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Top Pack Up And Run Away Quotes

Pack Up And Run Away Quotes By Ani DiFranco

Like how could you do nothing,
and say, 'I'm doing my best.'
How could you take almost everything,
and then come back for the rest?
How could you beg me to stay,
reach out your hands and plead,
and then pack up your eyes and run away
as soon as I agreed? — Ani DiFranco

Pack Up And Run Away Quotes By Elise Icten

I have come to your group for somewhere to belong,
I promise I shall adapt before too long,
I will accept anything you ask me to,
I have come a long way,
I have run away from home'

'But you are not like us', the pigeon said to her
'You cannot come and pretend you do,
Pack your bags and go somewhere new,
You can't even sing our song,
This is not your home'

All the other pigeons stopped talking and stared
And their looks made it clear that they also shared
That Romy could no longer stay and
Romy felt there was no other way
But to accept and fly away. — Elise Icten

Pack Up And Run Away Quotes By Lisa Clark O'Neill

Cal opened another cabinet and removed a bottle of anti-inflammatory tablets, placing them on the table in front of her along with the ice pack he snagged from the freezer.
She glanced at him, suspicious. "What's this?"
"The drug I offer to all of my victims to make them more compliant. It's ibuprofen," he said when she glared at him. "It'll help with the pain and hopefully keep the swelling down. As will the ice. Do you need help taking your boots off?"
"So that it'll be more difficult for me to run away when you bring out your collection of shrunken human heads?"
"Now you're catching on. — Lisa Clark O'Neill