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Top Etiquette Quotes

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

Remember this, posting pictures are like speaking words, you cannot take them back. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By Arthur Martine

In society, the object of conversation is of course entertainment and improvement, and it must, therefore, be adapted to the circle in which it is carried on, and must be neither too high nor too deep for the party at large, so that every one may contribute his share, just as pleasure, and to the best of his ability — Arthur Martine

Etiquette Quotes By Y.S. Lee

I'm so sorry. I don't think the etiquette manuals cover this sort of situation." He leaned in close, his lips all but grazing her neck, and inhaled. "Mmm. You smell good, too."
She nearly choked. Took a step backwards, until her back met cold stone. "Th-thank you."
"That's better. May I kiss you?" His finger dipped into her shirt collar, stroking the tender nape of her neck.
"I d-don't th-think that's a good idea."
"Why not? We're alone." His hands were at her waist.
Her lungs felt tight and much too small. "Wh-what if somebody comes in?"
He considered for a moment. "Well, I suppose they'll think I fancy grubby little boys. — Y.S. Lee

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

Posting your thoughts on any social media site is like telling you most deeply held secret to the town gossip. Not a wise move. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By A.O. Storm

No, I don't want you to leave. I'm just grabbing your coat and nudging your toward the door for fun #AHOLE — A.O. Storm

Etiquette Quotes By Drew Gilpin Faust

I lived in a world where social arrangements were taken for granted and assumed to be timeless. A child's obligation was to learn these usages, not to question them. The complexities of racial deportment were of a piece with learning manners and etiquette more generally. — Drew Gilpin Faust

Etiquette Quotes By Gary Snyder

Here is perhaps the most delicious turn that comes out of thinking about politics from the standpoint of place: anyone of any race, language, religion, or origin is welcome, as long as they live well on the land. The great Central Valley region does not prefer English over Spanish or Japanese or Hmong. If it had any preferences at all, it might best like the languages it has heard for thousands of years, such as Maidu or Miwok, simply because it is used to them. Mythically speaking, it will welcome whomever chooses to observe the etiquette, express the gratitude, grasp the tools, and learn the songs that it takes to live there. — Gary Snyder

Etiquette Quotes By Milo Yiannopoulos

Like much of the identitarian Left, feminists want to replace old etiquette rules with a new system of politically-driven language policing, controlled by them and predicated on nebulous hurt feelings and speculative "harm." Having long overturned the hectoring, socially-conservative establishment, they now want to assume its place. — Milo Yiannopoulos

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

Okay, I cannot say this without being very direct. If you are looking for a spouse or even a romance through social media, you are looking for trouble. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By Stanley Crouch

The high point of civilization is that you can hate me and I can hate you but we develop an etiquette that allows us to deal with each other because if we acted solely upon our impulse we'd probably go to war. — Stanley Crouch

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

Yes, etiquette is hypocritical. Yes, it does inhibit children - if you're lucky. But the idea that it's elitist and irrelevant is like saying language is elitist and irrelevant. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

One of the big no-nos in cyberspace is that you do not go into a social activity, a chat group or something like that, and start advertising or selling things. This etiquette rule is an attempt to separate one's social life, which should be pure enjoyment and relaxation, from the pressures of work. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

Social media is just that - social. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By Maralee McKee

A chief cause of worry and unhappiness in life is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment. — Maralee McKee

Etiquette Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

Nice clothes are all very well, but if gossip and scheming and worry and silly parties and tiny rules of etiquette go with them ... no. I'd as soon live in my shift and say what I like. — Diana Gabaldon

Etiquette Quotes By Julia Glass

Colorful garments - ball gowns, kimonos, evening pajamas - made from yards upon yards of iridescent silk or velvet. I own an unjustifiable number of such outfits and jump at the chance to wear them. Against the etiquette about which I am otherwise all too conscious, I frequently, and unrepentantly, overdress for the occasion. — Julia Glass

Etiquette Quotes By Virginia Graham

In society it is etiquette for ladies to have the best chairs and get handed things. In the home the reverse is the case. This is why ladies are more sociable than gentlemen. — Virginia Graham

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

Follow your Netiquette. Practice proper internet etiquette. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Beau Brummell

Starch makes the gentleman, etiquette the lady. — Beau Brummell

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

If you cannot post it in social media do not send it in email. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Lorrie Moore

This was supposed to be the Presidential Suite," she said, gazing into the room at the holes in the wall.
well, even presidents get shot," I said.
I was just going to say that myself," she said, smiling. "But I didn't want to scare you."
I didn't know whether this was interesting
that we were both thinking the same gruesome thing
or even whether it was actually the case. Perhaps it was just rhetorical ESP: Kreskin's Guide to Etiquette. But even if it was true, that we were about to say the same thing, did this connect us in some deep private way? Or was it just a random obviousness shared between strangers? The deeper life between two people I had yet to read with confidence. It seemed a kind of vaporous text that kept revising its very alphabet. An exfoliating narrative, my professors would probably say. The paratext of the possible. — Lorrie Moore

Etiquette Quotes By Naomi Novik

Araminta had generally considered the laws of etiquette as the rules of the chase, and divided them into categories: those which everyone broke, all the time; those which one could not break without being frowned at; and those which caused one to be quietly and permanently left out of every future invitation to the field. — Naomi Novik

Etiquette Quotes By Santino Hassell

He'd never been a kidnapping or hostage victim before, so he was a little fuzzy on the etiquette. — Santino Hassell

Etiquette Quotes By Abigail Roux

What's proper workplace etiquette for picking up computer and tossing out window? Open window first or break glass? — Abigail Roux

Etiquette Quotes By Natasha Devon

To suggest that one's belly, body hair or tattoo is 'distasteful' and should therefore be covered in the name of etiquette is the very worst sort of body fascism. If your children are traumatised by the sight of a fat person in a bikini, a bit of cellulite or a caesarean scar, then may I tentatively suggest that you aren't raising them correctly. If seeing someone hairy wearing something skimpy renders you 'unable to eat your lunch' then I'm afraid my diagnosis is the problem is with your brain, not their body. — Natasha Devon

Etiquette Quotes By Corinne Bailey Rae

You were unnervingly delicate, And I had a weakness for etiquetteCorinne Bailey Rae

Etiquette Quotes By Larry McMurtry

Working- and Middle-class families sat down at the dinner table every night - the shared meal was the touchstone of good manners. Indeed, that dinner table was the one time when we were all together, every day: parents, grandparents, children, siblings. Rudeness between siblings, or a failure to observe the etiquette of passing dishes to one another, accompanied by "please" and "thank you," was the training ground of behavior, the place where manners began. — Larry McMurtry

Etiquette Quotes By Rose Macaulay

So they left the subject and played croquet, which is a very good game for people who are annoyed with one another, giving many opportunities for venting rancor. — Rose Macaulay

Etiquette Quotes By Jean De La Bruyere

The very essence of politeness is to take care that by our words and actions we make other people pleased with us as well as with themselves. — Jean De La Bruyere

Etiquette Quotes By Robert Breault

To help someone in need is not charity it is proper etiquette. — Robert Breault

Etiquette Quotes By Alistair Cooke

I wrote to Mr. McEnroe, Senior. I said: "Here is the sentence once written by the immortal Bobby Jones. I thought you might like to have it done in needlepoint and mounted in a suitable frame to hang over Little John's bed. It says, The rewards of golf - and of life, too, I expect - are worth very little if you don't play the game by the etiquette as well as by the rules." I never heard from Mr. McEnroe, Senior. I can only conclude that the letter went astray. — Alistair Cooke

Etiquette Quotes By Andrew Levkoff

It is laughable how often good manners interfere with my survival. — Andrew Levkoff

Etiquette Quotes By Brooks Atkinson

The cheese and wine party has the form of friendship without the warmth and devotion. It is a device either for getting rid of social obligations hurriedly en mass, or for making overtures towards more serious social relationships, as in the etiquette of whoring. — Brooks Atkinson

Etiquette Quotes By Stephen Chbosky

He says when you're smoking a cigarette with someone, and you have a lighter, you should light their cigarette first. But if you have matches, you should light your cigarette first, so you breathe in the 'harmful sulfur' instead of them. He says it's the polite thing to do. He also says it's bad luck to have "three on a match." He heard that from his uncle who fought in Vietnam. Something about how three cigarettes was enough time for the enemy to know where you are. Bob says that when you're alone, and you light a cigarette, and the cigarette is only halfway lit that means someone is thinking about you. — Stephen Chbosky

Etiquette Quotes By Virginia Graham

England is the only civilised country in the world where it is etiquette to fall on the food like a wolf the moment it is served. Elsewhere it is comme il faut to wait until everybody has helped himself to everything and until everything on everybody's plate is stone cold. — Virginia Graham

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

No matter who it is or what you think of them, never rejoice in the pain of others. It lowers you to a level you should not be at. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By Isak Dinesen

I have read or been told that in a book of etiquette of the seventeenth century the very first rule forbids you to tell your dreams to other people, since they cannot possibly be of interest to them. — Isak Dinesen

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

You are what you post. Proper netiquette makes you a good user. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Ambrose Bierce

Death is a dignitary who when he comes announced is to be received with formal manifestations of respect, even by those most familiar with him. In the code of military etiquette silence and fixity are forms of deference. — Ambrose Bierce

Etiquette Quotes By Amy Vanderbilt

I am a journalist in the field of etiquette. I try to find out what the most genteel people regularly do, what traditions they have discarded, what compromises they have made. — Amy Vanderbilt

Etiquette Quotes By Elisabeth Brown

None of the etiquette books he studied addressed this situation. Maybe he could write one: How to Behave When the Girl You Adore Runs Away from You at Your Own Royal Ball. — Elisabeth Brown

Etiquette Quotes By Hlovate

Respecting requests, rules and privacy is a universal law. You break that basic etiquette 101, you're seriously flawed. — Hlovate

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

It is proper netiquette to refrain from using all capital letters in internet correspondence. NetworkEtiquetteDavid Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By James Joyce

- He can't wear them, Buck Mulligan told his face in the mirror. Etiquette is etiquette. He kills his mother but he can't wear grey trousers. — James Joyce

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

Etiquette is all human social behavior. If you're a hermit on a mountain, you don't have to worry about etiquette; if somebody comes up the mountain, then you've got a problem. It matters because we want to live in reasonably harmonious communities. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Joseph Sobran

A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don't respect their victimhood, they'll destroy you. — Joseph Sobran

Etiquette Quotes By Celia Rivenbark

While it may seem a bit antithetical to use quite so many "naughty words" in an etiquette book, I can assure you that I would never use curse words for shock value alone or to prop up a needy joke. We live in a world in which one Real Housewife of New Jersey seriously admonished another to "show some fuckin' class!" Enough said. — Celia Rivenbark

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

Etiquette does not render you defenseless. If it did, even I wouldn't subscribe to it. But rudeness in retaliation for rudeness just doubles the amount of rudeness in the world. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Hal Duncan

Civility and etiquette, gentlemen, are all important. — Hal Duncan

Etiquette Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

You are not a one dimensional human being. You are not your social media etiquette, a picture, a few things said under stress or through misunderstanding. You are much more. You are a fearless and wonderful soul who loves greatly. The people that matter are the ones that see all the dimensions of your soul, not just the superficial. They will climb inside that box with you not because they are not sure if they will ever find your uniqueness in another person. They do so because they feel safe enough to share their uniqueness with you. They see your faults and know that they have them also. They feel the walls lowered and the freedom of being themselves. Honesty is never guarded or regretted. That is what makes that box home. — Shannon L. Alder

Etiquette Quotes By John Ramsay McCulloch

Etiquette is the ceremonial code of polite life, more voluminous and minute in each portion of society according to its rank. — John Ramsay McCulloch

Etiquette Quotes By Yamamoto Tsunetomo

The basic meaning of etiquette is to be quick at both the beginning and end and tranquil in the middle. — Yamamoto Tsunetomo

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

Etiquette enables you to resolve conflict without just trading insults. Without etiquette, the irritations in modern life are so abrasive that you see people turning to the law to regulate everyday behavior. This frightens me; it's a major inroad on our basic freedoms. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

Updates are low quality if we lose more contacts than we gain. It's over posting if all we get is exposure. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Emily Post

Whenever two people come together and their behavior affects one another, you have etiquette. — Emily Post

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

We already know that anonymous letters are despicable. In etiquette, as well as in law, hiring a hit man to do the job does not relieve you of responsibility. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Zoe Bell

I'm completely at ease on a set. I'm pretty comfortable most places, but hitting the mark and knowing set etiquette and understanding cameras and lenses are second nature. It's a language I've spoken for years. — Zoe Bell

Etiquette Quotes By Anna Banks

Galen sprints to the back sliding-glass door and bangs on it. There's no time for etiquette. He motions for Rayna and Toraf to stay back. He can tell Rayna would rather eat her own than obey, but Toraf restrains her.
Emma comes to the door, a brilliant smile on her face. "You in a hurry for some reason?" she says, excitement lighting up those huge violet eyes.
"He must have missed me," Emma's mom calls from the kitchen. She winks at Galen, completely oblivious to how her world is about to shift.
"Mom. Ew," Emma says, handing Galen a towel and shutting the door. — Anna Banks

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

As if etiquette weren't magnificently capable of being used to make others feel uncomfortable. All right. Miss Manners will give you an example, although you are spoiling her Queen Victoria mood: If you are rude to your ex-husband's new wife at your daughter's wedding, you will make her feel smug. Comfortable. If you are charming and polite, you will make her feel uncomfortable. Which do you want to do? On — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Diane Setterfield

My father never put a book into my hands and never forbade a book. Instead, he let me roam and graze, making my own more or less appropriate selections. I read gory tales of historic heroism that nine-teenth century parents were suitable for children, and gothic ghost stories that were surely not; I read accounts of arduous travel through treacherous lands undertaken by spinsters in crinolines, and I read handbooks on decorum and etiquette intended for young ladies of good family; I read books with pictures and books without; books in English, books in French, books in languages I didn't understand where I could make up stories in my head on the basis of a handful of guessed-at words. Books. Books. And books. — Diane Setterfield

Etiquette Quotes By Ursula Parrott

Being civilized means that one keeps one's words unrelated to one's thoughts, when necessary. — Ursula Parrott

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

It's proper fitness netiquette to use a mobile/wearable heart rate monitor when you work out. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

Etiquette is about all of human social behavior. Behavior is regulated by law when etiquette breaks down or when the stakes are high - violations of life, limb, property and so on. Barring that, etiquette is a little social contract we make that we will restrain some of our more provocative impulses in return for living more or less harmoniously in a community. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Melanie Benjamin

Why were there so many barriers between us, always? Barriers of clothing, of etiquette, of time and age and reason. — Melanie Benjamin

Etiquette Quotes By Helen DeWitt

There is a strange taboo in our society against ending something merely because it is not pleasant
life, love, a conversation, you name it, the etiquette is that you must begin in ignorance & persevere in the face of knowledge, & though I naturally believe that this is profoundly wrong it's not nice to go around constantly offending people. — Helen DeWitt

Etiquette Quotes By Katherine Ashenburg

Naturally, etiquette books order handwashing before as well as after meals, but the practice also appears, with a frequency that borders on obsession, in poetry. Poets found it hard to describe a banquet or even a meal without affirming that everyone washed their hands. — Katherine Ashenburg

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

Let your internet engagement show your inner beauty through online actions with Netiquette. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

We are all born rude. No infant has ever appeared yet with the grace to understand how inconsiderate it is to disturb others in the middle of the night. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Terry Pratchett

You are very clever," said the old man shyly. "I would like to eat your brains, one day."
For some reason the books of etiquette that Daphne's grandmother had forced on her didn't quite deal with this. Of course, silly people would say to babies, "You're so sweet I could gobble you all up!" but that sort of nonsense seemed less funny when it was said by a man in war paint who owned more than one skull. Daphne, cursed with good manners, settled for "It's very kind of you to say so. — Terry Pratchett

Etiquette Quotes By Letitia Baldrige

Writers on etiquette receive a continuous flow of questions on subjects such as 'When is it too early in the season to wear white accessories?' and 'What is the proper gift to send to a family in mourning?' — Letitia Baldrige

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

Posting something that is encouraging and well done compared to something that is trashy and common is the difference between eating a fine meal or the scraps from making that meal. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By Jim Shepard

The etiquette of blurbs means it's not hard to not blurb something (if it's not by a friend, or student): everyone knows how many books you're deluged with. You can just say you never got to it. — Jim Shepard

Etiquette Quotes By Emily Post

"Keep your hands to yourself!" might almost be put at the head of the first chapter of every book on etiquette. — Emily Post

Etiquette Quotes By Eileen Dreyer

But Miss Ferguson preferred science over penmanship. Philosophy over etiquette. And, dear heavens preserve them all, mathematics over everything. Not simply numbering that could see a wife through her household accounts. Algebra. Geometry. Indecipherable equations made up of unrecognizable symbols that meant nothing to anyone but the chit herself. It was enough to give Miss Chase hives.

The girl wasn't even saved by having any proper feminine skills. She could not tat or sing or draw. Her needlework was execrable, and her Italian worse. In fact, her only skills were completely unacceptable, as no one wanted a wife who could speak German, discuss physics, or bring down more pheasant than her husband. — Eileen Dreyer

Etiquette Quotes By Angela Lansbury

The purpose of etiquette is to provide an easy set of rules which we can follow when we are in a hurry and want to make sure that we do not give offense to anybody. — Angela Lansbury

Etiquette Quotes By Rick Riordan

How do you greet a god? If there's an etiquette guide for that, I haven't read it. I'm never sure if I'm supposed to shake hands, kneel, or bow and shout, "We're not worthy!" I knew Hermes better than most of the Olympians. Over the years, he'd helped me out several times. Unfortunately last summer I'd also fought his demigod son Luke, who'd been corrupted by the Titan Kronos, in a mortal combat smack-down for the fate of the world. Luke's death hadn't been entirely my fault, but it still put a damper on my relationship with Hermes. I decided to start simple. "Hi. — Rick Riordan

Etiquette Quotes By Seanan McGuire

I know because your mice have been sending Facebook messages to my mice. They really like the caps lock key. Someone should teach them about proper email etiquette. — Seanan McGuire

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

It's good netiquette to judge others by the the intent of their words not content of characters. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Lynn Coady

Let's not confuse traditional behaviours with good manners. The definition of etiquette is gender neutral - it simply means we strive at all times to ensure a person in our company feels at ease. — Lynn Coady

Etiquette Quotes By Heather T. Forbes

Love-based parenting elevates the importance of the relationship to the highest position. No homework assignment, no chore, and no social etiquette is ever more important than the parent-child relationship. Maintaining connectedness and attunement, thereby sustaining the balance of love of self and love of child, is the primal outcome of every interaction the parent has with the child. When this is achieved, the other less significant items will take care of themselves. The ultimate challenge in reaching this goal is that children both want and need autonomy (independence), yet they are biologically engineered to be in relationships and to belong (dependence). This clash between the two is compounded by American culture where there is a powerful emphasis on the individual rather than — Heather T. Forbes

Etiquette Quotes By Brian D'Ambrosio

Pay phones,
relics of an almost-vanished landscape,
always a touch of seediness and sadness,
and a sense of transience,
sweaty phones used by men outside maternity wards,
feeding them fistfuls of change. — Brian D'Ambrosio

Etiquette Quotes By Celia Rivenbark

Proper driving etiquette demands that you basically get close enough to a car in front of you at a busy intersection that it would mean that in certain third-world countries, or South Carolina, you would have to get married. — Celia Rivenbark

Etiquette Quotes By Judith Martin

Shame is the proper reaction when one has purposefully violated the accepted behavior of society. Inflicting it is etiquette's response when its rules are disobeyed. The law has all kinds of nasty ways of retaliating when it is disregarded, but etiquette has only a sense of social shame to deter people from treating others in ways they know are wrong. So naturally Miss Manners wants to maintain the sense of shame. Some forms of discomfort are fully justified, and the person who feels shame ought to be dealing with removing its causes rather than seeking to relieve the symptoms. — Judith Martin

Etiquette Quotes By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

On Egyptian television during a 2010 talk show, a Muslim cleric, Sa'd Arafat, reviewed the rules for beating one's wife. He began by saying, "Allah honored wives by installing the punishment of beating."21 Beating, he explained, was a legitimate punishment if a husband did not receive sexual satisfaction from his wife. But he added: "There is a beating etiquette." Beatings must avoid the face because they should not make a wife ugly. They must be done at chest level. He recommended using a short rod. — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Etiquette Quotes By John Patrick Hickey

By no means do I think that playing games online is wrong or rude. However, constantly sending requests is an act of bad manners as well as being very annoying to the one receiving them. — John Patrick Hickey

Etiquette Quotes By Arthur C. Clarke

Manual control, please."
"Are you sure, Frank?"
"Quite sure, 'Falcon' ... Thank you."
Illogical though it seemed, most of the human race had found it impossible not to be polite to its artificial children, however simpleminded they might be. Whole volumes of psychology, as well as popular guides ('How Not to Hurt Your Computer's Feelings'; 'Artificial Intelligence
Real Irritation' were some of the best-known titles) had been written on the subject of Man-Machine etiquette. Long ago it had been decided that, however inconsequential rudeness to robots might appear to be, it should be discouraged. All too easily, it could spread to human relationships as well. — Arthur C. Clarke

Etiquette Quotes By Tim Gunn

When someone dies, it's good to mail a note. Don't send an e-mail. You have to send a card. Everyone should have cards and stamps kicking around. I have some very simple stationery, just nice card stock with my name at the top. When the news is happy, e-mail is fine. You can e-mail congratulations about babies, weddings, anything. But when it's not? If it's a death or other bad news, you have to be more formal. — Tim Gunn

Etiquette Quotes By Rosie Blythe

When it comes to the way you present yourself online, the acid test is: Can you imagine Grace Kelly doing it? If you can picture her saying "Dem hos betta watch out imma beat some ass tonite", then congratulations, you have a much better imagination than mine. Likewise, if you can't quite see her posting a snapshot of herself drunkenly pole-dancing, think twice about broadcasting those pictures to the world. — Rosie Blythe

Etiquette Quotes By John Ralston Saul

In the West, of course, God has been dead for some time. What remains is religion as social belief, which is at best a moral code and at worst social etiquette. — John Ralston Saul

Etiquette Quotes By Michael Kors

China is exciting because it is an extremely curious and interested market. What more can a designer ask for? The client here is bold and willing to try new things, which a country with a long fashion history wouldn't dare. France or England is weighed down by all these rules, elaborate etiquette, do's and don'ts. Things here move incredibly quickly. — Michael Kors

Etiquette Quotes By Emily Post

No rule of etiquette is of less importance than which fork we use. — Emily Post

Etiquette Quotes By Bauvard

I threw an etiquette party and served nothing but beans and sparkling water. The topic of conversation was 'excuse me'. — Bauvard

Etiquette Quotes By Frank Sonnenberg

The best networkers have learned that, as with anything in life, what goes around, comes around. — Frank Sonnenberg

Etiquette Quotes By Emily Post

Etiquette requires the presumption of good until the contrary is proved. — Emily Post

Etiquette Quotes By Okakura Kakuzo

Asiatic youths are flocking to Western colleges for the equipment of modern education. Our insight does not penetrate your culture deeply, but at least we are willing to learn. Some of my compatriots have adopted too much of your customs and too much of your etiquette, in the delusion that the acquisition of stiff collars and tall silk hats comprised the attainment of your civilisation. Pathetic and deplorable as such affectations are, they evince our willingness to approach the West on our knees. — Okakura Kakuzo

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

Making your own Netiquette is advanced internet use, but it's not that hard. It's all good. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

The internet is bringing our collective conscious together by showing the good and bad in humanity. Good Netiquette is the outcome. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Sarah Cross

I'm starting to think it was a mistake to introduce you to the whole gang," he said.
Rafe was still hitting on Layla; Layla was fighting with him, insisting that fairies didn't turn good people into monsters, they just exposed the monstrousness that was already there; and Freddie was doing his best to play peacemaker, or etiquette coach from 1850, or whatever he thought he was doing. Henley was watching the group from outside, leaning against the window, smoking a cigarette. Viv was sawing into an apple tart with a masochistic grin on her face.
"No wonder you're such a freak," Mira said finally. — Sarah Cross

Etiquette Quotes By David Chiles

It is proper Netiquette to contribute free resources to the internet, share. — David Chiles

Etiquette Quotes By Elsa Maxwell

Etiquette-a fancy word for simple kindness. — Elsa Maxwell