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Difference In Height Quotes By Bill Skarsgard

My height can be a problem. A lot of directors and photographers are sometimes not happy because I'm pretty tall and especially if I work with short actors the difference can be pretty massive. — Bill Skarsgard

Difference In Height Quotes By Stephen King

The elevator car was still six inches below floor level. Danny gazed at the difference in height between the third-floor hall and the elevator floor as if he had just sensed the universe was not as sane as he had been told. — Stephen King

Difference In Height Quotes By Jasmine Guinness

As a teenager, I was teased at school about my height and long legs, but now they are my best assets. Kids can be mean. When I was at school, I considered myself ugly, but that was when I was silly enough to believe that what other people thought mattered. Now I think I am pretty. I'm not beautiful. There is a difference. — Jasmine Guinness

Difference In Height Quotes By Oscar Gutierrez

Kurt Angle and Randy Orton were great guys to work with. The Undertaker was great to work with, believe it or not, because of the height difference. But overall, my number one choice is Eddie Guerrero, and that's because without him, Rey Mysterio wouldn't be at the level that he was in WWE. — Oscar Gutierrez

Difference In Height Quotes By Franz Kafka

Before he dies, all his experiences in these long years gather themselves in his head to one point, a ques-tion he has not yet asked the doorkeeper. He waves him nearer, since he can no longer raise his stiffening body. The doorkeeper has to bend low towards him, for the difference in height between them has altered much to the man's disadvantage. "What do you want to know now?" asks the doorkeeper; "you are insati-able." "Everyone strives to reach the Law," says the man, "so how does it happen that for all these many years no one but myself has ever begged for admit-tance?" The doorkeeper recognizes that the man has reached his end, and to let his failing senses catch the words roars in his ear: "No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it. — Franz Kafka

Difference In Height Quotes By Kaki King

I am quite short, but that never comes across when I'm onstage in front of people. When I get offstage and greet an audience afterwards, their first reaction is to comment on my height because it seems like a very drastic difference. — Kaki King

Difference In Height Quotes By Eoin Colfer

... even one centimetre can make an awful lot of difference when you don't have many to spare. — Eoin Colfer

Difference In Height Quotes By Ludwig Von Mises

It is no more appropriate to speak of a difference between the purchasing power of money in Germany and in Austria than it would be justifiable to conclude from differences between the prices charged by hotels on the peaks and in the valleys of the Alps that the objective exchange-value of money is different in the two situations and to formulate some such proposition as that the purchasing power of money varies inversely with the height above sea-level. The purchasing power of money is the same everywhere; only the commodities offered are not the same. — Ludwig Von Mises

Difference In Height Quotes By Gerard Manley Hopkins

For I think it is the case with genius that it is not when quiescent so very much above mediocrity as the difference between the two might lead us to think, but that it has the power and privilege of rising from that level to a height utterly far from mediocrity: in other words that its greatness is that it can be so great. — Gerard Manley Hopkins

Difference In Height Quotes By Juanita M. Kreps

The difference between the ground and the heights you achieve. — Juanita M. Kreps

Difference In Height Quotes By Lynette Fromme

My father had kicked me out of his house at the height of an argument over an opinion difference. He had become so enraged. He told me never to come back, and that was all the severance it took. — Lynette Fromme

Difference In Height Quotes By Laura Kaye

His demanding tongue tasted so damn good, and his piercing bit deliciously against her lip from the aggressive way he pursued her over and over. His hands tugged and massaged at her hair and neck. He just surrounded her. The difference in their height made Caden lean down over her. The way he forced her head back commanded her to open up to him. With the metal handle of the door pressing into her back, she felt completely enveloped in him, in his ardor, his scent. The world dropped away. There was just Caden. — Laura Kaye

Difference In Height Quotes By Robin Jarvis

I walked slowly on, without envying my companions on horseback: for I could sit down upon an inviting spot, climb to the edge of a precipice, or trace a torrent by its sound. I descended at length into the Rheinthal, or Valley of the Rhine; the mountains of Tyrol, which yielded neither in height or in cragginess to those of Appenzel, rising before me. And here I found a remarkable difference: for although the ascending and descending was a work of some labor; yet the variety of the scenes had given me spirits, and I was not sensible of the least fatigue. But in the plain, notwithstanding the scenery was still beautiful and picturesque, I saw at once the whole way stretching before me, and had no room for fresh expectations: I was not therefore displeased when I arrived at Oberried, after a walk of about twelve miles, my coat flung upon my shoulder like a peripatetic by profession.
-William Coxe — Robin Jarvis

Difference In Height Quotes By John O'Donohue

The only difference between a young person at the height of their exuberance and a very old person who is frail and physically wasted is time. — John O'Donohue

Difference In Height Quotes By Jyoti Amge

I would like to be an actress in Hollywood and win an Oscar. The only difference is my height. — Jyoti Amge

Difference In Height Quotes By Margaret Mead

Just as the difference in height between males is no longer a realistic issue, now that lawsuits have been substituted for hand-to-hand encounters, so the difference in strength between men and women is no longer worth elaboration in cultural institutions. — Margaret Mead