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Top Effectiveness Quotes

Effectiveness Quotes By Adam Braun

There are many challenges in the global education ecosystem: from top-down systemic issues in how educational services are organized and delivered, to bottom-up issues of curriculum effectiveness, accountability, and human resource allocation. — Adam Braun

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Teach faith as a non-negotiable - What should your family be aware of? Why should they be aware of these things? How will they become aware? When and at what stages must they become aware? — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

When incomes and bonuses decrease, revenues falter, and businesses stumble, it's more important than ever to give - not necessarily more, but in a way that matters more. When incomes are down and wallets are stretched, the effectiveness of our giving is what really counts. — Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen

Effectiveness Quotes By Sun Tzu

And regulation entails organizational effectiveness, a chain of command, and a structure for logistical support. — Sun Tzu

Effectiveness Quotes By Peter F. Drucker

The subject of this book is managing oneself for effectiveness. — Peter F. Drucker

Effectiveness Quotes By Claude Levi-Strauss

The work of the painter, the poet or the musician, like the myths and symbols of the savage, ought to be seen by us, if not as a superior form of knowledge, at least as the most fundamental and the only one really common to us all; scientific thought is merely the sharp point more penetrating because it has been whetted on the stone of fact, but at the cost of some loss of substance and its effectiveness is to be explained by its power to pierce sufficiently deeply for the main body of the tool to follow the head. — Claude Levi-Strauss

Effectiveness Quotes By Robert Payne

Naked power has its limitations, since power is a generator of corruption and corruption in its turn tends to dilute the effectiveness of power. — Robert Payne

Effectiveness Quotes By Katherine Harris

We're not going to pay attention to the silliness and the petty comments. And quite frankly, women have joined me in this effort, and so it's not about appearances. It's about effectiveness. — Katherine Harris

Effectiveness Quotes By Daniel J. Levitin

Alternative medicine is simply medicine for which there is no evidence of effectiveness. Once — Daniel J. Levitin

Effectiveness Quotes By Henna Inam

Authenticity requires us to slow down. Fast times require us to slow down. To be effective, we need to slow down our pace of thought and action and focus on managing our attention. To be authentic leaders we need to act from intention and choice rather than from habit and impulse. — Henna Inam

Effectiveness Quotes By Todd Henry

it's easy to confuse progress with effectiveness. All progress is not true progress. It's possible to gain ground for many days, weeks, months, or even years but be going in a completely wrong direction. That's — Todd Henry

Effectiveness Quotes By Scott E. Spradlin

When emotions turn and stay sour, when thoughts become cynical and judgmental, good and compassionate treatment is on the line. Helpers who become sour and cynical tend to begrudge their high need clients for their neediness. There is a risk that helpers become too well-practiced at taking a bleak view of those they have avowed to assist. There is a temptation to begin to blame clients for their failure to improve. If treatment ends pre-maturely, with either a client never returning to treatment or a helper 'firing' them out of frustration, there is a tendency for the client to take the fall. Of course what we are talking about here are signs of burnout. — Scott E. Spradlin

Effectiveness Quotes By Bryant McGill

When you blame others you are effectively proclaiming that you are only response to stimuli. — Bryant McGill

Effectiveness Quotes By Seth Godin

The ironic thing is that marketers have responded to this problem with the single worst cure possible. To deal with the clutter and the diminished effectiveness of Interruption Marketing, they're interrupting us even more! — Seth Godin

Effectiveness Quotes By Justin Rosenstein

When I ask people how much time they spend not doing their job - time spent on 'work-about-work' or phone calls or e-mails - people regularly tell me 60, or even 90 percent. So if Asana could take that down closer to zero, we could potentially double the effectiveness of humanity. — Justin Rosenstein

Effectiveness Quotes By Margaret J. Wheatley

In the past, it was easier to believe in my own effectiveness. If I worked hard, with good colleagues and good ideas, we could make a difference. But now, I sincerely doubt that. — Margaret J. Wheatley

Effectiveness Quotes By Janet Yellen

Transparency concerning the Federal Reserve's conduct of monetary policy is desirable because better public understanding enhances the effectiveness of policy. More important, however, is that transparent communications reflect the Federal Reserve's commitment to accountability within our democratic system of government. — Janet Yellen

Effectiveness Quotes By Pearl Zhu

The hard core of leadership capabilities strengthens leadership effectiveness and highlights leadership substance. — Pearl Zhu

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Your unwillingness to change to my view point is purely on the justifiable basis that you have your own strongly held beliefs about important life issues. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Jim Highsmith

In a self-organized team, individuals take accountability for managing their own workload, shift work among themselves based on need and best fit, and take responsibility for team effectiveness. Team members have considerable leeway in how they deliver results, they are self-disciplined in their accountability for those results, and they work within a flexible framework. — Jim Highsmith

Effectiveness Quotes By Yisroel Salanter

Promote yourself, but do not demote another. — Yisroel Salanter

Effectiveness Quotes By Paul Volcker

It's a whole different attitude toward public service than it once was. I tell you, we can all sit around in our old age and moan about it, but I think the administrative processes and the management effectiveness of the federal government are terrible! — Paul Volcker

Effectiveness Quotes By George Arthur Crump

As I noted in my article "Comparing LTO-6 to Scale-Out Storage for Long-Term Retention," in these situations tape is an ideal storage type. Data on tape can still be automatically scanned for durability and it certainly meets the cost-effectiveness requirements. — George Arthur Crump

Effectiveness Quotes By Abraham H. Maslow

The empirical fact is that self-actualizing people, our best experiencers, are also our most compassionate, our great improvers and reformers of society, our most effective fighters against injustice, inequality, slavery, cruelty, exploitation (and also are best fighters for excellence, effectiveness, competence). And it also becomes clearer and clearer that our best 'helpers' are the most fully human persons. What I may call the bodhisattvic path is an integration of self-improvement and social zeal, i.e., the best way to become a better 'helper' is to become a better person. But one necessary aspect of becoming a better person is via helping other people. So one must and can do both simultaneously. — Abraham H. Maslow

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Make the difficult choices and adopt the discipline regime required of a person who has set their mind to succeed, kiss mediocrity goodbye and translate an ordinary life to the extraordinary. It takes personal commitment of time and resources, and a sacrifice of non-essential pleasures to move towards success. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Your words are powerful containers, carrying blessings or curses depending on what is inside of you. If you harbour bitterness in you, you will speak spitefully and create hurt and hatred in those you speak with. If there is love inside of you, you will release pleasant and caring words that create appreciation, gratitude and warmth in those around you. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Epictetus

Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not. It is only after you have faced up to this fundamental rule and learned to distinguish between what you can and can't control that inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible. — Epictetus

Effectiveness Quotes By Brian Tracy

One of the most important rules of personal effectiveness is the 10/90 rule. — Brian Tracy

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Consistently turning up for meetings late, is a statement saying you have no respect for the person you are meeting or for the purpose of the meeting, or both. You are sending a clear message that this person or the reason for your meeting is not important to you. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

An army's effectiveness depends on its size, training, experience, and morale, and morale is worth more than any of the other factors combined. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Effectiveness Quotes By Sidin Vadukut

since they deal with matters that are the centre of conflict of opposing social groups where the effectiveness of an argument is often contingent upon oversimplification. — Sidin Vadukut

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

You make the plans - otherwise you will die thinking it is not possible to plan to have time for work, for exercise, for sleep, for relaxation, for recreation, for eating, for entertainment, for love, for family, for spirituality, for friends, for personal reflection, for personal development, for business, for charity all in one life! — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Don't do things or act out your posture and gestures to impress people, just be yourself and portray the confident 'you' with that high self-esteem. So relax because you are 'you'. Be sincere, be authentic. That will be impressive enough. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Lao-Tzu

So there are established sayings: Guidance to enlightenment seems nonsensical. Guidance to progress seems backwards. Guidance to equality seems to classify. Higher efficacy seems at a loss. Great purity seems like shame. Broad effectiveness seems insufficient. Constructive effectiveness seems casual. Basic reality seems changeable. A great expanse has no shores. A large container takes a long time to make. Important news is rarely heard. — Lao-Tzu

Effectiveness Quotes By John Murray

The glory of the cross is bound up with the effectiveness of its accomplishment. — John Murray

Effectiveness Quotes By Connie Kerbs

The importance of cultivating assumption of the best intentions in others cannot be over-estimated. Fostering this principal of, "goodness of intent," and committing to seeing others and the world through this lens makes for a successful, happy field of vision. This enables us to put our focus and energy to positive, productive outcomes. It lends to a spirit of cooperation and encouragement which is highly effective and satisfying for most people most of the time. That being said, these "rose colored glasses," as vibrant and pleasing as they are, must not become an excuse to look the other way when something needs a different focus, or fixed. We must not let them become blinders which are obviously ineffective, often negative, and occasionally dangerous. — Connie Kerbs

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

There is no point knowing your mission if you cannot see the area of need for that mission. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

It must start by knowing Time = Life. Spending your life on impulse will lead to a broke life, just like impulse buying leads to an empty wallet! How much value you place on your time reflects in the activities that consume your time. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Charles F. Stanley

Friend, you're in a spiritual battle, and your enemy is trying to undermine your faith and impede your progress. Satan cannot destroy your soul, but he can demolish your effectiveness. And he does so by building strongholds in your life that influence your thoughts and actions - ultimately enslaving you to sin. Thus he renders you ineffective for the kingdom of God. Don't fall for his trap. — Charles F. Stanley

Effectiveness Quotes By Charles McPhee

The goal of dream study is to increase one's contact with and access to the abilities of their subconscious mind. I became interested in dreams as an avenue to increase my knowledge of the subconscious mind, and increase my psychological and emotional effectiveness. I have been recording my dreams since I was seventeen. — Charles McPhee

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

The ostrich-approach of burying your head in the sand, when confronting your areas of weakness, becomes a self-set trigger for failure. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

An entrepreneurial spirit makes you someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business enterprise, talent or calling to become an agent of change. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Don't waste time. Avoid the company of wasteful people who lack the desire to achieve. Become assertive and action-oriented. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Daniel Goleman

Tightly focused attention gets fatigued - much like an overworked muscle - when we push to the point of cognitive exhaustion. The signs of mental fatigue, such as a drop in effectiveness and a rise in distractedness and irritability, signify that the mental effort needed to sustain focus has depleted the glucose that feeds neural energy. — Daniel Goleman

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Internalising success means that even if a misfortune takes away all the evidence or traces of success, yet what made you successful, remains. Soon enough, the evidence will return. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Brian D. McLaren

But there is a more catholic understanding of the term apostolic: it means missional. The apostles were those called together to learn (as disciples) so they could be sent out on a mission (which is what both the Greek root for apostle and the Latin root for mission mean). From this vantage point, disciples are apostles-in-training; Christian discipleship (or spiritual formation ) is training for apostleship, training for mission. From this understanding we place less emphasis on whose lineage, rites, doctrines, structures, and terminology are right and more emphasis on whose actions, service, outreach, kindness, and effectiveness are good. — Brian D. McLaren

Effectiveness Quotes By David O. McKay

I think it must be apparent to every thinking mind that the noblest of all professions is that of teaching, and that upon the effectiveness of that teaching hangs the destiny of nations. — David O. McKay

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

It will take faith, to know success can still be attained regardless of unfairness or disadvantages availed by any system you operate within. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Ian Lamont

In business presentations, positive impressions can help make a sale or win over an audience. — Ian Lamont

Effectiveness Quotes By Toba Beta

Do what you want that works. — Toba Beta

Effectiveness Quotes By Subroto Bagchi

Managers who work for very senior people must not remain in awe of their bosses if they are to be effective. — Subroto Bagchi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

The person who will end up enjoying success, is the one who planned for it and who knew why they are seeking to succeed. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

You can only be fulfilled and accomplished in life when you effectively maximize yourself — Sunday Adelaja

Effectiveness Quotes By Cal Newport

if you keep interrupting your evening to check and respond to e-mail, or put aside a few hours after dinner to catch up on an approaching deadline, you're robbing your directed attention centers of the uninterrupted rest they need for restoration. Even if these work dashes consume only a small amount of time, they prevent you from reaching the levels of deeper relaxation in which attention restoration can occur. Only the confidence that you're done with work until the next day can convince your brain to downshift to the level where it can begin to recharge for the next day to follow. Put another way, trying to squeeze a little more work out of your evenings might reduce your effectiveness the next day enough that you end up getting less done than if you had instead respected a shutdown. — Cal Newport

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Skills and special abilities will only grow if you practice more. You become a star-performer by doing. Let performance and production of desired results become a consistent habit associated with your personal brand. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

In life, all things are not constant or equal, the inequalities are so loud; change and uncertainty are the order of the day. It is these changes, inequalities and uncertainties that make it more imperative that you deliberately plan your way to success. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

You need to change the questions you ask yourself and of your situations, in order to change the trajectory of your life. These are questions that will help you define and refine your purpose. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Some people are known, they have the platform and presence, but still remain irrelevant. They know you and what you do, but they don't need you or your offering. I see too many people with a platform but without substance, again this is not sustainable. Lack of substance can only relegate your talent or skill towards the league of the mediocre, if at all you become much by superficial branding then you will become the best of the worst. You don't have what it takes but you depend on your ability to sell substandard offerings to the market. It will not last for long, but quickly become irrelevant. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

Proper and effective use of time yields good result — Sunday Adelaja

Effectiveness Quotes By Stephen Covey

There are principles that govern human effectiveness - natural laws in the human dimension that are just as real, just as unchanging and unarguably there as laws such as gravity are in the physical dimension. — Stephen Covey

Effectiveness Quotes By Farshad Asl

An effective follow-up system is the key to an effective coaching process, which will lead to significant behavioral changes. True success is in the follow-up. — Farshad Asl

Effectiveness Quotes By Henna Inam

To be effective, we have to slow down the speed of our thoughts and focus on managing our attention. — Henna Inam

Effectiveness Quotes By Rick Warren

Life is a series of problem-solving opportunities. The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you depending on how you respond to them. — Rick Warren

Effectiveness Quotes By Michael Meade

Human beings long for connection, and our sense of usefulness derives from the feeling of connectedness. When we are connected - to our own purpose, to the community around us, and to our spiritual wisdom - we are able to live and act with authentic effectiveness. — Michael Meade

Effectiveness Quotes By Oliver Sacks

Patients with various other types of movement disorders may also be able to pick up the rhythmic movement or kinetic melody of an animal, so, for example, equestrian therapy may have startling effectiveness for people with parkinsonism, Tourette's syndrome, chorea, or dystonia. — Oliver Sacks

Effectiveness Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Not forgiving interferes with the effectiveness of your prayer life (Mark 11:25). — Stormie O'martian

Effectiveness Quotes By Abraham Verghese

Lets take away the incentives to do 'to' patients and instead create incentives to do 'for' patients, to be 'with' patients. We don't need to do comparative effectiveness trials to see if that works; we can just ask patients. — Abraham Verghese

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Just like watering the field will cause both the desired seed and the undesirable weed to germinate, the opportunities for your mission in life will be equally presented with real-life threats. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Choices and decisions must be supported by your passion, resolve and a productive work ethic. If these meet opportunity - your success has finally come! — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

It is amazing, the number of business executives and senior leaders who get to be appointed and elevated to positions of authority on the basis of technical competences whilst lacking essential grooming on basic good manners and customs of conduct that must come from the home training process. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Luis Bunuel

In any society, the artist has a responsibility. His effectiveness is certainly limited and a painter or writer cannot change the world. But they can keep an essential margin of non-conformity alive. Thanks to them the powerful can never affirm that everyone agrees with their acts. That small difference is important. — Luis Bunuel

Effectiveness Quotes By Richard Tyler

Effectiveness is best measured by results over time. — Richard Tyler

Effectiveness Quotes By James MacDonald

If all you are doing is spending time with the struggling members of your church and you are not building proactively into your church's culture, and you are being shortsighted and limiting the effectiveness of your ministry. — James MacDonald

Effectiveness Quotes By Niklaus Wirth

Complexity has and will maintain a strong fascination for many people. It is true that we live in a complex world and strive to solve inherently complex problems, which often do require complex mechanisms. However, this should not diminish our desire for elegant solutions, which convince by their clarity and effectiveness. Simple, elegant solutions are more effective, but they are harder to find than complex ones, and they require more time, which we too often believe to be unaffordable — Niklaus Wirth

Effectiveness Quotes By Marvin Bower

A business of high principle generates greater drive and effectiveness because people know that they can do the right thing decisively and with confidence. — Marvin Bower

Effectiveness Quotes By Max Tegmark

But why has our physical world revealed such extreme mathematical regularity that astronomy superhero Galileo Galilei proclaimed nature to be "a book written in the language of mathematics," and Nobel Laureate Eugene Wigner stressed the "unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in the physical sciences" as a mystery demanding an explanation? — Max Tegmark

Effectiveness Quotes By Chris Murray

We're all somebody's prospect; we're all somebody's customer. — Chris Murray

Effectiveness Quotes By John Major

Well, I have concerns about the effectiveness of Europe to compete. — John Major

Effectiveness Quotes By John Brodie

A player's effectiveness is directly related to his ability to be right there, doing that thing, in the moment. He can't be worrying about the past or the future or the crowd or some other extraneous event. He must be able to respond in the here and now. — John Brodie

Effectiveness Quotes By John Haynes Holmes

Religion must be used in furthering great works of justice and reform. It must be used to establish right relations between different groups of men, and thus to make a reality of brotherhood. It must be used to abolish poverty, the breeding ground of all misery and crime, by distributing equably among men the abundance of the soil. And it must be used to get rid of war and to establish enduring peace. Here is the supreme test of the effectiveness of religion. — John Haynes Holmes

Effectiveness Quotes By James Scouller

Leadership is a process that involves setting a PURPOSE AND DIRECTION which inspires people to combine and work towards willingly; paying attention to the MEANS, PACE AND QUALITY OF PROGRESS towards the aim; and upholding GROUP UNITY and INDIVIDUAL EFFECTIVENESS throughout. — James Scouller

Effectiveness Quotes By Claud Cockburn

Never underestimate the effectiveness of a straight cash bribe. — Claud Cockburn

Effectiveness Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

Time should be assessed as seconds, minutes and hours so as to be maximized effectively — Sunday Adelaja

Effectiveness Quotes By Michael Moss

Health messages are simply overwhelmed, in volume and in effectiveness, by junk-food ads that often deploy celebrities or cartoon characters to great effect. We may know that eating fruits and vegetables is good for us, but the preponderance of the signals we get - and especially the signals children get - push us in the direction of junk food. — Michael Moss

Effectiveness Quotes By Michael Porter

There's a fundamental distinction between strategy and operational effectiveness. — Michael Porter

Effectiveness Quotes By Eric Bell

Green production is certainly an important topic for newspapers. Environmental considerations are part of every enquiry today and come into most aspects of equipment specification. On balance, however, cost-effectiveness is a more urgent requirement for most print organisations. — Eric Bell

Effectiveness Quotes By Robert Baer

My take on the torture thing and even drones is: If we're going to get into assassination and torture, the second question is the morality, but the first is the effectiveness of it. — Robert Baer

Effectiveness Quotes By John C. Maxwell

The depth of your mythology is the extent of your effectiveness. — John C. Maxwell

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Shift from mediocrity to excellence. Mediocrity and Excellence are like jealous suitors fighting for a partner and competing to please him/her, to the extent they do all they can to reproduce in sets of twins. Mediocrity gives birth to Irrelevance and Obscurity, whilst Excellence breeds Relevance and Significance. These sets of twins cannot inhabit the same life, only one compatible pair can co-exist. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Haruki Murakami

The old temporality is losing its effectiveness and moving into the background. Many people go on mumbling the old words, but in the light of the newly revealed sun, the meanings of words are shifting rapidly and are being renewed. Even supposing that most of the new meanings are temporary things that will persist only through sundown that day, we will be spending time and moving forward with them. — Haruki Murakami

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Who are you? Where are you coming from? What are your strengths and ambitions? What makes you happy and fulfilled? What are your inherent gifts and talents? Clearly define yourself. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Michael Delaware

Over the years since that time I seemed to fall back into sales as a mainstay of existence of some kind, and I have learned many valuable lessons along the way. It has not always been rainbows and sunshine, but I have tried to gain knowledge from every experience along the journey. There have been many, many great moments; far too many to recount in one sitting. It is the great moments that outweigh the others. — Michael Delaware

Effectiveness Quotes By Chris Murray

Everybody sells something to somebody every day, whether it's a product, a service or just a case of making sure that they get their own way. — Chris Murray

Effectiveness Quotes By Adrian Edmondson

There is a lot of rubbish written about toilet humour - people saying it is childish and pretending it is beneath them - but there is no doubting the effectiveness of a really good willy gag. — Adrian Edmondson

Effectiveness Quotes By Julia Marlowe

Realism to be effective must be a matter of selection.genius chooses its materials with a view to their beauty and effectiveness; mere talent copies what it thinks is nature, only to find it has been deceived by the external grossness of things. — Julia Marlowe

Effectiveness Quotes By Edward Whitacre Jr.

No partnership between two independent companies, no matter how well run, can match the speed, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of a solely owned company. — Edward Whitacre Jr.

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Begin to grow in wisdom and develop an informed approach to more global issues around you and along your path to success and significance. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By William McDonough

We celebrate the cherry tree not for its efficiency but for its effectiveness - and for its beauty. Its materials are in constant flow, and all those thousands of useless cherry blossoms look gorgeous. Then they fall to the ground and become soil again, so there's no problem — William McDonough

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Success can never be enjoyed if there is no congruity or alignment of your beliefs, values and how you behave in attaining your achievements. — Archibald Marwizi

Effectiveness Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

The challenge therefore, as you strive for success, is to make it a habit to live your life on purpose. You must learn to make deliberate plans and then practice the art and science of doing things on purpose. — Archibald Marwizi