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Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

I've watched you barely escape death several times, and each instance killed me a little inside. They may be dormant now, but we have enemies both cunning and cruel. Knowing you possess the power to defeat most of them doesn't threaten me, luv. It relieves me to my very core. — Jeaniene Frost

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Laurell K. Hamilton

Dolph called out, "You be careful tonight, Anita. Wouldn't want you picking up anything." I glared back at him. The rest of the men waved at me and called in unison, "We loove you." "Gimme a break." One called, "If I'd known you liked to see naked men, we could have worked something out." "The stuff you got, Zerbrowski, I don't want to see." Laughter, and someone grabbed him around the neck. "She got you, man . . . Give it up, she gets you every time." I got into my car to the sound of masculine laughter, and one offer to be my "luv" slave. It was probably Zerbrowski. — Laurell K. Hamilton

Do U Luv Me Quotes By A.G. Howard

"That is a breathtaking display, luv. But dare not mistake my veneration for surrender."
He starts toward me, his expression fading to a scowl. — A.G. Howard

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Rachel Renee Russell

So, how was your week at Hogwarts? Luv the tacky uniforms (LOL)! NIKKI: — Rachel Renee Russell

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Herb Kelleher

Keep costs low and spirits high, and the people of Southwest Airlines will keep LUV in the air. — Herb Kelleher

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Justin Bieber

I luv the book first step to forever by justin bieber — Justin Bieber

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jon Richardson

I am in no doubt that if you use the term 'luv' in a letter or text message then you are incapable of truly understanding the emotion. Artists have not pored over heartache and unrequited sentimentality for years so that our generation could decide that four letters is simply one too many to express how we feel. — Jon Richardson

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Kelly Moran

You have my word, luv." He kissed her. "And my heart. — Kelly Moran

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Herbert Ross

You know I luv ya more than my luggage — Herbert Ross

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Sidney Sheldon

It's bEtter tO hAte me 4 whO i Am,thAn tO lUv 4 wAt i'm pretNdng tO bE ... — Sidney Sheldon

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Bec McMaster

Sweet dreams,luv."His smile suddenly blazed as though he knew what her dreams would be full of."I know mine will be. — Bec McMaster

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Elle Kennedy

When I'm feeling this way, there're only two activities that calm me down." He shrugged. "Fighting's one of them."
"What's the other?" she asked, then cursed herself for opening her stupid mouth.
Because his green eyes were gleaming now, smoldering with sin. "What do you think, luv?"
Several seconds ticked by as their gazes held.
"It's fucking," he drawled. "Pure, hard-core fucking. — Elle Kennedy

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Ashlyn Chase

Wait," she whispered breathlessly.
"I want us to come together."
"What's wrong with you comin' twice, luv? — Ashlyn Chase

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Michael Leunig

Sweetheart,' 'darling,' 'luv.' I like these words; they fit me like a comfortable old pullover. I remember them from childhood; that's what innocent little boys were called by cheerful aunties back then, to make them feel welcome and secure in the world. — Michael Leunig

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Peter Kreeft

True love, unlike popular sentimental substitutes, is willing to suffer. Love is not "luv." Love is the cross. Our problem at first, the sheer problem of suffering, was a cross without Christ. We must never fall into the opposite and equal trap of a Christ without a cross. — Peter Kreeft

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

I thawt I thaw a putty tat." "I did, I did thee a putty tat" Finished with his Tweety Bird imitation, he grinned unpleasantly at me. "Now, then, luv, let's get down to business — Jeaniene Frost

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jennifer Donnelly

Men are the weak ones, luv. Didn't you know? Oh, you make a lot of noise, but its the women who are strong. Where it counts. In 'ere, — Jennifer Donnelly

Do U Luv Me Quotes By A.G. Howard

Jeb presses my knuckles to his chest. "No. I'll go. You fly back with bug snot." "Of course," Morpheus interrupts, his voice edged with something between sarcasm and suggestiveness. "I'll be happy to take Alyssa back with me. We can pick up where we left off in my bedroom, right, luv? — A.G. Howard

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Libba Bray

Sinjin was sitting bare-chested with Petra's blue feather boa wrapped around his neck and draped over his shoulder. His long dark curls had been teased and sprayed into a sexy mane. Heavy black eyeliner rimmed his eyes. "Am I not gorgeous? I want to snog myself. I'm like a postmodern Lord Byron." "You put the ironic in Byronic," Petra quipped. "Well said, luv. — Libba Bray

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Rick Riordan

Leo went to work with his pliers, reprogramming the signs until the top one flashed: THE DOCTOR IS: IN DA HOUSE. The bottom sign changed to read: NOW SERVING: ALL DA LADIES LUV LEO! — Rick Riordan

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Kristen Callihan

We're all monsters, luv. Each and every one of us. So happens some of us have prettier faces to hide behind is all." On — Kristen Callihan

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

I've never been jealous before I met you, it burns, luv. Like silver through my veins. Some nights, watching you with other men on your jobs, I think it will drive me mad. (Bones) — Jeaniene Frost

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

My gaze flew to him once more,noting the cigarette he set down even as he exhaled a long plume of white."Why are you lying there smoking while I'm chained to a wall?"I demanded.The look he gave me was a mixture of relief and cynicism."Since it seems you don't remember anything about the past two days,let me assure you,luv-I earned that smoke. — Jeaniene Frost

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Rick Riordan

Once he'd even reprogrammed the electronic billboards in Time Square to read: ALL DA LADIES LUV LEO ... accidentally, of course. — Rick Riordan

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jennifer L. Armentrout

sorry, luv, all is far in war/ — Jennifer L. Armentrout

Do U Luv Me Quotes By A.G. Howard

Hello, luv," he says through a thick curtain of blue hair. "Hope I'm ... interrupting. — A.G. Howard

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

No, I'm too tired to run, and you're too fast. You'd only catch me." "That's right, luv." Softly, but with unyielding resonance. "if you run from me, I'll chase you. And I'll find you. Bones said. — Jeaniene Frost

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Kitty Luv

I have to chuckle at all these Twitter accounts proclaiming "published author". That's the easy part. Selling is harder. — Kitty Luv

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Bill Condon

I smile at the phone, wishing Reggie could see me.
'You're alright then, luv? No dramas?'
'Not a one.' I reach the kitchen. 'Thanks for thinking about me.'
'Gotta look after my girl. Only one I got.'
My smile gets even bigger. — Bill Condon

Do U Luv Me Quotes By Bill Condon

It's not a bit strange,' I tell her. 'Davey's thinking of taking up shooting as a hobby, so he wants to go check out the rifle range and he asked me if I'd like to go with him.'
Kayla snorts. 'Are you kidding me? He should be checking you out - not the rifle range! No way is that a date.'
I go to the one person I know I can depend on.
'It is a date, isn't it, Reggie?'
'S'pose it all depends on how it goes,' he says. 'If you have a good time, come home happy, then it's a date.'
'But if he shoots yer, it wasn't a date - it was an ambush.'
'Reggie! That's mean!'
'You know I'm only kiddin', Tiffy. He puts his arms out and I gladly fall into them. 'Don't worry about what anyone says, luv. It's a date. — Bill Condon