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Top Diversity In School Quotes

Diversity In School Quotes By Chrissy Teigen

I want my daughter to be able to go to school and see the diversity of things that her classmates are eating and appreciate that, too. So I'm really excited for her to just kind of sit in and watch me cook and be really hands on and just enjoy cooking. — Chrissy Teigen

Diversity In School Quotes By Richard Dawkins

How any government could promote the Vardy academies in the North-East of England is absolutely beyond me. Tony Blair defends them on grounds of diversity, but it should be unthinkable in the 21st century to have a school whose head of science believes the world is less than 10,000 years old. — Richard Dawkins

Diversity In School Quotes By Amin Maalouf

Can we reconcile indefinitely these two imperatives: the desire to preserve every individual's special identity and the need for Europeans to be able to communicate with one another all the time and as freely as possible? We cannot leave it to time to solve the dilemma and prevent people from engaging, a few years hence, in bitter and fruitless linguistic conflicts. We know all too well what time will do.
The only possible answer is a voluntary policy aimed at strengthening linguistic diversity and based on a simple idea: nowadays everybody obviously needs three languages. The first is his language of identity; the third is English. Between the two we have to promote a third language, freely chosen, which will often but not always be another European language. This will be for everyone the main foreign language taught at school, but it will also be much more than that
the language of the heart, the adopted language, the language you have married, the language you love. — Amin Maalouf

Diversity In School Quotes By Ethan Zuckerman

If I use Facebook to stay in touch with my high school friends who are church-going Republicans, I may be getting more ideological diversity than in hanging out with secular progressives on the World Politics sub-reddit. — Ethan Zuckerman

Diversity In School Quotes By B. Ruby Rich

New York city wasn't yet the post-Giuliani, Bloomberg forever, Disneyland tourist attraction of today, trade-marked and policed to protect the visitors and tourism industry. It was still a place of diversity, where people lived their lives in vibrant communities and intact cultures. Young people could still move to New York City after or instead of high school or college and invent an identity, an art, a life. Times Square was still a bustling center of excitement, with sex work, "adult" movies, a variety of sins on sale, ways to make money for those down on their luck". — B. Ruby Rich

Diversity In School Quotes By Efrem Smith

It was weird to me to go to school all week and experience racial diversity, but then on Sunday be faced with the option of having to choose between black and white. This didn't seem right to me. The whole world outside of the church seemed to be in full color, but the church looked like the black and white television of the old days. — Efrem Smith

Diversity In School Quotes By Philip Freelon

The number of African Americans in my profession is woefully small; about two percent of architects in the country are black. I'd like to see more diversity. That's why whenever I'm asked to speak at middle and high schools I always say yes. — Philip Freelon

Diversity In School Quotes By Valerie June

Even from when I was in grade school or church or wherever, I was always like: we're one, and we should respect each other and grow as one. And respect each other's diversity, of course. — Valerie June

Diversity In School Quotes By Derwin L. Gray

I coach church planters to look at the ethnic diversity of schools and neighborhoods they are near. This will be an indicator how ethnically diverse their congregation can become. — Derwin L. Gray

Diversity In School Quotes By Sharman Apt Russell

I will help
but only so much, only so far. It is not that I believe these children are less than my own. It is not that I believe I do not have a responsibility for them. It is just that in a world of haves and have-nots, I do not want to give up too much of what I have. I do not want to diminish the complexity and diversity of my life. Instead, I will choose to spend another seventy-five dollars on myself rather than send another child to school, and I will choose to do this over and over again. I no longer think of myself as a good person. I have adjusted to that. — Sharman Apt Russell

Diversity In School Quotes By Felix Adler

We should seek to free the moral life from the embarrassments and entanglements in which it has been involved by the quibbles of the schools and the mutual antagonisms of the sects; to introduce into it an element of downrightness and practical earnestness; above all, to secure to the modern world, in its struggle with manifold evil, the boon of moral unity, despite intellectual diversity. — Felix Adler

Diversity In School Quotes By Deborah Meier

Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity. — Deborah Meier