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Top Emotionally Draining Quotes

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Jessica N. Turner

We all know people who tend to overstep their bounds. Maybe it is a mother-in-law who tells you how to run your house or a parent at school who always manages to get you to volunteer for events you don't want to participate in. These types of people can be very draining on us emotionally, demanding too much of our time and energy. For you to be the best woman you can be, you need to put boundaries around those relationships. — Jessica N. Turner

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Laura Mvula

My songs are very personal, which means they are fantastically therapeutic to write, but performing them night after night is emotionally draining. — Laura Mvula

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Philip Houston

signs of deceptive behavior. With each admission, remember to avoid a deep dive into any one issue. Your best bet is to aim for little nuggets of information, so it doesn't appear that you're asking for a big data dump and an emotionally draining confession. Then, when you have all those nuggets and it's time for your deep dive, don't go back to the beginning - start with the most recent admission first. That's likely the most serious matter, because it's the one she tried hardest to conceal. Keep in mind as you're collecting those nuggets how essential it is to remain engaged. As we pointed out in Chapter 6, engaging the person you're interrogating is a vital element in coming across as sincere, which will in turn help you in your effort to persuade the person to share the information you're seeking. But we should make it clear that it's equally important to be engaged from the standpoint of ensuring that you don't miss any of those nuggets that are coming at you. — Philip Houston

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Alice Clayton

Love is messy, painful and emotionally draining. It hardly seems worth it. — Alice Clayton

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Ezekiel Emanuel

Having been an oncologist and having cared for scores, if not hundreds, of dying patients, when you don't have a treatment that can shrink the tumor and the patient will die, it's a very difficult conversation. It's emotionally draining. — Ezekiel Emanuel

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Bel Powley

Movies make teenagers have quippy answers for every question. Nothing seems to faze them, and they're like, 'Oh, whatever.' You're not like that when you're a teenager. You're really earnest. Things really feel like life or death. And you kind of oscillate between emotions at one time. It's very emotionally draining being a teenager. — Bel Powley

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Jeb Blount

There is no easy button in sales. Prospecting is hard, emotionally draining work, and it is the price you have to pay to earn a high income. — Jeb Blount

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Abdellatif Kechiche

My film (Black Venus) had been very emotionally draining and difficult because I had identified so much with the lead character, Saartjie Baartman. — Abdellatif Kechiche

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Scott Patterson

I'd like to settle down eventually, but acting is emotionally draining. — Scott Patterson

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Holly Holm

Fighting is a very emotionally draining sport. I don't want to waste time on drama beforehand. — Holly Holm

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Jenny Block

That dichotomy, in which the male half of a partnership wants a kitten in the kitchen and a tiger in the bedroom, is incredibly emotionally draining and confusing for women, whether they're married or not. — Jenny Block

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Sarah Jo Smith

Let me tell you a few truths about being a stepmother you won't read in any self-help books or get from a therapist. It's emotionally draining to be a stepmother. Being a stepmother is the most difficult job on the planet because no matter what you do, you lose. — Sarah Jo Smith

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Ana Layevska

When I play a villain, I usually get home and sleep straight through the night. It's physically and emotionally draining. — Ana Layevska

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Morris Chestnut

Action films are emotionally and physically draining, and you're dirty and sweaty. In a romantic comedy, you have to have your fingernails perfect, you're in air-conditioned rooms the whole time. — Morris Chestnut

Emotionally Draining Quotes By Mike Judge

I'm fine watching stuff on tape, to me casting is the most painful part of the whole process, it's like going on a horribly awkward date every five minutes for eight hours, and people come in and they'll be someone good but they're not right, and you want to tell them they're good, but it sounds like BS, and they're looking at your face to see how they did, what adjustments they need, and it's just so emotionally draining, and it goes on and on. — Mike Judge