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Top Deceiving Person Quotes

Deceiving Person Quotes By Lewie Clark

A person can say he loves God with all his heart and can give a great impression of this being the case, but if he does not relate well with others, he is deceived and/or deceiving (1 John 4:20). — Lewie Clark

Deceiving Person Quotes By Henri Barbusse

Sin, sin! To rid myself of boredom by committing a crime, to break up monotony by deceiving. To sin in order to be a new person, another person. To hate life worse than it hated me. To sin so as not to die. — Henri Barbusse

Deceiving Person Quotes By Jodi Picoult

And when your wife is not the same person you fell in love with eight years ago, where exactly does that leave you? Do you try to get to know who she has become, and hope for the best? Or do you keep deceiving yourself in the hope that she might wake up one morning and have gone back to the woman she used to be? — Jodi Picoult

Deceiving Person Quotes By Benjamin Constant

The actions of government, we are told, bear down only on imprudent souls who provoke them. The man who resigns himself and keeps silent is always safe. Reassured by this worthless and specious argument, we do not protest against the oppressors. Instead we find fault with the victims. Nobody knows how to be brave even prudentially. Everyone stays silent, keeping his head low in the self-deceiving hope of disarming the powers that be by his silence. People give despotism free access, flattering themselves they will be treated with consideration. Eyes to the ground, each person walks in silence the narrow path leading him safely to the tomb. — Benjamin Constant

Deceiving Person Quotes By Thomas S. Monson

Appearances can be so deceiving, such a poor measure of a person. Admonished the Savior, 'Judge not according to the appearance. — Thomas S. Monson

Deceiving Person Quotes By David Bowles

Maybe I'm deceiving myself. Perhaps I don't know him as well as I'd like to imagine. What does a person so willing to utterly remake himself hold inside his heart? Can I trust such a man? What motivates him?
In an instant she knew, and she felt a bit of relief.
Love. Love was what drove him. — David Bowles

Deceiving Person Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

All of us, when it comes to personality, naturally think in terms of absolutes: that a person is a certain way or is not a certain way. But what Zimbardo and Hartshorne and May are suggesting is that this is a mistake, that when we think only in terms of inherent traits and forget the role of situations, we're deceiving ourselves about the real causes of human behavior. — Malcolm Gladwell

Deceiving Person Quotes By Alison G. Bailey

Looks can be deceiving. You can't always tell what's going on inside a person from outside. People put on a brave face when they're trying to get over heartbreak, but that doesn't mean they have. — Alison G. Bailey

Deceiving Person Quotes By Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Why is it that it is often easier for us to confess our sins to God than to a brother? God is holy and sinless, He is a just judge of evil and the enemy of all disobedience. But a brother is sinful as we are. He knows from his own experience the dark night of secret sin. Why should we not find it easier to go to a brother than to the holy God? But if we do, we must ask ourselves whether we have not often been deceiving ourselves with our confession of sin to God, whether we have not rather been confessing our sins to ourselves and also granting ourselves absolution ... Who can give us the certainty that, in the confession and the forgiveness of our sins, we are not dealing with ourselves but with the living God? God gives us this certainty through our brother. Our brother breaks the circle of self-deception. A man who confesses his sins in the presence of a brother knows that he is no longer alone with himself; he experiences the presence of God in the reality of the other person. — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Deceiving Person Quotes By Orson Scott Card

This is the most important thing the humans have taught me. The thing they're teaching us right now. You see, they are all strangers to each other. They live out their entire lives, never truly understanding one another, only making guesses, making mistakes, distorting, deceiving, misunderstanding each other. And yet, though they're permanently strangers, they choose sometimes to trust each other, care for each other so completely that they gladly die to let the other live--that they gladly change themselves to make the other person happy. — Orson Scott Card

Deceiving Person Quotes By Jose Saramago

Old photographs are very deceiving, they give us the illusion that we are alive in them, and it's not true, the person we are looking at no longer exists, and if that person could see us, he or she would not recognise him
or herself in us, 'Who's that looking at me so sadly,' he or she would say. — Jose Saramago

Deceiving Person Quotes By Gary Cole

You make the choice. You look at each scene and you make sure that this is not a person deceiving people. — Gary Cole