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Acacia Quotes By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

A great acacia, with its slender trunk
And overpoise of multitudinous leaves.
(In which a hundred fields might spill their dew
And intense verdure, yet find room enough)
Stood reconciling all the place with green. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Acacia Quotes By Khaled Hosseini

Laila remembered how Mammy had dropped to the ground, how she'd screamed, torn at her hair. But Laila couldn't even manage that. She could hardly move. She could hardly move a muscle.
She sat on the chair instead, hands limp in her lap, eyes staring at nothing, and let her mind fly on. She let it fly on until it found the place, the good and safe place, where the barley fields were green, where the water ran clear and the cottonwood seeds danced by the thousands in the air; where Babi was reading a book beneath an acacia and Tariq was napping with his hands laced across his chest, and where she could dip her feet in the stream and dream good dreams beneath the watchful gaze of gods of ancient, sun-bleached rock. — Khaled Hosseini

Acacia Quotes By L. Frank Baum

Seems to me," said Cap'n Bill, as he sat beside Trot under the big acacia tree, looking out over the blue ocean, "seems to me, Trot, as how the more we know, the more we find we don't know." "I can't quite make that out, Cap'n Bill," answered the little girl in a serious voice, after a moment's thought, during which her eyes followed those of the old sailor-man across the glassy surface of the sea. "Seems to me that all we learn is jus' so much gained." "I know; it looks that way at first sight," said the sailor, nodding his head; "but those as knows the least have a habit of thinkin' they know all there is to know, while them as knows the most admits what a turr'ble big world this is. It's the knowing ones that realize one lifetime ain't long enough to git more'n a few dips o' the oars of knowledge. — L. Frank Baum

Acacia Quotes By Alexander McCall Smith

We are born to talk to other people, ... we are born to be sociable and to sit together with others in the shade of the acacia tree and talk about things that happened the day before. We were not born to sit in kitchens by ourselves, with nobody to chat to. Mma Ramotswe — Alexander McCall Smith

Acacia Quotes By Nadeem Aslam

He led her back to the house, the perfume from the acacia clinging to her. The djinn was supposed to live in the scent of the acacia blossom, making themselves visible only to the young in order to entrap them in otherworldly world. — Nadeem Aslam

Acacia Quotes By David Anthony Durham

Scourge of the Betrayer is as harsh and profane as anything RichardK Morgan or Joe Abercrombie serves up. Fortunately, Saylards has the skills -and the humor - to pull it off. Snappy dialogue, political intrigue, shadycharacters, gripping action sequences, a poor guy that has no idea what he'sgotten himself into ... Yeah, there's a lot to like about this debut. — David Anthony Durham

Acacia Quotes By Dixie Lyle

As we neared the watering hole, I saw lions sprawled at the base of the acacia tree, relaxing in the shade. Many, many lions. If a group of lions is normally called a pride, then this was, at the very least, an overconfidence. Possibly an arrogance. — Dixie Lyle

Acacia Quotes By Acacia Ackles

He turned one of his death rays into an ice cream maker, except he said I shouldn't eat too much of it at once."
I nodded slowly. "Right," I said. "That's ... sweet, I think. — Acacia Ackles

Acacia Quotes By Avijeet Das

She blushed and we smiled at her, when the Magpie saw us kissing passionately below the Acacia tree. — Avijeet Das

Acacia Quotes By Martin Rinehart

... Turning the simple 'handjob' into something exquisitely erotic seems quite a reasonable goal."

Louise to Acacia, re her husbands immediate future, in Explicitly Sexy — Martin Rinehart

Acacia Quotes By Peter Wohlleben

If a giraffe starts eating an African acacia, the tree releases a chemical into the air that signals that a threat is at hand. As the chemical drifts through the air and reaches other trees, they "smell" it and are warned of the danger. Even before the giraffe reaches them, they begin producing toxic chemicals. Insect pests are dealt with slightly differently. The saliva of leaf-eating insects can be "tasted" by the leaf being eaten. In response, the tree sends out a chemical signal that attracts predators that feed on that particular leaf-eating insect. Life in the slow lane is clearly not always dull. But — Peter Wohlleben

Acacia Quotes By Avijeet Das

We had the longest kisses under the Acacia tree. — Avijeet Das

Acacia Quotes By Avijeet Das

She blushed and I smiled when we saw the Magpie look at us while we kissed below the Acacia tree! — Avijeet Das

Acacia Quotes By Petra Hermans

A Strong Severe New Tree, Called : P-E-T-R-A
Was Standing ... Before A Dark Old Moon,
of Old Ages.

P.C.M. Hermans
August 16, 2016
- Amen - — Petra Hermans

Acacia Quotes By Pauline Gedge

The feathery palms that lined the drainage canals, the acacia thorns and sycamores, all glistened with the sheen of new, pale-green leaves, and in Khaemwaset's gardens the vivid clusters of flowers had begun to bloom with an abandon that assaulted the eyes and filled the nostrils with delight. — Pauline Gedge

Acacia Quotes By Susan Wittig Albert

Maude regards the ones who don't make it as her own personal failures. "I guess I didn't put enough emphasis on 'until death do you part,'" she says sourly, whenever she hears about the latest divorce. "Sad to say, but some are in it just for the good times. Married folks, they gotta be like that cat's claw acacia I've got growin' in my yard. Gotta grab hard and hold on tight when the going gets rough. Only way to get through the bad times. Grab hard, hold on, and ride. No matter what. — Susan Wittig Albert

Acacia Quotes By Christian Nestell Bovee

Pride is like the beautiful acacia, that lifts its head proudly above its neighbor plants-forgetting that it too, like them, has its roots in the dirt. — Christian Nestell Bovee

Acacia Quotes By Mo Yan

The sun, a red wheel, was sinking slowly in the west. Besides being spectacularly beautiful, the early-summer sunset was exceedingly soft and gentle: black mulberry leaves turned as red as roses; pristine white acacia petals shed an enshrouding pale-green aura. Mild evening breezes made both the mulberry leaves and the acacia petals dance and whirl, filling the woods with a soft rustle. — Mo Yan