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Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Marissa Meyer

I have lived in fear of her my entire life," she continued. "If this is the only chance I'm given to stand against her, then I have to take it. I don't want to hide. I don't want to be afraid. And I don't want to be separated from you, ever again. — Marissa Meyer

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Stasi Eldredge

There is no shame here. The places where we still fear are simply the places we have yet to fully receive God's love. Only by his grace and in his love can we let our fear go. Let go and receive. Receive his dreams. Receive his love. It is an exchange of fear for desire. It is an exchange of death for life. There is no fear in love. And I can tell you this with certainty: God does not want you to live in fear. And he does want you to live. Don't be afraid. Just believe. — Stasi Eldredge

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Clarice Lispector

I shall need to courage to do what I'm about to do: speak. And risk the enormous surprise I shall feel at the poverty of the spoken thing. As soon as it's out of my mouth, I'll have to add: that's not it, that's not it! But I cannot be afraid of being ridiculous, I always preferred less to more also out of fear of the ridiculous: because there's also the shattering of modesty. I'm putting off having to speak to myself. Out of fear? And because I don't have a word to say. I don't have a word to say. So why don't I shut up? But if I do not force out the word muteness will swallow me forever in waves. — Clarice Lispector

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Richard Bach

The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we're afraid.We fear we will not find love,and when we find it we fear we'll lose it. We fear that if we don't have love we will be unhappy. — Richard Bach

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Marie Lu

Don't be afraid," he says with a half smile. "You're with me." His hand tightens around my wrist, tugging me down again playfully. And this time, I feel safe enough to take a deep breath of my own and do as he says. — Marie Lu

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Kevin J. Donaldson

It's okay to be afraid. Just don't let it get the best of you. If you do, it will slowly creep inside you until you're completely paralyzed. Fear has that effect, unless you bravely face it head-on. When you accept fear, it actually makes you stronger. — Kevin J. Donaldson

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Richie Norton

We're all scared.

Yes, all of us. I'm afraid every day. If I'm not afraid, I must not be doing something I need to be doing. I believe that when you're doing important work, you feel fear because you don't want to fail. The challenge is to not let the fear stop you from doing the work that will enable you to achieve your goals. You need to recognize the fear for what it is and allow your "why" (your compelling vision) for what you're doing be bigger than the fear itself.

So where do you start? Identify your fears. As they say, "name it to tame it."

Then, move forward. — Richie Norton

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Libba Bray

It is how it has always been. We will accept the legacy of our ancestors,' Asha says, smiling, and in her smile I do not see warmth or wisdom; I see fear.
You're afraid of losing your hold on them,' I say coolly.
I? I have no power.'
Don't you? If you keep them from the magic, they will never know what their lives could be.'
They will remain protected,' Asha insists.
No,' I say. 'Only untested'
-page 569 — Libba Bray

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By E'yen A. Gardner

Come out of hiding, don't be afraid to be yourself. — E'yen A. Gardner

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Paula Hawkins

I'm frightened, but I'm not sure what I'm afraid of, which just exacerbates the fear. I don't even know whether there's anything to be frightened of. I look around the room. My phone is not on the bedside table. My handbag is not on the floor, it's not hanging over the back of the chair where I usually leave it. I must have had it, though, because I'm in the house, which means I have my keys. — Paula Hawkins

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Kelly Thompson

I'm afraid of everything I don't know. — Kelly Thompson

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Larissa Ione

She rounded on him. "You wouldn't, you giant ass." To be honest, she didn't understand, either. But that didn't stop her from putting several days' worth of fear and stress on the table. "I'm scared, okay? I'm lost. I don't know where I am, and everyone here looks at me like they want to eat me or torture me. Maybe both. I want to go home, but then I don't want to go home because everything I thought I knew is one big lie. The people I trusted have turned against me, and even my own brother is afraid to help me." She paused to take a breath, fresh fuel for her tirade. "I should hate you, but instead, I'm attracted to you, which is beyond twisted, especially since I know that after I get Neriya back, I'm probably going to die." She dashed away tears with the back of her hand. "So forgive me if I'm a little emotionally unstable right now." She sniffed. "Ass. — Larissa Ione

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Carrie Jones

Thank you for getting me," I try to say. My lips are so tired they don't want to move.
"Anytime,Zara.Really.I mean it." He seems to be smelling my hair.
"I know you hate me and everything but we should be friends," I tell him, closing my eyes.
"I don't hate you," he says. "That's not it at all."
"What is it then? Are you a victim of parthenophobia?"
"Fear of girls."
"You are so strange." He moves back even closer to me, this wicked glint in his eyes like he's trying hard not to snort-laugh at me. His hand presses against the side of my head. Nobody has ever touched me like this before, all gentle and romantic, but strong at the same time. "I'm not afraid of girls."
"Then why haven't you kissed any?"
For a second his eyes flash. "Maybe the right one hasn't come around yet. — Carrie Jones

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By John Steinbeck

You know, one of the things that made me come here, was that I am frightfully afraid of being alone. The fear of the dark is only part of it. I wanted to break that fear in the middle, because I am afraid much of my existance is going to be more or less alone, and I might as well go into training for it. It comes on me at night mostly, in little waves of panic, that constrict something in my stomach. But don;t you think it is good to fight these things? Last night, some quite large animal came and sniffed under the door. I presume it was a coyote, though I do not know. The moon had not come up, and when I run outside there was nothing to be seen. But the main thing was that I was frightened, even though I knew it could be nothing but a coyote. Don't tell anyone I am afraid. I do not like to be suspected of being afraid. — John Steinbeck

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Lucinda Riley

People have asked me why I seem to have no fear. It's apparently that which stops so many people from doing what they need to make their life happier. Well, I don't really have the answer, but maybe if one isn't afraid of ghosts or, if fact, death itself, which is the worst thing that can happen to a human being, there isn't much else left to be frightened of. — Lucinda Riley

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Andrew Kaufman

I don't remember a single monster before I met you.' he'd told Amphibian. 'Now they seem to be all over the place.'
'You mean there wasn't anything you were afraid of?' the Amphibian had asked him.
'What did they look like?'
It was a funny question.
'They didn't look like anything. They were ideas,' Tom told him. 'Like not being able to pay rent, or being lonely.'
'That's the most terrifying thing I've ever heard.' the Amphibian replied. — Andrew Kaufman

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Tad Williams

We tell lies when we are afraid ... afraid of what we don't know, afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about us. But every time we tell a lie, the thing that we fear grows stronger. — Tad Williams

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathing in, I'm aware of the painful feeling in me. Breathing out, I'm aware of the painful feeling in me. This is an art. We have to learn it, because most of us don't like to be with our pain. We're afraid of being overwhelmed by the pain, so we always seek to run away from it. There's loneliness, fear, anger, and despair in us. Mostly we try to cover it up by consuming. There are those of us who go and look for something to eat. Others turn on the television. In fact, many people do both at the same time. And even if the TV program isn't interesting at all, we don't have the courage to turn it off, because if we turn it off, we have to go back to ourselves and encounter the pain inside. The marketplace provides us with many items to help us in our effort to avoid the suffering inside. — Thich Nhat Hanh

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Joe Quesada

Don't be afraid of failure. Never fear it because there's always a lesson if you're open to it. There's always a lesson at the end of it. Always. — Joe Quesada

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Margaret Mitchell

It's a very bad thing for a woman to face the worst that can happen to her, because after she's faced the worst she can't ever really fear anything again. And it's very bad for a woman not to be afraid of something ... always have something to fear - even as you save something to love ... and don't think you can lay down the load, ever. Because you can't. — Margaret Mitchell

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By David Mitchell

Controls is about fear, see. If you're afraid enough of the reprisals, you don't say no, you don't fight back, you don't run away. Saying yes is how you survive. It becomes normal. Horrible, but normal. Horrible, because it's normal. Now, lucky you can say 'Not standing up to him is giving him permission,' but if you've been fed this diet since the year dot, there is no standing up. Victims aren't cowards. Outsiders, like, they never have a clue how brave you have to be just to carry on. — David Mitchell

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Will.i.am

Don't be afraid of the dark
Look inside
Grab your heart
Let it shine
If it's dark outside
Shine your light — Will.i.am

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Kathy Kelly

Most of the time, if you treat people right, you don't have to be afraid of them. — Kathy Kelly

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Paul David Tripp

Don't fear your weaknesses - God supplies all the strength you need. Be afraid of those moments when you think you're independently strong. — Paul David Tripp

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Herbie Hancock

Don't be afraid to expand yourself, to step out of your comfort zone. That's where the joy and the adventure lie. — Herbie Hancock

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Tanya Anderson

Don't be afraid to write. I think a lot of writers of all ages have a fear that they aren't any good at writing. That fear is normal. I feel it. Most writers who care about what they are writing feel it. When you feel like you're not good enough, write anyway. It's just a pesky bug that's whispering lies. The best way to swat the bug is with your pen. — Tanya Anderson

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Kristin Cashore

I know you don't want this, Katsa. But I can't help myself. The moment you came barreling into my life I was lost. I'm afraid to tell you what I wish for, for fear you'll ... oh, I don't know, throw me into the fire. Or more likely, refuse me. Or worst of all, despise me," he said, his voice breaking and his eyes dropping from her face. His face dropping into his hands. "I love you," he said. "You're more dear to my heart than I ever knew anyone could be. And I've made you cry; and there I'll stop. — Kristin Cashore

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Rajneesh

Your so-called religions have made you very tense. Because they have created guilt in you. My effort here is to help you get rid of all guilt and all fear. I would like to tell you: there is no hell and no heaven. So don't be afraid of hell and don't be greedy for heaven. All that exists is this moment. You can make this moment a hell or a heaven - that certainly is possible - but there is no heaven or hell somewhere else. Hell is when you are all tense, and heaven is when you are all relaxed. Total relaxation is paradise. — Rajneesh

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Ed Helms

Don't be afraid of fear. Because it sharpens you, it challenges you, it makes you stronger; and when you run away from fear, you also run away from the opportunity to be your best possible self. — Ed Helms

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By George Carlin

I try not to see new comics - their acts or their films. Part of that is professional. I don't want to be influenced. But another part is fear and jealousy. I'm afraid to see how good they might be. I don't like that emotion, but it's part of me. — George Carlin

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Ann Brashares

So often this summer I keep thinking: I know I'm holding back. I know I'm waiting. I know I'm afraid to go forward. But I don't know how to get there from here."
He was quiet, so she kept going. "Sometimes I see it as a tricky mountain pass between two valleys. Other times, it's like perilous straits connecting two lands. Partly it's the fear of the trip itself, I think, but partly it's the fear that I won't be able to get back. I'll turn around and the clouds will have settled over the mountaintop. Or the waters will have risen and shifted, and there will be no way home."
Paul nodded. He took her hand again, which she discovered she appreciated.
But that's not even the real fear."
He gave her an odd smile. Short on mirth but affectionate. "What's the real fear?"
The real fear is that I won't want to go home. — Ann Brashares

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Woody Allen

I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens. — Woody Allen

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Hannah Hurnard

Much-Afraid, don't ever allow yourself to begin trying to picture what it will be like. Believe me, when you get to the place which you dread you will find that they are as different as possible from what you have imagined, just as was the case when you were actually ascending the precipice. I must warn you that I see your enemies lurking among the trees ahead, and if you ever let Craven Fear begin painting a picture on the screen of your imagination, you will walk with fear and trembling and agony, where no fear is. — Hannah Hurnard

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Julia Karr

I'm afraid to have a boyfriend. I don't know how to do that and not lose who I want to be. And I'm afraid of what it means to be close to a guy, a guy I might really like.
There it was: the truth. — Julia Karr

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Janet Frame

I don't wish to inhabit the world under false pretences. I'm relieved to have discovered my identity after being so confused about it for so many years. Why should people be afraid if I confide in them? Yet people will always be afraid and jealous of those who finally establish their identity; it leads them to consider their own, to seclude it, cosset it, for fear it may be borrowed or interfered with, and when they are in the act of protecting it they suffer the shock of realising that their identity is nothing, it is something they dreamed and never knew; and then begins the painstaking search - what shall they choose - beast? another human being? insect? bird? — Janet Frame

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Mitchell Zuckoff

Fear is something I don't think you experience unless you have a choice. If you have a choice, then you're liable to be afraid. But without a choice, what is there to be afraid of? You just go along doing what has to be done. — Mitchell Zuckoff

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Kamala Nair

It's too late for any of us. But you youngsters, you still have hope. Go and explore. Don't be afraid to search for the truth. There is nothing to fear. — Kamala Nair

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Above all, avoid lying, especially lying to yourself. Keep watching out for your lies, watch for them every hour, every minute. Also avoid disgust, both for others and yourself: whatever strikes you as disgusting within yourself is cleansed by the mere fact that you notice it.

Avoid fear, too, although fear is really only a consequence of lies. Never be afraid of your petty selfishness when you try to achieve love and don't be too alarmed if you act badly on occasion. — Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Richelle Mead

I smiled at her, but that brooding cloud still hung over me, even as I lay there so full of happiness. I had never thought I could love another person this much. I also never thought I'd live in such fear of losing another person. Was that how everyone in love felt? Did they all cling tightly to their beloved and wake up terrified in the middle of the night, afraid of being alone? Was that an inevitable way of life when you loved so deeply? Or was it just those of us who walked on a precipice who lived in such a panic?
I brought my face a mere whisper from hers. "I love you so much."
She blinked in that way I'd come to recognize, when she was afraid she might cry. "I love you too. Hey." She slid one of her hands up and rested it on my cheek. "Don't look like that. Everything's going to be okay. The center will hold."
"How do you know?"
"Because we are the center. — Richelle Mead

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Anais Torres

You don't want to return to the life you had before Stanford, and you don't know if you can remain in this life any longer, but fear should never be the reason why you change. If you're only here because you're afraid of the old way of life, you'll never pay attention and open your soul to learn about the new way. You'll be too busy looking back over your shoulder to make sure the old life isn't creeping up on you. — Anais Torres

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Amie Wolf

...her hand caught his wrist. "Kevin, there's so much goodness inside of you. Don't be afraid to let people see it. Don't be afraid to love."
He stared at her. He couldn't let her see what she didn't want him to fear. — Amie Wolf

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Peter S. Beagle

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid of anything. Whatever you have been, you are mine now. I can hold you. — Peter S. Beagle

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Alan W. Watts

Suppressing the fear of death makes it all the stronger. The point is only to know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that "I" and all other "things" now present will vanish, until this knowledge compels you to release them - to know it now as surely as if you had just fallen off the rim of the Grand Canyon. Indeed you were kicked off the edge of a precipice when you were born, and it's no help to cling to the rocks falling with you. If you are afraid of death, be afraid. The point is to get with it, to let it take over - fear, ghosts, pains, transience, dissolution, and all. And then comes the hitherto unbelievable surprise; you don't die because you were never born. You had just forgotten who you are. — Alan W. Watts

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Vera Nazarian

Don't be afraid of the dark. Shine! — Vera Nazarian

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Hermann Hesse

You should never be afraid of people ... such fear can destroy us completely. You've simply got to get rid of it, if you want to turn into someone decent. You understand that, don't you? — Hermann Hesse

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Sade Andria Zabala

I am starting to accept
that you never loved me.
And it's sad
because I don't think you see
how beautiful you are to me.
Your face was the light
that chased away the shadows,
every nightmare, every fear.
But you burned out and now
I'm learning to be afraid
of the dark once again. — Sade Andria Zabala

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Osho

I don't see the point in being afraid of death, because in the first place I don't know what is going to be. And secondly, there are only two possibilities: Either I will survive - then there is no question of fear. Or I will not survive - then too there is no problem of fear. If I don't survive there is no problem - when I am not, there cannot be any problem, and if I survive as I am here, if my consciousness survives, there is no problem because I am still there. "Problems were there in life also - I solved them, so if I am there and there are problems I will solve them - and it is always a joy to solve a problem, it gives a challenge. You take the challenge and you move into it, and when you solve it a great release of happiness happens." The fear of — Osho

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

We are fast moving into something, we are fast flung into something like asteroids cast into space by the death of a planet, we the people of earth are cast into space like burning asteroids and if we wish not to disintegrate into nothingness we must begin to now hold onto only the things that matter while letting go of all that doesn't. For when all of our dust and ice deteriorates into the cosmos we will be left only with ourselves and nothing else. So if you want to be there in the end, today is the day to start holding onto your children, holding onto your loved ones; onto those who share your soul. Harbor and anchor into your heart justice, truth, courage, bravery, belief, a firm vision, a steadfast and sound mind. Be the person of meaningful and valuable thoughts. Don't look to the left, don't look to the right; we simply don't have the time. Never be afraid of fear. — C. JoyBell C.

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Paulo Coelho

The boy continued to listen to his heart as they crossed the desert. He came to understand its dodges and tricks, and to accept it as it was. He lost his fear, and forgot about his need to go back to the oasis, because, one afternoon, his heart told him that it was happy. "Even though I complain sometimes," it said, "it's because I'm the heart of a person, and people's hearts are that way. People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don't deserve them, or that they'll be unable to achieve them. We, their hearts, become fearful just thinking of loved ones who go away forever, or of moments that could have been good but weren't, or of treasures that might have been found but were forever hidden in the sands. Because, when these things happen, we suffer terribly. — Paulo Coelho

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Joanna Macy

This is a dark time, filled with suffering and uncertainty. Like living cells in a larger body, it is natural that we feel the trauma of our world. So don't be afraid of the anguish you feel, or the anger or fear, because these responses arise from the depth of your caring and the truth of your interconnectedness with all beings. — Joanna Macy

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By U.G. Krishnamurti

The body cannot be afraid of death. The movement that is created by society or culture is what does not want to come to an end. . . . What you are afraid of is not death. In fact, you don't want to be free from fear. . . . It is the fear that makes you believe that you are living and that you will be dead. What we do not want is the fear to come to an end. That is why we have invented all these new minds, new science, new talk, therapies, choiceless awareness and various other gimmicks. Fear is the very thing that you do not want to be free from. What you call "yourself" is fear. The "you" is born out of fear; it lives in fear, functions in fear and dies in fear. — U.G. Krishnamurti

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Osho

When two lovers are really open to each other, when they are not afraid of each other and not hiding anything from each other, that is intimacy. When they can say each and everything without any fear that the other will be offended or hurt. ... If the lover thinks the other will be offended, then the intimacy is not yet deep enough. Then it is a kind of arrangement, which can be broken by anything. But when two lovers start feeling that there is nothing to hide and everything can be said, and the trust has come to such a depth where even if you don't say it the other is going to know, then they start becoming one. — Osho

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Tim Kreider

And I have to admit to myself that although I have plenty of sound reasons for not being a father - I know I would also be inconsistent and moody, alternately smothering and neglectful, plus I will never, ever be able to afford riding lessons or braces, let alone college - one of the reasons I don't want children is fear. I'm afraid that if I ever did have children of my own I would love them so painfully it would rip my soul in half, that I would never again have a waking moment free from the terror that something bad might ever happen to them. — Tim Kreider

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Anne Frank

People who have a religion should be glad, for not everyone has the gift of believing in heavenly things. You don't necessarily even have to be afraid of punishment after death; purgatory, hell, and heaven are things that a lot of people can't accept, but still a religion, it doesn't matter which, keeps a person on the right path. It isn't the fear of God but the upholding of one's own honor and conscience. How noble and good everyone could be if, every evening before falling asleep, they were to recall to their minds the events of the while day and consider exactly what has been good and bad. Then, without realizing it you try to improve yourself at the start of each new day; of course, you achieve quite a lot in the course of time. Anyone can do this, it costs nothing and is certainly very helpful. Whoever doesn't know it must learn and find by experience that: A quiet conscience mades one strong! — Anne Frank

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Seth Adam Smith

Don't be afraid to be the person who loves the most — Seth Adam Smith

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Melody Beattie

Many codependents: have lived through events and with people that were out of control, causing the codependents sorrow and disappointment. become afraid to let other people be who they are and allow events to happen naturally. don't see or deal with their fear of loss of control. think they know best how things should turn out and how people should behave. try to control events and people through helplessness, guilt, coercion, threats, advice-giving, manipulation, or domination. eventually fail in their efforts or provoke people's anger. get frustrated and angry. feel controlled by events and people. DENIAL — Melody Beattie

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Marguerite Duras

Don't be afraid anymore. Not of anyone. Not of anything. Nothing. Ever again. Listen to me: not ever again. — Marguerite Duras

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Israelmore Ayivor

One of the easiest ways to show your mercy to the world is to hide your fears from people who are already afraid. Don't kill them alive when you truly claim you love them! — Israelmore Ayivor

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Chuck Klosterman

I hate the point where you have to get off the ladder, or get back on. I don't know if that's a fear of heights, or literally a fear of falling. I want to be afraid to fall. That seems like a good fear. — Chuck Klosterman

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Be glad. Celebrate! Lose your mindless fear, and take courage today. No, don't ever be afraid, no matter what's happened to you before. That's right, don't be afraid, no matter what you may see coming. Take courage because Christ was crucified for you.2 Catherine of Siena, Letters — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

All the things that people do in order to show that they don't need anybody ... meanwhile, all they really want to do is say, "Please keep me." We all want to be kept. The problem is we are too afraid to let anyone know about it. What are these fragile things in our hearts that have so much fear of being broken? — C. JoyBell C.

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Tammara Webber

I was so afraid of wanting too much that I couldn't trust her handing me a shot at getting it. I don't want to be that senselessly fearful ever again. — Tammara Webber

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Sophie Hayes

It's easy to dismiss girls who work on the streets as deadbeats or drug addicts without ever thinking about why they're working as prostitutes. And the truth is that many of them have been trafficked and they work long, exhausting, miserable, soul-destroying hours for men who are cruel and violent. They're constantly afraid, not just because of what might be done to them if they don't do what they're told, but also because of the very real threats that are made against their families and the people they love. — Sophie Hayes

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Jerry Goldsmith

I think that the great part of creativity is overcoming fear. Fear is a given. When you sit down and have to begin something, don't be afraid to be filled with fear, because it goes with the turf. — Jerry Goldsmith

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Stephen King

I don't want your apology, least of all for being afraid," he said. "Without fear, what would we be? Mad dogs with foam on our muzzles and shit drying on our hocks. — Stephen King

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Milena Veen

It seemed to me that life was a giant ice skating rink, and I was the only one who didn't have skates. Most people fear death. I don't. I'm only afraid of not living. I don't want to be the one behind the ice rink fence, watching other people having fun. — Milena Veen

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Eckhart Tolle

The pain-body, which is the dark shadow cast by the ego, is actually afraid of the light of your consciousness. It is afraid of being found out. Its survival depends on your unconscious identification with it, as well as on your unconscious fear of facing the pain that lives in you. But if you don't face it, if you don't bring the light of your consciousness into the pain, you will be forced to relive it again and again. — Eckhart Tolle

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By John Steinbeck

Adam said, "Just thinking." And he was thinking with amazement, Why, I'm not afraid of my
brother! I used to be scared to death of him, and I'm not any more. Wonder why not? Could it be the
army? Or the chain gang? Could it be Father's death? Maybe - but I don't understand it. With the lack
of fear, he knew he could say anything he wanted to, whereas before he had picked over his words to
avoid trouble. It was a good feeling he had, almost as though he himself had been dead and
resurrected. — John Steinbeck

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Lisi Harrison

This is our big chance to see what people think of us. The real us. We have to show em there's nothing to be afraid of. If we don't get over our fears, they never will. — Lisi Harrison

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Paul Arden

Don't be afraid of silly ideas. — Paul Arden

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Andy Stanley

Often the reason we won't say no is that we are afraid. We fear disappointing people. We fear being passed by. We fear missing out on a good opportunity. But at some point every leader must come to grips with the fact that there will always be more opportunities than there is time to pursue them. If we don't choose our opportunities carefully, we will dilute our efforts in every endeavor. Refusing to say no eventually robs a leader of his ultimate opportunity - the opportunity to play to his strengths. Choose your opportunities carefully. Many opportunities are worth missing. Just say no. — Andy Stanley

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Anais Nin

I am the most tired woman in the world. I am tired when I get up. Life requires an effort I cannot make. Please give me that heavy book. I need to put something heavy like that on top of my head. I have to place my feet under the pillows always, so as to be able to stay on earth. Otherwise I feel myself going away, going away at a tremendous speed, on account of my lightness. I know that I am dead. As soon as I utter a phrase my sincerity dies, becomes a lie whose coldness chills me. Don't say anything, because I see that you understand me, and I am afraid of your understanding. I have such a fear of finding another like myself, and such a desire to find one! I am so utterly lonely, but I also have such a fear that my isolation be broken through, and I no longer be the head and ruler of my universe. I am in great terror of your understanding by which you penetrate into my world; and then I stand revealed and I have to share my kingdom with you. — Anais Nin

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By George MacDonald

But, sir, isn't death a dreadful thing?" asked Malcolm.
"That depends on whether a man regards it as his fate or as the will of a perfect God. Its obscurity is its dread. But if God be light, then death itself must be full of splendor
a splendor probably too keen for our eyes to receive."
"But there's the dying itself; isn't that fearsome? It's that I would be afraid of."
"I don't see why it should be. It's the lack of a God that makes it dreadful, and you would be greatly to blame for that, Malcolm, if you hadn't found your God by the time you had to die. — George MacDonald

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Jiddu Krishnamurti

Why are you afraid of death? Is it perhaps because you do not know how to live? If you knew how to live fully, would you be afraid of death? If you loved the trees, the sunset, the birds, the falling leaf; if you were aware of men and women in tears, of poor people, and really felt love in your heart, would you be afraid of death? Would you? Don't be persuaded by me. Let us think about it together. You do not live with joy, you are not happy, you are not vitally sensitive to things; and is that why you ask what is going to happen when you die? Life for you is sorrow, and so you are much more interested in death. You feel that perhaps there will be happiness after death. But that is a tremendous problem, and I do not know if you want to go into it. After all, fear is at the bottom of all this - fear of dying, fear of living, fear of suffering. If you cannot understand what it is that causes fear and be free of it, then it does not matter very much whether yo u are living or dead. — Jiddu Krishnamurti

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Cherie Hill

When you're consumed with Doubt . . . when everything appears hopeless . . . when there seems no way of escape . . . when you're overcome with fear because everything is crumbling down around you . . . when there's nowhere to turn and no answers to be found, God says one thing: Don't be afraid. Just stand still and watch the LORD rescue you today. (Exodus 14:13 NLT) — Cherie Hill

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Do not be afraid. Fear is how they control you. There's so much in the world you don't have to be afraid of, if you would only open your eyes. — Leigh Bardugo

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Doranna Durgin

Don't be afraid of anything, only fear death. — Doranna Durgin

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it. — C. JoyBell C.

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Graham Greene

I'm afraid of the dark.' And his mother: 'Don't be silly. You know there's nothing to be afraid in the dark.' But he knew hte falsity of the reasoning; he knew how they taught also that there was nothing to fear in death, and how fearfully they avoided the idea of it. — Graham Greene

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Don't be afraid of being scared. To be afraid is a sign of common sense. Only complete idiots are not afraid of anything. — Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Rosie Thomas

I am afraid of reduction. After a lifetime's independence- yes, selfish independence- I am terrified of being reduced to childhood once more, to helplessness, to seas of confusion from which the cruel lucid intervals poke up like rock shoals. I don't want to sit in my chair and be fed, much less do I want to be handed over to medical professionals. — Rosie Thomas

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Always remember that those with very important paths to fulfill will always be forced by life into the fear of the very things that their true paths consist of, in order to prevent the destiny from ever happening. Or perhaps, in order to strengthen the courage of the heart, because courage is to look into a direction, make a choice and to actually do that which you are afraid of, and what is destiny if it is not fulfilled by a heart full of courage and brawn? — C. JoyBell C.

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Nancy Mehl

A lot of people never find the person God created them to be. They're too busy trying to live up to other people's expectations, or they try to create themselves in the image of a person they admire or envy. Just because we respect someone or think their life might be more exciting than ours doesn't mean God created us to be just like them. Sometimes we have to ignore the people in our lives so we can hear the voice of God ... But making a decision to put someone else first out of love isn't the same thing as putting them first out of fear. Because you're afraid they won't love you if you don't act the way they might want you to. — Nancy Mehl

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Andre Gide

Yet I'm sure there's something more to be read in a man. People dare not
they dare not turn the page. The laws of mimicry
I call them the laws of fear. People are afraid to find themselves alone, and don't find themselves at all. I hate this moral agoraphobia
it's the worst kind of cowardice. You can't create something without being alone. But who's trying to create here? What seems different in yourself: that's the one rare thing you possess, the one thing which gives each of us his worth; and that's just what we try to suppress. We imitate. And we claim to love life. — Andre Gide

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Denise Grover Swank

Why do any of us do what we don't want to do?" I don't respond, unsure what answer he's looking for.
He smiles, but it's sad. "Because we're afraid of what will happen if we don't."
I always considered fear to be a motivator or a reason not to do something, but I never considered it a reason to continue an ongoing behavior. This opens a vault full or questions about my own life. I've always assumed I'm afraid to engage in activities because I'm afraid of what might happen. But maybe I'm looking at it all wrong. Maybe I should be asking myself if I'm really afraid of leaving what makes me comfortable. — Denise Grover Swank

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Osho

Freedom creates fear. People talk about freedom, but they are afraid. And a man is not yet a man if he is afraid of freedom. I give you freedom; I don't give you security. I give you understanding; I don't give you knowledge. Knowledge will make you certain. If I can give you a formula, a set formula, that there is a God and there is a Holy Ghost and there is an only begotten son, Jesus; there is hell and heaven, and these are the good acts and these are the bad acts; do the sin and you will be in hell, do what I call the virtuous acts and you will be in heaven - finished! - then you are certain. That's why so many people have chosen to be Christians, to be Hindus, to be Mohammedans, to be Jainas - they don't want freedom, they want fixed formulas. — Osho

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Mitchell Zuckoff

Fear is something i don't you experience unless you have a choice. If you have a choice, you're liable to be afraid. But without a choice, what is there to be afraid of? You just go along and do what has to be done.., — Mitchell Zuckoff

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Jules Renard

If you are afraid of being lonely, don't try to be right. — Jules Renard

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Beth Moore

What reason did God give Joshua for turning from fear and discouragement in the face of huge opposition? "The LORD your God will be with you wherever you go" (Josh. 1:9). When Jesus told His disciples not to be afraid in the storm, the reason wasn't the removal of their frightful circumstances but the presence of their Savior. "Take courage! It is I. Don't be afraid" (Matt. 14:27). — Beth Moore

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Fred Rogers

Love is at the root of all healthy discipline. The desire to be loved is a powerful motivation for children to behave in ways thatgive their parents pleasure rather than displeasure. it may even be our own long-ago fear of losing our parents' love that now sometimes makes us uneasy about setting and maintaining limits. We're afraid we'll lose the love of our children when we don't let them have their way. — Fred Rogers

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Kresley Cole

Regin had known the risk in coming here, but she wasn't fearful. As Lucia had also told her, "Sometimes I don't think you have the sense to be afraid when you should." Regin had interpreted that to mean, "You have no sense of fear, oh, great Reginleit. — Kresley Cole

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Elizabeth Goudge

...how to deal with fear.

To begin with, don't fight it, accept it without shame, just as you would accept any other limitation you happen to be born with, like a cast in the eye or a lame foot. Willing acceptance is half the battle... Be willing to be afraid, don't be afraid of your fear... every man has within him a store of strength, both physical and spiritual, of which he is utterly unaware until the moment of crisis. You will not tap it until the moment of crisis, but you can be quite certain that when that moment comes it will not fail you. — Elizabeth Goudge

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Lord, I know You don't want me to live in fear, because fear doesn't come from You. You want me to trust You instead. When I see things that are happening in the world it makes me afraid of what could happen to me or the people close to me. Too often I am afraid of what people think, and I know that "The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe" (Proverbs 29:25 NKJV). Thank You that Your perfect love casts out all fear. I open my heart and ask for a fresh flow of Your perfect love in me. Help me to stay close to You so I can always feel Your love flowing through me and erasing all fear (2 Timothy 1:7). Keep me protected and away from every frightening threat. I know that the closer I am to You, the farther fear is from me. In Jesus' name I pray. — Stormie O'martian

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By David Mitchell

If you've never been through it, you can't understand it, not really. Lucky you, I say. Control is about fear, see. If you're afraid of the reprisals, you don't say no, you don't fight back, you don't run away. Saying yes is how you survive. It becomes normal. Horrible, but normal. Horrible, because it's normal. Now, lucky you can say, 'Not standing up to him is giving him permission,' but if you've been fed this diet since the year dot, there is no standing up. Victims aren't cowards. Outsiders, like, they never have a clue how brave you have to be to carry on. — David Mitchell

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Stella Chess

Adolescents may be, almost simultaneously, overconfident and riddled with fear. They are afraid of their overpowering feelings, oflosing control, of helplessness, of failure. Sometimes they act bold, to counteract their imperious yearnings to remain children. They are impulsive, impetuous, moody, disagreeable, overdemanding, underappreciative. If you don't understand them, remember, they don't understand themselves most of the time. — Stella Chess

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By William Stringfellow

Don't be afraid. There is no more to fear. Do not fear rejection. If you fear rejection by another you do not love the other, though you may profess it. You are only being anxious for his love of you. The free man does not seek the love of others, nor fear that his love will be rejected, for rejection - as is known from the night Christ was betrayed - does not destroy love, and it does not destroy the one who loves. Don't be afraid, you are not alone. — William Stringfellow

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Niccolo Ammaniti

Monsters don't exist. It's men you should be afraid of, not monsters. — Niccolo Ammaniti

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

I cannot have a man who is afraid of everything, I don't have the time to soothe insecurities and fears, I cannot have a man who is standing on a stone by a creek, watching for the fish to swim by and every time he sees a fish he says "Oh look, this fish scares me, I wonder what this fish means, this fish might mean- this, or this fish might mean- that" for God's sake, they are just fish, and they don't mean anything! Such a sad thing, so many fine, strong men standing on top of little stones, pointing at fish all the time! Such a waste! Such a waste of time! I can only have a man who will leap into the water, not minding the damn fish and whatever other little things that scare him. I need to have someone who is braver than me; if I am a pirate, he has to be the pirate Captain, if I am a pirate Captain he has to be the flying dragon. — C. JoyBell C.

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Troy Gathers

Don't be afraid of being laughed at for failing. Fear being sixty-five years-old and never trying. — Troy Gathers

Don Be Afraid Of Fear Quotes By Nathan Smith

The more time you invest in thinking about the project - where to begin and how to pull it all together - the more original, successful, and enjoyable the project will be. There is always an element of fear here - everyone is afraid of failing. Don't be! The truth is that you are going to fail in some way, but this is something to be embraced and viewed as a learning experience. There is freedom in recognizing you will fail - you'll be inspired to push yourself. With every finished project you will probably have a list of things you would do differently next time. Expect this from the beginning and the journey will be more rewarding. — Nathan Smith