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Download Quotes By Obie Trice

But since I am in the music industry, I don't want anyone to download music, not on September 9th. — Obie Trice

Download Quotes By G-Eazy

You have an entire generation of kids who grew up with the idea that music is something that you can download for free. — G-Eazy

Download Quotes By M.J. Rose

I thought if I put my book up on the Internet as a file that you could download, and I told people about it, maybe some people would download it and read it, and maybe I could get some response. — M.J. Rose

Download Quotes By Sebastian Bach

Kids don't go out and buy CDs, they make their own, they download them from the Internet. — Sebastian Bach

Download Quotes By Jaachynma N.E. Agu

A wholesome mother knows the software to delete, download, upgrade and upload for the best results. — Jaachynma N.E. Agu

Download Quotes By CM Punk

I was a huge Sub-Zero guy, but the fact that you can download Freddy Krueger is the coolest thing I've heard of in a very long time. — CM Punk

Download Quotes By Brit Morin

I really love laser-cutting. I do a lot of laser-cut jewelry and laser-etched stationery. I'll even etch my food sometimes. You can download an image online and etch it onto a tortilla or a brownie. It's so cool to meld the digital and analog worlds together. — Brit Morin

Download Quotes By Billy Collins

You'll find i-poetry, you'll find that you can download poetry, that you can stuff your i-pod with recorded poetry. So just to answer the question that way, I think that poetry is gonna catch up with that technology quite soon. — Billy Collins

Download Quotes By Dionne Warwick

Every time we buy a CD or download a song, the artist is paid for their work. You might not know that this isn't the case when a musician's work is played on the radio. — Dionne Warwick

Download Quotes By Harry Whitewolf

We're the propaganda monkeys.
The digital download junkies.
The skunk smoking geezers
With an inflatable Jesus.
We're the kitsch and cool.
Divide and rule. — Harry Whitewolf

Download Quotes By Carrie Brownstein

Just invest in apps. Just download apps and then pay yourself the dividend. — Carrie Brownstein

Download Quotes By Shane Bunting

I just people to get big bang for their buck. I just feel like I am really lucky that I still get the support that I do from my fans when it is so easy to download music for free. When fans go out and support and buy my music that really means a lot to me so I want to make sure that I give the very best I can when selling a product. — Shane Bunting

Download Quotes By Stephen Dewaele

It's a shame, but also for kids it's so easy now for them to download it to their phone and listen to it everywhere. If you go to Lille Eurostar station there is music playing: Why? What's the point? It's like showing someone a movie on a small crappy screen. It should be sounding good! There's a lot of noise pollution, in that sense. — Stephen Dewaele

Download Quotes By Madonna Ciccone

There's one thing you can't download and that's a live performance. And I know how to put on a show, and enjoy performing, and I'll always have that. — Madonna Ciccone

Download Quotes By Gordon Smith

A lot of things people see as innovative are faddish and fleeting, and I'm simply telling you, staying power like broadcasting has is more important in the end than the latest app you can download. — Gordon Smith

Download Quotes By Karin Slaughter

Books are not like albums, where you can simply download and enjoy your favorite chapter and ignore the rest. — Karin Slaughter

Download Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

Look at the world of books nowadays. People just download books. They don't go to a bookstore. Amazon is wiping out Borders and Barnes and Noble. Those are brilliant examples of ephemeralization doing more with less at a better price. — Robert Kiyosaki

Download Quotes By Chris Bailey

Although you can download all the productivity apps in the world (and I have), no app will make you care about what you have to do like the Rule of 3. The rule is dead simple:
1. At the beginning of every day, mentally fast-forward to the end of the day, and ask yourself: When the day is over, what three things will I want to have accomplished? Write those three things down.
2. Do the same at the beginning of every week.
The three things you identify then become your focus for the day and the week ahead.
That's it. — Chris Bailey

Download Quotes By Dimebag Darrell

Between the record companies being the way they are and the fact that people can just download one song instead of buying a whole album, it's hard to make a good living nowadays. — Dimebag Darrell

Download Quotes By Jacquie McNish

Smartphone makers sought deeper ties with retail buyers by adding ring tones, games, Web browsers, and other applications to their phones. Carriers, however, wanted this business to themselves. If they couldn't sell applications within their "walled gardens," carriers worried they would be reduced to mere utilities or "dumb pipes" carrying data and voice traffic. Nokia learned the hard way just how ferociously carriers could defend their turf. In the late 1990s the Finnish phone maker launched Club Nokia, a Web-based portal that allowed customers to buy and downloadJacquie McNish

Download Quotes By Julian Barnes

Why slum it where people were burdened by yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that? By history? Here, on the Island, they had learnt how to deal with history, how to sling it carelessly on your back and stride out across the download with the breeze in your face. — Julian Barnes

Download Quotes By Liam Neeson

The whole awards thing is great. Why? Because the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, they put a focus on the industry, and that focus translates into people buying tickets to see movies or download films, legitimately download them. And it keeps us all at work. So I'm a big fan of award shows. — Liam Neeson

Download Quotes By Olga Kurylenko

Eventually there are going to be chips in brains. Imagine if you could just buy knowledge and download it into your head instead of having to learn it. Like in 'The Matrix.' Imagine all the years saved! — Olga Kurylenko

Download Quotes By Derek Rydall

In this age of quick fixes and microwave mindsets, most of us want what we want, and we want it right now, whether it is instant download speed, instant riches, or an Oompa-Loompa, but just as you can't force the farm to produce a harvest, you can't force your seed of potential to grow until it is ripe and ready. — Derek Rydall

Download Quotes By Ziad Doueiri

The world is going on a high-speed connection; the Arab revolution is still dial-up. So we have to give it a little time to download. Regimes come and go, but art endures. — Ziad Doueiri

Download Quotes By Natalie Jeremijenko

Information is not just something you download from the Web. The way trees grow and where birds choose to live are much better signs of water quality than all the data being collected by the EPA. — Natalie Jeremijenko

Download Quotes By Tad Williams

It was only after they had left the bridge and its gaurdian far behind that Theo realized he had left Tansy's telephone-brooch in the pocket of his jacket. He had no plans to go back for it, of course: as far as Theo was concerned, that piece of two-legged ugliness was welcome to blow out Tansy's long-distance bill or download a ton of troll-porn and charge it to the Daisy commune.
Betray me, huh? Taste the Revenge of Vilmos! — Tad Williams

Download Quotes By Hans Vestberg

You don't need to recall 100,000 cars because you need to fix something. That can be done with a download of software. — Hans Vestberg

Download Quotes By Sam Trammell

I listen to KCRW in the car and Pandora radio, which I stream through the stereo from my iPhone. I've been listening to everything from Caribou to Conway Twitty. If I'm going on a longer car ride, I'll download some podcasts. — Sam Trammell

Download Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

Kessen groaned, then silently wondered if she should download the e-reader application for her phone she could pretend to be texting but be reading instead. It might look odd for her to be staring at her phone for long periods of time. — Rachel Van Dyken

Download Quotes By Dave Grohl

Some people record onto tape, and then they pay for the tape, and download those onto a hard drive. Initially in a Pro Tools program. Other people go straight into digital, and use no tape at all. — Dave Grohl

Download Quotes By Tim Gane

One of the reasons I don't have a TV is, if I have a TV, then I don't do other things. At least for me, I'd rather just download the programs I want to watch and watch them, or I can buy them on DVD. — Tim Gane

Download Quotes By Dan Farmer

Even if the music industry simply gave away all their music people would complain that they don't have the bandwidth to download all the stuff - the problem would merely shift from availability to distribution. — Dan Farmer

Download Quotes By Art Spiegelman

I would say that, in the future, the book will be reserved for things that function best as a book. So, if I need a textbook that's going to be out of date because of new technological inventions, you're better off having it where you can download the supplements or the update. — Art Spiegelman

Download Quotes By Georgia Kakalopoulou

What it is you are looking for, isnt at the stars but in front of your eyes ... when you download the head ... will find it. — Georgia Kakalopoulou

Download Quotes By Mikal Cronin

I realize that people won't even download the entire album and might just download a song or two and put it in a playlist for a workout or in the background while people do dishes. That's fine and I can't dictate how people listen to my music, but I structure records the way I listen to records. — Mikal Cronin

Download Quotes By Natasha Ahmed

I don't have cookie-cutter relationships, Rumi. Women aren't iPhone apps that I download and discard! — Natasha Ahmed

Download Quotes By John Jackson Miller

He stepped over to Vidian and turned the man's head. There, in his left ear, he saw a small dataport. A moment's revulsion struck and passed. "All right," he said. "Who wants to download Vidian's brain? — John Jackson Miller

Download Quotes By Max Bemis

I used to download a lot of music, and I understand it in this economy, but personally I buy my music. It feels good to be able to support a band you like. Plus, it'd be really hypocritical if I were still doing that, since I really hope people are buying and experiencing my music. — Max Bemis

Download Quotes By Chris DeWolfe

Podcasting is not really that different from streaming music, which we've done for quite a long time. Having a traditional podcast that people subscribe to - the hype is ahead of the quality. Podcasting is essentially a download, and you run into copyright issues. What you're left with currently is podcast talk radio. — Chris DeWolfe

Download Quotes By Chris Cooper

It's not the size of the hard drive that counts, it's how you download it. — Chris Cooper

Download Quotes By Mike Wells

There was malware you could download from pirate websites, malware that you could send to other people's cellphones to find out their GPS locations. It could be sent to other people invisibly, attached to text messages. If he could get his hands on another cellphone and downloadMike Wells

Download Quotes By Jesse Williams

I download, like, forty songs a day, I'm a big music collector and a big record collector. — Jesse Williams

Download Quotes By Shane Kuhn

Instead of getting my gold retirement watch and landing on my feet with a white picket fence and a satellite dish, I ended up base-jumping from the kettle into the fire. All because of one last job. But what's done is done. If your interested, you can read about the whole hot mess in The Intern's Handbook. You won't find it at Barnes & Noble, but I hear the feds have a few copies lying around, and I wouldn't be surprised if you could download it for free on Russian iTunes. I'm told it's an excellent beach/airplane/bathroom/killing-time-after-a-motel-tryst read. — Shane Kuhn

Download Quotes By Jimmy Clay

The Software You will have to buy Microsoft Office, which contains PowerPoint, or you can download the freeware OpenOffice, which contains Impress. Once you understand the basics of how to use these programs to create the book cover, you may prefer to use some other presentation software. Both — Jimmy Clay

Download Quotes By Jimmy Carter

You can already download any of the religious texts onto electronic mechanisms like a Kindle. But I think many people prefer to hold a book in their hands. — Jimmy Carter

Download Quotes By Damian Kulash

Everyone loves the idea of internet fast enough that HD movies download in seconds, but if only the telecoms or their partners get to use the high speeds, it's not the internet: It's glorified cable. — Damian Kulash

Download Quotes By Bruce Sterling

University, as institutions, pre-date the information economy by many centuries and are not for-profit cultural entities, whose reason of existence (purportedly) is to discover truth, codify it through techniques of scholarship, and then teach it. Universities are meant to pass the torch of civilization not just download data into student skulls. — Bruce Sterling

Download Quotes By Nicholas Kristof

Humans pull together in an odd way when they're in the wilderness. It's astonishing how few people litter and how much they help one another. Indeed, the smartphone app to navigate the Pacific Crest Trail, Halfmile, is a labor of love by hikers who make it available as a free download. — Nicholas Kristof

Download Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

When you are DOWN for satan, you'll be LOADED with sin ... and you'll DOWNLOAD failure! You and I can't be part of that mess! — Israelmore Ayivor

Download Quotes By Trent Reznor

I'd much rather be worrying about playing that note in tune, and picking out the best way to arrange the song, rather than thinking about pricing for the download. It's not art. — Trent Reznor

Download Quotes By John Gorka

When I lost my faith in people I put my trust in things To avoid the disappointment Trusting people brings ... I tried to do it all myself then Surrounded by my stuff All I found were limitations I could not rise above There are gadgets and contraptions Immaculate machines There's a program you can download now That will even dream your dreams It'll even dream you dreams For a monthly fee Clear up your complexion You get a hundred hours free Possessions cannot save you. — John Gorka

Download Quotes By Jason Aldean

I think from an artist standpoint, you have to put out music that you feel like represents you and things you feel like your crowd wants to hear. And if that drives them to go and download the album or the single, that's what we want. — Jason Aldean

Download Quotes By Jay Leno

America Online customers are upset because the company has decided to allow advertising in its chat rooms. I can see why: you got computer sex, you can download pornography, people are making dates with 10 year-olds. Hey, what's this? A Pepsi ad? They're ruining the integrity of the Internet! — Jay Leno

Download Quotes By Erin J. Watson

This wobbly world
host to insects and lint
and a thousand pithy ways
to feel unserious each minute
It brings about
a great softening of the mind, like
the clouded edges of sea glass (this
filter you could download and apply)
A poultice or an opiate,
rigidly individual. Alone
and erasing sentences to splinters.
(Poem No. 5) — Erin J. Watson

Download Quotes By Peter Diamandis

Even a small village in the middle of Africa with a 3D printer will have access to any good it can download. The world of the 'Star Trek' replicator is not far away. — Peter Diamandis

Download Quotes By Gary Wright

No one likes to work for free. To copy an artist's work and download it free is stealing. It's hard work writing and recording music, and it's morally wrong to steal it. — Gary Wright

Download Quotes By Andy Weir

Q. Your original, self-published version of The Martian became a phenomenon online. Were you expecting the overwhelmingly positive reception the book received? A. I had no idea it was going to do so well. The story had been available for free on my website for months, and I assumed anyone who wanted to read it had already read it. A few readers had requested I post a Kindle version because it's easier to download that way. So I went ahead and did it, setting the price to the minimum Amazon would allow. As it sold more and more copies I just watched in awe. — Andy Weir

Download Quotes By Tyga

At the end of the day, people have the right to have opinions. I have the right to have an opinion. And I have the right to say what I want on my music 'cause it's my music. If you don't like it, don't click on it, don't download it. — Tyga

Download Quotes By Rebecca MacKinnon

As a condition for entry into the Chinese market, Apple had to agree to the Chinese government's censorship criteria in vetting the content of all iPhone apps available for download on devices sold in mainland China. — Rebecca MacKinnon

Download Quotes By Richie Sambora

I'm all for sharing music, but when people can download a whole record and pay nothing for it and then they share it with 100,000 other people, it's breaking down the whole business. — Richie Sambora

Download Quotes By Tim Berners-Lee

What is a Web year now, about three months? And when people can browse around, discover new things, and download them fast, when we all have agents - then Web years could slip by before human beings can notice. — Tim Berners-Lee

Download Quotes By Jorma Taccone

Obviously, as the music business has suffered tremendously, with being able to illegally download everything, it's also become amazingly easy to find new bands, because everyone can put their stuff online. Even if you can't find a record label, you can find these awesome bands, all over the world. — Jorma Taccone

Download Quotes By Jonathan Potter

This is a turf battle. They are saying, 'The songwriters aren't getting paid.' Baloney. Songwriters are getting paid. They're paid sync rights and (mechanical) rights. They aren't getting paid for the public performance in a download because there is no public performance in a download. — Jonathan Potter

Download Quotes By Rachel Caine

You're not seriously going out again, are you?" "Seriously, yeah. Bowling. Her name's Laura. If you want more details, you're gonna have to download the video like everybody else. — Rachel Caine

Download Quotes By Carl Safina

Several groups have information evaluating seafood sustainability. I wrote the first such guide, and seafood pocket-guides and detailed evaluations of different seafoods are available for download from the group I founded, Blue Ocean Institute. — Carl Safina

Download Quotes By Subodh Kumar

can you imagine a world without god and science? — Subodh Kumar

Download Quotes By Michael Makai

Sometimes, I think our lifestyle has become the victim of a "World of Kinkcraft" gamer mentality, where people just want to download a cheat sheet or a step-by-step walk-through. Many newcomers yearn to "learn the rules" of the lifestyle as quickly as possible, so they can get right to "winning the game." These are relationships, people. Real BDSM relationships, involving real people with real feelings, living really complicated lives. If this was easy, everyone would be doing it. Stop looking for shortcuts and easy answers. — Michael Makai

Download Quotes By Christopher DeCharms

Neurotechnology may benefit from questioning what kinds of low-information-content signals we can read and write before we try to upload and download consciousness. — Christopher DeCharms

Download Quotes By Soledad O'Brien

People are interested in things not necessarily covered by the mainstream media, so they download things online. The categories are growing because people find out that they're not able to get information about stories that are of interest to them on the evening news. — Soledad O'Brien

Download Quotes By Miles Teller

I just got an iPhone, which is cool, but I don't download movies, I don't watch Hulu, I don't have Netflix. I don't do any of that. But I do geek out to music. — Miles Teller

Download Quotes By Tom Edwards

book's cover to download it. To remove a book from your device, tap Downloaded, and press — Tom Edwards

Download Quotes By Max Von Essen

I hate to be general, but I rely on Andrew Keenan-Bolger for all things music. Every season, he releases a mixtape on his blog of the most incredible and current music. I download it instantly, and it gets me through the season and keeps me educated musically. — Max Von Essen

Download Quotes By Mike Krieger

In 2010, the night before we launched 'Instagram v1', my co-founder Kevin and I bet on how many people would download the app its first day in the wild. — Mike Krieger

Download Quotes By Pete Wentz

Look: I download music illegally, if I really want it. But I always then buy the record - I support art. — Pete Wentz

Download Quotes By Michael Demon Calce

It's much easier to become a hacker now. It was a private community before and you had to find your way in, like tumbling down a rabbit hole. Today, there are all-in-one desktops fully equipped with tools pre-built into the operating system, all related to hacking. They are all very powerful tools and free to download. — Michael Demon Calce

Download Quotes By Julian Ovenden

I download TV shows more and more, especially from the U.S. — Julian Ovenden

Download Quotes By Jonathan Talat Phillips

Maybe the same essential download was also being delivered to other people - a massive, compassionate battalion of us - at the same time. — Jonathan Talat Phillips

Download Quotes By Mitch Lasky

My kids download 10 games. They play them all for two minutes. They throw away the eight they don't like. Then they play those last two obsessively for a month. That's alien to those of us who buy a $60 game and play it for 40 or 50 hours. The discovery mechanism is completely social, and I don't think you get that genie back in the bottle. — Mitch Lasky

Download Quotes By Henry Rollins

As so much music is listened to via MP3 download, many will never experience the joy of analog playback, and for them, I feel sorry. They are missing out. — Henry Rollins

Download Quotes By Wayne Coyne

I think the more music becomes something you could simply download and have on your iPod, I think to a lot of people that is plenty, but to some people, they still want these artifacts that are touchable, and you can smell them, and look at them, and hold them and just have other dimensions of experience with this music. — Wayne Coyne

Download Quotes By Kirsty Eagar

I let myself feel good for no reason. I let joy happen right there and then, and it's inside me and around me, it's the lights on the road ahead, the clean black of the night, the cold air coming through the window. It's like hearing a song for the first time and being struck by it, haunted by it, wanting to hunt it down and catch it, because the song sums up something you didn't know you wanted to say, giving you chills and goose bumps. But even as you find out what it's called, and you're thinking you'll download it, you've already lost. Because the feeling was right then and there and it's already fading like a dream.
You just have to see those times for what they are: a chance to look down at your life. And when you do, you see it's a skin made up of shiny little moments. — Kirsty Eagar

Download Quotes By Thomas L. Friedman

No athlete, no scientist, no musician ever got better without focused practice, and there is no program you can download for that. It has to come from within. — Thomas L. Friedman

Download Quotes By Paul J. Silvia

Writing time is for writing, not for checking e-mail, reading the news, or browsing the latest issues of journals. Sometimes I think it would be nice to download articles while writing, but I can do that at the office. The best kind of self-control is to avoid situations that require self-control. — Paul J. Silvia

Download Quotes By Robert Englund

I think there's a time and place to watch an independent film, or catch up on a French action film on your laptop, or Netflix it, or download it, or watch it on-demand. But I think we also have to maintain the sacredness of the movie theatre as church - especially with event screenings. — Robert Englund

Download Quotes By Todd Rundgren

Most people didn't have the bandwidth to download whole albums. And so it brought back this cherry picking idea that the audience would focus on certain songs and possibly be the impetus behind what eventually got on AM radio: the single or whatever. — Todd Rundgren

Download Quotes By Annette J. Dunlea

Duties were allocated and their meeting was adjourned until after the second honey trap by Ava. Angelina and Felicity would stay at base HQ and download data and run the company and thoroughly go through all accounts retrieved from the husband's computers. It would be put into separate files for each husband, heavily encrypted and stored on a remote hard drive and a back up made daily on the company server. All figures would be inputted into excel spreadsheets and final figures would determine of each mans financial worth — Annette J. Dunlea

Download Quotes By Adam Berke

When people look for products and services online, they seldom convert on their first visit. In fact, depending on the industry, 95 to 98 percent of people leave a website without taking the desired business action, such as make a purchase, fill out a lead form, download software, and so on. — Adam Berke

Download Quotes By Salman Rushdie

I beat my sons in real-life table tennis, but virtually, I get murdered. I download games on the iPhone that I'm addicted to - I'm a master at "Angry Birds." — Salman Rushdie

Download Quotes By Brendon Urie

I have no problem with people illegally downloading stuff. I'm not going to drive hard into 'You should buy my stuff,' because really, it's inevitable. If you like a song, you're going to download it for free. I have no problem with that. — Brendon Urie

Download Quotes By Michio Kaku

As in the movie The Matrix, we might one day be able to download memories and skills using computers. — Michio Kaku

Download Quotes By Lada Ray

Psychic power is the ability to download information directly from the Universe. — Lada Ray

Download Quotes By Barack Obama

Don't just buy a new video game, make one.
Don't just download the latest app, help design it.
Don't just play on your phone, program it. — Barack Obama

Download Quotes By Vance Joy

I like to get suggestions on what to read. I'll look at Twitter, people I like, people I admire ... I'll go and research the book, download it on my phone and read it while I'm on the road. — Vance Joy

Download Quotes By Shawn Fanning

It was very early, and we were still like beta or alpha stage, and so we started receiving a ton of download. The server became overloaded, and that's when I realized that this had a huge market. — Shawn Fanning

Download Quotes By Edgar Bronfman Jr.

The history of the music industry is inevitably also the story of the development of technology. From the player piano to the vinyl disc, from reel-to-reel tape to the cassette, from the CD to the digital download, these formats and devices changed not only the way music was consumed, but the very way artists created it. — Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Download Quotes By Clayton Christensen

The iPod is a proprietary integrated product, although that is becoming quite modular. You can download your music from Amazon as easily as you can from iTunes. You also see modularity organized around the Android operating system that is growing much faster than the iPhone. So I worry that modularity will do its work on Apple. — Clayton Christensen

Download Quotes By Maulik Pancholy

I watch TV on my TV pretty exclusively. However, when I'm on that long flight between Los Angeles and New York, a great way to pass that time is to download movies on iTunes and watch them on my laptop. — Maulik Pancholy

Download Quotes By Alex Kendrick

As far as Love Dare for Parents goes, you can download the book. You can buy it at bookstores ... We're really excited about it and believe that it's going to make significant impact for parents. — Alex Kendrick

Download Quotes By Lupe Fiasco

We have to make the physical music a little more valuable instead of just having a download link and a bunch of songs you downloaded from some torrent site. People try to make the music value-less, and I don't think we're going to stop that train, but the one thing that they can't devalue are things that are in the outside world. — Lupe Fiasco