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Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Marcus Peter Johnson

The crucial distinction can be discerned by differentiating between deification, an ontological sharing in the Godhead in which the human literally becomes divine, and theosis, a participation in the life of God the Father through union with Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit which the human becomes truly human. — Marcus Peter Johnson

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Rosalind E. Krauss

By exposing the multiplicity, the facticity, the repetition and stereotype at the heart of every aesthetic gesture, photography deconstructs the possibility of differentiating between the original and the copy. [Photography calls] into question the whole concept of the uniqueness of the art object, the originality of the author, the coherence of the oeuvre within which it was made, and the individuality of so-called self-expression. — Rosalind E. Krauss

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Aaron Ciechanover

Reticulocytes are terminally differentiating red blood cells that do not contain lysosome. Therefore, it was postulated that the degradation of hemoglobin in these cells is mediated by a non-lysosomal machinery. — Aaron Ciechanover

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Anonymous

Another feature differentiating this malware and making it more fun to work with is that it encrypts compressed files on the SD card. It also uses AES for the encryption. It is notable in that the attack itself is complex, yet the encryption is not. It would appear prudent to have a more robust encryption, — Anonymous

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Amy Trask

The most significant moment will be when we stop referring to the hiring of qualified women (and racial, ethnic and religious minorities) as significant. In other words, when qualified people are hired without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, religious or other differentiating characteristics, that will be the most significant, indeed momentous, event of all. — Amy Trask

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Understand that religion, at least western versions of it, rests on a type of thinking called Revelation. This mode holds that truths concerning the workings of reality are hidden, masked by, through or behind a deity such that only a few privileged souls are able to see through the veil and "reveal" those truths. . . But (around 1600) revelation as a means of understanding began to be challenged by two other methods of differentiating truth from fallacy: Reason and Empiricism. — Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Graham Moore

Harold had become, over the past week, a connoisseur of silences. He was an expert at differentiating the particulars; was this a Tranquil Silence, marked by slow sighs and peaceful smiles? Or was it a Tired Silence, marked by ornery chair shifting? Or a Tense Silence, full of tight breaths and cautious glances? — Graham Moore

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Susanne Klinger

Language is therefore "both the medium and the object of representation" (Fludernik 2009:64), and while we have direct access to the medium (i.e. the language(s) on the level of text), the latter (i.e. the language(s) on the level of narration and on the level of story) can only be constructed from the former. As pointed out in the introduction, this distinction between language as medium and language as object and the relationship between the two has so far not been awarded a significant role in scholarly writing about the linguistic hybridity typical for cross-cultural writing. Differentiating between the language(s) as medium and the language(s) as object becomes necessary, as the relation between medium and object is not one-to-one. The same medium can represent different objects. Two short — Susanne Klinger

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Simon Sinek

Most organizations only focus on WHAT they do and HOW they do it - tactics and strategies - and they aren't even aware that this thing called the WHY exists. Focusing on only two pieces of a three piece puzzle leaves an organization, or a career, inherently out of balance. Being out of balance, only operating on two of the three pieces, shows up in different ways - increased stress, loss of passion, obsession with what your competition is doing, being forced to play the price game, trouble differentiating. These are all signs that the WHY is missing. — Simon Sinek

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Lorrie Moore

We are lucky simply to be alive together; why get differentiating and judgemental about who is here among us? Thank God there is anyone at all. — Lorrie Moore

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By D. Patrick Miller

How to forgive a murderer? First, by differentiating his sufferings from his exploitation of death to ease them. For his sufferings - greed, jealousy, frustration - he will need reeducation, support and, compassion. For our outrage about murder, we need to examine deeply our faith in death. As long as we collectively believe that death has power over life, we will spawn deluded, self-appointed little gods who want that power. — D. Patrick Miller

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Julius Evola

The essential task ahead requires formulating an adequate doctrine, upholding principles that have been thoroughly studied, and, beginning from these, giving birth to an Order. This elite, differentiating itself on a plane that is defined in terms of spiritual virility, decisiveness, and impersonality, and where every naturalistic bond loses its power and value, will be the bearer of a new principle of a higher authority and sovereignty; it will be able to denounce subversion and demagogy in whatever form they appear and reverse the downward spiral of the top-level cadres and the irresistible rise to power of the masses. From this elite, as if from a seed, a political organism and an integrated nation will emerge, enjoying the same dignity as the nations created by the great European political tradition. Anything short of this amounts only to a quagmire, dilettantism, irrealism, and obliquity. — Julius Evola

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Lisa Firestone

Without differentiating from parents or caretakers we may never succeed in living our own lives. — Lisa Firestone

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Peter Thiel

In 2001, my co-workers at PayPal and I would often get lunch on Castro Street in Mountain View. We had our pick of restaurants, starting with obvious categories like Indian, sushi, and burgers. There were more options once we settled on a type: North Indian or South Indian, cheaper or fancier, and so on. In contrast to the competitive local restaurant market, PayPal was at that time the only email-based payments company in the world. We employed fewer people than the restaurants on Castro Street did, but our business was much more valuable than all of those restaurants combined. Starting a new South Indian restaurant is a really hard way to make money. If you lose sight of competitive reality and focus on trivial differentiating factors - maybe you think your naan is superior because of your great-grandmother's recipe - your business is unlikely to survive. — Peter Thiel

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Lisa Firestone

Differentiating from parental introjects and psychological defences based on the emotional pain of childhood is essential not only for neurotic or seriously disturbed individuals; it is a central developmental issue in every person's life. — Lisa Firestone

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Deepak Chopra

Since consciousness is the basis of all reality, any shift in consciousness changes every aspect of our reality. Reality is created by consciousness differentiating into cognition, moods, emotions, perceptions, behavior, speech, social interactions, environment, interaction with the forces of nature, and biology. As consciousness evolves, these different aspects of consciousness also change. — Deepak Chopra

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Nancy Johnson

You know, differentiating between training and matches. If they are all matches it becomes very natural to shoot them, although Dan thinks I should shoot more of them. I think I shoot plenty of them. — Nancy Johnson

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Andy Serkis

My first job when I got my equity card was acting in 14 plays back-to-back. Playing that many roles, you look for ways of differentiating the characters physically, which goes hand in hand with understanding them psychologically. — Andy Serkis

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Ellen Goodman

What advertisers call brand loyalty is merely the consumer's defense against the need to waste energy differentiating among things that barely differ. — Ellen Goodman

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By James Runcie

Sidney had never been very good at differentiating between tasks that were urgent and those which were important, and often those tasks that seemed urgent, but were not important, took precedence over the duties that were important, but not urgent. — James Runcie

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

That initial anger she had felt turned to sadness, and now it had become something else, almost a dullness of sorts. Even though she was constantly in motion, it seemed as if nothing special ever happened to her anymore. Each day seemed exactly like the last, and she had trouble differentiating among them. — Nicholas Sparks

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Nirmalya Kumar

Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it is about striking emotional chords with consumers. It is about cultivating identity, attachment, and trust to inspire customer loyalty. Chinese brands score low on attributes such as 'sophisticated,' 'desirable,' 'innovative,' 'friendly,' and 'trustworthy.' — Nirmalya Kumar

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By R. Buckminster Fuller

At first the, only subconsciously apprehended, approaching confluences of complex events make themselves known intuitively within the intellectual weather. Then comes a gradually awakening
consciousness of the presence of new families of differentiating-out challenging concepts of every day prominence. It is with these randomly patterning families of separate concepts that
evolution is about to deal integratively. As a now specific unitary problem it may be disposed of effectively when and if that unified problem becomes "adequately stated" and thereby
comprehensibly solvable. — R. Buckminster Fuller

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Theresa Neil

Learn and follow the different OS design guidelines for Tab Menus. Clearly indicate where the user is by visually differentiating the selected tab from the others. — Theresa Neil

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Deepika Padukone

I don't like differentiating between art and commercial cinema. — Deepika Padukone

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Aaron Riches

Orthodoxy, however, entails a revolution in our metaphysical conception of the relationship between God and humanity, and therefore between the uncreated Unum and the maior dissimilitudo of the creature before the Unum. Properly understood, the apostolic confession of the unity of Christ does not stand midway between a "too unitive Christology" on the one hand, and a "too differentiating Christology" on the other; rather, it wholly recapitulates the nature of the difference of man before God. — Aaron Riches

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Jay Conrad Levinson

What Is Personal Branding?
Personal branding is the process of identifying the unique and differentiating value that you can bring to an organization, team, and/or project and communicating it in a professionally memorable and consistent manner in all of your actions and outputs, both online and offline, to all current and prospective stakeholders in your career. — Jay Conrad Levinson

Differentiating Yourself Quotes By Adam Arkin

The idea of it becomes a little freaky if you're dealing with someone who has trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality, but that's a concern no matter what kind of movie you're dealing with. — Adam Arkin