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Top Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By L.M. Montgomery

Love! What a searing, torturing, intolerably sweet thing it was - this possession of body, soul and mind! With something at its core as fine and remote and purely spiritual as the tiny blue spark in the heart of the unbreakable diamond. No dream had ever been like this. She was no longer solitary. She was one of a vast sisterhood - all the women who had ever loved in the world. — L.M. Montgomery

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By J.K. Rowling

THE FIREBOLT This state-of-the-art racing broom sports a streamlined, superfine handle of ash, treated with a diamond-hard polish and hand-numbered with its own registration number. Each individually selected birch twig in the broomtail has been honed to aerodynamic perfection, giving the Firebolt unsurpassable balance and pinpoint precision. The Firebolt has an acceleration of 150 miles an hour in ten seconds and incorporates an unbreakable Braking Charm. Price on request. Price — J.K. Rowling

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By Bink Cummings

She's beautiful to look at, she's new, she's clean, and perfectly cut. But then you get up and look closely and see that she's not real. She's a fake. She doesn't glimmer like a natural diamond or hold the beauty and unbreakable strength of a real diamond. She's just a manufactured piece of glass. Not the real deal. And sooner or later, that pig headed owner is gonna realize that fake diamonds can never pass for the real ones, no matter how much you wish they would. — Bink Cummings

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By Anonymous

Under pressure, she became a diamond. Under pressure, she became unbreakable. — Anonymous

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By Leah Raeder

Anger is like that. Runs on its own fumes, devours itself voraciously, explosively, until one day there is no fire left. Only pure, cold, unbreakable hardness. Like the diamond core in me. — Leah Raeder

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By Sarah Noffke

He had felt their connection like one does a diamond and knows it's real and unbreakable. — Sarah Noffke

Diamond Is Unbreakable Quotes By Leo Tolstoy

Every lie is a poison; there are no harmless lies. Only the truth is safe. Only the truth gives me consolation - it is the one unbreakable diamond. — Leo Tolstoy