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Top Dumbbell Quotes

Dumbbell Quotes By Brooks D. Kubik

Your best compound exercises are squats, front squats, deadlifts, Trap Bar deadlifts, standing presses with barbells or dumbbells (or a single dumbbell), barbell and dumbbell bent-over rowing, pull-ups, chin-ups, pull-downs, weighted push-ups, bench presses (performed with barbells, dumbbells, or a single dumbbell), incline presses (performed with barbells, dumbbells, or a single dumbbell), shoulder shrugs (performed with a barbell, two dumbbells, one dumbbell or a Trap Bar), deadlifts from the knees (performed with the bar or Trap Bar elevated by resting the plates on sturdy wooden blocks), hand and thigh lifts, and Hise shrugs. (Many would add dips to the list; I don't because they're hard on the shoulders and can cause shoulder problems for many trainees, particularly older trainees. — Brooks D. Kubik

Dumbbell Quotes By Brett Hoebel

If I could give one tip for people - it's not an exercise or nutrition regimen. It's to walk your talk and believe in yourself, because at the end of the day, the dumbbell and diet don't get you in shape. It's your accountability to your word. — Brett Hoebel

Dumbbell Quotes By Bill Bonner

A man on his owns knows that he is best advised to leave his dumbbell neighbors alone. But let him join a political party, and he fantasizes that he has the right and the power to tell everyone on the block what to do. — Bill Bonner

Dumbbell Quotes By Jeanne Phillips

The harder you try to control your girlfriend the further you'll drive her away, so stop acting like a dumbbell. — Jeanne Phillips

Dumbbell Quotes By Lou Ferrigno

I certainly don't agree with the bodybuilders who say you can get big forearms just by squeezing the dumbbell handles when doing curls. In a few cases this may be true, but those guys would build big forearms by merely eating eggs in the morning. Most bodybuilders, myself included, have to work very hard for any kind of meaningful forearm development. — Lou Ferrigno

Dumbbell Quotes By Adrian Peterson

I'm always aware of trying to put my body in different positions to test it and strengthen muscles that you don't get when you do dumbbell press or pulls or weight-type exercises. — Adrian Peterson

Dumbbell Quotes By Andrew Saul

He very word "patient" implies passivity and powerlessness. Me-teacher-you-dumbbell, or me-doctor-you-patient, or me-politician-you-voter, or any other paternalistic or maternalistic stay-in-your-place tradition will not pass muster with me. — Andrew Saul

Dumbbell Quotes By P. J. O'Rourke

Then there's politics. Just imagine politics with its dumbbell element subtracted. There would be no Republican candidates. There would be no Democratic voters. The whole system would collapse. — P. J. O'Rourke

Dumbbell Quotes By Owen Anderson

Run 400 meters at current 5K pace. Do 5 chin-ups. If a chin-up bar is not available, perform 12 biceps curls with dumbbells while standing on the right leg and then the left leg. Complete 36 abdominal crunches. Perform 15 squat thrusts with jumps (burpees). Do 15 push-ups. Complete 30 two-leg squats (body-weight squats). Run another 400 meters at 5K tempo. Do 12 squat and dumbbell presses. Complete 10 feet-elevated push-ups. Perform 36 low-back extensions. Do 15 bench dips. Complete 15 lunge squats with each leg. Run another 400 meters at 5K pace. Repeat steps 2 through 13 to complete two circuits in all; then cool down with about 2 miles (3.2 km) of light jogging, followed by thorough stretching and exercises to build core strength. — Owen Anderson

Dumbbell Quotes By Jack LaLanne

Don't talk age! Age has nothing to do with it. One of my guys who started out at my gym is 87 now, and he still does ten bench-press reps with a hundred-pound dumbbell in each hand. He's training to set a leg-pressing record. I put things in the guy's brain way back when, and now he'll never get away from it. — Jack LaLanne