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Do Not Generalize Quotes By Jorge Luis Borges

To think is to ignore the differences, to generalize, to abstract. — Jorge Luis Borges

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Richard Ford

The question 'Why poetry?' isn't asking what makes poetry unique among art forms; poetry may indeed share its origins with other forms of privileged utterance. A somewhat more interesting question would be: "What is the nature of experience, and especially the experience of using language, that calls poetic utterance into existence? What is there about experience that's unutterable?" You can't generalize very usefully about poetry; you can't reduce its nature down to a kernel that underlies all its various incarnations. I guess my internal conversation suggests that if you can't successfully answer the question of "Why poetry?," can't reduce it in the way I think you can't, then maybe that's the strongest evidence that poetry's doing its job; it's creating an essential need and then satisfying it. — Richard Ford

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Walter Jon Williams

It's hard to generalize, because they're all different. When I started, I decided to take as much advantage as I could of the freedom offered by the SF field. — Walter Jon Williams

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Dave Barry

I am not one to generalize, but cartoonists, as a group, exhibit a level of social sophistication generally associated with pie fights. In high school, when the future lawyers were campaigning for class president, the future cartoonists were painstakingly altering illustrations in their history books so that Robert E. Lee appeared to be performing an illegal act with his horse. — Dave Barry

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Cate Shortland

It's so easy to say "evil Nazi monsters," but as soon as we do that, we take away the fact that it was individuals committing individual acts of murder. They had children, and what does that do? As soon as you generalize, they become monsters. It doesn't allow you to understand it in any kind of sophisticated way. — Cate Shortland

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

An idea is always a generalization, and generalization is a property of thinking. To generalize means to think. — Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Hermann Weyl

Before you generalize, formalize, and axiomatize there must be mathematical substance. — Hermann Weyl

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Robert B. Parker

Being a professor and working are not the same thing. The academic community is composed largely of nitwits. If I may generalize. People who don't know very much about what matters very much, who view life through literature rather than the other way around. — Robert B. Parker

Do Not Generalize Quotes By James Stockdale

We couldn't generalize on the people. Some of them were known to be tough guys and they didn't say much, but some of them were kind of soft-headed, but they did that. That was an East German film. — James Stockdale

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Dolores Hitchens

If you're going to generalize about women, you'll find yourself up to here in exceptions. — Dolores Hitchens

Do Not Generalize Quotes By David Richo

Early fear was felt cellularly and was indeed real. Defensive postures were necessary, but defenses generalize cellularly in adulthood and do not expire. It takes conscious work to undo them. Ironically, as long as we keep using defenses, we actually maintain the original force of the fear. — David Richo

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Tim O'Brien

In a true war story, if there's a moral at all, it's like the thread that makes the cloth. You can't tease it out. You can't extract the meaning without unraveling the deeper meaning. And in the end, really, there's nothing much to say about a true war story, except maybe "Oh." True war stories do not generalize. They do not indulge in abstraction or analysis. For — Tim O'Brien

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Jos. A. Smith

The great threat we pose to each other is a fruit of our sublime ability to generalize. — Jos. A. Smith

Do Not Generalize Quotes By C.S. Lewis

At all ages, if [fantasy and myth] is used well by the author and meets the right reader, it has the same power: to generalize while remaining concrete, to present in palpable form not concepts or even experiences but whole classes of experience, and to throw off irrelevancies. Bat at its best it can do more; it can give us experiences we have never had and thus, instead of 'commenting on life,' can add to it. — C.S. Lewis

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Florida Scott-Maxwell

What fun it is to generalize in the privacy of a note book. It is as I imagine waltzing on ice might be. A great delicious sweep in one direction, taking you your full strength, and then with no trouble at all, an equally delicious sweep in the opposite direction. My note book does not help me think, but it eases my crabbed heart. — Florida Scott-Maxwell

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Haruki Murakami

If I sound as if I'm always predicting ominous things, it's because I'm a pragmatist. I use deductive reasoning to generalize, and I suppose this sometimes ends up sounding like unlucky prophecies. You know why? Because reality's just the accumulation of ominous prophecies come to life. You have to only open a newspaper on any given day and weigh the good news versus the bad, and you'll see what I mean. — Haruki Murakami

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Addison C. Arthur

Generally speaking, I try not to generalize. — Addison C. Arthur

Do Not Generalize Quotes By William Blake

To generalize is to be an idiot. — William Blake

Do Not Generalize Quotes By James Ensor

My art tends toward the literary. My pictures tend toward the outskirts of painting: But why generalize? It is possible to realize one thing or another, according to the impressions gained from one point of view or another. But it is too difficult to make a general rule. — James Ensor

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Anais Nin

The theme of the diary is always the personal, but it does not mean only a personal story: it means a personal relationship to all things and people. The personal, if it is deep enough, becomes universal, mythical, symbolic; I never generalize, intellectualise. I see, I hear, I feel. These are my primitive elements of discovery.
Music, dance, poetry and painting are the channels for emotion. It is through them that experience penetrates our bloodstream. — Anais Nin

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Rosa Brooks

We prefer to imagine brutal wars and atrocities as events that "just happen" every now and then, much like tornadoes or lightning strikes; this metaphor suggests that we can't generalize from them, since they are radically discontinuous with ordinary life. But wars and atrocities do not "just happen": societies and individuals slide into them, little by little, one tiny decision or omission at a time. (p214) — Rosa Brooks

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Gerald Stern

I've changed over my writing life. If I can generalize, I would say that the more recent poems - believe it or not - are more pointedly political; although, if the earlier poems were more existential, they were still political; though, in their own way, had a complicated presence. — Gerald Stern

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Gloria Steinem

I hate to generalize, but in general, both men and women suffer from ageism. Men much less because men gain power as they get older. Women lose power as they get older. Men are seen as gaining experience and being distinguished. Sons look forward to replacing their fathers. — Gloria Steinem

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Deborah L. Plummer

the availability heuristic. We draw on what is readily available as truth and generalize this information as knowledge. — Deborah L. Plummer

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Milton Rokeach

As soon as they leave, Leon says to me: I disagree, sir. There are people who aren't insane, and I'm one of them. People who generalize are mentally ill. — Milton Rokeach

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Vladimir Nabokov

I do not see any essential difference between abstract and primitive art. Both are simple and sincere. Naturally, we should not generalize in these matters: It is the individual artist that counts. — Vladimir Nabokov

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Tim O'Brien

How do you generalize? War is hell, but that's not the half of it, because war is also mystery and terror and adventure and courage and discovery and holiness and pity and despair and longing and love. War is nasty; war is fun. War is thrilling; war is drudgery. War makes you a man; war makes you dead. The truths are contradictory. — Tim O'Brien

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Al-Waleed Bin Talal

If the United States has to accept the U.N. resolutions, we have to generalize it across the board. We can't just pick and choose where we impose and accept the U.N. resolution and don't accept them. U.N. Resolution 242 is very clear and states very clearly that Israel has to go back to the borders of the pre-war of 1967. — Al-Waleed Bin Talal

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Garrett McCoy

Be careful of people who generalize to lure large crowds for ANY reason ... — Garrett McCoy

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Charles Sanders Peirce

Another characteristic of mathematical thought is that it can have no success where it cannot generalize. — Charles Sanders Peirce

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Margaret Hamburg

I don't want to over generalize, but I believe that women are typically drawn to leadership styles that focus on consensus building, effective listening and working in teams. That's certainly been my leadership style, and I think it's been very successful. — Margaret Hamburg

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Tim Gunn

Doing as many makeovers as I do, I've learned a few things about what makes women feel better about themselves. The starting point is usually getting a new haircut. I don't want to generalize, because every case is different, but I think it's best to err on the side of styling your hair shorter the older you get. In my opinion, it's generally not a good look for women over thirty to have hair way below their shoulders. — Tim Gunn

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Mark Twain

Perhaps it will be simplest to throw away the tags and generalize India with one all-comprehensive name, as the Land of Wonders. — Mark Twain

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Vera Brittain

Why, I wondered, do people who at one time or another have all been young themselves, who ought therefore to know better, generalize so suavely and so mendaciously about the golden hours of youth? That period of life when every sorrow seems permanent and every setback insuperable. — Vera Brittain

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Lorin Stein

You can go back and try to generalize, but then you end up saying things that all editors say about everything that ever gets published. Something about voice, about urgency, about actually having a story to tell. — Lorin Stein

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Karrine Steffans

Every man is different. You can't generalize with men; you have to find out what your man wants. You have to listen to him when he's telling you what he wants, because a lot of times they're telling you, but you're not listening. — Karrine Steffans

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

An observation that people who live permanently in an adoptive country tend to progressively generalize the bad and particularize the good, that is, attribute the bad traits in people they encounter to the national trait of the natives, and the good things to the individual.
This holds equally well for French people living in the U.S. as it does for Americans living in France. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Do Not Generalize Quotes By David Mamet

At the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, Sanford Meisner said, 'When you go into the professional world, at a stock theatre somewhere, backstage, you will meet an older actor, someone who has been around awhile. He will tell you tales and anecdotes, about life in the theatre. He will speak to you about your performance and the performances of others, and he will generalize to you, based on his experience and his intuitions, about the laws of the stage. Ignore this man!' — David Mamet

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Karen Joy Fowler

Theory of mind postulates that, even though these cannot be directly observed, we readily impute mental states to others (and also to ourselves, since the bedrock proposal is that we understand our own mental states well enough to generalize from them). And so we constantly infer someone else's intentions, thoughts, knowledge, lack of knowledge, doubts, desires, beliefs, guesses, promises, preferences, purposes, and many, many more things in order to behave as social creatures in the world. — Karen Joy Fowler

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Jack Schwartz

Avoid context and specifics; generalize and keep repeating the generalization. — Jack Schwartz

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Henry Louis Gates

So when you do your family tree and Margaret Cho does hers, and ... Wanda Sykes and John Legend ... we're adding to the database that scholars can then draw from to generalize about the complexity of the American experience. And that's the contribution that family trees make to broader scholarship. — Henry Louis Gates

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Larry Wall

Part of language design is perturbing the proposed feature in various directions to see how it might generalize in the future. — Larry Wall

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Napoleon Bonaparte

Our credulity is a part of the imperfection of our natures. It is inherent in us to desire to generalize, when we ought, on the contrary, to guard ourselves very carefully from this
tendency. — Napoleon Bonaparte

Do Not Generalize Quotes By Idris Elba

I think there's a tendency for actors like myself, and I don't mean to generalize myself, but I've played 'men's men,' if you will, characters that are simmering rage and calculated. There's a trend not to play anything that is opposed to that. — Idris Elba