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Educator Reflection Quotes & Sayings

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Top Educator Reflection Quotes

Educator Reflection Quotes By Glen Cook

I damned myself for my earlier romanticism. That Croaker who had come north, so thoroughly bemused by the mysterious Lady, was another man. A stripling, filled with the foolish ignorances of youth. Yeah. Sometimes you lie to yourself just to keep going. — Glen Cook

Educator Reflection Quotes By Hazel Cartwright

A broken Heart can become a Brand new start. — Hazel Cartwright

Educator Reflection Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Honor is more costly than gold. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Educator Reflection Quotes By Paulo Coelho

One way or another, I have wound up destroying what I've loved. I've seen my dreams fall apart just when I seemed to achieve them. I always thought that was just the way life was. My life and everybody else's. — Paulo Coelho

Educator Reflection Quotes By Saint Augustine

The mere change of custom, even though it may be of advantage in some respects, unsettles men by reason of the novelty: therefore, if it brings no advantage, it does much harm by unprofitably disturbing the Church. — Saint Augustine

Educator Reflection Quotes By John Climacus

As long as anger lives, it continues to be the fruitful parent of many unhappy children. — John Climacus

Educator Reflection Quotes By Benito Mussolini

The struggle between the two worlds [Fascism and Democracy] can permit no compromises. It's either Us or Them! — Benito Mussolini

Educator Reflection Quotes By Joan Anderson

Animals may aid us in our everyday lives, in our dreams, meditations. Since they were created before humans, they are closer to THE SOURCE and can act as allies, guides and familiars in our search for wholeness. - An Inuit woman I — Joan Anderson

Educator Reflection Quotes By Jeff VanderMeer

his head burst in a blizzard of seeds that hung in the lamplight and drifted slowly to the ground like a tiny division of poison paratroopers. — Jeff VanderMeer

Educator Reflection Quotes By Nelson Mandela

In all disputes a point is arrived at where no party, no matter how right or wrong it might have been at the start of that dispute, will any longer be totally in the right or totally in the wrong. Such a point, I believe, has been reached in this debate. Let us not equivocate: a tragedy of unprecedented proportions is unfolding in Africa. — Nelson Mandela

Educator Reflection Quotes By Missy Peregrym

Just because you have chemistry with someone doesn't mean you're naturally going to be the best for each other. You have make choices and prioritize. — Missy Peregrym

Educator Reflection Quotes By Richard Corliss

Ambitious of vision and swooping of camera, 'I, Frankenstein' is no 'I, Robot,' let alone 'I, Claudius,' but it's definitely watchable on a cold Jan. evening or, a few months from now, on your I, Pad. — Richard Corliss