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Earth Bender Quotes & Sayings

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Top Earth Bender Quotes

Earth Bender Quotes By Linda Bender

The fewer plants and animals we are able to recognize as individuals - recognize well enough to name - the more alienated we have come to feel from ourselves, the Earth and God, the Source. — Linda Bender

Earth Bender Quotes By Hans Bender

Good and evil do not exist for me any more. The fear of evil is merely a mass projection here and on Earth. — Hans Bender

Earth Bender Quotes By Texas Bix Bender

The real lowdown on gardening is ... dirt. — Texas Bix Bender

Earth Bender Quotes By Stephan A. Hoeller

Human beings are not on earth to be citizens, or taxpayers, or socially engineered pawns of other human beings; rather they are here in order to grow, to transform, to become their authentic selves. — Stephan A. Hoeller

Earth Bender Quotes By Marcey Shapiro

As a society, we are obsessed with eating properly, yet many of us are poorly nourished. We cannot rely on external "experts" to guide us. "Experts" differ widely, and by listening to them instead of ourselves, we relinquish our power to notice, choose, and decide what is right for us. — Marcey Shapiro

Earth Bender Quotes By Evgeny Morozov

Mobile phones are one of the most insecure devices that were ever available, so they're very easy to trace; they're very easy to tap. — Evgeny Morozov

Earth Bender Quotes By Rick Riordan

Theseus put his club aside. He approached the Pine Bender and sized up the situation. He wasn't as strong as Sinis. He didn't have the ability to root himself to the earth. He didn't even have a plan. But he glanced over at the girl Perigune, and his distractible brain started racing. A girl in the trees. A girl. A tree. Trees have spirits. I'm hungry. Wow, Sinis smells bad. A dryad. I bet the dryads in these trees are really tired of getting bent. Hey, there's a chipmunk. — Rick Riordan

Earth Bender Quotes By Linda Bender

The animals feel that this urgency is mutual. Their own suffering has made them aware of human suffering. More frequent contact with us has sensitized them to what troubles us. They feel our anxiety and our confusion and, most of all, our loneliness. The pain of being disconnected from the Earth, from each other, from our fellow creatures, and from the Source of all life is the worst pain they can imagine, and they are concerned about us. They understand even better than we do that the suffering we inflict on them is an expression of our own suffering, and that their physical situation cannot get better unless the human spiritual condition gets better. They want to help. — Linda Bender

Earth Bender Quotes By Henry Miller

What holds the world together, as I have learned from bitter experience, is sexual intercourse. — Henry Miller

Earth Bender Quotes By Linda Bender

Great teachers often come to us in humble packaging. That little dog held the wisdom of a sage in his heart. I learned from him that healing is not about the success or failure of the physical body, that physical survival is secondary. All creatures wish to live and thrive, but bodies do wear out. The number of days we walk the earth (or fly or swim or crawl on it) is not the point. Animals live in the present moment. If kindness, caring, and respect fill that moment, life is fill, no matter what came before or what might come in the future. A soul that feels loved is joyous and healed. — Linda Bender

Earth Bender Quotes By Seth

You must watch the pictures that you paint with your imagination. — Seth

Earth Bender Quotes By Rachel Cohn

Books. I'd probably spend all my time alone and lost in books if I could. It's easier that way. — Rachel Cohn

Earth Bender Quotes By Dominic Monaghan

If you look at little kids and wild animals, these are two groups of things that whenever I'm with them forces me to be in the moment. — Dominic Monaghan

Earth Bender Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

Writing is the most disembodied art, and reading and writing are largely private and solitary experiences, so music and dance have always enchanted me as arts in which the body of the performer communicates directly to the audience, welding a kind of communion writers rarely experience. — Rebecca Solnit

Earth Bender Quotes By Sophocles

And remember that the captor is now the captive; the hunter is in the snare. What was won by stealth will not be kept. — Sophocles