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Drawing Pencil Quotes By Andrew Wyeth

And, of course, I began drawing so much - wild, undisciplined pencil drawings and watercolors of knights battling and such. — Andrew Wyeth

Drawing Pencil Quotes By E. E. Cummings

The other guineahen
died of a broken heart and we came to New York.
I used to sit at a table,drawing wings
with a pencil that kept breaking and i kept
remembering how your mind looked when it slept
for several years,to wake up asking why.
So then you turned into a photograph
of somebody who's trying not to laugh
at somebody who's trying not to cry — E. E. Cummings

Drawing Pencil Quotes By John Green

You were with Margo Roth Spiegelman last night? At THREE A.M.? I nodded. Alone? I nodded. Oh my God, if you hooked up with her, you have to tell me every single thing that happened. You have to write me a term paper on the look and feel of Margo Roth Spiegelman's breasts. Thrity pages, minimum! I want you to do a photo-realistic pencil drawing. A sculpture would also be acceptable. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to write a sestina about Margo Roth Spiegelman's breasts? Your six words are: pink, round, firmness, succulent, supple, and pillowy. Personally, I think at least one of the words should be buhbuhbuhbuh. — John Green

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Daryl Gregory

I walked downhill to the rental place, my backpack ten pounds heavier than it was this morning because of three huge textbooks: one on government from world history class; one from English class called Catastrophes of New England: 1650 to 1875; and a much-used book from my last class of the day, Non-Euclidean Geometry. The class was taught by Mr. Gint, a pale, balding man who barely looked at us. The entire class period he sat at his desk with a protractor and pencil, drawing pictures and muttering to himself. — Daryl Gregory

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Quino

Isn't it amazing what a pencil can have inside? — Quino

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Alysia Abbott

The truth is: I did want to be my dad's poem. I wanted to be his drawing, his novella, his most refined work of art. I wanted him to shape me with his love and intelligence. I wanted him to edit out my mistakes and many indulgences, with a sharp red pencil or a clean eraser. — Alysia Abbott

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Neil Gaiman

Outside the plate glass the world in the mist had become a pencil drawing executed in a dozen different grays with, here and there, a smudge of electric red or pure white. — Neil Gaiman

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Alex Hirsch

As long as I could hold a pencil, I was drawing and telling stories and making jokes. I've just been lucky that no one ever stopped me, and now I can do that for a living. — Alex Hirsch

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Burne Hogarth

My father would sit and design furniture and cabinets - he was a carpenter and cabinet maker - and I would ask for my own piece of paper and pencil. And when I would say, 'What should I draw?' he would push a cartoon under my nose and say, 'Here, draw this.' So the cartoon became a kind of focus of attention. — Burne Hogarth

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Raul Soldi

Not even pencil or charcoal is needed. Drawing can also be done with a brush. But drawing is a must, if not, no painting can resist. — Raul Soldi

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Rosamunde Pilcher

A ring was the accepted sign of infinity, eternity. If her own life was that carefully described pencil line, she knew it all at once that the two ends were drawing close together. I have come full circle, she told herself, and wondered what had happened to all the years. It was a question, which from time to time, caused her some anxiety and left her fretting with a dreadful sense of waste. But now, it seemed, the question had become irrelevant, and so the answer, whatever it was, was no longer of any importance. — Rosamunde Pilcher

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Brian McGreevy

She had not been conferred with a practical sense of how one went about this strange and all inverted business of being a girl, where seemingly natural stuff like going on about all the great things you just learned about Siberian tigers on National Geographic was suddenly weird, but totally weird stuff in and of itself like drawing around your eyeball with a pencil became normal, and it impressed to no end that it was a product of meticulous effort that made the twins seem so perfectly and effortlessly feminine. — Brian McGreevy

Drawing Pencil Quotes By E. J. Hughes

Unfortunately when I start to talk or when someone watches over my shoulders my pencil either stops or I draw meaningless lines. — E. J. Hughes

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Julie Burchill

There's something brave and touching about game girls of all ages keeping themselves smart in hard times - one thinks of those wonderful women during World War II drawing stocking seams in eyebrow pencil up the back of legs stained with gravy browning because nylons were so hard to get hold of. — Julie Burchill

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Jarrett J. Krosoczka

I was raised by my grandparents, and they always made sure that I had a pencil and some paper, whether we were in the car or at a restaurant. While they were enjoying a nice meal, I would be sitting there drawing funny pictures of the waitress. — Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Henri Cartier-Bresson

If, in making a portrait, you hope to grasp the interior silence of a willing victim, it's very difficult, but you must somehow position the camera between his shirt and his skin. Whereas with pencil drawing, it is up to the artist to have an interior silence. — Henri Cartier-Bresson

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

I do not know if you bridle your pen, but when my pencil moves, it is necesary to let it go, or - crash! ... nothing more. — Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Henry Moore

I sometimes begin a drawing with no preconceived problem to solve, with only the desire to use pencil on paper ... but as my eye takes in what is so produced, a point arrives where some idea crystallizes, and then a control and ordering begins to take place. — Henry Moore

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Marysue G. Hobika

I didn't think while I drew. The pencil flew across the page making marks, almost as if it had a mind of its own. Often times I didn't know what it was going to be until it was completed. The cemetery was still with only a few birds calling off in the distance from time to time. When I finished I was not at all surprised by what had taken form on my paper. It was a portrait of my dad. He was sitting behind the tombstone, using it as a desk, his laptop open in front of him. He wore a peaceful smile. I smiled, too, as another tear fell. — Marysue G. Hobika

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Eudora Welty

In children's art class we sat in a ring of kindergarten chairs and drew three daffodils that had just been picked out of the yard; and while I was drawing, my sharpened yellow pencil and the cup of the yellow daffodil gave off wiffs just alike. That the pencil doing the drawing should give off the same smell of the flower it drew seemed part of the art lesson - as shouldn't it be? Children, like animals use all their sense to discover the world. Then artists come along and discover it the same way, all over again. Here and there, it's the same world. Or now and then we'll hear from an artist who's never lost it. — Eudora Welty

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Jazz Feylynn

The ink line drawing flowed the cursive journey,
created on paper canvas that brought the story to life. — Jazz Feylynn

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Jhumpa Lahiri

I'm scared that the pencil sides might disappear, just as a drawing can be rubbed out by an eraser. Bengali will be taken away when my parents are no longer there. It's a language that they personify, that they embody. When they die, it will no longer be fundamental to my life. — Jhumpa Lahiri

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Lev Grossman

He was asked to draw a rabbit that wouldn't keep still as he drew it - as soon as it had paws it scratched itself luxuriously and then went hopping off around the page, nibbling at the other questions, so that he had to chase it with the pencil to finish filling in the fur. He wound up pacifying it with some hastily sketched radishes and then drawing a fence around it to keep it in line. — Lev Grossman

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Robert Rodriguez

It [lighting the set up] is quite a process. It's like drawing. It's like being an artist. You pencil it in first, and then you ink it. When you're filming, it's like you're penciling it all in. You know where everything is going to go. But, that application of the final ink takes some time. — Robert Rodriguez

Drawing Pencil Quotes By John Newman

No one can ever take my job away from me. I can always draw as long as I have a piece of paper and a pencil or paints. — John Newman

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Margaret Atwood

While he writes, I feel as if he is drawing me; or not drawing me, drawing on me - drawing on my skin - not with the pencil he is using, but with an old-fashioned goose pen, and not with the quill end but with the feather end. As if hundreds of butterflies have settled all over my face, and are softly opening and closing their wings. — Margaret Atwood

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Vincent Van Gogh

In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing. — Vincent Van Gogh

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Nova Ren Suma

In reality I was a pencil drawing of a photocopy of a Polaroid of my sister- you could see the resemblance in a certain light if you were seeking it out because I told you first if you were being nice. — Nova Ren Suma

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Clyde Tombaugh

What you do is, you have your drawing board and a pencil in hand at the telescope. You look in and you make some markings on the paper and you look in again. — Clyde Tombaugh

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Brian Froud

I've been actively engaged with mythic imagery ever since I picked up that Rackham book, but it really came into focus for me when I moved from London to the country. As I walked the extraordinary landscape of Dartmoor, I looked at the trees and the rocks and the hills and I could see the personality in those forms ... then they metamorphosed under my pencil into faeries, goblins and trolls. After Alan and I published "Faeries", he moved on from the subject of faery folklore to illustrate Tolkien and other literary works ... while I discovered that my own exploration of Faerieland had only just begun. In the countryside, the old stories seemed to come alive around me; the faeries were a tangible aspect of the landscape, pulses of spirit, emotion, and light. They "insisted" on taking form under my pencil, emerging on the page before me cloaked in archetypal shapes drawn from nature and myth. I'd attracted their attention, you see, and they hadn't finished with me yet. — Brian Froud

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Chris Riddell

I want to put the joy of creativity, of drawing every day, of having a go and being surprised at what one can achieve with just a pencil and an idea at the heart of my term as laureate. I want to make sure people have fun whilst addressing fundamental issues I care about passionately. — Chris Riddell

Drawing Pencil Quotes By H.J. Brues

Ryu laughed. "You know what I mean. A absentminded as you are, it's a true wonder you can be so focused when it comes to kendo."
"I'm also focused when I draw."
"Yeah. The problem is you're still drawing even when you don't have an actual pencil in your hand. — H.J. Brues

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Paul Klee

I want to be as though new-born, knowing nothing, absolutely nothing ... then I want to do something modest; to work out by myself a tiny, formal motive, one that my pencil will be able to hold without technique. — Paul Klee

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Vincent Van Gogh

I felt my energy return and that I said to myself, in any event I'll recover from it, I'll pick up my pencil that I put down in my great discouragement and I'll get back to drawing, and from then on, it seems to me, everything has changed for me. — Vincent Van Gogh

Drawing Pencil Quotes By E. J. Hughes

I've found from years of trial that the only way I can work is to make sketches in pencil from Nature, purely as reference material for future use in the studio. — E. J. Hughes

Drawing Pencil Quotes By John Howe

Daydreaming with pencil and paper is a respectable form of meditation. — John Howe

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Alberto Giacometti

When I make my drawings ... the path traced by my pencil on the sheet of paper is, to some extent, analogous to the gesture of a man groping his way in the darkness. — Alberto Giacometti

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Robyn Hitchcock

When I first started listening to music intently as a teenager, I was always sitting there with a biro or a pencil, drawing. That's how I absorbed it all. — Robyn Hitchcock

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Danny Huston

I loved painting and drawing for many reasons. One of them was that all it really required was me, a pencil and a pad. It was something I was passionate about, and still am. — Danny Huston

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Shaun Tan

Staring at a blank piece of paper, I can't think of anything original. I feel utterly uninspired and unreceptive. It's the familiar malaise of 'artist's block' and in such circumstances there is only one thing to do: just start drawing.

The artist Paul Klee refers to this simple act as 'taking a line for a walk', an apt description of my own basic practice: allowing the tip of a pencil to wander through the landscape of a sketchbook, motivated by a vague impulse but hoping to find something much more interesting along the way. Strokes, hooks, squiggles and loops can resolve into hills, faces, animals, machines -even abstract feelings- the meanings of which are often secondary to the simple act of making (something young children know intuitively). Images are not preconceived and then drawn, they are conceived as they are drawn. Indeed, drawing is its own form of thinking, in the same way birdsong is 'thought about' within a bird's throat. — Shaun Tan

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Jade Hassoune

I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I've got many ideas that are still to be drawn out, but the couple collaborations in development are with other actor/writers for graphic novel/comic that could potentially become a film project. — Jade Hassoune

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Cassandra Clare

The kitchen was bright, cheerful yellow, the walls decorated with framed chalk and pencil sketches Simon and Rebecca had done in grade school. Rebecca had some drawing talent, you could tell, but Simon's sketches of people all looked like parking meters with tufts of hair. — Cassandra Clare

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Rob Minkoff

Films are made the same today, as they've ever been made, in certain respects. The scriptwriting, the pre-production, the storyboarding, and the designing are all the same. The technique of animation has changed, in the sense that rather than drawing it by hand, we use a computer as a tool. The computer has become a pencil to draw or paint the images that we see in a film. — Rob Minkoff

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Paul Laseau

With pencil there is a tendency to be timid, either using very faint lines or erasing bad lines ... Line sketching tends to emphasize the structure of a drawing rather than the nuances of media.. — Paul Laseau

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Vikrmn

Life is like a painting. Imagine it, hit and try drawing with the pencil of first steps, fill in the colors of happiness, correct the mistakes with eraser of love and forgiveness; thus, one dream project is accomplished. Create such masterpieces just like that. — Vikrmn

Drawing Pencil Quotes By William Scott

On occasion I have drawn as a release from painting. The economy in using paper, pencil, charcoal and crayon can help towards a greater gamble and higher rewards. I also find that drawing can generate ideas more rapidly than painting. — William Scott

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Rob Minkoff

An actor uses his body as a tool and an instrument. In the same way a musician plays an instrument, the actor uses his body to convey feeling and emotion. An animator uses a pencil or a computer to create the same thing, the same exact way. An actor is taking words that are not his own, and he has to bring some kind of authentic life to those words. It's the same goal, to create this authentic life. Even if it's a drawing, or if it's a cartoon, you're still trying to create authenticity because, if the character emotes authentically, it has a power to connect with the audience. — Rob Minkoff

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Stephan Pastis

I don't like drawing characters facing right. If I tried to do that at a book signing, I'd have to pencil it first. — Stephan Pastis

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Mother Teresa

I am only a little pencil in the hand of our Lord. He may cut or sharpen the pencil. He may write or draw whatever and whenever he wants. If the writing or drawing is good, we do not honor the pencil or the material that is used, but rather the one who used it. — Mother Teresa

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Massimo Vignelli

I grew up with a pencil. A pencil was my computer at the time and so drawing, drawing, drawing and the tools of drawing where the usual ones and eventually then you graduated from the tools when the work increases and you start to draw by freehand as precise as possible and as accurate as possible, and I was pretty good at that. — Massimo Vignelli

Drawing Pencil Quotes By Anonymous

The little boy was found by his mother with pencil and paper, making a sketch. When asked what he was doing, he answered promptly, and with considerable pride: "I'm drawing a picture of God." "But," gasped the shocked mother, "you cannot do that. No one has seen God. No one knows how God looks." "Well," the little boy replied, complacently, "when I get through they will. — Anonymous