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Top David G Burnet Quotes

David G Burnet Quotes By Avicii

People in Sweden are very conscious of what people are saying about you. — Avicii

David G Burnet Quotes By John Jeremiah Sullivan

I'm just saying, take courage. That and pretty much that alone is never the incorrect thing to do. — John Jeremiah Sullivan

David G Burnet Quotes By David Quammen

Most bacteriologists were trained as medical men - Burnet himself had been, before going into bacteriological research - and "their interest in general biological problems was very limited." They cared about curing and preventing diseases, which was well and good; less so about pondering infection as a biological phenomenon, a relationship between creatures, equal in fundamental importance to such other relationships as predation, competition, and decomposition. — David Quammen

David G Burnet Quotes By Marcus Samuelsson

I would love to take a cooking class from Gandhi. Maybe I could teach him how to cook, and he could teach me his message. I wouldn't mind learning how to make couscous from scratch from a North African woman, either. — Marcus Samuelsson

David G Burnet Quotes By Karl Marx

There are no circumstances imaginable, not even victory, under which the proletariat should give up its possession of arms. — Karl Marx

David G Burnet Quotes By Jean Genet

I don't want to disappear. — Jean Genet

David G Burnet Quotes By Ron Perlman

So much of my aesthetic was formed by my dad. — Ron Perlman

David G Burnet Quotes By David Jeremiah

Going without food or water will kill the body, but the lack of relationship will kill the mind and spirit. — David Jeremiah

David G Burnet Quotes By David Quammen

Sir Peter Medawar, an eminent British biologist who received a Nobel Prize the same year as Macfarlane Burnet, defined a virus as a piece of bad news wrapped up in a protein. — David Quammen

David G Burnet Quotes By David Quammen

The main problem facing a parasite over the long term, Burnet noted, is the issue of transmission: how to spread its offspring from one individual host to another. Various methods and traits have developed toward that simple end, ranging from massive replication, airborne dispersal, environmentally resistant life-history stages (like the small form of C. burnetii), direct transfer in blood and other bodily fluids, behavioral influence on the host (as exerted by the rabies virus, for instance, causing infected animals to bite), passage through intermediate or amplifier hosts, and the use of insect and arachnid vectors as means of transportation and injection. — David Quammen

David G Burnet Quotes By Eugene Delacroix

How can this world, which is so beautiful, include so much horror? — Eugene Delacroix