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Dog Treat Quotes By Anton Chekhov

We old bachelors smell like dogs, do we? So be it. But I must take issue with your claim that doctors who treat female illnesses are womanizers and cynics at heart. Gynecologists deal with savage prose the likes of which you have never dreamed of. — Anton Chekhov

Dog Treat Quotes By Jennifer Belle

I loved Duncan and I loved being his mother but I wasn't sure I was prepared to be only his mother. Before we were even married, when Russell and I had gotten our dog, Humbert, I had walked him early one morning, and as I stood on a line for coffee, someone had offered him a dog treat. "I always ask the mommy first," she said, looking at him expectantly. "Oh, I'm not his mother," I said, "I'm just his ... friend," and she looked at me with complete contempt. "You're his mother," she had scolded, "Poor dog. — Jennifer Belle

Dog Treat Quotes By Laozi

Heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat the various creatures as straw dogs; the sage is ruthless, and treats others as straw dogs. — Laozi

Dog Treat Quotes By Charles F. Doran

Folk will know how large your soul is, by the way you treat a dog. — Charles F. Doran

Dog Treat Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

Treat a man like a dog and sooner or later he'll bite you, — Joe Abercrombie

Dog Treat Quotes By Charles Manson

Don't treat the dogs like people. Treat the dogs like dogs. They are better than people. — Charles Manson

Dog Treat Quotes By Geneen Roth

If you treat your feelings with as much love as you treat your dog or your cat or your child you'll feel as if you were living in heaven. — Geneen Roth

Dog Treat Quotes By Stephen Richards

I keep telling the screws over and over again, 'If you treat a young boy in prison like a dog, keep him in a cell that is like a cage and constantly beat him and bully him, that boy is going to grow up hating yous and the system.' The only thing on his mind will be revenge, maybe it is not revenge on the screws that so frequently bullied and tortured him, but in the boy's eyes he is getting revenge on the uniform, as it all means the same thing in the boy's or man's eyes. — Stephen Richards

Dog Treat Quotes By Dennis Vickers

Snatched away like socks glommed off the sale table at Wal-Mart, dog treat snapped up by an eager German Sheppard, mouse picked off the lawn by a swooping owl. — Dennis Vickers

Dog Treat Quotes By Taylor Stevens

But people like the doll guy who sells women and the dog guy who buys women, and other guys who, say, rape women, or maybe don't go as far as violent rape but treat women like objects instead of people - sure, there's a difference in the level of crime, but it's all the same thing, where women become a canvas for throwing emotional baggage, Jackson Pollock style. — Taylor Stevens

Dog Treat Quotes By Linda Blair

People always joke that 'dog' spells 'god' backwards. They should consider that it might be the higher power coming down to see just how well they do, what kind of people they are. The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test. — Linda Blair

Dog Treat Quotes By Yun Kouga

Pretty birds and cute dogs are always necessary. I love them. But I'd never treat a dog like a human. — Yun Kouga

Dog Treat Quotes By A.E. Via

Seeing Michaels treat his dog like that was the equivalent of watching how a new love interest interacted with your kids. He was amazing with Bookem and it was obvious Book liked him right back. It pulled at Judge's heart. Food wasn't the quickest way to his heart, although it helped, but Bookem was. Most men feared him and didn't want him anywhere around. Judge would simply fuck them quickly and send them on their way. Michaels was not the norm. He was partner material. Judge turned on the taps and grimaced at his next thought. Michaels was going to make some man very happy one day. Judge — A.E. Via

Dog Treat Quotes By Rainn Wilson

My Favorite Kid President Quotes "Create something that will make the world more awesome." "Treat everybody like it's their birthday." "If you can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough." "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." "Give the world a reason to dance!" "Us humans are capable of war and sadness and other terrible stuff. But also CUPCAKES!" "Love changes everything so fill the world with it!" "Grown-ups who dream are the best kinds of grown-ups." "Don't be IN a party. BE a party." And my personal favorite, "Mail someone a corn dog. — Rainn Wilson

Dog Treat Quotes By Bud Rudesill

I have to keep my mouth shut about Nam though. All of these guys want to believe they were fighting an honorable war, and that their conduct deserves respect. They want the public to treat them like they're heroes - like the WWII vets were." "Instead, smart ass, pampered kids call them names and throw dog shit at them. — Bud Rudesill

Dog Treat Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

Go round cringing like a dog, Matt," he said, "and folks will treat you like one. Stand up like a man, and they'll treat you like a man." That was fine for Weaver, but I wondered sometimes, How exactly do you stand up like a man when you're a girl? — Jennifer Donnelly

Dog Treat Quotes By Alanea Alder

... Come on Hulk on Wheels!" Meryn plopped down on Jaxon's lap to
his astonishment.
"Mush!" She pointed to the media room.
Elizabeth looked to the ceiling. "Meryn! Do not treat your minion like a sled dog!" She
stopped abruptly. Had that just come out of her mouth?
Meryn erupted in giggles and Jaxon laughed. — Alanea Alder

Dog Treat Quotes By Ingrid Newkirk

PETA's campaign should be included in school curricula. If we can open children's hearts and minds to animals' needs, teach them to treat a dog or a chicken as if they feel fear and love and pain - as they do - then they will grow up to understand that we are all worthy of respect. — Ingrid Newkirk

Dog Treat Quotes By Alicia Silverstone

We always had dogs,so I understood all the joy and the love animals are capable of giving. It's crazy to me that some people have dogs in thier homes, but they treat them more like furniture. — Alicia Silverstone

Dog Treat Quotes By Cesar Millan

Give your dog something to do before you share food, water, toys or affection. This way the dog earns his treat. For example, have him or her perform the "sit" or "down" command. — Cesar Millan

Dog Treat Quotes By Dalai Lama

Every man has the basis of good. Not only human beings, you can find it among animals and insects, for instance, when we treat a dog or horse lovingly. — Dalai Lama

Dog Treat Quotes By Stone Cold Steve Austin

You treat me like a dog and you expect me to smile? You remind me of a jackass. — Stone Cold Steve Austin

Dog Treat Quotes By Isobelle Carmody

The worst predijudice is unknowing. We think we treat others as equals, but, in our deepest heart, we regard ourselves as superior. In part, this is because we are, in ways, powerful. But that does not make the race of humans (funanga) better than that of the dog or equine. — Isobelle Carmody

Dog Treat Quotes By James Turner

When I see imposters like ... Swinburne, [and] Fleay, who know as much early English as my dog, & who fancy they can settle Chaucer difficulties as they blow their noses, then I ridicule or kick them. But earnest students I treat with respect, & am only too glad to learn from them. — James Turner

Dog Treat Quotes By Sarah Dessen

Why are you being so nice to me?' I asked her.
'You know,' she said, 'when you say stuff like that I just want to slap you.'
'You heard me.' She picked up her beer and took a swallow, still watching me. Then she said, 'Colie, you should never be surprised when people treat you with respect. You should expect it.'
I shook my head. 'You don't know-' I began. But, as usual, she didn't let me finish.
'Yes,' she said simply. 'I do know. I've watched you, Colie. You walk around like a dog waiting to be kicked, and when someone does, you pout and cry like you didn't deserve it.'
'No one deserves to be kicked,' I said.
'I disagree,' she said flatly. 'You do if you don't think you're worth any better. — Sarah Dessen

Dog Treat Quotes By Mary Ann Shaffer

Treat a dog right and he'll treat you right ... Cats is different, but I never held it against them. — Mary Ann Shaffer

Dog Treat Quotes By Steve Wozniak

Will we be the gods? Will we be the family pets? Or will we be ants that get stepped on? I don't know about that ... But when I got that thinking in my head about if I'm going to be treated in the future as a pet to these smart machines ... well I'm going to treat my own pet dog really nice. — Steve Wozniak

Dog Treat Quotes By Chelsea Handler

I don't appreciate people who celebrate their dog's birthdays with "dog parties," and then invite their friends who don't even have dogs. I understand why people like dogs, and I think they definitely bring more to the table than cats or those godforsaken ferrets, but I don't think it's healthy for people to treat their dogs like they are real people. — Chelsea Handler

Dog Treat Quotes By Dean Koontz

The opportunity to love a dog and to treat it with kindness is an opportunity for a lost and selfish heart to be redeemed. They are powerless and innocent, and it is how we treat the humblest among us that surely determines the fate of our souls — Dean Koontz

Dog Treat Quotes By John Kendrick Bangs

You know the Model of your Car. You know just what its powers are. You treat it with a deal of care, Nor tax it more than it will bear. But as to self - that's different. Your mechanism may be bent, Your carbureter gone to grass, Your engine just a rusty mass. Your wheels may wobble and your cogs Be handed over to the dogs, And on you skip, and skid, and slide, Without a thought of things inside. What fools indeed we mortals are To lavish care upon a Car, With ne'er a bit of time to see About our own machinery! — John Kendrick Bangs

Dog Treat Quotes By Stewart McFarlane

The domestic dog is an ancient companion of humans, and it is possible that domestication was taking place as we ourselves were emerging as a separate species. This helps us understand the close and symbiotic relationship between dogs and humans. I think it is reasonable to say that our attitude to animals and to nature is part of what defines us as humans. When we are in harmony with nature and treat other species with respect, we elevate ourselves as human beings. I believe this is a spiritual and ethical matter. Of course, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and many indigenous and ancient religions endorse this attitude, but I think it applies whatever your personal belief system. Respect for nature and kindness to animals are, I believe, fundamental human values, just as respect for and kindness to other people should be. I hope that the stories which follow help to illustrate that belief as it is actually lived, and hopefully, does so in an entertaining way. — Stewart McFarlane

Dog Treat Quotes By Ronald Reagan

Human beings are not animals, and I do not want to see sex and sexual differences treated as casually and amorally as dogs and other beasts treat them. I believe this could happen under the ERA. — Ronald Reagan

Dog Treat Quotes By Wesley Chu

Oh come on. You treat her like a Greek goddess and act like a lap dog around her. It is embarrassing. — Wesley Chu

Dog Treat Quotes By Tiki Barber

It's a basic, elemental universe, one of the last remaining zones where violence and domination sort out who is top dog. That's football's glory, and its curse. The game of football doesn't transfer well to the real world. You can't treat your friends, neighbors, or loved ones the way you treat your opponent on the football field. — Tiki Barber

Dog Treat Quotes By C.S. Lewis

We treat our dogs as if they were "almost human": that is why they really become "almost human" in the end. — C.S. Lewis

Dog Treat Quotes By Mary Ann Shaffer

I never met a man half so true as a dog. Treat a dog right, and he'll treat you right. He'll keep you company, be your friend, and never ask you no questions. Cats is different, but I never held that against 'em. — Mary Ann Shaffer

Dog Treat Quotes By Edward Hoagland

To relive the relationship between owner and slave we can consider how we treat our cars and dogs - a dog exercising a somewhat similar leverage on our mercies and an automobile being comparable in value to a slave in those days — Edward Hoagland

Dog Treat Quotes By Karen Pryor

Training is a loop, a two-way communication in which an event at one end of the loop changes events at the other, exactly like a cybernetic feedback system; yet many psychologists treat their work as something they do to a subject, not with the subject. — Karen Pryor

Dog Treat Quotes By Kristen Henderson

Good Poem

lay down,
roll over,
your treat. — Kristen Henderson

Dog Treat Quotes By Mary Ann Shaffer

Never met a man half so true as a dog. Treat a dog right and he'll treat you right - he'll keep you company, be your friend, never ask you no questions. Cats is different, but I never held that against them. — Mary Ann Shaffer

Dog Treat Quotes By Heather Wolf

Baking and love go hand in hand, for as one bakes a tasty treat and fills the room with its sweet aroma, the true joy is to take what has been made and share it with another. — Heather Wolf

Dog Treat Quotes By T.H. White

Poor Cook, thought Captain, I must be kinder to her. She makes a splendid pet. How faithful she is! I always say you can't get the same love from a dog that you can from a human. So clever, too. I believe she understands every word I say. I believe they have souls, just like dogs. It's uncanny how canine a human can be, if you are kind to them and treat them well. I know for a fact that when some dogs in history died, their humans lay down on the grave and howled all night and refused food and pined away. It was just instinct, of course, not real intelligence, but all the same it makes you think. I believe that when a human does, it goes to a special heaven for humans, with kind dogs to look after it. — T.H. White

Dog Treat Quotes By Shelly Laurenston

Brendon wasn't exactly surprised to find Mitch sitting by the lake at three in the morning, staring out over the still water. Of course, he would have much preferred if he wasn't sitting with a crocodile next to him. It was one thing to enjoy a predatory game of tug with him, but it was another to treat him like the family's pet dog. — Shelly Laurenston

Dog Treat Quotes By Brigitte Bardot

We have to convince the people of Bucharest, who are dog lovers, to treat dogs like they treat their children and not just let them roam the streets. — Brigitte Bardot

Dog Treat Quotes By Henry Miller

For a metaphysical treat stop at the Big Sur Inn, which is also a haven for stray cats and dogs. Life along the South Coast is just a bed of roses, with a few thorns and nettles interspersed. — Henry Miller

Dog Treat Quotes By Golshifteh Farahani

I have scars from every film I have made. There is nothing to protect actors. They treat you worse than a dog. You work like a slave, and you know, I like it. That is the way it should be. Every film should be like your last. — Golshifteh Farahani

Dog Treat Quotes By Courtney Love

If you treat a girl like a dog, she is going to piss on you. — Courtney Love

Dog Treat Quotes By Kinley MacGregor

Lorelei smiled mischievously then let fall her greatest weapon. The secret is you must treat a man like a dog. — Kinley MacGregor