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Distance Between Brothers Quotes By Nalini Singh

What do you ask from Judd in exchange for giving sanctuary to the kids?'
His pale eyes iced over. 'Judd is a fully trained Psy assassin with experience in covert wet work. I'd be a fool if I didn't utilize his skills.' She choked back a cry. 'How can you ask that of him?' An alpha looked after his own.
He didn't destroy them. But maybe Hawke didn't consider the Laurens his own. After all, and for reasons she'd never known, he hated the Psy as much as her brothers did.
His face gentled, an unexpected softening of harsh masculine lines. Closing the distance between them, he cupped her cheek. 'He is who and what he is, Brenna. If you want something different, you shouldn't be with him.'
'He's the only one I want to be with.'
'Then accept his beast like you do your own. — Nalini Singh

Distance Between Brothers Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Beatrix puts a distance between herself and the rest of the world. She's very engaging, but also quite private in nature. I see the same qualities in Captain Phelan."
"Yes," Amelia said. "You're absolutely right, Catherine. Put that way, the match does seem more appropriate."
"I still have reservations," Leo said.
"You always do," Amelia replied. "If you'll recall, you objected to Cam in the beginning, but now you've accepted him."
"That's because the more brothers-in-law I acquire," Leo said, "the better Cam looks by comparison. — Lisa Kleypas

Distance Between Brothers Quotes By David Levithan

There is the distance of miles, and the distance of brothers, to overcome. He can feel the world coming between them again. But the world is so much smaller than it used to be. — David Levithan