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Top Dyslexia Quotes

Dyslexia Quotes By Max Brooks

My coping mechanism with my dyslexia is to use wit and humor. — Max Brooks

Dyslexia Quotes By Scoot McNairy

I guess through my learning disability, through dyslexia, I've always been a visual learner - I take in everything through my eyes. — Scoot McNairy

Dyslexia Quotes By Jim Lynch

Some people blamed his oddities on his dyslexia, which was so severe that one giddy pediatrician called it a gift: While he might never learn how to spell or read better than the average fourth grader, he'd always see things the rest of us couldn't. — Jim Lynch

Dyslexia Quotes By Channing Tatum

I was not good in school. I could never read very fast or very well. I got tested for learning disabilities, for dyslexia. Then I got put on Ritalin and Dexedrine. I took those starting in the eighth grade. As soon as they pumped that drug into me, it would focus me right in. — Channing Tatum

Dyslexia Quotes By Raymond Baumanns

Information Gathering This stage of a psycho-educational assessment may seem the easiest given that an individual only has to do some research to obtain information. However, in reality, the information gathering can be a little more difficult than expected. For one, many people who have the condition have never even heard of the word. Naturally, they would not have any idea of how dyslexia affects them. Thus, people who are suspected to have the condition are unlikely to seek help unless someone who knows something about dyslexia encourages them. There are various ways to help an individual with dyslexia. It can be through formal teaching or self-help methods. Consequently, information about further actions after assessment is necessary. Psychological — Raymond Baumanns

Dyslexia Quotes By Ahmet Zappa

I definitely have managed to overcome dyslexia now to become a fully functional human being but things were a lot more difficult when I was younger. — Ahmet Zappa

Dyslexia Quotes By M.E. Vaughan

When I told my teachers I wanted to be a writer, alot of them encouraged me to lower my expectations and to be more realistic. So I rode away on my magical, winged horse, spraying faerie dust behind me, and laughing manically as I went. — M.E. Vaughan

Dyslexia Quotes By Rick Riordan

Percy, we're going to Polyphemus' island! Polyphemus is an S-i-k ... a C-y-k ... " She stamped her foot in frustration. As smart as she was, Annabeth was dyslexic, too. We could've been there all night while she tried to spell Cyclops. "You know what I mean! — Rick Riordan

Dyslexia Quotes By Craig Donovan

Dyslexia is not just a simple reading problem. People with dyslexia usually suffer from emotional problems due to being bullied, especially during their school years. Generally dubbed as 'idiots' and 'slow learners', dyslexic people are socially segregated and can easily lose their self-confidence. Here — Craig Donovan

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

I think I was 16 when I had the thought of maybe being a writer. And this is complicated, something I only now understand, because when I was young, having dyslexia and not knowing it made reading such an ordeal. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Tiffany Sunday

We are the visionaries, inventors, and artists. We think differently, see the world differently, and solve problems differently. It is from this difference that the dyslexic brain derives its brilliance. — Tiffany Sunday

Dyslexia Quotes By Lang Leav

I wrote your name over and over - on scraps of paper, in books and on the back of my wrists. I carved it like sacred markings into trees and the tops of my thighs. Years went by and the scars have vanished, but the sting has not left me. Sometimes when I read a book, parts will lift from the pages in an anagram of your name. Like a code to remind me it's not over. Like dyslexia in reverse. — Lang Leav

Dyslexia Quotes By Andrae Crouch

I have dyslexia, and I never did learn to read music, and I even had a problem in reading because everything was turned upside down, so I just had to draw from the lyrics and the voice that I would hear in my mind. — Andrae Crouch

Dyslexia Quotes By Kevin Drew

There was this wonderful day where we sat and listened to all of Andy's [Kim] songs throughout the years, and I think we spent around six hours at my house, and then we played all these tunes of mine that have never found any version. And "Heaven Without a Gun" is one of them, and it struck him. If you can find a compadre who doesn't live in the literal world 'cos you're not always fighting to explain yourself to make sense, that maybe it's the dyslexia, maybe it's the dreamer, maybe it's the idea that grammar was not your foreplay - excuse me - see what I mean, your forte. — Kevin Drew

Dyslexia Quotes By Stacey D'Erasmo

In 1976, divorce could still raise eyebrows, as could a woman's decision not to have children. Dyslexia wasn't as commonly recognized then, and thus not treated as it is today. — Stacey D'Erasmo

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

I can't remember a time when I stepped into an airport or train station without wishing I were somewhere else, doing almost anything else. Just thinking about traveling gives me the willies. Traveling and dyslexia don't really get along. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Dana Marton

When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut. Someone who flies in a spaceship to the moon," he explained, in case she didn't know the word.
She thought about that for a moment. "But you didn't go."
"Turns out I have dyslexia. It's something in your brain that makes it hard to learn. Mine is not bad, just enough so I couldn't pass the test."
"I'm glad you didn't go to the moon," she said. "I think it's better that you came here. — Dana Marton

Dyslexia Quotes By Zakk Wylde

Ozzy has dyslexia. — Zakk Wylde

Dyslexia Quotes By Jody Swarbrick

Your child with dyslexia is twice as likely as other children to have ADD; about 15 percent of students with reading problems are also diagnosed with ADD. Conversely, a child with ADD is twice as likely to have difficulties with reading; about 36 percent of children with ADD also have dyslexia. It — Jody Swarbrick

Dyslexia Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Julian had heard stories-whispers really-of other Shadowhunter children who thought or felt differently. Who had trouble focusing. Who claimed letters rearranged themselves on the page when they tried to read them. Who fell prey to dark sadnesses that seemed to have no reason, or fits of energy they couldn't control.
Whispers were all there were, though, because the Clave hated to admit that Nephilim like that existed. They were disappeared into the 'dregs' portion of the Academy, trained to stay out of the way of other Shadowhunters. Sent to the far corners of the globe like shameful secrets to be hidden. There were no words to describe Shadowhunters whose minds were shaped differently, no real words to describe differences at all.
Because if there were words, Julian thought, there would have to be acknowledgement. And there were things the Clave refused to acknowledge. — Cassandra Clare

Dyslexia Quotes By Lee Kuan Yew

I've got one grandson gone to MIT. Another grandson had been in the American school here. Because he was dyslexic, and we then didn't have the teachers to teach him how to overcome or cope with his dyslexia, so he was given exemption to go to the American school. He speaks like an American. He's going to Wharton. — Lee Kuan Yew

Dyslexia Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

Many people with dyslexia truly suffer, and their lives are worse off for having had that disability. — Malcolm Gladwell

Dyslexia Quotes By Steve Silberman

One of the most promising developments since the publication of "The Geek Syndrome" has been the emergence of the concept of neurodiversity: the notion that conditions like autism, dyslexia, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) should be regarded as naturally occurring cognitive variations with distinctive strengths that have contributed to the evolution of technology and culture rather than mere checklists of deficits and dysfunctions. — Steve Silberman

Dyslexia Quotes By Alison Gopnik

When nobody read, dyslexia wasn't a problem. When most people had to hunt, a minor genetic variation in your ability to focus attention was hardly a problem, and may even have been an advantage. When most people have to make it through high school, the same variation can become a genuinely life-altering disease. — Alison Gopnik

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

Letter scrambling and trouble reading is just a small part of dyslexia. It is also an auditory processing problem. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Temple Grandin

One of the places where research is needed is all the sensory problems. And you get sensory problems not just with autism, but with dyslexia, learning problems, ADHD, attention deficit, you know, things like sound sensitivity, problems with fluorescent lighting. — Temple Grandin

Dyslexia Quotes By Ben Foss

Dyslexia isn't a disease. It's a Community — Ben Foss

Dyslexia Quotes By Bella Thorne

My father is Cuban. Spanish was my first language, but I don't speak it that much anymore because I had dyslexia, and in school they work with you only in English. But I'm proud to be Latina, and most people don't know I am. — Bella Thorne

Dyslexia Quotes By Fannie Flagg

In order to be Miss Anybody you had to have excellent grades, and I had terrible grades because of my dyslexia. — Fannie Flagg

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

Art's power of persuasion resides in the small personal details of one's own story, and if it weren't for my struggle with dyslexia, I doubt I'd ever have become a writer or known how to teach others to write. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Eddie Izzard

Scrabble was invented by Nazis to piss off kids with dyslexia. — Eddie Izzard

Dyslexia Quotes By Joseph Mawle

I didn't do plays at school, because I didn't have the confidence. At 14, I was at boarding school in Devon and I suffered from dyslexia quite badly, but they had a very good department there which specialised in it. — Joseph Mawle

Dyslexia Quotes By Bella Thorne

I'd like to help other kids with dyslexia, because I'm dyslexic. It was very hard, and I know that what I went through, other kids are going through. — Bella Thorne

Dyslexia Quotes By Orlando Bloom

Dyslexia is not due to a lack of intelligence, it's a lack of access. It's like, if you're dyslexic, you have all the information you need, but find it harder to process. — Orlando Bloom

Dyslexia Quotes By Toni Aleo

Lucas hated the word. It was so easy to say, but it could honestly cut someone in half if they thought for a second that they were. Lucas was a confident man, but with his dyslexia, he never felt like he was smart. Fallon had never made him feel like he was less of a man; she always treated him like he was the smartest man in the room, until now. Now she had called him it. — Toni Aleo

Dyslexia Quotes By Orlando Bloom

Creativity is the key for any child with dyslexia - or for anyone, for that matter. Then you can think outside of the box. Teach them anything is attainable. Let them run with what you see is whatever they need to run with. — Orlando Bloom

Dyslexia Quotes By Joe Wright

I think my dyslexia was a vital part of my development because my inability to read and write meant that I had to find knowledge elsewhere so I looked to the cinema. — Joe Wright

Dyslexia Quotes By Bella Thorne

My family was absolutely supportive. I did have a fear of cold reads because of my dyslexia, but my family's support and reading classes really helped me overcome my fear! — Bella Thorne

Dyslexia Quotes By Kristine Barnett

A great mind is just a great mind, and try not to worry too much about what package it's in. — Kristine Barnett

Dyslexia Quotes By Adam Carolla

I don't have dyslexia, I'm just dumb. — Adam Carolla

Dyslexia Quotes By Charlotte McKinney

Whenever people talk about dyslexia, it's important to know that some of the smartest people in the world, major owners of companies, are dyslexic. We just see things differently, so that's an advantage. I just learn a different way; there's nothing bad about it. — Charlotte McKinney

Dyslexia Quotes By David Foster Wallace

Mario, what do you get when you cross an insomniac, an unwilling agnostic and a dyslexic?"
"I give."
"You get someone who stays up all night torturing himself mentally over the question of whether or not there's a dog. — David Foster Wallace

Dyslexia Quotes By Teresa Flavin

There's a bit of a local legend about a jet heart that has turned up over the years," Flynn said. "Any time it turns up, strange things happen. — Teresa Flavin

Dyslexia Quotes By David Lodge

But young parents, educated middle-class ones anyway, are very jumpy these days, they get so much information from the media about all the things that could be wrong with their child - autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, allergies, obesity and so on - they're in a constant state of panic, watching their offspring like hawks for warning signs. — David Lodge

Dyslexia Quotes By Jean Houston

The illuminated ones can take any form
a man, a woman, a child, an elder, or even a dog. It is not inconsequential that the English language allows for the dyslexia of the spelling of the word dog: God spelled backward. — Jean Houston

Dyslexia Quotes By Malik Yusef

The normal kid can differentiate between various aspects of life, but a kid with dyslexia has to connect all those dots, and they have to link it like a chain. Teachers can't incorporate that. They don't have time; it's not their fault. They don't have the resources to give personal attention to each kid in the classroom. — Malik Yusef

Dyslexia Quotes By Ozzy Osbourne

I was never good at sports. I was never good at exams, because they didn't understand dyslexia. — Ozzy Osbourne

Dyslexia Quotes By Miriam Toews

When my mother went to university to become a therapist she learned that suffering, even though it may have happened a long time ago, is something that is passed from one generation to the next to the next, like flexibility or grace or dyslexia. — Miriam Toews

Dyslexia Quotes By Suzanne Wright

What bothers me is that health professionals give fancy names to conditions or learning difficulties that will irritate the patients; like OCD not being in alphabetical order, putting an 'S' in 'lisp,' and making dyslexia a word that no one can spell. It's just mean. — Suzanne Wright

Dyslexia Quotes By Jewel

I used to love reading when I was little, and then it became difficult and I didn't understand why. I thought, what a bummer, my passion all drained out of me. So when I found out I had dyslexia, it was like, oh, that's what it was. — Jewel

Dyslexia Quotes By Temple Grandin

These diagnostic profiles like depression, ADHD, autism, dyslexia, it's half science and the other half is a committee of doctors bickering over what it should be, and it has changed. It's not precise like a diagnosis of tuberculosis would be very precise. — Temple Grandin

Dyslexia Quotes By Adam Carolla

People always said to me, "You must have been dyslexic." I wasn't. Why is it that when a white kid can't read people say he's dyslexic but when a black kid can't read people say he "fell through the cracks." This is a racist thought. I was as white as they come, and I fell through the cracks known as my parents and the Los Angeles school system. That said, Dyslexia would make a great black name. Sounds like a good wide out for the Steelers. — Adam Carolla

Dyslexia Quotes By Sherwood Smith

I have made number mistakes - I have such bad number dyslexia that I can look at a number and see the wrong one. I can't remember them worth beans. — Sherwood Smith

Dyslexia Quotes By Miriam Toews

Suffering, even though it may have happened a long time ago, is something that is passed from one generation to the next to the next, like flexibility or grace or dyslexia. My grandfather had big green eyes, and dimly lit scenes of slaughter, blood on snow, played out behind them all the time, even when he smiled. — Miriam Toews

Dyslexia Quotes By Karl Mecklenburg

You need to take small steps when you dream big dreams. I am a published author with dyslexia, a professional speaker who was in speech therapy for three years as a child because I had a lisp; and a slow stiff kid from the suburbs who became an All-Pro in the NFL. — Karl Mecklenburg

Dyslexia Quotes By Sebastian Seung

When people hear that I'm a neuroscientist, they ask me tough questions. 'Will grandpa learn to walk again after his stroke?' 'How can my son overcome his dyslexia?' 'What could have caused my best friend to become schizophrenic?' When I can't give satisfying answers, they look disappointed - and I feel embarrassed. — Sebastian Seung

Dyslexia Quotes By Anthony Robbins

His story wasn't "I'll never read," it was "I have dyslexia, so I have to work harder to make everything happen - and I will. — Anthony Robbins

Dyslexia Quotes By Tiffany Sunday

If you are going to dream then dream big, why spend time dreaming small? — Tiffany Sunday

Dyslexia Quotes By Richard Branson

Perhaps my early problems with dyslexia made me more intuitive: when someone sends me a written proposal, rather than dwelling on detailed facts and figures I find that my imagination grasps and expands on what I read. — Richard Branson

Dyslexia Quotes By Robert Rauschenberg

I still have a struggle reading (dyslexia, fh) and so I don't read much ... Probably the only reason I'm painter is because I couldn't read yet I love to write, but when I write I know what I'm writing, but when I'm reading I can't see it, because it goes from all sides of the page at once. But that's very good for printmaking. — Robert Rauschenberg

Dyslexia Quotes By Hank Williams III

I've never gone to school for recording. I wish I understood it more. School's been hard, learning things has been hard, because of the A.D.H.D., or dyslexia, or whatever you want to call it, but I know how to come up with stuff to bring it together. — Hank Williams III

Dyslexia Quotes By Richard Rogers

I had lots of trouble in school as a child, and I lost confidence. Teachers thought I was stupid. I learned to read very late, when I was 11. Dyslexia wasn't recognized then, and the assumption was you were incapable of thinking. — Richard Rogers

Dyslexia Quotes By Nolan Ryan

When I had dyslexia, they didn't diagnose it as that. It was frustrating and embarrassing. I could tell you a lot of horror stories about what you feel like on the inside. — Nolan Ryan

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

I found many ways around my dyslexia, but I still have trouble transforming words into sounds. I have to memorize and rehearse before reading anything aloud to avoid embarrassing myself by mispronouncing words. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Patricia Polacco

I didn't learn to read until I was almost 14 years old. Reading out loud for me was a nightmare because I would mispronounce words or reconstruct things that weren't even there. That's when one of my teachers discovered I had a learning disability called dyslexia. Once I got help, I read very well! — Patricia Polacco

Dyslexia Quotes By Whoopi Goldberg

When I was a kid they didn't call it dyslexia. They called it you know, you were slow, or you were retarded, or whatever. What you can never change is the effect that the words 'dumb' and 'stupid' have on young people. I knew I wasn't stupid, and I knew I wasn't dumb. My mother told me that. If you read to me, I could tell you everything that you read. They didn't know what it was. They knew I wasn't lazy, but what was it? — Whoopi Goldberg

Dyslexia Quotes By Steve Goodman

The Mandolin is the bottom four strings of the guitar, backwards ... so a person with dyslexia has no problem learning to play the Mandolin. — Steve Goodman

Dyslexia Quotes By Caitlyn Jenner

I was growing up in the 50's and 60's. Back then they didn't even know what dyslexia was. — Caitlyn Jenner

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

Being a poet, the advantages of dyslexia are many, affording me sensitivity to the musical nuances of language and the ability to juggle complicated ideas and narratives simultaneously. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Magic Johnson

The looks, the stares, the giggles ... I wanted to show everybody that I could do better and also that I could read. — Magic Johnson

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

Dyslexia lends itself to original thinking, not rote formulas, because you can't do the formulas - you think up your own method based on intuition and instincts. Creativity is trial and error, trying to figure out a way to do something emotionally and intuitively. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By Carolina Frohlich

Understanding our children's frustrations with dyslexia and giving them the tools to blossom will give them the confidence to reach their true potential. We can help our children channel their interests and talents and ignite the passion within. — Carolina Frohlich

Dyslexia Quotes By Stephen Richards

Dyslexia is the affliction of a frozen genius. — Stephen Richards

Dyslexia Quotes By Bella Thorne

I know that some girls look up to me for certain things, like dyslexia, and that way I know that they like me for me, so it adds no pressure. — Bella Thorne

Dyslexia Quotes By Carol W. Greider

In junior high school, I learned that I could be good at school. I remember liking the freedom to choose classes and the pleasure of learning and doing well. My perseverance and love of reading had somehow allowed me to overcome many disadvantages of dyslexia, and I read a lot of books for pleasure. — Carol W. Greider

Dyslexia Quotes By Adele Devine

Love every child without condition, listen with an open heart, get to know who they are, what they love, and follow more often than you lead. — Adele Devine

Dyslexia Quotes By Robert B. Parker

Punctuality was not Susan's strength. She always intended to be on time, but she seemed to have some kind of chronometric dyslexia, which thwarted her intent, nearly always. — Robert B. Parker

Dyslexia Quotes By Charlotte McKinney

I've had such a hard time with dyslexia my whole life. When I was a child, I didn't learn to read until I was a lot older, and I was behind in my classes; it was such a challenge. — Charlotte McKinney

Dyslexia Quotes By Susan Hampshire

I do a lot of work with the Dyslexia Institute because, for people with dyslexia who do not have parental support, it is a huge disadvantage. I was fortunate because my Mum was a teacher and she taught me to work hard. — Susan Hampshire

Dyslexia Quotes By Mariah Gonzales

I put the sexy in dyslexia. — Mariah Gonzales

Dyslexia Quotes By Paul Orfalea

I think everybody should have dyslexia and A.D.D. — Paul Orfalea

Dyslexia Quotes By Stephen Richards

Dyslexia, for me, is rather like being a six-fingered typist on LSD! — Stephen Richards

Dyslexia Quotes By Philip Schultz

Suddenly, everyone wanted to talk to me, it seemed. And not about my poetry: it was my dyslexia they were most interested in. — Philip Schultz

Dyslexia Quotes By George W. Bush

The woman who knew that I had dyslexia - I never interviewed her. — George W. Bush

Dyslexia Quotes By Sandra K. Cook

Using assistive technology with your child prevents your child from missing out on content solely because he can't yet read or write. If your child cannot (yet) read, providing audiobooks, text-to-speech capability with content on computers, etc., for science, social studies, literature, and other subjects that are content-based just makes sense. — Sandra K. Cook

Dyslexia Quotes By Anne Tyler

What did Ethan care? _He_ had no trouble navigating. This was because he'd lived all his life in one house, was Macon's theory; while a person who'd been moved around a great deal never acquired a fixed point of reference but wandered forever in a fog - adrift upon the planet, helpless, praying that just by luck he might stumble across his destination. — Anne Tyler

Dyslexia Quotes By Tim Tebow

You can be extremely bright and still have dyslexia. You just have to understand how you learn and how you process information. When you know that, you can overcome a lot of the obstacles that come with dyslexia. — Tim Tebow

Dyslexia Quotes By Gavin Reid

Discrepancies in educational performances - This is often one of the most obvious indicators of dyslexia. — Gavin Reid

Dyslexia Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

You can't get dyslexia from pussy. — Bret Easton Ellis

Dyslexia Quotes By Richard Rogers

Dyslexia, though, made me realise that people who say 'but you can't do that' aren't actually very important. I don't take 'no' too seriously. — Richard Rogers

Dyslexia Quotes By Siddhartha Mukherjee

Bailey had profoundly changed the conversation around sexual identity away from the 1960s rhetoric of "choice" and "personal preference" toward biology, genetics, and inheritance. If we did not think of variations in height or the development of dyslexia or type 1 diabetes as choices, then we could not think of sexual identity as a choice. But — Siddhartha Mukherjee

Dyslexia Quotes By Henry Winkler

When I was growing up, I was told I was stupid and that I would never achieve. I suffered from dyslexia, and in those days it wasn't recognised. — Henry Winkler

Dyslexia Quotes By Robert Benton

I was dyslexic before anybody knew what dyslexia was. I was called 'slow'. It's an awful feeling to think of yourself as 'slow' - it's horrible. — Robert Benton

Dyslexia Quotes By Willard Wigan

I started making houses for ants because I thought they needed somewhere to live. Then I made them shoes and hats. It was a fantasy world I escaped to where my dyslexia didn't hold me back and my teachers couldn't criticize me. That's how my career as a micro-sculptor began. — Willard Wigan

Dyslexia Quotes By Erin Richards

I've got dyslexia. When I was in school, it wasn't really recognized as much as it is today; I'm really glad that people are a lot more aware of it now. — Erin Richards

Dyslexia Quotes By Adele Devine

Teachers should be made aware of visual stress symptoms and the potential difference coloured lights, overlays and lenses could make to a learners perception. — Adele Devine

Dyslexia Quotes By Joel McHale

I used comedy as a way to combat my dyslexia. I was barely getting by scholastically, so I used a lot of humor. — Joel McHale

Dyslexia Quotes By Loretta Young

I hated school ... One of the reasons was a learning disability, dyslexia, which no one understood at the time. I still can't spell ... — Loretta Young

Dyslexia Quotes By Teresa Flavin

The boy with the haunted eyes was Dory's secret. Eli. And she knew that she had to see him again. — Teresa Flavin

Dyslexia Quotes By Carre Otis

Though my parents assured me over and over again that I wasn't stupid or slow, I sensed that my dyslexia was now a stigma on all of us. — Carre Otis