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Top My Fake Boyfriend Quotes

My Fake Boyfriend Quotes By Jenny Han

My sister is coming back in a few weeks. And I have a fake boyfriend I just cheated on. — Jenny Han

My Fake Boyfriend Quotes By Julie James

Boyfriend huh? I didn't realize we had taken things to that level."
"Oh, I'm sorry
this is my first undercover operation," Jordan said. "I'm a little unclear about the rules. Are we seeing other people in this fake relationship? — Julie James

My Fake Boyfriend Quotes By Laura Anderson Kurk

But Quinn held the fuzzy handcuffs in his hands, looking them over closely, and he smiled. Oh, hey, did you want to keep these for when your invisible boyfriend returns from his fake vacation? — Laura Anderson Kurk

My Fake Boyfriend Quotes By Jennifer Shirk

Ah, like how Sharon Parker's bra kind of found its way into your locker?"
He leaned in, resting his elbows on the table. "Are you going to constantly bring these things up the entire time we're dating?"
"Sorry. Just using my prior knowledge to try and gauge what kind of fake boyfriend you're going to make."
"Well, if your bitterness is any indication of the kind of fake girlfriend you're going to be, I won't hold my breath for you to fake put out. — Jennifer Shirk

My Fake Boyfriend Quotes By L.A. Casey

So let me get this straight," the male Garda questioning me said on a tired sigh. "The man you attacked is your partner's younger brother, and also your younger sister's boyfriend. Am I gettin' that right?"

Both Ryder and I nodded in unison.

The Garda sighed, again. "I don't get paid enough for this."

Ryder snorted, but covered it up with a fake cough. — L.A. Casey

My Fake Boyfriend Quotes By Carrie Jones

Nick spreads cream cheese on my bagel for me because it's hard to do with one hand. You need to hold the bagel and everything.
"You are the nicest boyfriend ever," I tell him and kiss his cheek.
"Gag," Devyn says.
"You're just jealous," Nick teases him and points his plastic knife at Devyn. "Which is ridiculous because you are the star of the school now that the wheelchair is totally gone. Everyone is talking about you."
"Star of the school?" Devyn asks. He takes a swig of Gatorade.
"All the girls." Nick gestures to the girls giggling behind them. "They like miracles. It's sexy. Remember how much play Jay Dahlberg got when he came back from being abducted?" He does not add by pixies because he does not have to.
"Really?" Devyn does this cheesy and really fake eyebrow wiggle thing so he looks like some sleezy porn dog. — Carrie Jones