sustainable — Tony Blair

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Mark Mason

I think that people can get caught up in the "gee-whiz" technology of surveying, which is constantly changing, and forget about the legal aspects and the professional responsibility that surveyors bear - something that hasn't changed much at all in hundreds of years. — Mark Mason

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Arthur Ganson

Technology is very seductive, and it is certainly changing the way things are designed and made and taught. The problem is when technology has seduced you away from thinking about things as deeply as you should. — Arthur Ganson

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Tim O'Reilly

A lot of my energy is going to Code for America, Jen Pahlka's non-profit startup. We're doing a lot of great work teaching government how to apply technology and changing the culture of government. — Tim O'Reilly

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jack Weatherford

Genghis Khan's ability to manipulate people and technology represented the experienced knowledge of more than four decades of nearly constant warfare. At no single, crucial moment in his life did he suddenly acquire his genius at warfare, his ability to inspire the loyalty of his followers, or his unprecedented skill for organizing on a global scale. These derived not from epiphanic enlightenment or formal schooling but from a persistent cycle of pragmatic learning, experimental adaptation, and constant revision driven by his uniquely disciplined mind and focused will. His fighting career began long before most of his warriors at Bukhara had been born, and in every battle he learned something new. In every skirmish, he acquired more followers and additional fighting techniques. In each struggle, he combined the new ideas into a constantly changing set of military tactics, strategies, and weapons. He never fought the same war twice. — Jack Weatherford

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By John McAfee

One who understands the relationships between the human heart and the human mind will always out-hack those who chase after an ever-changing technology. — John McAfee

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Mamoru Oshii

As well as Japanese animation, technology has a huge influence on Japanese society, and also Japanese novels. It's because before, people tended to think that ideology or religion were the things that actually changed people, but it's been proven that that's not the case. Technology has been proven to be the thing that's actually changing people. So in that sense, it's become a theme in Japanese culture. — Mamoru Oshii

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jimmy Carter

We've lost an edge that we used to have in scientific innovation applications to goods to be sold. In many ways, that is also changing in the electronic field. Almost all of the materials that we use now are of advanced technology, I have an iPad and also an iPod, both of which are made in China. Although we have designed them here with Apple, for instance, they are manufactured overseas. — Jimmy Carter

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Nancy Jo Sales

We don't really even know how the Internet and technology are changing us, or our brains and our attention span. — Nancy Jo Sales

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Joe Bradley

Technology's always changing. There was a time where oil painting was a new technology. That changed painting. — Joe Bradley

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Paul Polman

My biggest fear is that I become useless or less useful by not being up to date - be it with technology, changing consumers, changing global situations. You continuously have to have a little level of paranoia that forces you to set the bar higher every day. — Paul Polman

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Paul Zane Pilzer

Changes that used to take place in 50 years now happen in a handful of years ... or even months. And how we deal with that changing technology explains almost everything. — Paul Zane Pilzer

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jim Hunt

Who knows what technology will emerge in the next five years, let alone 20. Yet the education we provide our children now is supposed to last for decades. We cannot train them for jobs that do not even exist yet, but we can provide them with the minds and tools they'll need to adapt to our ever-changing set of circumstances. — Jim Hunt

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Jose Antonio Vargas

Technology and the Internet are not just changing politics here in the U.S. It's also happening abroad. In the Philippines, where I grew up, grassroots organizers used text messaging to help overthrow a president. — Jose Antonio Vargas

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Walt Mossberg

I've been on the Web from the beginning of the Web. The good part about writing about technology is that you never run out of ideas, because it's changing so fast. The bad part is that it's changing so fast that there's a million new products and ideas every day and every week. — Walt Mossberg

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Juan Enriquez

Anytime you bring a really powerful new technology to market there are multiple implications. You start changing the relative position of countries. — Juan Enriquez

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Charles Stross

Most established novelists are writing books informed by experiences gained in their youth. Middle age is not the best time to be changing smartphones every six months or adopting new technology platforms - because we tend to get slower and less accommodating to change as we age. — Charles Stross

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Matt Ridley

Then there appeared upon the earth a new kind of hominid, which refused to play by the rules. Without any changes in its body, and without any succession of species, it just kept changing its habits. For the first time its technology changed faster than its anatomy. This was an evolutionary novelty, and you are it. When — Matt Ridley

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Bill Gates

People who feared IBM were wrong, ... Technology is ever-changing. — Bill Gates

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Vivek Wadhwa

Innovating Women is more important today than ever. Things are changing for the better. The recent announcements by Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Facebook of their diversity numbers - and a pledge to improve these - are the most recent victories. The Boys Club is under fire and is trying to reform itself. Women are achieving success and helping each other. Advancing technologies are leveling the playing field. Women are in the catbird seat for the new era of exponential innovation. This is the time to inspire and motivate - and that is what Innovating Women will surely do. — Vivek Wadhwa

Ever Changing Technology Quotes By Tahir Shah

Calcutta has spectacular over-employment. In the West, where we're obsessed with slashing the numbers of workers for the sake of it, we drool at the idea of more, faster computers, fewer humans. But as we struggle to adopt an ever-changing technology, we lose sight of the satisfaction that only a finely tuned human system can provide. — Tahir Shah