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Top Deliriously Happy Quotes

Deliriously Happy Quotes By June Gray

I know this guy. All his life he loved this girl who was perfect in every way but just when he finally convinced her to be his and they're deliriously happy, he went and messed everything up.
Henry to Elsie-book 5 — June Gray

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Gordon B. Hinckley

I could wish nothing better for each of you, my dear young friends, than love
the companionship of one dearer than any friend; someone to be deliriously excited over and to be happy with; someone to stir within you the very best that is there; someone to grow more appreciative of, more tender toward, more grateful for, more a part of as one year becomes another and life moves toward eternity. May the Lord answer your prayers with love, the kind that will always express itself in concern not for self but for your beloved companion" ("And the Greatest of these is Love," BYU Devotional, February 14, 1978). — Gordon B. Hinckley

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Being in love was vastly different from loving someone. When you were in love, it consumed you. Devoured you. And made you deliriously happy. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Linda Weaver Clarke

I just want to understand why you haven't fallen in love."
Amelia was pensive for a moment and then said "When I fall in love, I want to feel as if I'm floating on clouds. As if there is not a care in the world. I want to be deliriously happy and tell everyone about it just like in South Pacific."
"South Pacific?" he asked with an uplifted brow.
She nodded as she softly sang,
"'If you'll excuse an expression I use,
I'm in love, I'm in love,
I'm in love, I'm in love,
I'm in love with a wonderful guy! — Linda Weaver Clarke

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Mario Puzo

Love is like the little red toy wagon you get for your Christmas or your sixth birthday. It makes you deliriously happy and you just can't leave it alone. But sooner or later the wheels come off. Then you leave it in a corner and forget it. Falling in love is great. Being in love is a disaster — Mario Puzo

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Mary Balogh

I have always been a spectator of life, you know, never a participant. Never. But now I am. Today I am, and I an awed and deliriously happy. This is the adventure I asked for, the adventure I am having I will be forever grateful to you. — Mary Balogh

Deliriously Happy Quotes By John Irving

The Winkles were in the business of manufacturing sensations for people who were so removed from any sensations of their own making or circumstances that only high (but simulated) adventure could provoke response from them at all. Dr. Larch was not impressed with the Winkles' "business"; he knew they were simply rich people who did exactly what they wanted to do and needed to call what they did something more serious-sounding than play. What impressed Larch with the Winkles was that they were deliriously happy. — John Irving

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Jennifer Rardin

I shrugged. "He can't suspect much if every time we're alone instead of talking I have my way with him." Cole shook his head. "You don't think it'll work?" I asked.
He rolled his eyes. "Vayl might be a vampire, but he's also a guy. Who's about to be deliriously happy. Good God, if you work this right, he won't even be mad if finds out because of the way you decided to hide it from him. — Jennifer Rardin

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Larry Doyle

Dennis had imagined that he and Beth would be one of those couples who never quarreled, that when they weren't kissing they would be laughing or lying in each other's arms, serenely, deliriously happy. He could never have imagined that she would make him so crazy angry he would scream at her in front of their friends. But in that instant, he learned a little about love. — Larry Doyle

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

It is a fact that one man can be deliriously happy in the exact situation that causes another man to wither from depression. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Toni Morrison

A woman could be cobra-thin and starving, but if she had grapefruit boobs and raccoon eyes, she was deliriously happy. — Toni Morrison

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Matt Groening

I judge my life by how miserable it used to be. If I could pay my rent, I was deliriously happy. Now I'm deliriously happy all the time. — Matt Groening

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Tawni O'Dell

I should have been deliriously happy. I had my dream come true. I'm a best-selling author. So why is everything in my life, including my writing, going bad? — Tawni O'Dell

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Liz Curtis Higgs

A good friend of mine feels the same way about Italy and another adores a certain island in the Caribbean. For me it will always be Scotland - Galloway in particular. the musical lilt of a Lowland accent never fails to boost my spirits. I'm simply deliriously happy there. — Liz Curtis Higgs

Deliriously Happy Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

He walks in daylight. But, like a demon, he's weaker then. He seems to have the powers of a god, but no followers. What would you call him? (Xypher)
I wouldn't call him anything that didn't make him deliriously happy. (Simone) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Deliriously Happy Quotes By M. Leighton

Promise you'll never leave me. Stay with me, Olivia. Come home with me tomorrow and stay."
"I'll stay with you as long as you want me."
"I'll want you with me forever. I never want to spend another night without you. Ever. I can't stand the thought of something happening to you. I can't stand the thought of us fighting. I can't stand the thought of you being anything other than deliriously happy. With me. — M. Leighton