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Education Cost Quotes By Carl Sagan

Nevertheless, (Jefferson) believed that the habit of skepticism is an essential prerequisite for responsible citizenship. He argued that the cost of education is trivial compared to the cost of ignorance, of leaving government to the wolves. He taught that the country is safe only when the people rule. — Carl Sagan

Education Cost Quotes By Sunday Adelaja

To submit one's self to one's gift is to submit oneself to education and self-development and to devote enough time to improve one's gift — Sunday Adelaja

Education Cost Quotes By Greg Mortenson

Education is a sacred thing, and the pledge to build a school is a commitment that cannot be surrendered or broken, regardless of how long it may take, how many obstacles must be surmounted, or how much money it will cost. It is by such promises that the balance sheet of one's life is measured. — Greg Mortenson

Education Cost Quotes By Kimberly Yousey-Elsener

Assessment coordinators need to be knowledgeable about general higher education topics (e.g., student persistence, the cost of higher education, diversity, and student learning); they must also know how those play out at specific institutions. — Kimberly Yousey-Elsener

Education Cost Quotes By Lailah Gifty Akita

There is a sacred cost for everything. — Lailah Gifty Akita

Education Cost Quotes By Alan B. Krueger

Rather than street crime, I argue that a better analogy is to voting. Having a high opportunity cost of time - resulting, say, from a high-paying job and a good education - should discourage people from voting, yet it is precisely those with a high opportunity cost of time who tend to vote. Why? Because they care about influencing the outcome and consider themselves sufficiently well informed to want to express their opinions. Terrorists also care about influencing political outcomes. Instead of asking who has a low salary and few opportunities, to understand what makes a terrorist we should ask: Who holds strong political views and is confident enough to try to impose their extremist vision by violent means? Most terrorists are not so desperately poor that they have nothing to live for. Instead they are people who care so deeply and fervently about a cause that they are willing to die for it. — Alan B. Krueger

Education Cost Quotes By Gary Becker

Human capital analysis starts with the assumption that individuals decide on their education, training, medical care, and other additions to knowledge and health by weighing the benefits and costs. Benefits include cultural and other non-monetary gains along with improvement in earnings and occupations, while costs usually depend mainly on the foregone value of the time spent on these investments. — Gary Becker

Education Cost Quotes By Norman Ralph Augustine

The most unsuccessful three years in the education of cost estimators appears to be fifth-grade arithmetic. — Norman Ralph Augustine

Education Cost Quotes By Evan Esar

Good teachers cost a lot; but, poor teachers cost a lot more. — Evan Esar

Education Cost Quotes By Johann Bernoulli

The solution "cost me study that robbed me of rest for an entire night." — Johann Bernoulli

Education Cost Quotes By Bernie Sanders

The cost of college education today is so high that many young people are giving up their dream of going to college, while many others are graduating deeply in debt. — Bernie Sanders

Education Cost Quotes By Dan Fogelberg

Lessons learned are like bridges burned you only need to cross them but once. Is the knowledge gained worth the price of the pain, are the spoils worth the cost of the hunt? — Dan Fogelberg

Education Cost Quotes By Greg Mortenson

I'm no military expert, and these figures might not be exactly right. But as best as I can tell, we've launched 114 Tomahawk cruise missiles into Afghanistan so far. Now take the cost of one of those missiles tipped with a Raytheon guidance system, which I think is about $840,000. For that much money, you could build dozens of schools that could provide tens of thousands of students with a balanced nonextremist education over the course of a generation. Which do you think will make us more secure? (295) — Greg Mortenson

Education Cost Quotes By Gary Johnson

If I was a state, I would like to see education left to the schools themselves, but I don't want the federal government involved in education. I think that it ends up setting standards that cost you time and money and don't make any difference in education. I want to stop that. — Gary Johnson

Education Cost Quotes By John Taylor Gatto

Mass schooling damages children. We don't need any more of it. And under the guise that it is the same thing as education, it has been picking our pockets just as Socrates predicted it would thousands of years ago. One of the surest ways to recognize real education is by the fact that it doesn't cost very much, doesn't depend on expensive toys or gadgets. The experiences that produce it and the self-awareness that propels it are nearly free. It is hard to turn a dollar on education. But schooling is a wonderful hustle, getting sharper all the time. — John Taylor Gatto

Education Cost Quotes By Mark Twain

You can see by these things that she was of a rather vain and frivolous character; still, she had virtues, and enough to make up, I think. She had a kind heart and gentle ways, and never harbored resentments for injuries done her, but put them easily out of her mind and forgot them; and she taught her children her kindly way, and from her we learned also to be brave and prompt in time of danger, and not to run away, but face the peril that threatened friend or stranger, and help him the best we could without stopping to think what the cost might be to us. And she taught us not by words only, but by example, and that is the best way and the surest and the most lasting. Why, the brave things she did, the splendid things! she was just a soldier; and so modest about it - well, you couldn't help admiring her, and you couldn't help imitating her; not even a King Charles spaniel could remain entirely despicable in her society. So, as you see, there was more to her than her education. — Mark Twain

Education Cost Quotes By John Katzman

The Internet is the first technology since the printing press which could lower the cost of a great education and, in doing so, make that cost-benefit analysis much easier for most students. It could allow American schools to service twice as many students as they do now, and in ways that are both effective and cost-effective. — John Katzman

Education Cost Quotes By Bobby Henderson

College costs money- a lot. Yet education in itself is not of much value. For example, we can look to the general public's almost complete disregard for anything that educated people have to say about global warming, shrinking oil reserves, pollution, or the threat of nuclear annihilation. But if all this is true, why does something as worthless as a college diploma cost so much money? — Bobby Henderson

Education Cost Quotes By Rick Perry

We have to make sure that college is accessible and affordable. Two years ago, I stood here and called upon our institutions of higher learning to develop plans for degrees that cost no more than $10,000. There were plenty of detractors at that time who insisted it couldn't be done. However, that call inspired educators at colleges and universities across our state to step up to the plate. Today, I'm proud to tell you that thirteen Texas universities have announced plans for a $10,000 degree. — Rick Perry

Education Cost Quotes By Chris Van Hollen

One of the greatest obstacles to escaping poverty is the staggering cost of higher education. — Chris Van Hollen

Education Cost Quotes By Paul Hawken

There is no cost difference between incarceration and an Ivy League education; the main difference is curriculum. — Paul Hawken

Education Cost Quotes By J. Irwin Miller

We are afraid to face the hard questions. We are willing to tackle drugs, crime, and public education only if it doesn't cost us any new taxes. — J. Irwin Miller

Education Cost Quotes By Anne Campbell

Poorer students take out larger loans and will have to contribute more to the cost of higher education. — Anne Campbell

Education Cost Quotes By Alexis De Tocqueville

In democratic countries as well as elsewhere most of the branches of productive industry are carried on at a small cost by men little removed by their wealth or education above the level of those whom they employ. — Alexis De Tocqueville

Education Cost Quotes By Nicholas Negroponte

We've been working now with computers and education for 30 years, computers in developing countries for 20 years, and trying to make low-cost machines for 10 years. This is not a sudden turn down the road. — Nicholas Negroponte

Education Cost Quotes By Francis Chan

How many of us would really leave our families, our jobs, our education, our friends, our connections, our familiar surroundings, and our homes if Jesus asked us to? If He just showed up and said, 'Follow Me'? No explanation. No directions. You could follow Him straight up a hill to be crucified. Maybe He would lead you to another country, and you would never see your family again. Or perhaps you would stay put, but He would ask you to spend your time helping people who will never love you back and never show gratitude for what you gave up. Consider this carefully- have you ever done so? Or was your decision to follow Christ flippant, based solely on feelings and emotion, made without counting the cost? — Francis Chan

Education Cost Quotes By Derek Bok

As countries embrace mass higher education, the cost of maintaining universities increases dramatically relative to an elite system. — Derek Bok

Education Cost Quotes By Kevin Harvey

Luxury brands are about elite access. In consumer goods, that's elite cost. In education, it's elite criteria for admission. Minerva is maintaining those high standards, but not artificially limiting the number of people who can meet it ... This really may be redefining education. — Kevin Harvey

Education Cost Quotes By Anonymous

What lessons does Thales Academy have to teach us? One of the key takeaways is that a mixture of high-quality instruction with a low-cost, no-frills mentality is a recipe that parents are flocking to. It's also one that draws heated opposition from liberals, who fear that parental choice will threaten their stranglehold on the education bureaucracy. The big news, of course, is that it will. — Anonymous

Education Cost Quotes By Thomas Piketty

Goldin and Katz have no doubt that increased wage inequality in the United States is due to a failure to invest sufficiently in higher education. More precisely, too many people failed to receive the necessary training, in part because families could not afford the high cost of tuition. In order to reverse this trend, they conclude, the United States should invest heavily in education so that as many people as possible can attend college. — Thomas Piketty

Education Cost Quotes By John Rawls

The naturally advantaged are not to gain merely because they are more gifted, but only to cover the costs of training and education and for using their endowments in ways that help the less fortunate as well. — John Rawls

Education Cost Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

Is it not manifest that our academic institutions should have a wider scope; that they should not be timid and keep the ruts of the last generation, but that wise men thinking for themselves and heartily seeking the good of mankind, and counting the cost of innovation, should dare to arouse the young to a just and heroic life; that the moral nature should be addressed in the school-room, and children should be treated as the high-born candidates of truth and virtue? — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Education Cost Quotes By Thomas Jefferson

If the children are untaught, their ignorance and vices will in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences than it would have done in their correction by a good education. — Thomas Jefferson

Education Cost Quotes By Carl Friedrich Gauss

To the distracting occupations belong especially my lecture courses which I am holding this winter for the first time, and which now cost much more of my time than I like. Meanwhile I hope that the second time this expenditure of time will be much less, otherwise I would never be able to reconcile myself to it, even practical (astronomical) work must give far more satisfaction than if one brings up to B a couple more mediocre heads which otherwise would have stopped at A. — Carl Friedrich Gauss

Education Cost Quotes By Charles Vest

We are trying to make up these other elements by gaining cost efficiencies through our reengineering process and through overt fund-raising activities to better support graduate education. — Charles Vest

Education Cost Quotes By Walter Cronkite

Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation. — Walter Cronkite

Education Cost Quotes By Bernie Sanders

We are moving in exactly the wrong direction in higher education. Forty years ago, tuition in some of the great American public universities and colleges was virtually free. Today, the cost is unaffordable for many working class families. Higher education must be a right for all - not just wealthy families. — Bernie Sanders

Education Cost Quotes By Henry Adams

No man can instruct more than half-a-dozen students at once. The whole problem of education is one of its cost in money. — Henry Adams

Education Cost Quotes By Michael Moore

People of my age who went to college, go into college, you know what it cost back then? Nothing or next to nothing. At the most, you had to work at Dairy Queen during the summer and that would pay for your college education. — Michael Moore

Education Cost Quotes By Walter Rodney

Development means a capacity for self-sustaining growth. It means that an economy must register advances which in turn will promote further progress. The loss of industry and skill in Africa was extremely small, if we measure it from the viewpoint of modern scientific achievements or even by the standards of England in the late eighteenth century. However, it must be borne in mind that to be held back at one stage means that it is impossible to go on to a further stage. When a person is forced to leave school after only two years of primary school education, it is no reflection on him that he is academically and intellectually less developed than someone who had the opportunity to be schooled right through to university level. What Africa experienced in the early centuries of trade was precisely a loss of development opportunity, and this is of greatest importance. Pg. 105 — Walter Rodney

Education Cost Quotes By Steven Pinker

Also, even if technocrats provide reasonable estimates of a risk, which itself is an iffy enterprise, they cannot dictate what level of risk people ought to accept. People might object to a nuclear power plant that has a minuscule risk of a meltdown not because they overestimate the risk, but because they feel that the cost of a catastrophe, no matter how remote, are too dreadful. And of course any of these trade-offs may be unacceptable if people perceive that the benefits would go to the wealthy and powerful while they themselves absorb the risks. Nonetheless, understanding the difference between our best science and our ancient ways of thinking can only make our individual and collective decisions better informed. It can help scientists and journalists explain a new technology in the face of the most common misunderstandings. And it can help all of us understand the technology so that we can accept or reject it on grounds that we can justify to ourselves and to others. — Steven Pinker

Education Cost Quotes By Richie Norton


We may feel the need to change employment, but we don't.

We may feel the need to start a specific project, but we don't.

We may feel the need to pursue higher education, but we don't

We may feel the need to heal a broken relationship, but we don't.

We may feel the need to work to improve our spiritual lives, but we don't.

We may feel the need to take steps toward a healthier physical or emotional life for ourselves and/or our family, but again, we don't.

(This list could likely go on for eternity.)

The desire for progression is innate, but the problem we face is that the actual act of progression is also a choice.

Without embracing our inherent need for progress, for positive growth and/or change, we'll still go on living.

...But at what cost? — Richie Norton

Education Cost Quotes By Linh Dinh

This year, Keystone charges $21,750 in tuition and fees. In comparison, UPenn docked $9,600 for the same in 1984, so for the current cost of a Keystone education, once could attend an Ivy League school for two years, with enough bouncing coins left over for many cases of beer and bong hits. UPenn's tuition and fees are now $47,668. Of course, wages haven't increased fivefold in thirty years. The obscene overpricing of a diluted education is yet another sign that we're failing future generations. To stuff the pockets of a few smirking old farts and their precious scions, countless young people are maimed. — Linh Dinh

Education Cost Quotes By Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Academic life is but half life it is a withdrawal from the fight to utter smart things that cost you nothing except the thinking them from a cloister. — Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Education Cost Quotes By Michael Hudson

Just like a house is worth whatever a bank's going to lend against it, an education is worth whatever the bank is going to lend the student to pay the university. So the availability of government-guaranteed student loans has vastly inflated the cost of education, just like it's inflated the cost of housing. — Michael Hudson

Education Cost Quotes By Paul J. Zak

My research shows that improving the quality of education is a cost-free way to raise prosperity. it's cost-free because it reinforces so many of the other things we need to keep the virtuous cycle rolling that, ultimately, the increase in economic benefits far outstrips the cost of the investment. Education brings more people into the comfort zone of higher income, which increases trust, then causes people to demand better government, which further increases the trust, which further reduces inequality, which increases the pool of those who will get a good education. — Paul J. Zak

Education Cost Quotes By Homer

Scepticism is as much the result of knowledge, as knowledge is of scepticism. To be content with what we at present know, is, for the most part, to shut our ears against conviction; since, from the very gradual character of our education, we must continually forget, and emancipate ourselves from, knowledge previously acquired; we must set aside old notions and embrace fresh ones; and, as we learn, we must be daily unlearning something which it has cost us no small labour and anxiety to acquire. — Homer

Education Cost Quotes By Derek Bok

If you think the cost of education is high, think about ignorance. — Derek Bok

Education Cost Quotes By Charles Wheelan

How much does it cost to treat leprosy? One $3 dose of antibiotic will cure a mild case; a $20 regimen of three antibiotics will cure a more severe case. The World Health Organization even provides the drugs free,
but India's health care infrastructure is not good enough to identify the afflicted and get them the
medicine they need.

So, more than 100,000 people in India are horribly disfigured by a disease that costs $3 to cure.
That is what it means to have a per capita GDP of $2,900. — Charles Wheelan

Education Cost Quotes By Ralph Waldo Emerson

It facilitates labor and thought so much that there is always the temptation in large schools to omit the endless task of meeting the wants of each single mind, and to govern by steam. But it is at frightful cost. Our modes of Education aim to expedite, to save labor; to do for masses what cannot be done for masses, what must be done reverently, one by one: say rather, the whole world is needed for the tuition of each pupil. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Education Cost Quotes By Jim Clyburn

Democrats are fighting for a new direction that includes protecting Social Security as well as making healthcare affordable, bringing down the high cost of gasoline, and making higher education more accessible for all Americans. — Jim Clyburn

Education Cost Quotes By Joseph Lancaster

THE rich possess ample means to realize any theory they may chuse to adopt in the education of their children, regardless of the cost; but it is not so with him whose Subsistence is derived from industry. — Joseph Lancaster

Education Cost Quotes By Andrea Tantaros

We need to tap into new issues. There's a way to resurrect the sound policies of our party, but also to look toward new issues - kitchen-table issues like the rising cost of education. I think that's a winning issue for Republicans. — Andrea Tantaros

Education Cost Quotes By Claire North

It's just money," he replied. "It's just paper."
"It's time," I said, sharper than I'd meant. "It's the means to purchase time. It's the cost of a new bed in a hospital, a solar panel on a roof; it's a year's salary for a tailor in Dhaka, it's the price of a fishing boat, the cost of an education, it's not money. It's what it could have been. — Claire North

Education Cost Quotes By Kathy McClary

Either way, it will cost you. You will for pay for your education or pay for your ignorance. — Kathy McClary

Education Cost Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

He was a good guy, my old man: simple, old-fashioned. Physically, he was built like a feather-weight, and he wore these thick, black Ronnie Barker glasses. He would say to me,'You might not have a good education, but good manners don't cost you anything.' And he practised what he preached: he'd always give up his seat on the bus for a woman or help an old lady across the road.
A good man. I really miss him. — Ozzy Osbourne

Education Cost Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Allow intelligent design into science textbooks, lecture halls, and laboratories, and the cost to the frontier of scientific discovery - the frontier that drives the economies of the future - would be incalculable. I don't want students who could make the next major breakthrough in renewable energy sources or space travel to have been taught that anything they don't understand, and that nobody yet understands, is divinely constructed and therefore beyond their intellectual capacity. The day that happens, Americans will just sit in awe of what we don't understand, while we watch the rest of the world boldly go where no mortal has gone before. — Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Education Cost Quotes By Gary Hensley

The Texas Defensive Driving School is an innovative Texas online defensive driving course that provides students the opportunity to remove a traffic ticket. A Texas Defensive Driving School is approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide online defensive driving instruction in the state of Texas. A The cost of the Texas Defensive driving online course is $25, which is the lowest price allowed by law. A The Texas Defensive Driving School online course has been developed using 100% Flash based videos and is engaging as well as educational. A Because we have included short end of chapter quizzes in the course, no final exam is required. A In addition, because the course is based on Flash based videos, there is no boring reading of endless pages of text. — Gary Hensley

Education Cost Quotes By John McAllister Schofield

Let the fortifications of the sea-coasts and the fleets of battle-ships and cruisers on the ocean be commensurate with the vast national interests and honor intrusted to their protection and defense; let the standing army be sufficient to discharge the duties which require long and scientific education and training, and to serve as models and instructors for the millions of young citizens: then will the United States, by being always ready for war, insure to themselves all the blessings of peace, and this at a cost utterly insignificant in comparison with the cost of one great war. — John McAllister Schofield

Education Cost Quotes By Lyndon B. Johnson

And Americans have always stood ready to pay the cost in energy and treasure which are needed to make those goals a reality. — Lyndon B. Johnson

Education Cost Quotes By Wendy Davis

It's great to talk about how good things are now. But we can't sit on our laurels and expect that our time will sustain itself if we don't do a better job on issues like education ... It's absolutely the case that the low cost of college tuition that I was able to enjoy and the financial aid I was able to receive made my education possible. — Wendy Davis

Education Cost Quotes By Lee Sheldon

All of these models and others have been heavily criticized. In 2009, a panel commissioned by the Association for Psychological Sciences published a report that outlined a research design to properly study the effect of learning styles, and it asserted that this methodology was almost entirely absent from learning styles studies. Of the few studies utilizing this research design, all but one feature negative findings. They also doubted the value of the significant cost of attempting to identify the precise learning style of every student over other interventions such as individual tutors. They concluded that "at present, there is no adequate evidence base to justify incorporating learning styles assessments into general educational practice. Thus, limited education resources would better be devoted to adopting other educational practices that have strong evidence base, of which there are an increasing number." Then, — Lee Sheldon

Education Cost Quotes By Caroline Myss

Healing comes from gathering wisdom from past actions and letting go of the pain that the education cost you. — Caroline Myss

Education Cost Quotes By Vinod Khosla

Setting an aggressive enough carbon-reduction goal will result in an appropriate price for carbon and will help many a renewable technology. Consumer education will help. Most importantly, though, will be the continually declining cost trajectory of the real breakthrough in clean-technology costs driven by research and innovation. In the end, private capital is the real barometer of change. — Vinod Khosla

Education Cost Quotes By Elizabeth Warren

Refinancing won't fix everything that's broken with our [American] higher education system. We've got to bring down the cost of college. And we need more accountability for how schools spend federal dollars. — Elizabeth Warren

Education Cost Quotes By Grace Gealey

In society, we have to earn other things of import like trust, respect, money, education, careers, status and etc., so naturally, we find ourselves attempting to earn love, acceptance and validation along with that. Here's the trip: we do it at the cost of other people and, more importantly, ourselves. — Grace Gealey

Education Cost Quotes By Nicholas D. Kristof

So Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce, 72 days after a wedding that is variously reported to have cost $10 million or more. Just to put that in perspective, that sum could have built 200 schools in poor countries around the world for kids who desperately want an education. Then Kardashian could have helped transform the world, not just entertain it. And the schools would have lasted incomparably longer than her marriage. — Nicholas D. Kristof

Education Cost Quotes By Thomas Snyder

In 1973, 29 percent of all U.S. jobs required postsecondary education. In 1992, 52 percent did. And in 2018, a projected 62 percent of all jobs will require postsecondary education. At the same time, many students and their families came to believe that a college's cost directly reflected the quality of the education it offered and the long-term value of the degrees it granted. Rankings like those in U.S. News & World Report reflected this biased perception and encouraged the public to think that way as well. — Thomas Snyder

Education Cost Quotes By Calvin Jillson

If you're white and wealthy, Texas is a great place, however, no Texas governor Republican or Democrat is eager to raise taxes and without that you can't expand access to health care or decrease the cost of higher education. — Calvin Jillson

Education Cost Quotes By Roy Romer

We can do better in higher education. And it is more than just technology. It's also an attitude on the part of faculty. We need to think through how we can produce a better quality product at less cost. — Roy Romer

Education Cost Quotes By Nicholas D. Kristof

Conservatives, who have presumed that the key to preventing AIDS is abstinence-only education, and liberals, who have focused on distribution of condoms, should both note that the intervention that has tested most cost-effective in Africa is neither ... Secular bleeding hearts and religious bleeding hearts will have to forge a common cause. — Nicholas D. Kristof

Education Cost Quotes By Elizabeth Warren

It is not the job of the Department of Education to maximize profits for the government at the cost of squeezing students who are struggling to get an education. — Elizabeth Warren

Education Cost Quotes By Marco Rubio

Our higher education system is controlled by what amounts to a cartel of existing colleges and universities, which use their power over the accreditation process to block innovative, low-cost competitors from entering the market. — Marco Rubio

Education Cost Quotes By Daphne Koller

Online education, then, can serve two goals. For students lucky enough to have access to great teachers, blended learning can mean even better outcomes at the same or lower cost. And for the millions here and abroad who lack access to good, in-person education, online learning can open doors that would otherwise remain closed. — Daphne Koller

Education Cost Quotes By Charles Vest

We have been restraining the growth of the cost of education-that is, tuition, room and board-to be within approximately one and a half percentage points of the consumer price index. — Charles Vest

Education Cost Quotes By Azar Nafisi

Correlation between the growing lack of respect for ideas and the imagination and the increasing gap between rich and poor in America, reflected not just in the gulf between the salaries of CEOs and their employees but also in the high cost of education, the incredible divide between private and public schools that makes all of the fine speeches by our policy makers - most of whom send their children to private schools anyway, just as they enjoy the benefits and perks of their jobs as servants of the people - all the more insidious and insincere. — Azar Nafisi

Education Cost Quotes By Melita Norwood

I did what I did not to make money but to help prevent the defeat of a new system which had, at great cost, given ordinary people food and fares which they could afford, a good education and a health service. — Melita Norwood

Education Cost Quotes By Rick Santorum

The notion that college education is a cost-effective way to help poor, low-skill, unmarried mothers with high school diplomas or GEDs move up the economic ladder is just wrong. — Rick Santorum